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Ken Dandar in Federal Court Today — And Loses Again


Ken Dandar gets his second chance today to convince federal Judge Virginia Covington in Tampa, Florida that his civil rights are being violated by a conspiracy between Florida’s state courts and the Church of Scientology.

Dandar is asking Covington to stop a proceeding in a Florida state court, where Scientology is asking retired Judge Crockett Farnell to award the church $1.1 million in sanctions against Dandar. At a hearing on November 19, Covington told Dandar she had no standing to stop what was happening in Farnell’s court. Dandar then filed an amended complaint which included new details about what he alleges is a years-long conspiracy by Scientology to corrupt the state courts.

After the 1 pm hearing, we’re hoping to hear from Dandar about whether his new evidence convinces Covington that Scientology, its leader David Miscavige, and its attorney Wally Pope have been operating as “state actors” in an attempt to ruin him financially.

Scientology, meanwhile, fought back this week by asking Covington to sanction Dandar in federal court (on top of the million-plus it wants in state court sanctions).

We have that motion by the church below. It’s an impressive list of Dandar’s lowlights in court, which must have taken a fair amount of research over at the offices of Scientology’s well-heeled legal team.

We’ll be surprised if Covington pays much attention to it. But she may also, as she has so far, largely ignore Dandar’s evidence of a conspiracy to corrupt Florida’s courts. At the November 19 hearing, Dandar tells us Covington stuck to legal questions about her ability to step in and halt a state court’s proceedings. Dandar may face the same problem today.

In the meantime, Dandar has asked for yet another federal injunction in the court of Judge Steven Merryday.

It was Merryday who ordered Dandar not to remove himself from the 2009 federal lawsuit he had filed against Scientology on behalf of Virginia Britton after the death of her son, Kyle Brennan. But Dandar had promised never again to sue the church after the 2004 settlement over the death of Lisa McPherson, Scientology argued, and state Judge Robert Beach agreed, issuing sanctions against Dandar for not dropping Britton’s suit. (Dandar denied that he’d promised never to sue the church after the 2004 settlement, and argued that Florida law prevented an attorney from putting that kind of “practice restriction” on himself anyway.)

But Merryday ordered Dandar not to drop Britton because she could find no other lawyer in the state who was willing to take on Scientology. The tug of war over Dandar between dueling state and federal judges was unprecedented, local legal experts said.

Dandar eventually extricated himself from the situation when he did find a replacement to represent Britton. But Scientology is still pushing a state court to fine Dandar more than $1 million for supposedly breaking his 2004 agreement.

So Dandar is now going back to Merryday, asking the federal judge to step in and prevent a state judge from ruining him financially, when he was only following Merryday’s orders to begin with.

Is your head spinning yet? Well, here are the legal documents themselves, which are even more complex.

First, the motion to sanction Dandar filed by Scientology…

CoS Motion for Sanctions Against Dandar

And here’s Dandar’s request for an injunction which he filed with Judge Merryday…

Dandar Injunction MerryDay


“I lost. I lost big time,” Dandar told us today by telephone after the hearing before Judge Virginia Covington.

“I didn’t stop them in state court,” he said, meaning that he could not convince Judge Covington to grant an injunction and prevent the state court sanctions order Dandar is expecting.

Dandar told us that Covington said he had no evidence that retired Judge Robert Beach had received anything from Scientology in the conspiracy Dandar was alleging.

“I’m telling her that’s not what the law is. It’s that they had an agreement with him. But she said that’s not enough,” he said.

Dandar says that Covington gave him the option to file another amended complaint, but Dandar says he thinks his only real options at this point are to drop his federal lawsuit or appeal Covington’s decision.

Meanwhile, he says, federal Judge Steven Merryday denied Dandar’s request for an injunction, saying that he didn’t have jurisdiction.

“I can drop it all and let this retired judge hammer me, or appeal it. Not even the press showed up today. No one cares but me,” Dandar said. “That’s OK, I have clients to represent. The problem is they’re going to try to interfere with me representing my clients,” Dandar said, referring to what Scientology will do once it gets the $1.1 million sanctions order against him.

Dandar has been unable to get federal judges to stop the state courts from sanctioning him, and the state courts, he says, aren’t following Florida law, which prevent a lawyer being put under a “practice restriction” — in this case, a promise not to sue Scientology after a 2004 settlement, which Dandar says he never agreed to.

“Two federal judges are calling it a practice restriction, which is illegal, but state judges are upholding it. And the state bar is ignoring it because it’s Wally Pope. And it’s shameful,” Dandar said.

“I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to survive this. It’s going to be a difficult road. When you’re up against pure evil and the system you believe in doesn’t protect you, you wonder, what are we doing?”

UPDATE: We have Judge Steven Merryday’s order denying Dandar’s motion for an injunction.

