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Lisa McPherson Day: Is Florida Ashamed Yet?

Last year on this day, we wrote this:

On December 5, 1995, a 36-year-old woman perished while several people were taking her to a hospital in Florida.

Within a few years, the mysterious and strange circumstances around the death of Lisa McPherson — who had been a Scientologist since the age of 18 — had the Church of Scientology facing a criminal prosecution, generated the worst publicity for the church since it was raided by the FBI in 1977, and inspired a new generation of critics who ever since have kept close watch on the controversial organization.

We wrote that as part of a short remembrance to show our respects to a woman who suffered needlessly.

Today, on the 17th anniversary of Lisa McPherson’s death, we have a very different message.

It’s time the state of Florida’s investigation of Lisa McPherson’s death is reopened.

If you’ve been following along with recent events, you know that a stunning series of allegations have reawakened interest in the death of Lisa McPherson like nothing we’ve seen in many years.

Former church official Marty Rathbun’s recent sworn testimony — that the church spent tens of millions of dollars in an effort to cover-up its own culpability in McPherson’s death — should shock officials in Florida.

In particular, Rathbun describes improper contact between the church and Jeffrey Goodis, the attorney for Joan Wood, the county medical examiner who changed her mind about the cause of McPherson’s death (from “undetermined” to “accident”) and thereby derailed the state’s criminal investigation of Scientology.

Goodis denies that he influenced Wood on behalf of the church, but he has admitted to the Tampa Bay Times that he accepted expensive gifts from the church after Wood made her decision.

Rathbun told filmmaker Mark Bunker that Wood didn’t want gifts from Scientology, she wanted an assurance that she wouldn’t be sued by the church. He describes church leader David Miscavige personally delivering her a signed agreement that the church would not haul her into court — in return for her changing the death certificate.

Before Wood changed her mind, she was certain that McPherson had died of dehydration. Wood believed there was evidence in McPherson’s bodily fluids — particularly in the vitreous humor in her eyeballs — that the troubled woman may have gone the entire 17 days of her stay at Scientology’s Fort Harrison Hotel without a single drop to drink.

The Tampa Bay Times found five top medical experts who agreed with that assessment.

But Wood did change her mind — even if that evidence has remained the same.

Rathbun also explained how the church improperly attempted to influence Florida judges against the McPherson estate’s wrongful death lawsuit, which was forced into settlement in 2004 even though the family had spent years trying to get a jury trial.

A criminal investigation bought off? A civil lawsuit crippled by judicial influence?

Is there really no one in Florida’s investigative or judicial or legal communities who doesn’t think these are issues that need to be addressed?

Perhaps it’s too much to expect that the state will care enough to reopen the criminal investigation of a woman who appeared to have been murdered 17 years ago. Or to take a hard look at the behavior of judges in a bizarre civil case that wrapped up 8 years ago.

But this case is not dead. These accusations are going to be heard in a court of law.

This week, in fact.

On Friday, Ken Dandar will stand before federal Judge Virginia Covington, and he will attempt to convince her that she has the standing to stop a state court’s attempt to sanction him more than a million dollars by the Church of Scientology in matters resulting from these court fights from so long ago.

Is anyone there in Florida paying attention? For Lisa’s sake, does anyone care?

I guess we’ll find out.



We’ve written in the past about Lucas Catton, the former president of Scientology’s troubled flagship drug rehab facility, Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma. Catton informed us of Narconon’s shaky history of certification, and with the rehab center under investigation for several recent deaths, Catton’s observations are especially crucial.

Enjoy this lengthy interview with him as we hope soon that Disqus gets our comments working again.

UPDATE: We have Disqus!! Please join the fray.

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  • TheHoleDoesNotExist
  • Observer

    This pic of Lisa is haunting. Her mouth is smiling, but her eyes show a deep misery.

    Justice. SOON.

    • burythenuts

      I wonder what she would be like now had she escaped.
      Had she lived.
      Would she still be a scientologist?
      Would she be an indy?
      Or an outspoken EX?
      Would she be a quiet housewife in Nebraska?
      But we will never know who she would become.

      Yes Hole,
      This is WHY.

    • victoria

      I came across one of her “OW” (sins) write ups she did for the church one time. It was so completely heartbreaking, things like “I wanted to go dancing instead of being on post.” ” I went to the bathroom but I didn’t pee fast enough.” This is quite common treatment of good scientologists, if you can’t handle it well maybe you need the introspection rundown to get your stats up.

  • Kimberly580

    It is time for every single person, whose hands were dirty in this case, to be held accountable. DM, Scientology attorneys, judges, the ME’s attorney. It’s a shame that some of the key players in this story are no longer here & unable to testify as to their roles in this. But there are plenty of people left. Florida, stand up & take notice.

