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Scientology Targeting Eagle Scouts In New Initiative

We have to hand it to Scientology. The church never gives up, and it never loses faith that its front groups will someday help L. Ron Hubbard’s church spread like wildfire.

Among the stealthy efforts to spread Scientology is a slim booklet of bland life advice that Hubbard penned in 1980, when the church was mired in bad news following a 1977 FBI raid.

Since then, Scientology has felled entire forests printing and handing out copies of The Way to Happiness, which contains such stunning commandments as “take care of yourself,” and “do not murder.”

And now, the church wants to put a copy in the hands of every Eagle Scout in America.

One of our tipsters forwarded to us this appeal that was recently sent out to Scientologists, asking them to help finance an effort by a florida church executive, Geary Titus, who aims to send 81,000 copies of The Way to Happiness to the country’s top scouts.

Why Eagle Scouts? Well, as every good Scientologist knows, part of the legend of L. Ron Hubbard was that in 1924 he was made an Eagle Scout at only 13 years old — the youngest in the country, he claimed. (Thirteen is very young for an Eagle Scout, but the national office of the Boy Scouts later said it didn’t keep records in those days that would verify if Hubbard was the country’s youngest.)

More than the connection with Hubbard, the flier also tells church members that Scouting is in trouble, and needs Scientology’s help…

Scouting has been attacked and eroded by people of low moral values over the years. We want to help Geary in his great plan to give this important group a boost at a time when others want to tear it down.

Well, it is true that Scouting’s reputation has suffered from its long and rotten track record in dealing with atheists and homosexuals, and more recently there are troubling revelations about its apparent apathy about sex abuse accusations.

But have no fear! Scientology is here to rescue you, Boy Scouts of America!

And here’s that custom cover for the edition of The Way to Happiness that Eagle Scouts across the country can expect to receive soon — be prepared!

Let’s now go on to the other goofy fundraising mailers and other things our tipsters sent us for our weekly feature, Sunday Funnies. Here’s another slick invitation to advance your case at L. Ron’s former home at Saint Hill Manor in England…

Several friends of the blog also forwarded to us copies of the Johnny Lewis autopsy. By now, you may have heard the news: like a good Scientologist, the The Sons of Anarchy actor was drug-free when he went on a murderous rampage and then fell to his death. Could he have been hopped up on Dianetics when he killed his 81-year-old landlady and her cat?

Poor taste, we know. It’s true that Johnny was the son of a couple of OT VIIIs — Scientology’s highest level of spiritual enlightenment — but there are reports that Johnny himself may have been pulling away from the church before he snapped. We’d love to talk to someone who knew him who could illuminate us on that point. Here’s a page from the autopsy, which makes it sound like his death was an accident: he was trying to get away from the scene and tripped as he tried to go over a fence, landing on his head.

All his exes may live in Texas, but David Miscavige is still making an effort in the state he recently told a court he does no business in…

And finally, here’s another in that series of ads about staff members that does little to dispel the notion that Scientology is a sinking ship…

Thanks again to our great tipsters. Keep the fliers and mailers coming!

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    “We can get this done in bulk for only $1 per scout” Sure you can, but is that the actual cost? Are the leaflets produced by Damnation Navy staff / volunteers / ministers / slaves? In that case, are they really paid so much that the cost is $1 per booklet?

    If the actual cost, even when shipping is accounted for, is less than that, does Mr Titus get a percentage?

    • YouSeeNothing

      Over at WWP we calculated a pretty accurate estimate of the cost of the booklets and, IIRC it was about $.23 per to produce.

      • Victoria

        Well, any way you shake it, imma gonna need $81,000.

        • sugarplumfairy


          • TCBY

            Troll Alert – Remember not to feed
            He hates to be ignored,
            To him it proves defeat.

        • Elle

          Me too!!!

      • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

        Scientology’s own docs (2004) put the cost at $.14 if printed offshore in bulk, plus $.07 per leaflet royalties to the LRH Library aka Church of Spiritual Technology.