Although Merryday explains that he has no jurisdiction to interfere with the state court that is going to be sanctioning Dandar, he makes it pretty clear what he thinks about the state court’s action up to this point…

A brief comment on the merits seems timely. The state court threatens Dandar with the assessment of attorneys’ fees incurred by Scientology in this action because the state court has elected to (erroneously) construe a provision in the settlement agreement in the McPherson action as a law practice restriction (a restriction uniformly condemned as unethical in law practice in the United States). The state court next resolved (erroneously) to enforce the construed restriction by punitive sanctions. I have stated in my orders my preliminary conclusions about the state court post-judgment proceedings in the McPherson action, which I find, based on the information presented in this action, acutely troubling. The Eleventh Circuit, although expressing sympathy with my view of the proceedings in state court, reversed the earlier injunction and explicitly declared the matter outside the reach of the federal injunctive power.

Here’s the motion itself…

Merryday Order

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  • Please, please, please let the good guys have a win over this one. Popcorn tastes better when your side is winning.

  • 0tessa

    I keep all my fingers crossed …

  • juliusstahl

    Today is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. I hope that this is not another day that will live infamy.

  • burythenuts

    The complexities of the conflicting rulings between the State and Federal Judges is truly fascinating. I still think this is going to bounce back and forth a few more times before this is over.
    I sure hope Ken Dandar wins in the end.
    It would be nice for someone to win a decisive legal victory over Scientology…FINALLY!

  • BosonStark

    My hope for a case like this, is not only that Dandar win, but that it further portrays Scientology as a manipulative, meddling cult within the legal system and government, no matter the outcome.

    Unfortunately, within the cult, Scientologists are trained liars and so brainwashed that such proceedings or activities, like those done by Rinder and Rathbun when they were in, don’t even make them blink when they’re doing them, let alone hearing about them. Instead they are waking up because Miscavige will squeeze them out of their last dollar to pay for more legal support and PI’s to harass and follow ex-members.

  • The finest curse I have ever heard is a Mexican one: May your life be filled with lawyers.

    • Oh Dan!

      I have such respect for you.

      Look at “our” history, though.

      When Gerry left, look at his options. Lawyers looking for bucks, surely had their influence, but in principle, Dan, it’s been people like Gerry, who for years inspired the likes of me.

      Dan, someday, I’d love to see you reach out, past whatever the ideas that accumulate that prevent one to reach out, and talk to Gerry.

      Dan, please email Gerry Armstrong, and let “us” fix the things that got done for whatever reasons!

      Mend with Gerry, I urge you, Dan!

      If “we” are to undo the damage “we’ve” done, we need to mend our pasts, and try to sort some of the long term wrongs out.

      Got huge respect for you Dan, and I’d love to see people mend with Gerry!

      There is so much ARC break undoing, to be done, still, to this day!

      People who don’t know Dan Koon, he is one of the two STILL talking longest time “compilers” of L. Ron Hubbard’s writings, and this sentence deserves almost a chapter to define Dan!

      Gerry Armstrong, has done such a huge long term amount of good, it’s a hard stretch for some to see what good Gerry’s done, but I have just immense respect for Gerry, and hope you Dan, can mend with Gerry!


  • sugarplumfairy

    I hope Merryday steps up to the plate.. Ken Dandar has done so much more than his fair share in the stand against this litigious slag heap of a church.. He needs and deserves reinforcements.. Time for some honorable officers of the federal court in Florida to do the right thing..

    • burythenuts

      Time for some honorable officers of the federal court in Florida to do the right thing..

      Honorable and Florida may be mutually exclusive!

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        May be? Well, you keep an eye out your window and I’ll keep an eye out of mine. Between us we should be the first to spot any pigs flying around the courthouse and report back here.

  • I have no faith in judges; they have consistently proved to be gutless.

  • Observer

    It would be nice to see some actual justice done in Florida. Wishing you all the best, Mr Dandar.

    btw, how is it that the state can penalize him for following the orders of a Federal judge? I was under the impression that Federal rulings supersedes state rulings. I have never understood that.

    • moxon moxoff

      Yes, it can be vexing! Here’s an attempt at an explanation:

      Federal courts are courts of LIMITED jurisdiction and as such only have the right to hear specific types of enumerated claims. State courts, on the other hand, are courts of GENERAL jurisdiction, meaning they can hear just about anything not exclusively reserved to the feds. There are areas of overlap where the states can hear cases that touch on federal law, but they can be overruled by federal courts if they don’t interpret or apply the federal law correctly.

      To be a bit more specific, Federal courts have jurisdiction (not necessarily exclusive) to hear claims where either (1) a federal question is at issue (i.e., interpreting a specific federal law–CERCLA, NCLB, federal tax laws–in which case a federal court’s interpretation of that law would prevail over a state court’s interpretation of that law; or applying federal constitutional principles–drug laws, gun control, civil rights), or (2) when plaintiff is from one state and defendant is from another and the amount in controversy is over a certain amount ($75k I think). Item (1) is called federal question jurisdiction; item (2) is called federal diversity jurisdiction. If the issue doesn’t fall into one of these categories, the feds have no jurisdiction to hear the case.