  • mjm

    RIP Lisa

    speaking of slaves, I noticed this link from the ILO, featuring ex Scilon Paul Haggis and possible ex Scilon Chaka Khan + a PSA by Jada Pinkett Smith. in the words of Arte Johnson from Laugh-In, verry interesting.–en/index.htm

  • chris

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your posts and especially this one. It’s shocking that a medical examiner can be swayed by the church. This whole case stinks, and as usual the church got away with it. Murder in this case. I really hope the case is re-examined and that the church is finally held accountable. I am so sick of their lies, denials and manipulation of anyone who criticizes them. Somebody please, bring them down!

  • burythenuts

    This post is way off the Lisa topic…Yet It is related to this Blog.
    I owe someone who reads (or used to read) this blog an honest, sincere apology for something I said…and something I did.
    Since this blog is now the only possible (although not probable) way I have to make contact and offer this apology… please bear with me folks.
    Mea Maximus Culpa.
    I consider this person my friend. And I cannot wrap my head around the fact that I would hurt someone I care about. Either intentionally…or unintentionally.
    Sometimes burythenuts has her head buried in her own arse.
    I am genuinely so, so sorry.
    Ok, move along folks, nothing else to see here….
    Back to Lisa…………..

    • wynot

      (sotto voce) Good luck, btn.

      ’til next time;

      • Warrior

        Hello, wynot, from sunny Austin!

  • Boson Stark

    Even after the case is over, in what way is it appropriate for Scientology — a “church” — to send gifts to Goodis (attorney for the Medical Examiner, whom Scientology was trying to sway the opinion of, and did) or for Goodis to accept them?

    • Mila Minderbinder

      Actually it’s even worse – Goodis called the Church of Scientology himself, asking help getting the super bowl tickets. Which means that he was on speaking and friendly terms with Scientology and was in good standing with them if he felt comfortable enough to ask for such a huge favor.

      • Observer

        Wow … way to reinforce the sleazebag lawyer stereotype, Goodis!

      • Boson Stark

        Isn’t it incredible that someone would risk their career, by requesting Super Bowl tickets from a “church”? I guess setting up with a hooker would have been worse. The cult would only do that for their top scilebrities.

        When I was working in Brazil, I risked my life, accepting a free ticket to a futebol match at the Maracanã in Rio — the largest stadium in South America. It was a risk because people had been trampled exiting — but that was for a final match. I got out alive, but it was a little bit freaky. It was fun seeing all those people in one place though, and I played soccer when I was a kid. Still, I wouldn’t have paid to see it, and you couldn’t pay me to go to the Super Bowl. Now, the ballet or something…

  • Heather G

    That Tampa Bay Times article contains a level of evidentiary detail that I’ve not seen before. It’s an extraordinary piece of journalism. Thanks once again, Tony.

  • Andie

    Thank you for keeping an eye on Dandar’s case, Tony!

  • Jean

    You would think at this point Miscabitch would change his mind about trying to “destroy” Dandar, and maybe offer him a couple million just to stay quiet. There is so much damning evidence it should be easy to reopen this case.

  • Alanzo

    Can you legally threaten to sue a sitting medical examiner unless she changes her mind about an official ruling she’s made in a criminal case? Can you really do that?

    Isn’t that blackmailing a government official for doing their job?

    I really am curious about the law here. It could be the same “successful action” which was used against the IRS Comissioner Fred Goldberg, and other top IRS Officials, to gain tax exempt status by the Church in the 1990’s.

    Hubbard taught Scientologists to “do the things that won, not things untried as yet”. And if this worked against a government official before, I can totally see them doing it again when the chips were down in the Lisa McPherson case.


    • Alanzo

      OK, hold it. It’s not blackmail. But what is it?

      Threatening an individual who works for the government with financial and personal ruin for making decisions as part of their official duties in a criminal investigation.

      Don’t law enforcement and government officials have protection from that?

      The black irony here is that Joan Wood ended up personally ruined anyway, even though she was supposed to have made this deal with the Church of Scientology.

      Moral of the Story: When you lay down with a Satanic Totalitarian Mafia Organization you get fucked. And not in a good way.

      She had no choice but to fight them, and she chose to cave.

      Probably a lesson for all of us.


      • Valkov


        • Ahh, that’s it!

          Thanks, V!

  • sugarplumfairy

    Florida is shameless.. Lisa McPherson is just one in a long list of Florida f*ck-ups.. Maybe it’s the humidity.. A few weeks ago, SNL did a story on the Patreaus affair and I remember this comment “scandals are like NY Jews..eventually they all end up in Florida..”