        • xenubarb

          That was before they got that ‘on-demand’ printing system. I bet it’s less than .14 cents apiece these days.

          Remember they were charging members over $2 a copy to send to NYC after 9/11? I think it was $2.40 each, for something that cost them .14 cent to print.

          • Victoria

            Lets not forget that the Boy Scouts might get lucky and only see 30 PR copies arrive for the photoshoop

            • burythenuts

              The Sunday funnies weren’t very funny this time….were they!

    • observer

      I like their lengthy fine-print disclaimer about how TWTH is entirely nonreligious and so it’s okay for the government to distribute it. Is it *really* nonreligious if it’s a hook to get someone interested in a dubious religion?

      • Enkindled

        I noticed that. Extremely pathetic disclaimer.

        • Chuck Beatty

          When The Way to Happiness came out, I was hoping it’d trump Hubbard’s other harsh staff and membership policies, but that was never to be.

          We all read and word cleared, and many of us received the Happiness Rundown (I did), but the precepts in the booklet simply don’t countermand and have not been ever employed to reform the movement itself, as of this date in history.

      • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

        If it’s non-religious, how come the royalties are going to the Church of Spiritual Technology?

        • Dylan

          because the CST is not religious either. They preserve religious documents.

          • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

            I see. That whole “church” thing fooled me. I guess the IRS should change their classification then?

        • Chuck Beatty

          Hubbard thought himself earth’s typewriter in the sky, so whatever he deemed was this way or that, that is what we had to agree with and try to implement as he ordered.

          Scientology’s full of Hubbard’s typewriter in the sky god like contradictions which only the cult founder author can get away with.

          That old summary label of him being a science fiction writer, comes to mind, as explanation for how Hubbard might be oblivious to his contradictory orders.

      • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

        Non-religious, really? Then why do they offer a course on their religious retreat Freewinds for their top level people on how to sell and safepoint with TWTH flyers?

    • plumeria

      Will they notify their readership when they reach $81K mark? Or will they keep collecting over and above and keep the excess? We all know the answer to that.

      • deElizabethan

        Good point and absolutely true. Just like the empty orgs. They will just keep rakin’ in till they bleed. Some suckers will get tired of it as another is piled on and eventually will LOOK.

        • Parrishgolfer

          Please…the Super Power Building will certainly be opening soon…Right? (crickets)

    • TCBY

      Please don’t feed the troll. he works for OSA
      He wants you to respond, his plan is to bull-bait
      Let him taunt and tease, let him criticize
      By giving in, you help derail discussion on this site.

      • trustmeonthis

        I sincerely hope our (current) troll doesn’t get RPF’d for failing to convince us.

        • TCBY

          The one to whom you refer has stated many times here that RPF is voluntary and that no one is kept against their will, even going so far as to ridicule and mock accounts of people who are or have been imprisoned there, so it will be interesting for him to find out, from personal experience, the truth

  • koki

    i lOve thiS gAme.
    big hello from LRHs Bulgravia…

    • honeydrake

      My favorite game is to count the grammatical errors in any given scientology letter or flier.

      In the Eagle Scout donation letter I see two, one of which is especially painful.

      Game on!

      • ReneeG

        Also a game I enjoy, but they don’t make it very challenging, do they?

        In the fine print at the bottom of the last poster…. “Programed in USA”

        • S.A.S

          “Programed in USA”


  • Skydog

    I for one think recruitment of boy scouts into scientology is a good idea. Boy scouts are helpful, kind, courteous, etc. and would make excellent volunteer ministers. Full integration of the two organizations might lead to a new merit badge-the volunteer minister badge which would allow the boy scouts to wear their uniforms (with merit badges) to disaster scenes rather than the putrid yellow tee shirts provided by the church. The homophobia of the boy scouts, coupled with its institutional tolerance of pedophilia are in step alignment with the beliefs and practices of scientology. I think this idea is at least as good as the church’s alliance with the the NOI. Very well done to Chris Savage and he may be assured that my check to help with his mission will find itself in the mail as soon as I get around to it.