      Of course, it’s not always that simple, as sometimes there is a federal law that provides boundaries that states are free to roam within, but states come up with the particulars of how to apply (e.g., election and voting rules–see Bush v. Gore, where the USSC determined that Florida’s application of Florida’s own voting laws were not evenly applied and thus were arbitrary and violated federal principles). And furthermore, there is lots of case law trying to define what constitutes a federal question or what constitutes diversity jurisdiction, although the diversity questions have more or less been worked out at this point under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

      In Dandar’s case, the basic underlying issue is whether a contract entered into under FL law is enforceable against Dandar, and also whether Florida’s rules governing attorneys would allow Dandar to agree to limit his practice. These are classic state law issues, not federal question issues, although a federal court could hear a breach of contract claim if it has diversity jurisdiction as described above. The breach of contract claim and the application of local rules of professional conduct are not the issues being litigated at present, but the current proceedings are the fruits of the state courts having earlier found the contract to be enforceable and also (at least implicitly) not in violation of rules of professional conduct. What Dandar is trying to do is raise a federal question in order to give the federal courts jurisdiction over this matter.

      Having said all that, what I think is not at all clear is what happens when you have a federal ruling that conflicts with a state ruling in a case like this–the facts are so very unique and I think it may be a matter of first impression for the courts. On the one hand, the underlying issues are state law issues, so the feds should not have jurisdiction. On the other hand, you have the state not following it’s own damn laws and it’s working an injustice on Mr. Dandar that violate his rights to have a livelihood. So the reason there is so much hullabaloo about this in the legal community is because there are complicated issues of federal and state law intertwined and there isn’t real clear law or precedent on what to do in a case like this.

      My personal view is that the courts are making this more complicated than it needs to be, although admittedly fro a procedural standpoint it is complicated. Dandar is clearly in the right under FL law–I’d like to see the courts take a step back from all the procedural posture and make a ruling that is just and fair. If need be, they can limit their ruling to the facts of this case only and order the opinion depublished so that it does not create a precedent. It’s kind of an oversimplification, but sometimes you need a court to cut through the bullshit and do what is right.

      Anyhow, if you want to read more on federal vs. state courts, check it:

      • Observer

        Thanks for that; it does give me a better handle on it. There doesn’t seem to be much room for common sense written into it. :-/

      • t1kk

        This is a good general overview of the state v fed issues lurking in this story. There is a difference between the two cases worth pointing out, however. In the first (Kyle Brennan wrongful death) case, which was properly before the federal court via diversity, Merryday/the federal court was found by the 11th Circuit (fed appeals court) to not have jurisdiction over the state contract (McPherson settlement) issue even though it was Scientology employing the state contract issue to collaterally attack the Brennen wrongful death suit. (It’s besides the point that I think the 11th Circuit was wrong to rob the lower court of jurisdiction b/c it’s wrong to interpret any agreement to have illegal effect where it is ambiguous; but in their defense it was pretty arcane legal territory they were entering into.) In the present case, though, Dandar is bringing a civil rights claim essentially asserting that Scientology lawyers and PL robbed Dandar of his rights by engaging in ex parte discussions with judges who then wrongly issued adverse rulings against Dandar. Thus, unlike in the Brennan case there’s a clear nexus between the state contract issue and the complaint, meaning that hopefully the Federal court finds it easier to assert jurisdiction over and ignore Scientology’s estoppel/res judicata argument.

        • moxon moxoff

          Agreed, and thank you for weighing in on the particulars of this case. It’s a mess and I have not read the pleadings re the underlying Brennan case, only the Dandar pleadings. I do think the feds have grounds to exercise jurisdiction here and that Dandar has a colorable claim. Seeing the update now, I can see that the court chose not to rule in his favor. As I stated before, I think this is the wrong outcome. Pretty disappointing. I’d really like to hear what the Florida Bar has to say about all this. I know quite a few attorneys who are up in arms about this, as it flies in the face of what we’ve been taught about limiting our rights to practice law. If every lawyer with knowledge and experience re CO$ and it’s evil ways can be silenced, how will plaintiffs access the justice system? Horrible horrible policy . . . although I blame this outcome on FL, not on the Feds.

          • Davka

            Thank you both for bringing me back to my Civil Procedure class, folks! I would not even try to get to that level of analysis, but a few observations: by filing a Rule 11 sanctions motion, they are really trying to portray Dandar as incompetent and unethical. Does anyone know if the judge ruled on that motion? Also, I can almost hear Judge Merryday’s frustration in his ruling….it’s so hard to believe that any court would actually buy an argument that an attorney would intentionally impose a contractual practice restriction on themselves. Really?! There was one other expression I learned from law school – res ipsa loquitur – the thing speaks for itself. Clearly, the courts in FL have done a lot of speaking today, and none of it good.

    • N. Graham

      That would be my impression also, that the federal court would overrule, 10th amendment notwithstanding. Of course, this is Florida so who knows what will happen? It seems like if Merryday had any scruples HE would overrule it.

  • AnyOldName1

    Thoughts are with Ken Dandar today. Please let us know how things turn out.

  • Bob

    Tony’s suggestion that church members ignore this kind of case is accurate. The PR line about the case is that it is fomented by an ambulance chasing, unscrupulous lawyer encouraged by SPs. Forget the fact that it takes courage to stand up to the limitlessly funded and heartlessly amoral organization. Or that a families life is turned upside down my carelessness and mindless incompetency within the church.

    • The dupes are so easily deflected, and Hubbard even wrote how to deflect his own dupes, it’s all laid out in the Hubbard writings upon which today the Office of Special Affairs staff dupes write their press releases.