    Sex scandals? They got lots of ’em.. Hard to choose a fave.. Gay sex scandals? They have Lt. Gov Carroll.. Sports scandals? Just google Florida sports.. Hazing scandals? Got ’em.. Cheating scandals? Oh, yeah.. Pedophilia scandals? Need you even ask?

    And, oh yes.. Election scandals..Remember hanging chads? And 12 (yeah, TWELVE!!!!!) years later, it takes four days to call Florida for Obama.. If florida officials can’t fix it in 12 years, it’s time to admit they’re either deliberately suppressing the vote or they’re incompetent and should resign and let others fix it..

    Florida couldn’t care less about Lisa McPherson.. She isn’t even a blip on their radar..

    • sugarplumfairy

      Lol.. I just googled Florida scandals and what shows up? Apparently the governor appointed a ‘jobs czar’ and it turns out that for two years, he was drawing weekly unemployment bennies while traveling with his wife in Europe..

      gotta love Florida..

      • burythenuts

        Well that does it!
        And you didn’t even mention Casey Anthony!

        Imma have to fuckin move!

        • sugarplumfairy

          Lol.. I forgot that all happened in the Florida courts.. I remember how utterly stunned everyone here at work was when they read that verdict..

          I truly hope Ken Dandar gets a fair deal there.. I’m praying too.. But I’m beginning to wonder if it’s even a possibility in Florida?

          • burythenuts

            I would like to be optimistic about it….
            But when it comes to this “State”….It is hard to do.

        • I think that Scientology fucked up Florida’s legal system.

  • Boson Stark

    Radio Paul interview is excellent. Scientology is like an Amazon, but selling only a handful of products — books, tapes, courses, auditing, drug rehab, “education,”– but they allow only glowing 5 star reviews and coerce their members to make them. How is that credible in the Internet age? Imagine if Amazon did that?

    They survived at a time when propaganda influenced wishful thinkers more easily, secrets could be kept, and control was easier. Lucas’s experience of getting drawn into it and waking up because of the Internet, did not give me the sinking “what’s the use” feeling that Culkin’s did. Instead, I feel that more of the young, intelligent ones will wake up and feel the responsibility to speak out, just as he is doing. The same people who would have gotten stuck in this crap for 30 years will now be waking up after a few years, if for some reason they’re getting into it today.

    I’m just waiting for the day Scientology switches its plea to the remaining suckers. “Our Orgs are collapsing — help us win this fight against the evil psychs and SP’s.”

    • CoolHand

      Thank you, and thanks to Paul for having me on, especially. One of the things that helped me was seeing online interviews with people like Jenna Miscavige-Hill, the M&M gang, the TBT stories, the CNN stuff, Tommy Davis footbullets galore, Jason Beghe, Tory Christman, Mark Bunker and so many others who have dared to go in front of a camera or speak to other journalists and share their stories. That’s why what Tony does is so important here, he gets real people with real stories, not some ethereal “Scientology is bad” stuff that people still inside the cult can easily turn away from. It is people who they know and who have been through things they can relate to, prompting them to finally start investigating on their own. Once the damn starts to crack there is no stopping it.

      • sugarplumfairy

        Bravo, Lucas..

      • Jean

        Great post!!!

      • Very Well Done, CoolHand Lucas!

      • Nina

        Hear! Hear!

  • deElizabethan

    Thank you so very much Tony for the excellent reading and reminding. I am glad that Marty has done some talking and hopefully we will see some action. The TBT articles are very helpful and hope the reporters continue on covering this.
    I wish I knew what an individual could do to help this along. Does anyone have good suggestions?
    See WWP, Events for your area.

  • Bob G

    While, as a Christian and as a citizen, I believe the evils of COS are, as they say “legion”, and those who are culpable of creating this deception will have hell to pay on judgment day, this corruption in the Florida system shows a wider evil. In the Old Testament of the Bible the prophets are constantly accusing judges and leaders of robbing the poor of justice by taking bribes from their rich accusers. And these too will need to answer to God for their crimes. So let’s pray that someone in Florida wakes up and corrects this miscarriage of justice and does right by Lisa and her family. And while we can have different opinions on the beliefs of COS let’s pray that the ability of this org to deprive the innocent and the poor of justice would be stopped!

    • Alanzo

      Better yet, let’s a find a frickking prosecutor and a team of crack forensic accountants, each equipped with bullet-proof legal shields, and titanium cups over their groin areas, to go in there and take out this totalitarian threat to a free society.


    • juliusstahl

      As a Christian I am reminded of the Ninth Commandment and the words of Jesus:

      Ninth Commandment (Exodus 20:16):

      Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

      Jesus (Matthew15:19):

      For out of the heart come evil thoughts – murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, slander.