    • sugarplumfairy

      I’m thinking next they should target Harvard’s hasty pudding group.. Make those co$ theatrical productions they’re forced to sit through a little bit more entertaining..

      And Avon ladies!! They’d make awwwwesome scientologists!

      • Boson Stark

        Ding dong, it’s Avon-Scientology.

        • sugarplumfairy

          At 3am..

          • moxon moxoff

            DING DONG! Avon-Scilon Lady calling!

            Choose from among our best sellers!

            Holiday Earring Set: Celebrate all the holidays in style with these fashionable earrings! For Auditor’s Day, a handsome set of soup can studs. For Celebrity Day, show your inner BIG BEING with these giant infinity hoops made of scrap metal from intergalactic DC8s! And don’t forget Sea Org Day–a matched set in the shape of a grain of rice and a pinto bean, made from actual rice and beans taken from those in the RPF’s RPF, who don’t deserve to eat. And last but not least, IAS Day–a pendant style earring that replicates the freedom award and represents the pendency of your salvation as you locate your way across the bridge to total freedom! $81,000 for the set.

            Holiday Hand Cream: delight the senses with this refreshing blend, sure to imbue your hands with super oiliness! $50,000 for set of 2.

            Luscious Lips Lip Balm: soften winter’s harsh touch with this delicious lip balm in berry vanilla. Can also be eaten when food sources are low. $29,000 for set of 3.

            Buy for everyone on your list!

            • observer

              Really need that like button …

            • sugarplumfairy

              Lol..that was great, Mox.. Sure to imbue your hands with super oiliness..

            • Victoria

              Yes, miss the like button, very much. I say we start a donation drive for it:)

            • sheepherder

              Like! Oh yeah- on my wish list; the thumbs.

      • bm

        HA HA HA HA HA








        • q-bird

          Oh say Hey!!! This here’s that crazy-like maniacal laughin’ thing that those OTVIII’s do when confronted by Sanity & Reason, ain’t it? I’ve seen this on uTube vids… oh yeah! Next comes that hollow-eyed ‘death-ray’ stare, right?! wait. wait. AND THEN comes that question… oh, what are YOUR crimes, eh?! ? !

          I am so enjoying everyone’s point of view here. carry on.

          • bm


            I found what sugarplumfairy said to be super clever and funny.

            As for you and your incomprehensible pile up of meaningful jargon, to people fixated with co$….yo no comprendo.

      • deselby88

        Reminds me of a scene in the Profit, where the Welcome Wagon lady rings Ron’s doorbell, and Ron and Miscavige goes into full scale invasion mode.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Geary Titus + scientology + Boy Scouts I wonder if the parents know the background of this sweetheart:
      “…Geary Titus, “.who ran the Spanish offices of the “Operation and Transport Company,” the cover name for the Sea Org Liaison Office in Madrid. It was all very cloak and dagger. Geary put us on a Moroccan prop plane that would take us across the Straits of Gibraltar for a stopover in Tangier, then on to Casablanca.”
      “Geary Titus had a foul mouth.” On a sea org mission at Stevens Creek (California)
      “Once the Board I/C, Geary Titus, actually STOMPED on my feet”

      • nobs

        That’s what eagle scouts do, right?

        • Observer

          Only if they’re among The Most Ethical People on the Planet.

          • Parrishgolfer

            Where’s a fucking “Like” button???

            • nobs

              Right here:

              Like Dislike

              go ahead, try it.

      • Chuck Beatty

        There’s an internal pecking order of Hubbard policy, of which policy trumps other policy.

        The Way to Happiness, being just a booklet for the public, thus ironically has never been considered supreme over Hubbard’s internal staff and membership inhumane policies.

        Thus, Scientology can’t even utilize The Way to Happiness to clean itself up.

        It was considered disaffection, to try to utilize the Way to Happiness precepts to “pull rank” over Hubbard’s tougher inhumane and anti The Way to Happiness staff and membership rules policies, like disconnection!

        • Chuck Beatty

          Further, Hubbard wrote The Way to Happiness in 1980.