      Hubbard was a multi tasking cult leader! His writings prove in spades, all of the decades of brilliant criticism about him.

  • Bob

    Bob • 2 minutes ago ?
    Tony’s suggestion that church members ignore this kind of case is accurate. The PR line about the case is that it is fomented by an ambulance chasing, unscrupulous lawyer encouraged by SPs. Forget the fact that it takes courage to stand up to the limitlessly funded and heartlessly amoral organization. Or that a families life is turned upside down BY THE carelessness and mindless incompetency within the church.

  • Here’s a little soupçon of amuse bouches to titillate whilst we await the verdict.

    Remember the “selected” Cruise girlfriend, Narzanin who left the cult – she’s supposedly making a music video criticising the cult. Also I might have outed Tony’s other project…..

    • Jean

      Holy Crap!!! That is awesome news! I can hardly wait! Maybe Tony will win an oscar!

      • burythenuts

        I hope Tony teamed up with Mark Bunker!

    • Jean

      I love how in the photo of Tony for Woman’s Day, his talking Terl psychlo action figure is in the background. LOL

      And of course the great caption “A journalist globally respected for his earth-shattering scientology reportage.”

      Awesome stuff!!

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Keep us posted (I know you will) on that music video. You Go Narz! And Tony’s docu – where’s the debut showing? I couldn’t be happier to see every one of these scientology actors be exposed for who they really are … Narcissists of the first kind, cowards of the worst kind.

      For decades they have played the piper and lead the children to the promised land to drown in the inhumanity and insanity of scientology without a single, arrogant glance back at the massacre in their wake. Sorry to repeat, but there is a thin line between enabler and accomplice. This pack crossed that line long ago.

    • burythenuts

      I hope she plays a VAMPIRE in the video!!!

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist



      “#1 – This B-/C+ Scientology all movie actress is having a fling with a reporter who writes some very inside dirt on the church.”

      all the commentators are saying it’s Tony!

      care to divulge Mr Ortega?

      • Sherbet

        Yeah, what the frack, Tony??

      • ermergersh

        Anne Archer’s had goo goo eyes for John Sweeney ever since she asked him if she looked brainwashed. John, you rascal, you have some nerve! har har

        • Sherbet

          Imagine explaining to Tommy Davis that John Sweeney is going to be his new stepfather.

        • sugarplumfairy

          Lol.. She did spend the summer in Europe.. And Sweeney does have that whole heroic passionate indignation thing going on..

      • HyperionCorp

        I hope it’s “the girl who looks like Julia Stiles.” She always seems very sad to be a scientologist.

        • burythenuts

          who dat?

          • HyperionCorp

            Erica Christensen

            • burythenuts


      • grundoon

        I hope Tony doesn’t have a new girlfriend in the same way that Paulette Cooper once had a new boyfriend.

        • HyperionCorp

          Good point. Based on the blind report, it seems more like someone leaving the cult.

      • mook

        actresses/culties who are ‘all movie’ actresses:
        -Anne Archer
        -Juliette Lewis (for the most part)
        -Kelly Preston


  • Good grief! In the CoS request for sanctions at the federal level they have 16 pages of NoU bawl, and nearly a hundred more in exhibits. I see possible upsides to that irregardless of the outcome of today’s hearing – Pope’s law firm got paid bucketloads of cash for generating that drek, and Judge Covington has ample room to be pissed if her weekend was ruined by wading through all that mess.

  • Sidney18511

    It is my sincerest wish that this judge would slam Scientology back to their home planet.

    • sugarplumfairy


      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        I’m going with HellHole Planet, Sug

        Hellhole by torbooks

  • Warrior

    I learned 15 minutes ago from Kennan that he lost today. 🙁

    • burythenuts


    • TheHoleDoesNotExist
      • ermergersh

        That cat’s voice reminds me of Zelda Rubinstein (the clairvoyant) from Poltergeist. “Carol Ayaaannnnn”

  • burythenuts

    I am so disgusted by this crap. I feel absolutely horrible for him. This just royally sucks a rotten egg!

  • My heart breaks for Dandar in light of today’s outcome. Although at first I thought the allowance made for filing yet another amended complaint held some glimmer of hope. But if that’s not a reasonable strategy to pursue, I sure hope his proposed appeal tactic serves him better than the first two federal complaint filings did. :/

  • Very sorry to hear about Dandar verdict. Terrible news, I hope he successfully appeals.

    Totally off topic, this blind item turned up on crazydaysandnights:
    “This B-/C+ Scientology all movie actress is having a fling with a reporter who writes some
    very inside dirt on the church.”

    here is link to the website:

    • ermergersh

      Ugh! People are guessing our own Tony O with Juliette Lewis. Poor Tony. He gets linked with a movie star in the gossip blogs and people think it’s Juliette Lewis. My condolences, sir.

      • ermergersh

        P.S. Mark Bunker, we saw the ladies flirting pretty heavily with you at that Org-antics Liaison party on your documentary teaser. Which Sci gal is chasing after our Wise Beard Man?

      • burythenuts

        NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO. ermergersh. NO!
        No Tony O! NO.
        The cats would not allow such enturbulation!
        You must go inform those blithering idiots that they must all report to their nearest Org for emergency Sec checks!!!!