      • sugarplumfairy

        Co$ commandment..

        “ENEMY SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.”
        – L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, 18 October 1967

  • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Now that Mike Rinder is out, perhaps he could throw some light on his comment (with CoS top lawyer Elliot Abelson present) that Lisa McPherson died at the Fort Harrison, rather than just before the fourth hospital down the road. Later, it was claimed that this was a misunderstanding, but I’m not so sure.

    When did she die? May 9, 1997, Thomas C. Tobin, St. Petersburg Times

  • Observer

    Testing … just trying to get used to this …

    • Observer

      Disqus won’t let me like anything from my iPad. Can I post?

      Apparently I can post, but when I try to up-arrow something the comments all disappear and I have to refresh before I can see them again.

      • Sandy

        working smooth as silk in my laptop …

      • Observer

        Okay, my likes do show up, but awhile after I refresh

  • mook

    Travolta still showing that Kelly P has him by the balls.

    • Sandy

      mook – I just watched JT on Ellen. He appears to be just a genuinely nice man, I just can not bring myself not to like him! I am sorry he is mixed up in this mess.

      • mook

        one of my pals who works in Hollywood says that he (JT)’s a nice, down-to-earth guy… and that Kelly is a mega see-u-next-tuesday. my pal also said that most of the celebs in CoS are in it just to get a fat paycheck.

        you know the old saying, $$$ talks, bullshit walks? that should be the CoS’s new slogan.

        • sugarplumfairy

          I think their new slogan should be ‘money talks and we document everything it says so we can extort you later..’

        • scnethics

          They’re both really nice people, in my experience. She’s just as down-to-earth. It’s scientology that has JT, not Kelly.

          • mook

            my friend (whom I chose not to name; let’s just call him John Doe) is not/has never been in CoS and met them at an industry event along with many other celebs (oh the stories…)

  • MarkStark

    I’m guessing the State won’t reopen the case, ever. I just wrote that to see if I can edit this in Disqus.

    • I just found out that you can vote “UP” your own posts in Disqus.

      I like this….

      • burythenuts

        Alanzo…now I am always going to have to minus 1 from your ups!

  • Jean

    Friedlander, the Kansas City pathologist, agreed and called the staph infection scenario “nonsense.” Staph infections are commonplace in the blood after a person dies, he said.

    Also, to add a point: malnutrition causes the interior walls of the intestines to break down, leaking the gut into the bloodstream, which leads to sepsis. Just one of the Very Bad Things that happens when you don’t eat or drink anything for several weeks.

  • MarkStark

    My first Disqus post seems to have disappeared, like evidence that would incriminate Scientology. How about this one. Can you hear me now? Yes! “Edit” is back. Hip hip hurray!

    • OMG – getting familiar with old user names again….hello MarkStark

  • Just checking the smooth operation of Disqus….

  • Guest

    Good afternoon team. I am dropping by to pay my respects to Lisa and all the friends and family your needlessly lost a wonderful person from their lives.

    The cult will answer up on this sooner or later. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

    • Tory Christman

      I agree…thank you Tony for sharing this story. May Lisa McPherson and ALLLLLLLLLLL of the Scientologists who died w/ in the Cult of $cientology, or committed suicide all too young, may they finally R.I.P. Yes, we still need justice on this: FULL JUSTICE. Having seen how the Clearwater Police were completely in $cientology’s Pocket—Gawd knows who else is. But this I know is a fact: You cannot pay of Karma, Davey boy. Tick Tock, Tick Tock: Time IS on *our* side. Love to ALL, Tory/Magoo

  • PeggyToo

    Testing. Yeaaa it works and I can edit. How exciting!!!

  • TheHoleDoesNotExist

    David Miscavige is a serial corporate criminal and corporate crimes are
    protected by corporate wealth and corporate lawyers and ignored on
    command by media outlets which they may own. Scientology may be a
    minor blip on political radar screens and corporations may own Some
    government puppets, but they don’t own public opinion.

    If 20 individuals are massacred on a college campus, on a single day, no
    single corporate director or lone politician or shackled TV network or
    even a major law conglomerate can hold back the wave of citizen outcry
    and focused demand for honest investigation and hammering justice.
    If 2,000 members of a faux religious corporation are tortured and
    eliminated on a cult premise, over decades, no corporation, major
    outlets, no Xenophon politician, no class action law firm shows up no
    matter how many mothers, fathers, sons and daughters endlessly cry out
    for justice.

    It’s just a fact of life that Sometimes the bad guy
    wins….but Only if you turn the movie off at that moment. Because the
    good guy Always wins … eventually. If the evil is a well funded
    corporation, it takes many, many good hearts digging away, day after
    day, for however long it takes, to shovel the shit out of their deep,
    dark Holes and filling their lying abyss with truth. RIP Lisa
    McPherson and all those who scientology has destroyed.