          In 1982, Hubbard was slipping comments into his despatch traffic to Marc Yager, with completely contrary sentiments to The Way to Happiness, for instance the comment that still most sticks in my mind, where Hubbard said

          “…..and if you see WDC SMI, spit on him for me…..”

          The person holding the senior position called Watchdog Committee Member for the Scientology Missions International sector (the smaller churches’ top strategic boss at the Int Base), was John Aczel.

          Many people witnessed John’s punching and being spat upon by Miscavige, carrying out Hubbard’s very un The Way to Happiness behavior on John Aczel!

        • deElizabethan

          Right chuck. Also it was used on me in ethics to read and find some overts. Aha, found theirs!

          • Chuck Beatty

            What on another level, for me is so tragic, is the author/writer Hubbard, wrote a script of roles for his Scientology (his serious writing subject, he liked to consider Scientology), when in fact, he blindly wrote all the contradictions into the regulations guiding staff.

            The staff are “just following orders”, which most of us just by transgressions of omission, decided NOT to be bastards against each other.

            The whole “Sea Org Officer” training, unfortunately includes Hubbard’s Flag Order writings that instill this heartless and bastard beingness (role model) into “successful” Sea Org executives.

            I kinda always look at staff as the victims of Hubbard’s whole script.

            The only way to unbrainwash them, is pound them with Hubbard’s other policies, and try to outflank Hubbard’s craziness, utilizing Hubbard’s saner principles, of which The Way to Happiness, as bland as it is, at least it is saner than “…..if you see WDC SMI, spit on him for me….”

            It’s a huge cowpie, the Hubbard full corpus of operative internal pecking order of administrative and executive writings, and how to justify using The Way to Happiness to reform the movement.

            There were times, when I witnessed, even the “other right hand man” of Miscavige, namely Greg Wilhere, who crafted a one time executive training course syllabus, where Greg included some drills in that course’s list of practical drills, some of Hubbard’s early 1960s lighter touch and more human executive behavior.

            That milder executive behavior writings, I saw Greg consciously tried to implement, via this one time course, a course no longer in existence. Greg was ultimately condemned for his executive course for reasons of Technical Degrades, by the fact that Greg consciously omitted emphasis on Hubbard’s later harsher executive options.

            The whole history of compiling the executive training course syllabus practical drills, and exercises, to mold the minds and set the longer term tone of the executives in the movement, well, from my hindsight perspective, they still do have the options to lighten way the hell up should they consciously choose to do so.

            I witnessed at least Greg Wilhere’s failed attempts, to influence a “new” generation of milder more sane executives, but even Greg could not say this openly, but the checksheet syllabus he authored did try to pick and choose from Hubbard’s earlier milder more compassionate executive writings.

            So, I always think, we will be long dead, before some new round of young Sea Org exeucitve staffers, sort their Hubbard administrative legacy out.

            Right now, this is a dropped hat, as we call it, and it’s a hat being worn by the outside world, and the movement is NOT listening! The movement is out of comm, which is the fault of Hubbard’s rules which put the movement members out of comm.

            It’s all a Hubbard mental rat race, very difficult to unwind.

            • nobs

              You rock, Chuck!

        • observer

          I would be very surprised if Hubbard wrote TWTH with any other intention than presenting it as an “acceptable truth” PR gambit to hoodwink us degraded beings into thinking Scn is A) an actual religion, and B) is truly concerned about the well-being of anyone except itself.

          • nobs

            There’s actually an auditing procedure based on TWTH. It’s obvious name is the WTH rundown. When I was an auditor-in-training, I performed this rundown on a sweet young man who claimed that it changed his life. Not really very likely.
            So no, it’s not just for non-scnists; hubtard made sure there was a way to use it internally as well.
            side note: there were editions of TWTH booklet with covers specific to certain celebrities that were NOT authorized by those celebs. I don’t remember the specifics, but it was very funny when they pitched a fit. hehehe

            • nobs

              NOT “it’s”

              Its obvious name…

            • observer

              Interesting … thanks!