      • Sandy

        The item says “all movie” actress. Juliette Lewis has done TV according to Wiki ……

        • ermergersh

          There isn’t a very big pool of female Sci’s who are exclusively movie stars. Every actress connected with the Co$ (which I’m aware) has done T.V.. This story is probably about someone being interviewed, which is probably making Davey squirm. I remember reading some months ago that the Blind Gossip site doesn’t use blinds from CDAN anymore because the guy makes a lot of them up.

          • N. Graham

            Interesting observation and I think accurate. The only other actresses I can think of off-hand that haven’t really done much TV are Karen Black and Anne Archer. And now that I look at IMDB, I actually see more TV than movies for Ms. Archer. And Ms. Black did do a lot of TV also.

      • HyperionCorp

        The least attractive quality of Juliette Lewis is her scientology association. Other than that, she’s hot. If she pulled a Jason Beghe, that would be awesome.

        • burythenuts

          Her music sucks though.

          • HyperionCorp

            I refuse to listen to her music until she quits scientology. The only exception is that movie she did, the futuristic dystopian one where she was in a rock band, but she got nekkid in it, so it kind of cancels out the sucky music.

            • burythenuts

              she got nekkid? Rueally?

            • HyperionCorp


            • burythenuts

              DoX…Link…? dont tease me!

            • jensting

              “Strange Days” DOT KOM/title/tt0114558/ Awesome film.Never mind Lewis, it had Angela Bassett in it 🙂

    • stillgrace

      So … let me get this straight. You linked us to a site that posts blind item gossip and then the purpose of posting is to guess who they’re talking about?
      OK. Thanks, but no thanks.

      • HyperionCorp

        The CDN website gets mentioned a lot here for scientology rumors, not a big deal

        • stillgrace

          Probably not. I’m just more of a “Dox or STFU” kinda gal today.

          • HyperionCorp

            I do find the “blind item” stuff kind of odd… does the gossip author limit his/her liability by the “blind item” format? Or is it just to keep people guessing…

  • 0tessa

    Is there any JUSTICE left in the USA?

    • burythenuts

      Yes, but it is apparently all in North Dakota.
      They have sunflowers and a couple of buffalo left.
      That is ALL I GOT!

  • TheHoleDoesNotExist

    “When you’re up against pure evil and the system you believe in doesn’t protect you, you wonder, what are we doing?”

    Become a legislator and add your voice and vote to amending laws that protect criminals who are savvy to the fact that all you have to do is tailor yourself a religious cloak to get away with murder. I don’t know the real world possibility of it, but I think Ken Dandar might be a Senator Xenophon in the early stages of development. Hey, maybe if he has to pay, he can pay them in training awards or $10 a week while he campaigns for office. There are thousands of Ex-sci’s who have training awards or money on account they can’t get back. Maybe they could all transfer their funds to a Ken Dandar Relief Fund. lol.

    Believe it or not, all but the Loonies of Lost Causes would vote for a Ken Dandar these days. Even the Republicans are desperate for reality these days in Florida.

    • burythenuts

      Whatever, I just don’t see this as Over.

      Me too!…I had to go take a pissy walk in the pines and talk to myself back into being positive.
      It worked!

      Dandar said: No one cares but me.
      He is dead wrong!
      WE DO!

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Well, I’d fire up the grill anytime for him and serve cake too. But how is that the mega staffed/funded class action law conglomerates haven’t smelled the bacon yet (Miscavige’s war chest)? Maybe Dandar can mosey over Jeffrey’s way for a cold one and hot chat. Anything’s possible.

        • burythenuts

          Well don’t make coconut cake!…Tom Cruise might show up thinking it is time to help bribe somebody!

      • stillgrace

        Me, too, BTN. Walked around the block twice. Wish I had some pines or redwoods to walk in today.
        For the record, Mr. Dandar: I care deeply about this injustice on so many levels, going all the way back to 1995.
        Shame on the Florida court system.

  • thankyou Tony so much for taking this on!

    How to influence a legal system that has been effectively gamed, and a legal system which considers this okay and normal ,is why I put my trust in media, and in YOU Tony Ortega!

    I’m so sorry for Dandar being ruined utterly and financially by Scientology, by L. Ron Hubbard, who has his zombies in Office of Special Affairs, dictated by head zombie David Miscavige, all following L. Ron Hubbard’s orders, running amok in society, hiring the “best” lawyers to game the legal system, I’m sure that insane L. Ron Hubbard would just love to see Dandar being “ruined utterly”, and I’m sure some asshole lifer dupe staffer in OSA, likely Kurt Weiland, will gloat when he submits a “Complaince Report” to David Miscavige, quoting L. Ron Hubbard’s morally low policy of “ruin utterly” the enemies of Scientology.

    Scholars wonder why ex members of Scientology go bitter and turn into obstinate long term “enemies” of Scientology, weill it is a long answer, since Scientology’s injustices get squeezed through the legal system’s cracks, and the judges who act like their hands are tied, like Scientology’s lawyers are simple forcing the judges to do the “right thing” even it if stinks to high heaven of immorality and injustice, well, to me, I long ago sided with the ONE group in society that outflanks the legal system that gets tied up in its own brand of internal corruption (laws passed that allow the immoral to prevali, allowing judges to allow the immoral to prevail, and injustice to then result), is the MEDIA.