    David Miscavige can afford to bury the body of secrets but he can never cover up the spirit of truth.

    That is why we keep telling our stories, and keep watching.

  • Vistaril

    Florida is one of America’s most corrupt states. According to the “Corruption Risk Report: Florida Ethics Law”, there have been an average 71 convictions for public corruption each year between 2000 and 2010. And that’s just the examples of corruption which have been so blatant as to require prosecution so as to prevent the endemic situation and current or past malefactors being made known and accountable, I fear. Overall, if the Florida courts are prepared to usurp the will of the entire United States’ democratic process – hanging chads, anyone – then I find myself with little optimism that the murder by Scientology of Lisa McPherson 17 years ago will be properly re-examined by judicial authorities until there is a far greater public awareness and a consequent willingness from politicians to see justice done in this case. The best we can hope for is that champions of the cause, people like Ken Dandar, Lukas Catton, and others, win incremental victories while the rest of us do what we can to bring down the cult to provide more witnesses with the confidence and freedom to come forward and raise public awareness.

    Coupled with the corruption in Florida, Scientology itself is a large part of the problem when it comes to delivering justice for Lisa. She was subject to a gradual, slow-motion murder which took close to a year to complete; its almost too incredible to believe, and that also is a problem. That, plus a lack of truth about what really went on from those who were involved. We now have an inkling as to what was done to Joan Wood, but where are those who “baby sat” Lisa, where’s their testimony, and what is Rathbun not saying? Internal Scientology policies and procedures show that Marty Rathbun, David Miscavige and Ray Mithoff, at least, would have been aware of Lisa McPherson’s troubles months and months prior to her death on 5 December, 1995. Was Benetta Slaughter acting on instructions to crush Lisa when applying that endless ethics cycle? Where is the testimony concerning those other, earlier, interventions? Was Lisa already dead when transported past other hospitals to reach one where a Scientology-friendly doctor was working? It can’t simply be down to David Miscavige being an SP responsible for the misapplication of the “Introspection” tech. No way.

    Alas, in the minds of many, both for those inside and outside the cult, “Keeping Scientology Working” trumps wog justice. It couldn’t, for example, possibly be that the tech is dangerous, and collusion is for the “greater good”, I suppose. “Never mind,” they say to themselves, “we’ll get Lisa sorted next lifetime”. Murderers.

  • burythenuts

    I am still trying to process my new love of “Disqus”???
    Did I say that out loud?
    I must have amnesia!

    This is like, giddy worthy.
    We need to all chip in and buy Tony O. a Pony!

  • N. Graham

    Someone needs to tell Jada about the Sea Org slaves.

  • California

    It is time to re-open this case.

  • sugarplumfairy

    Kewwwl.. I’m liking Disqus.. thanks, Tony!

  • AnyOldName1

    Great post Tony! We can hope FL re-opens the case, but it’s doubtful. Wonder if the corruption charges stick if the Feds will open an investigation (Civil Rights violations, etc).

  • As bad as any “locals” are, I rather think ‘we” in Scientology are the real culprits, and Hubbard was our “Master.”

    Morally, the world knows Scientology is scum morally. With a science fiction author religion founder nutter like Hubbard, who never in his long life ever felt any pains for the damage he was spreading in society, instead his delusions of megalomania and utter arrogance kept him from ever getting close to feeling guilty for the damage he did to the mentally fragile people who fell into Scientology, they putting false hopes in Hubbard’s lies of glorious efficacy of his fly by the seat
    of his pants horribly irresponsible pseudo-therapy (past lives PTSD crank pseudo therapy and science
    fictionesque high volume exorcism of dead alien souls that infest and trouble our minds).

    I myself, think it’s Hubbard, and “our” faults, those of us roped into the Hubbard mania, selling this science fiction religion on Clearwater.

    Thank you Tony for so many years of great writing about Scientology’s absurdities and tragedies.

    But shame really falls on “us”, who played out all those staff roles. Hubbard authored all our roles, telling us his oddball prejudices, which we made our own.

    In this first 60 year era that the Dianetics and Scientology scam fraud “spiritual” improvement operation has been allowed to carry on, it’s been a mess.

    “We” not only gamed the legal system, we snoozed and bamboozled and spun the “new religion” academics.

    All for Hubbard’s fantasy “religion.” All for dear old Ron! He wrote himself into this multi lifetime spanning gallivanting adventuring “civilization changer” role, right out of his own fiction mind.