          • THE OBSENE DOG

            The WTH was written as to attract new naive good people, is the bate and switch thing, you are attracted by how mild the precepts are and most of all that is yur FIRST AGREEMENT into buying inot COS, then the good intentioned naive people are used to keep the evil machine going beliving they are doing good to the world when in reality they are helping the evilness of cos to spread to the world and so it goes the machine keeps on going.

        • Tessa

          If I get it right TWTH is just for ‘Wogs’?
          Those stupid, degraded beings …?

          • Chuck Beatty

            TWTH went in and out of fad uses on Sea Org staff, I even saw people at the Int Base, who were on the “decks” (removed from their posts, doing ethics conditions and manual labor until they straightened up) and I’d see them with their TWTH booklet, kinda reminded me of Mao’s little red book, but TWTH would be a huge improvement, were the movement to use TWTH as its internal housecleaning strategy.

    • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

      Scientology’s own LA scout troop is part of the Sea Org, and used in promotional events like the “Birthday Game”.

    • Patty Moher


  • victoria

    Wow, creepy cover for TWTH for boy scouts. More like, “The way to phallusiness”.

    • sugarplumfairy

      Yah.. What’s that about?

    • plumeria

      The direction and angle of the camera only accentuates the obvious.

    • grundoon

      This memorial was authorized by the Congress of the United States and directed in recognition of the fiftieth anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America in grateful tribute to the men and women whose generosity devotion and leadership have brought Scouting to the nation’s youth and to honor all members of the Boy Scouts of America who in days of peace and times of peril have their duty to God and their country.”

      The three figures represent various concepts. According to the National Park Service the Boy Scout “represents the aspirations of all past, present, and future Scouts throughout the world. The male figure exemplifies physical, mental, and moral fitness, love of country, good citizenship, loyalty, honor, and courage. He carries a helmet, a symbol of masculine attire. The female figure symbolizes enlightenment with the love of God and fellow man, justice, freedom, and democracy. She holds the eternal flame of God’s Holy Spirit.”

      In 1959, the 50th anniversary year of Scouting, Lyndon B. Johnson, then Senate majority leader, introduced a measure to establish the memorial. Upon approval, funds for the sculpture were raised by Boy Scouts collecting dimes throughout the country, therefore no government spending was used.

      • LemonLemon

        Yeah but is there something that explains why the man is only wearing underwear. Surely he can show off his “fit body” while wearing pants.

        • observer

          He’s not wearing underpants.

    • grundoon

      A Scout is physically strong, mentally awake, morally straight, clean and reverent. There has to be a perfectly innocent explanation why Congress honors the spirit of Scouting with this bronze likeness of a grown man, naked, rampant, nipples erect, approaching behind a young boy who strides proudly, fist gripping his staff, uniform tight across his bosom. I am appalled that you Philistines would try to cheapen the monument’s lofty symbolism with coarse innuendo.


        that make sense, Im sure cos would have a need to recruit a buch of REVERENT BOYS. work slaves, work. we have to clear the planet.

  • percoDan

    Is there a place online to read The Way To Happiness in its entirety? (Or can someone just copy and paste it here?) I’ve never read it and I’m intrigued.

    I know the church is anal about copyrights and file sharing, but considering they print and give away this “ass rag” by the trillion I can’t imagine a free online copy would be frowned upon. Thanks.

  • burythenuts

    “The mission for artists, rebels and free thinkers….”

    Come on in……we can fix all those pesky little problems for you in short order!

    • John P. Capitalist

      Wonder if they will be selling the “Artist” volume of the Ron Encyclopedia there, to show all those freethinkers and artists just how art should be created, with over 300 pages of sage advice and action-oriented photos from noted musician and recording artist L. Ron Hubbard.

      And of course, one should note that the cult is putting a mission targeted at artists in Dallas, when any idiot who has spent even a day in Texas knows that all the hip and cool kids live in Austin.

      • burythenuts

        And San Antonio!!!!

  • observer

    The Mormons may not much like Scientology’s plan for the Boy Scouts:

    And WTF is with that Boy Scout monument statue?