    I put my faith in people like YOU, Tony! You get it!

    Hubbard’s laid in stone rules for Scientology, still NOT dissected and laid out in all their gargantuan immoral intricacies still, at this moment in history, by any polymath academic scholar, sadly, thus you Tony, have only us imperfect ex members, all woefully undereducated, limited, in being able to even entice any “new religion” scholars to take on the Hubbard corpus, and dissect the hell out of it, and lay out why the fuck this Hubbard Scientology scam is so entrenched, for real.

    I’m so sad for Dandar, but I knew this was coming, it’s just par for the fucking course here in America, the land where we have historically bent over backwards for any Tom,Dick and Harry(Harriet too, so as not to be sexist), to come along with their “new religion” and allow NO legal interference in that “new religion.”, which Hubbard definitely did MORE than the fly by night pastors of wacky Christian fly by night ministries. Hubbard’s crazy Xenu body thetans high volume exorcism Scientology “new religion” has had 3 decades, since 1968ish lots of Guardian’s Office and then Office of Special Affairs footwork (think Heber Jentzsch and his two decades of unappreciated networking with other religions, trying to legitimize Scientology religiously, all great work, but even the ministers I’ve interacted with saw Heber’s work as completely opportunistic and photo op hurry up and please stand here, let’s get this photo, thankyou, style networking, but this all was hated by Miscavige, a person who like Hubbaard has a “crashing misunderstood” [sorry this is insider criticism, a crashing misunderstood is a Hubbard term, and one of those insider important for the moment, but insignificant in the long run, type of insider knowledge that defines just how BAD Hubbard and Miscavige were and are, when it comes to understanding WHY Scientology does NOT truly fit the long human tradition of what honestly and really is a religion); but having got the religion stamp, indirectly, by the IRS, which is as good as it gets, since somehow academia and ex members, and media surveying public opinion is NOT what Scientology really wants, Miscavige wanted the IRS to give Scientology that “religious” exemption stamp (another whole in depth story gong into Hubbard’s own thoughts about himself is relevant to whether he honestly saw himself as a religion founder and his Scientology as validly religious), our legal system just is lost, and only, again, sorta back to the point, I think the media, and authors, and academics, can navigate even back to what the hell Hubbard and Scientology are doing, but that requires THEM reading fucking Hubbard, which they are loath to do, as Hubbard is so bombastic and nutter, it just offends them and Hubbard’s writings are anti-logic-magnetic.

    Well,I’m trying to get writers to take up and write about Hubbard’s crazy writings, and take those writings to task.

    It’s unfortunately Hubbard’s writings, which cause even Dandar’s problems.

    Hubbard DID want to spend money on suing people like Dandar, and that’s why the suit against him even occurred.

    Again, if you got to this sentence Tony, thankyou for even listening.

    The two works, that a scholar, academic with time paid for however academics and grad students and PHD students get funded, if one of them wants to do the world a good service, then study in depth, and compare the following two bodies of Hubbard’s entrenched and still operative writings, and PLEASE do the world a service by dissecting and giving some opinions regarding the following::

    a) Introduction to Scientology Ethics, 2007, get it for 1.99 on Amazon

    b) the Office of Special Affairs Network Orders (all derived from L. Ron Hubbard dastardly writings to the old Guardian’s Office), which is FREE, thanks eternally to Wikileaks (look for the “Frank Oliver Hat Pack” and download and study it!!)

    When I got out, in 2003, and did my year of study, I put my faith in the media, and I’ve supported THEM, and supported ex members to PROVIDE stories to media.

    Media is society’s voice.

    Tony Ortega, I hate to burden you with this Scientology subject burden, and I give you my utmost praise, for even staying on the story.

    You need some OTHER minds to take on Hubbard’s crap corpus, the two bodies of Hubbard’s corpus need dissection.

    Gerry Armstrong and Caroline his wife will HELP any scholar who wants to go the Hubbard corpus details that are the MOST problematic and controversy causing.

    It’s in the above book, and the above OSA Network Hatting Materials, all authored by Hubbard!

    That’s what unfortunately “won” against Dandar. Crazy fucking Hubbard’s shit writings! (Hubbard’s writings cause the delusional undereducated Scientologist dupes to give their money that Hubbard’s OSA policy says today must pay the immoral “best” (shit and human history garbage human beings in my book) lawyers who give the letter of the law legal tactics that let the dumber judges (carefully jockyed by those same shit “best” Scientology lawyers) to happily play “their hands are tied by the law” and side with the shit immoral Scientology lawyers.

    Media is “our” (ex members willing to try to “unmock” and undo the Hubbard crap) hope!

    Thanks Tony for all you do! (Thankyou Gerry Armstrong and Caroline, your work will pay off!)

    Where’s Ford Greene and where’s that law firm that helped Dennis Erlich, when “we” need them!

    I wish some lawyers in those big law firms, who probably know how to help Dandar, I wish they’d get the guts that Ford Greene had!