    Clearwater citizens I think, when the late Mayor Cezares and other citizens first spoke up with their mass protests and rallies, and the Clearwater city hearings, they all had it right.

    There are so many Clearwater citizens who had it right! Ray Emmons! He had it right!

    I cannot blame the citizens, or the prosecutors.

    It’s taken a whole multi decade long ex member wising up, and speaking out; to even get the public more well informed of what all ‘we” did to sucker Clearwater and game the US to allow Hubbard’s fake religion.

    Thanks Tony for banging away at all the right issues and angles of Scientology and Hubbard history.

    I myself put my faith in the media, and I’ll work till I die with media to get the full Hubbard Scientology story laid out, so the madness stops.

    Hubbard’s false reality is so deep, it really has a whole 5-10 thousand community of Scientology trained and sympathetic people in Pinellas County Florida, walking around with their version of reality ringing in their minds (thanks to
    Hubbard’s creative “research”).

    Hubbard wasn’t the first to mislead and play some “Can I sell you a Brooklyn Bridge Piece of Blue Sky Galaxy?” pied piper in human history.

    Lisa’s death is so sad, and Marty said those foreign staff, who many had horrible English
    language skills, who tended Lisa during the 17 day “watch” of her “Introspection Rundown” (I had the Introspection Rundown, I studied intensively the “tech” of the Introspection Rundown before they gave it to me) , I know the degree it can “do good”, I had a smattering of good from the Hubbard “Introspection Rundown”, it is such a LONG detailed laying
    out paper to go over it, and I’ve not seen anyone write about it authoritatively, other than those that dismiss it correctly, when all is said and done, which is a conclusion I agree with, since the problem with the Introspection Rundown is like the problem with ALL of Hubbard’s “tech” pseudo-therapy “rundowns”, each of his “rundown” has flaws, and each are prone to bad results. Because the Introspection Rundown aims to mentally heal people who are mentally broken, there are going to be horrible results, since NOTHING of Hubbard’s pseudo therapy is without flaws (except in the minds of
    the Hubbard fanatics who are bamboozled by Hubbard unwittingly)…

    A proper in depth take down on the Hubbard pseudo therapy and exorcism needs still be done.

    I think this point, has NOT been sufficiently researched and taken up, it’s a polymath problem. We need religion scholars who are also really honest to god psychology therapist historians, who can rake Hubbard’s pseudo-therapy over the coals, and compare it to any religious traditions that utilize psychology/psychotherapy.

    The debate of Hubbard’s corpus of”religious” “therapies” to whether they are genuine religious rituals, or are they irresponsibly practiced psychological mental practices, that ought NOT be allowed to be protected by the cover of

    I don’t think just the citizens and officials of Clearwater can be blamed for Lisa’s death.

    Hubbard’s irresponsible, over-hyped, Dianetics and Scientology practices have slipped through the cracks of American society and institutions, and also in other countries.

    Those of us unwitting undereducated dupes, accepting Hubbard’s glorious megalomaniac pronouncements of his galactic all time and space spiritual therapy and exorcism discoveries, we are the culprits, who let Lisa die.

    Chuck Beatty
    Ex Scientologist, ex Sea Org (1975-2003)
    I was 27 years on staff and thus part of the problem, I’ll gladly take any of the blame
    PS: Stanley Milgram experiment is so relevant to why those caring for Lisa, watched, as she died.

    • Johan

      Wow Chuck what a great post. So many exes (M&M here’s looking at you) do not possess such honest self reflection. Bravo!

    • Thank you for your honesty, Chuck. I grew up in the Clearwater area pre-Scientology days. When Hubbard and the faux Navy rolled into town, Clearwater was only about 10 years into a racially integrated society, and still struggling with issues like forced bussing. The citrus growing industry was still viable in Pinellas County. Add to that the issues the whole country was facing at the time of the mid- to late-seventies, double digit inflation, changing social mores including the drug culture, and the women’s movement. Some folks buy the Ft. Harrison hotel and put out a United Churches of Florida sign, people initially thought it was a good thing. Then the lies start to unravel, and people objected, but were no match for the beast in their midst. Thank you for your insights and for your comment.

  • PickAnotherID

    Lisa did get some fluids, but nowhere near enough. She also received very little food during her time in Cof$ custody.

    Note: This is a straight text version of comma-delimited spread-sheet information posted to alt.religion.scientology back in Sep 2006.

    Since some folks seem to insist dehydration had nothing to do with Lisa’s death, the fluid intake numbers from the watch logs and police investigation summary reports were plugged into a spread-sheet to see what they looked like when graphed. Those numbers follow below the dotted line.