    And there’s that cringe-inducing “living lightning, the very stuff of life itself” quote again. Gah!

    • sugarplumfairy

      I vote the Mormons get the boy scouts.. They’ll put some undies on that statue..


      • Observer


    • Tessa

      That boy scout monument remembers me very strongly of the realistic (degraded) art of the Nazi’s. Nothing less.
      It’s the same ‘body culture’.
      By the way the Nazi slogan ‘Arbeit macht frei’ (work sets you free) applies wonderfully to $cientology Inc.

      • Tessa

        Or, even better, the slogan should be ‘donating sets you free’.

      • Victoria

        “Production is the basis of morale.”
        Hubbard was kind enough to translate it for us.

        Feeling sleepy,sick,depressed, homesick, lonely? WORK HARDER!

        • sugarplumfairy

          Actually, I think he was referring to his own morale.. As in ‘your production is the basis of my morale.. WORK HARDER..’

      • sheepherder

        I noticed that too, Tessa. Very 1930’s Berlin style. Seems to me the BSA should have chosen something more American-looking, not to mention less pornographic.

        Great slogan below – I’d LOL if it weren’t so horribly true –

    • nobs

      And WTF is with that Boy Scout monument statue?

      I immediately thought the same thing. From
      The sculpture consists of three bronze figures: a Boy Scout in the center wearing a uniform stepping forward and carrying a walking stick in his proper left hand. Flanking him are two larger allegorical figures of a man and woman. They represent “American Manhood and Womanhood and the ideals they will pass onto the youth.” To the Boy Scout’s proper right side is the male figure, nearly nude, who carries a bundle of leaves and drapery in his proper left arm. Part of the drapery blows across his middle as he strides forward with his proper right leg. To the Scout’s proper left side is the female figure who holds a torch in her proper left hand that has a gold-colored flame. Her proper left hand extends slightly and her palm is facing upward and she strides forward on her proper right leg.

      I’m fascinated by the use of the word proper. Also, as mentioned by another commenter, it reeks of nazi weirdness, ie ‘manhood, womanhood, ideals passed on’ blah blah blah. uck.

      • grundoon

        A figure’s “proper left” or “proper right,” I think, would be the left or right from the figure’s own viewpoint, rather than an observer’s viewpoint. Seen from the front, the figure’s proper left is to the viewer’s right. If they just say “left,” it’s not clear whether they mean the figure’s left or the viewer’s left.


        the figures are nude because thats how you end up after you spend all your money on the church services. all your millions are gone. and there you are naked on the street declared a supresive.

      • Victoria

        Creepy, through and through.

  • Mila Minderbinder

    Free thinkers, rebels and artists…boy, do we have a rehabilitation force program for the likes of you!

  • Vistaril

    xInteresting to see in the promotional piece featuring Armelle Dubois a reference to LRH ED 298 Int’, 19 Sept 78 “A.D. 28, (yes, Scientology was so important, L Ron Hubbard reset humanity’s calendar back to zero as from what we wogs refer to as 1950, the AD refers to After Dianetics) . . . The Year of Technical Breakthroughs.

    The words which appear before the quoted snippet are:

    . . . An attempt to run NED on an OT resulted in a phenomenon which caught
    my attention, and on further investigation brought to light the fact that you
    cannot run NED, or any Dianetics for that matter, on a Clear (Dianetic or
    Scientology Clear) or above. Research into this paid off handsomely with a
    fantastic breakthrough for Clears and OTs . . .

    Of course, its bullshit. It was David Mayo who noticed this “phenomena”. David Mayo was L Ron Hubbard’s personal auditor and had been called to Hubbard’s hide-out after “hisself” had suffered a stroke. In a classic case of Scientology failing to obnose causation vs correlation, Hubbard largely recovered and, of course, the auditing he received from David Mayo was given the credit for this. What David Mayo noticed is just more Scientology crazy, but the result was the introduction of the “Non Interference Zone” which Scientologist enter after having been declared “Clear”. The Non Interference Zone is a hugely parlous state where a Scientologist’s “eternity” is at stake . . . unless the new “Clear” immediately move on to the OT levels. Yep, after having worked their way along the Scientology Bridge to Freedom and after having and paid over $US100,000 to, finally, achieve the miraculous state of “Clear”, a Scientologist loses any choice in the direction of their life – if they wish to be “free” – other than to continue handing over the cash and immediately commence learning the vital information required to duplicate the Xenu story to the spiritual beings of aliens brought to Earth in UFOs.