    In Scientology terms, Dandar should be helped!

    I’m glad Marty tried to help Danda, and I hope Marty helps Dandar in the future, if Dandar has another go at this abomination of immoroal legal events. (again why my faith is in the media, and eternal thankyou Tony!)

    Chuck Beatty
    Ex-Sea Org (lifetime staffer, 1975-2003)
    Flag Dec 1975-Jun 1983 (TTC, Sup, Word Clearer, D of T, etc.)
    Int Base 1983-1984 (Routing Forms Pjt)
    Snr HCO Int in the FB in LA 1984-87
    Course Supervisor Re-Training (Int and LA) 87-88
    Int Training Org, LA 88 (Sec Checker Sup)
    LRH Tech Research and Comps, CMO Int, (Sept 88-Feb 89)
    Int RPF (Feb-Mar 89)
    PAC RPF (Mar-May 89)
    Int Training Org (May-Sept 89) (Admin Sup)
    INCOMM Sep 89-Sept 90 (Routing Forms Pjt)
    INCOMM Sept 90-May92 (Computer Room LA & Int)
    ASI May 92-Dec95 (Computer Room, In-Training Esto)
    Decks Int (Dec 95-Jun 96)
    Int RPF (Jun 96-Nov 2000)
    PAC RPF (Nov 2000-Mar2003)
    Routed out March 29, 2003.
    live in Pittsburgh, feel free to call after 9pm east coast time, 412-260-1170

    • HyperionCorp

      It seems to me you already have written the book (in your mind), why not just organize your post material, and take the credit? It would be a service to society, and would offer personal profit as well.

      • I can only write for non profit, because I truly bought into the whole mentality, the tradition, on which immoral Hubbard opportunistically operated, which is the monk and nun class and tradition.

        I honestly have my ultimate highest respect for the poor and vow of poverty individuals, in humanity, those that are NOT in it for the money (for which I should have long ago left Scientology/Hubbard who wrote contrary that money was a necessary).

        The moral reasons I support spiritual people, I most respect the Catholic church, even though I’m atheist, for their thousands years tradition of nuns and monks; and I knee jerk support the free spirit of the internet sharing people (I’m atheist, I don’t believe in the soul).

        I’ll write for the Cult Journals, in about 5 years. In the meantime, the pros, people like Tony, like Lawrence Wright, Janet Reitman, and Hugh Urban, people who are adept at the language, I’ll help anyone who wants to navigate the Hubbard corpus, and dissect it.

        On this blog, and on Marty’s blog, are some ex members, particularly, namely, Dan Koon and Russ Williams, who absolutely OUGHT to write what they did, in the “compilations” department of the Int Base, where those two men had access to Hubbard’s raw writings, and they were the ones who “compiled” Hubbard’s thoughts.

        Some people know so much more, and have the ability to keep in their mind, at any one moment, enough of the complexities, to really get to the big vectors in the Hubbard “corpus”, as Jim Lewis calls it.

        Hubbard was a writer, and his trail of writings, are an entertaining long TRAIL. Lots in just the Hubbard corpus, just sitting there, even more than the great critic authors have noted. (Russell Miller didn’t even begin to read and comment on Hubbard’s corpus, and the gagged and even older and more allowed access to the Hubbard corpus Omar Garrison [Gerry worked to help Omar], Omar didn’t even do Hubbard justice.

        If Danny Sherman were listening to Tony’s blog, my pick of the future best mind, to “flip” and carry on in the Omar Garrison vein, would be Danny Sherman, as utterly unlikely as MOST in the know ex members think that would be.

        Red rover, red rover, Danny Sherman, come on over!

        If I were a New York publisher, if they’d listen to me, and old Danny Sherman, the “LRH Biographer”, were to defect, I’d pay Danny’s way to NYC, fete him, and give him laywerly support to do a 5-10 year book on L. Ron the Hubbard.

        • burythenuts

          I still think Danny Sherman is really OTVIIIisgr8888.

          KIDDING PEOPLE!!!

          • HyperionCorp

            OTVIII is using Dragon Naturally Speaking software. (I’m guessing here.) I doubt Danny could handle that “tech.”

            • burythenuts

              But U can download dragon for free….sounds puuuuurrrfect for the SCIONS!

            • burythenuts

              By the way…Hyperion Corp?
              New game?

            • HyperionCorp

              I’m not sure of which you speak:)

            • burythenuts

              Uh huh! My ASS!

            • burythenuts

              And now it is beddy bye time. Nite HC!

            • burythenuts


            • HyperionCorp

              I was being coy about my new game name:)

            • burythenuts

              Rully..Ya think…R U coming back to the barn?
              U need to tell me so I can leave the gate open!

            • Observer

              You’re really Handsome Jack, aren’t you?

            • burythenuts

              Good call girl!

        • burythenuts

          Chuck, really…You are an encyclopedia…
          Write it. donate the profits if you have too.
          SEA ORG RESCUE.

        • HyperionCorp

          I’m going to be serious for a minute. Chuck- read Thomas Merton. He was a famous christian monk who read a lot of Zen Buddhism, and his books were best sellers. He didn’t profit personally (he had taken an oath of poverty), but humanity gained quite a bit because of his inquisitive nature and his insights.