    One thing noted was “Protein Drinks/Shakes” were listed as if they were equivalent to water intake. In fact, they add to the required daily water intake requirement. Several protein drink manufacturers and three local dieticians were contacted. All recommended adding at least one, or more, 8oz glass of water per protein drink to the normally recommended daily water intake. To account for this, protein drinks are listed as a negative number that has to be offset by increased water consumption.

    On a related note, there are several instances where the package of powder used to make protein drinks is mixed with mashed banana and fed to Lisa. Even though not if fluid form, they are still listed in the FLUID INTAKE column as a negative number, as the impact on her water requirements is still created.

    There are also references to Half & Half containers in the logs. If these were pints or half-pints, you would expect them to be described that way. Or as glasses or cups if poured out. So the assumption is ‘container’ refers to the small 1oz peel-top containers used by many coffee shops, and probably snagged from the Ft. Harrison cafeteria.

    There are several days where either no intake information was recorded, or the logs are missing. Even assuming a zero DIFFERENCE OZ sum, e.g., 64oz required, 64oz received for those days, makes no difference to the outcome. And keep in mind, this listing doesn’t take into consideration the calorie intake shortfall that was also happening at the same time.

    Added note: The original spreadsheet included an entry for 1000mg of CM on 21-Nov-95. This is from the police summary, but on consideration, doesn’t make sense and is belived to be a reference to 1000mg of Calcium in pill form. It is such an insignificant amount either way, it was not included in the spreadsheet numbers.
    ………………………………………….. ……..

    The columns are:

    DATE: The date given on the log.
    FLUID INTAKE: The amount and type of fluid intake.

    The key to my fluid type abbreviations:
    CM = Cal-Mag
    PD = Protein Drink
    PP = Protein Powder
    OJ = Orange Juice
    W = Water
    c = Cup
    Sip = 1oz
    Container = 1oz

    FLUID RCVD: Ounces of fluid actually received.
    FLUID REQD: Minimum daily water requirement for survival with minimal exertion from FM 21-76, US Army Survival Manual for a healthy individual Lisa’s age.
    DIFFERENCE: Daily difference between the minimum daily requirement and what was actually received according to the logs.
    CUMMULTIVE DIFF: A day-to-day running total of the DIFFERENCE oz’s. (Note: Not pretty if plotted as a chart with FLUID REQD as a baseline.)
    ………………………………………….. ………….

    Fluid Intake from the watch logs:

    Fluid Intake:
    1-1/2c CM = 12oz
    2c CM = 16oz
    Fluid Rcvd: 28oz
    Fluid Reqd: 64oz
    Difference: -36oz
    Cummulative Diff: -36oz

    Fluid Intake:
    3sips CM = 3oz
    1/2c CM = 4oz
    1c CM = 8oz
    2sips PD = -2oz
    Fluid Rcvd: 13oz
    Fluid Reqd: 64oz
    Difference: -51oz
    Cummulative Diff: -87oz

    Fluid Intake:
    2c W = 16oz
    1c PD = -8oz
    Fluid Rcvd: 8oz
    Fluid Reqd: 64oz
    Difference: -56oz
    Cummulative Diff: -143oz

    No Intake Reported

    Reports Missing

    Reports Missing

    Reports Missing

    Fluid Intake:
    Bit of OJ = 2oz
    Fluid Rcvd: 2oz
    Fluid Reqd: 64oz
    Difference: -62oz
    Cummulative Diff: -205oz

    Fluid Intake:
    1 banana w/PP = -8oz
    2 oz banana w/PP = -8oz
    Fluid Rcvd: -16oz
    Fluid Reqd: 64oz
    Difference: -80oz
    Cummulative Diff: -285oz

    28-Nov-95 (From Log: “Weak” – Symptom of 5-8% body fluid loss)
    Fluid Intake:
    1c PD = -8oz
    1c W = 8oz
    Fluid Rcvd: 0oz
    Fluid Reqd: 64oz
    Difference: -64oz
    Cummulative Diff: -349oz

    Fluid Intake:
    1c PD = -8oz
    Fluid Rcvd: -8oz
    Fluid Reqd: 64oz
    Difference: -72oz
    Cummulative Diff: -421oz

    30-Nov-95 (From Log: “Unable to walk” – Symptom of 10% or greater body fluid loss)
    Fluid Intake:
    3/4c Herb Tea = 6oz
    Banana shake = 4oz
    1/2c PD = -4oz
    Fluid Rcvd: 6oz
    Fluid Reqd: 64oz
    Difference: -58oz
    Cummulative Diff: -479oz