    Of course, the imposition of the Non Interference Zone was just more Scientology extortion, deliberately playing on the hypnotically-induced terror of losing one’s eternity. In 1978, Scientology still had its franchise business-model, the Missions, run by independent fraudsters, but the only place Scientologists could learn about Xenu was at the cult’s own “Advanced Orgs”. The money wasn’t coming in quick enough for his liking so L Ron Hubbard needed to put the squeeze on to get more suckers coming to his shop-front. This “living lightning, the very stuff of life breakthrough” also served as part of an wider and carefully orchestrated distraction, as mentioned in the OP, to prevent Scientologists paying too much attention to the Operation Snow White shit storm. With the raids in Washington, the arrests of senior executives, the IRS and FBI breathing down his neck, L Ron Hubbard’s need for money became even more acute when he was made personally liable, in part, for fraud thanks to the Titchbourne case. It was around about that time, 1982, when L Ron Hubbard sent instructions to his henchmen, lead by one David Miscavige, to go roll up the Missions so he could collect all the cash, rather than the percentage paid, for the pre-Clear mind-fucking.

    The Non Interference Zone still remains a part of the Scientology scam and has become the crux of a major moan from ex-cult Scientologists. They claim that while in the Non Interference Zone a Scientologist cannot be processed on lower level stuff, incuding security checks, aka “confessionals”. This is largely detailed in the tech generally referred to as C/S Series 73, as detailed in HCO BULLETIN OF 3 FEBRUARY 1972 – R6EW—OT III NO INTERFERENCE AREA. Trouble is, by 1984, L Ron Hubbard’s paranoia and was running rampant. Everything that was happening to him was because of his omnipresent but nebulous enemies. Part of L Ron Hubbard’s response was the False Purpose Rundown – basically, a fierce interrogation method involving the lie-detector hypno-cans and designed to “detect evil purposes or evil intentions”. In his first HCO POLICY LETTER OF 6 JUNE 1984R (since revised as of JANUARY 1990) L Ron Hubbard mandated, inter alia:

    . . . This does not mean that the technology of Sec Checking cannot be used, nor is
    this HCO PL intended to prevent people from being sec checked as part of HCO
    investigatory or justice actions. Sec Checking is a vital tool in its own right.

    If in the future any person is found to be omitting or refusing to deliver the
    False Purpose RD or related RDs when needed, or doing something else and
    calling it “False Purpose RD,” he may be called before a Committee of Evidence
    [to face a “High Crime”] . . .


    So, while David Miscavige is, IMHO, guilty of all sorts of crimes, he was not the one who introduced sec checks on OTs. In fact, it is KSW Standard L Ron Hubbard Scientology Tech for any Scientologist who deemed to not be progressing fast enough (i.e., always paying money for new courses) to be sec checked. That’s Scientology “freedom” for you.

    Just saying.

    • sugarplumfairy

      “… It was around about that time, 1982, when L Ron Hubbard sent instructions to his henchmen, lead by one David Miscavige, to go roll up the Missions so he could collect all the cash, rather than the percentage paid, for the pre-Clear mind-fucking…”

      And 30 years later, they’re still operating pretty much the same way.. amazing..