          • I wish I’d have read more, before I got into Scientology, I only heard of Merton, and need to read so much more, such a backlog of more smarter minds than Hubbard’s, to spend one’s time reading.

  • Dorothy Gale

    Dandar… don’t give up, keep fighting! PLEASE.

    And. How many millions has the CoS paid out to various Exes/whistleblowers, etc. to STFU? These are the people imo who should take up a collection to pay off Dandar’s “sanctions” and help him continue to fight the CoS in any possible way they can. After all, where would they be now if they had no lawyer willing to help them? That is what this is about.

    • spensergirl

      I agree, if anyone has any ideas, I am willling to try to set up a site. I know Ken, Tony can verify it if needed.

  • Wonderer790

    Is is true what Rick Ross posted on his site?

    In the immortal words of the late Robert Minton while testifying in the case, “Mr. Dandar is a liar and a thief.”

    • burythenuts

      Um REALLY? didn’t Mike Rinder already give us the DEETS on this?
      Sorry….did not mean to yell.
      OH YES I DID!

    • burythenuts

      OH and another thing “Wonderer790″….
      as fuckin if!
      Bite ME!

      • spensergirl

        I think everyone is forgetting something. Ken Dandar did not LOSE today, he won, and Scientology lost. Why? Because of this, this is something Ken can say any day and COS will NEVER be able to say. They can buy all the Judges they want, drown all the dogs they want, but they will never be able to say this – so they lose and they lose big time, no matter how much money they get. Any POS COS out there who thinks differently, go find a box of Reynolds Wrap and go make yourself a hat.

        The day COS can say this, they will win, which will be NEVER. Ken won today no matter what the judge said.

        I hope that my achievements in life shall be these — that I will have
        fought for what was right and fair, that I will have risked for that
        which mattered, and that I will have given help to those who were in
        need that I will have left the earth a better place for what I’ve done
        and who I’ve been.

        • DeElizabethan

          Here! Here!
          Dander – We Do Care About You and Thank You!

          • spensergirl

            I think the (majority) of us here feel the same and care and find it so unjust, let alone Ken do this alone. So since no attorneys will stop up, the only avenue I see if the people who care step up. I think we should brainstorm some ideas, for those who do care, of how we can best help, as someone needs to. You may not think you can make a difference as just one person, but MANY of us together can, but not unless we try and think of a way. If anyone has any ideas, please post.

            The only thing I can say for sure is for me, it does not feel right to sit back and watch and not think of something to do to help. I just do not know exactly what yet. Maybe someone else does or can at least throw out some ideas. Together, between Tony’s board and the other anti COS boards, make no mistake, you do have power.

        • HyperionCorp


  • N. Graham

    Ya, thanks a lot Judge Gloomyday. Even though you write not-so-nice things about Scientology, you just aren’t showing the integrity to stand up for justice. You had jurisdiction when you ordered Mr. Dandar to continue as counsel on a Scio case, but now you don’t? What am I missing?

  • How is it that we somehow grow up with the idea that the good guys win in the end. The longer I live the less this seems to be the case. Not many lulz to be had to day, but good on you Mr Dandar. You are a winner in my book.

    • burythenuts

      I understand it is hard not to be cynical…but…eventually the Good Guys DO win in the end.
      I promise…cross my heart!
      Sometimes it is just a LOoooonnnngggg road home.

  • EnthralledObserver

    Is there not a way to bring this to national/international mainstream attention. i.e. getting a polititian to comment or start an inquiry into the apparent improprietry of not adhereing to the law as written – e.g. the law regarding making it illegal to enter into an agreement restricting a lawers practice. Or feeding the story to more mainstream media. I can assure Dandar that even I care about this, and I have had absolutely NO connection with scientology, nor am I a US citizen or resident! Absolutely disgusting!
    US citizens – DO something about this before this corrupt, foul organisation secures more legal footings and the insidious vultures use those footings to infiltrate and secure themselves more so in my country!

    • spensergirl

      I agree, EnthralledObserver, if we get enough people together there has to be something that can be done, even a fund or something to help. The internet can connect massive amounts of people together from all the anti COS boards or even just people who feel this is wrong. Someone needs to do something as doing nothing just does not seem right. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Anononyourside

    He should file a complaint for declaratory judgment/relief on the legality of the practice restriction. If the agreement is against public policy, ask for a ruling on the validity of the agreement. An agreement for an illegal purpose is not enforceable. If that won’t work, he should expressly ask the state bar for an ethics opinion on the practice restriction. Pope should be in the ethics hot seat on enforcing a practice restriction. He should put out a press release through a PR news service on the facts of the issue. These are very effective for getting stories before news editors around the world.

  • Anononyourside

    Judge Merryday’s order clearly implies that the state court is running amok. I am not familiar with the Florida court system, but there has to be some method to get oversight relief. The state legislature judiciary committee? A separate complaint for declaratory relief? This case is far more bizarre than anything I have ever encountered.

  • GrangerFX

    So he loses in the state court and appeals to the Federal Eleventh Circuit court where he wins. Perhaps I am not following this correctly but this federal judge is basically letting him know how the appeal will go.