    01-Dec-95 (From Log: “J. Johnson says Lisa ‘Needs’ 2 Liters of fluids” – She didn’t get it.)
    Fluid Intake:
    Sip Tea = 1oz
    2 Sips CM = 2oz
    1-1/4c OJ = 10oz
    1-1/2c PD = -12oz
    Fluid Rcvd: 1oz
    Fluid Reqd: 64oz
    Difference: -63oz
    Cummulative Diff: -542oz

    02-Dec-95 (From Log: “Still unable to stand”)
    Fluid Intake:
    1c CM = 8oz
    2 sips W = 2oz
    2 banana w/PP = -16oz
    5 Half&Half containers = 5oz
    1/4c PD = -2oz
    1/8c CM = 1oz
    1/8c OJ = 1oz
    Fluid Rcvd: -1oz
    Fluid Reqd: 64oz
    Difference: -65oz
    Cummulative Diff: -607oz

    Fluid Intake:
    3/4c W = 6oz
    1/2c OJ = 4oz
    1/8c CM = 1oz
    Fluid Rcvd: 11oz
    Fluid Reqd: 64oz
    Difference: -53oz
    Cummulative Diff: -660oz (-19.52 Liters)

    Reports Missing

    05-Dec-95 (Lisa Died – And not from a blood clot from any auto accident)
    Reports Missing

    • 0tessa

      For your information:
      Scientologists used to drink CM = calcium magnesium powder dissolved in a glass of water.
      So, when it is mentioned ‘CM’ 1000 ml, it is a lidquid allright.

      • PickAnotherID

        Thanks for the info. It’s only mentioned once, and wouldn’t have made any difference in what happened to Lisa in the end. If they had gotten her on an IV at a hospital on Dec 1st, when J. Johnson said she needed 2 liters of fluid, maybe she would have lived. But she never got that 2L of fluid, by IV or any other way, and died. What a waste of a young life.

    • Warrior

      Cumulative difference equals a negative 660 ounces. There are 128 ounces in a gallon. 660 divided by 128 equals 5.156 gallons. This is the amount of fluid Lisa _should_ have had. Water weighs 8.3 pounds per gallon. 5.156 gallons @ 8.3 lbs. per gallon = 42.8 pounds cumulative difference.

      Back when I was consulting for Kennan Dandar, I read that on the day Lisa had her public meltdown (November 18) while trying to escape from Scientology’s OSA, paramedics reported her weight at 155 lbs. Upon her death 17 days later Lisa’s body weighed 108 lbs. That’s a 47 lb. loss! This equates to 30.3% (47/155)!

  • EnthralledObserver

    As I read more and more about the Lisa McPherson case I become more and more horrified and utterly convinced that Scientology must have interfered with justice being served, and so far the accusations I have encountered here completely ring true and likely as the explanation. I am disgusted at the whole ongoing show and I hereby offer my support for Ken Dandar – may he be the first in a long string of successes over ‘Corporate Scientology’ and ‘David Miscavige’… leading to both their demises.

    What else I notice as I have dug deeper and read more, is that when I question and go searching for the other ‘players’ in this long running saga, I find a lot of them have died. And specifically of cancer. In fact, most long serving Scientologist that I have read about that have passed away have died of cancer. Anyone made a connection between the e-meter and cancer? That electricity running through your body so frequently surely can’t be dismissed as having a potential impact or change or cause in one’s body.

    In short – is the practice of Scientology (using an e-meter) giving people or increasing their risks of cancer?

    (Weird, unless I’m following a link from my Disqus password page, I can’t see my post… ????? Will give it a bit more time before I panic though…)

  • EnthralledObserver

    As I read more and more about the Lisa McPherson case I become more and more horrified and utterly convinced that Scientology must have interfered with justice being served, and so far the accusations I have encountered here completely ring true and likely as the explanation. I am disgusted at the whole ongoing show and I hereby offer my support for Ken Dandar – may he be the first in a long string of successes over ‘Corporate Scientology’ and ‘David Miscavige’… leading to both their demises.

    What else I notice as I have dug deeper and read more, is that when I question and go searching for the other ‘players’ in this long running saga, I find a lot of them have died. And specifically of cancer. In fact, most long serving Scientologist that I have read about that have passed away have died of cancer. Anyone made a connection between the e-meter and cancer? That electricity running through your body so frequently surely can’t be dismissed as having a potential impact or change or cause in one’s body.

    In short – is the practice of Scientology (using an e-meter) giving people or increasing their risks of cancer?
    (second attempt, as the first one disappeared on me for some reason – unless it came back after a bit)

    • moxon moxoff

      mordre woll out

      it may take time (tick tock, as Tory says) . . . and we should not give up the chorus or the pressure . . . but soon or later this criminal organization is going to be laid bare. the whole stinking rotting pile.

  • In the US it is now legal to marry a corporation. Lawyer Frank Abrams explains with a song.