    • Alanzo


    • Flunk

      Here’s my take on the non-interference zone: you can’t be interfered with while you are at a point when it is very likely going to occur to you that it’s really not worth it to pursue this any longer.
      I took an introductory course, The Communication Course, but I had no intention of continuing.
      Then a friend got into it (based on something I said about it), and I ending up taking the next course.
      I never really believed in engrams, because I was never knocked unconscious – how could I have an engram?
      Nevertheless, I enjoyed the some of the auditing very much, starting with my Self Analysis co-audit.That was awesome!!! And I’m not the only one who “got something out of it” – there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence of that!
      I felt more in tune with my deeper self, and, ironically, that turned me away from Scientology!
      When I attested to “Clear”, I was really believing in the concept of my own “self-determinism”, causing me to reject the authoritarian Scientology organization in general … and in particular, there was no way I was going to allow someone to “sec check” me ever again … like, ever!

      • DMSTCC

        Do you think it was a bit of hypnosis that caused you to tune into your

        • DMSTCC

          Oops. hit the wrong button.

          Do you think it was a bit of hypnosis that caused you to tune into your deeper self?

      • Vistaril

        Your OMG “awesome!!!111!!!” success story, complete with special mention of an entry-level course which, as all Scientology auditing does, resulted in the inevitable non-specific “wins” which have nothing to do with what’s actually promised, is noted. BTW, the reason you could never have an engram is because engrams don’t exist. This fact was established at the New York University in 1959 when, with the help of L Ron Hubbard, the concept was scientifically tested. That was the last time Scientology let anyone with any academic scientific credentials test any of its claims. Funny that.

        • sugarplumfairy

          Thumbs up!

        • burythenuts

          Regarding (ACTUAL) Engrams:

          From MIT news, March 22, 2012.

          Our fond or fearful memories — that first kiss or a bump in the night — leave memory traces that we may conjure up in the remembrance of things past, complete with time, place and all the sensations of the experience. Neuroscientists call these traces memory engrams.

          But are engrams conceptual, or are they a physical network of neurons in the brain? In a new MIT study, researchers used optogenetics to show that memories really do reside in very specific brain cells, and that simply activating a tiny fraction of brain cells can recall an entire memory — explaining, for example, how Marcel Proust could recapitulate his childhood from the aroma of a once-beloved madeleine cookie.

          • Vistaril

            Heh! Interesting to note the difference between actual engrams and the concept Scientology likes to promote. Still, doesn’t ever stop them from forwarding the myth that science is “catching up” with L Ron Hubbard. Try wandering into MIT and preventing the scientists from fall about the place in hysterical laughter when you tell them that!

  • S.A.S

    “Scouting has been attacked and eroded by people of low moral values over the years.”

    Well, it is true that Scouting’s reputation has suffered from its long and rotten track record in dealing with atheists and homosexuals, and more recently there are troubling revelations about its apparent apathy about sex abuse accusations.

    I’ve been fairly oblivious to the criticism directed at Scouting. Can someone enlighten me as to whether they cop criticism or ridicule in areas other than Tony has pointed out?

  • observer

    Off-topic but also dealing with CoS mailings, Karen de la Carriere is being subjected to peremptory letters (from staff working on their letter stats) all but commanding her–okay, one of the letters *does* command her–to get in there and work on her bridge. They obviously have no clue who she is or what their “church” has done to her. I detect the stench of Miscavige …

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Staff promo should include what happens when you don’t make your $ quotas. This was part of what Karen De La Carriere included:

      “Recently a former Staff MAA revealed to me how Sea Org members who have not made the $$$ quota are forced to wake up at 3am and made to run 3 miles from the Hacienda building in Clearwater to the Fort Harrison 3 miles. Then go back to bed and wake up at 7am with sleep deprivation of having to run 3 miles in the middle of the night.”

      This should be reported to the police and FBI and possibly Florida State authorities interested in human rights abuse, Human Trafficking, and even immigration issues (there are more and more third world citizens lured into the sea org and then passports are illegally confiscated. With no money, language barriers, no family or friends, no transportation, no phones, no contact, no passports, they are Prisoners of scientology.)

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Senator Bill Nelson of Florida perhaps could help answer questions like, why is the FBI not raiding?, if enough concerned citizens asked. Here is his contact information:

        • burythenuts

          Shit, I got this ass hole on speed dial….(because of work)
          He don’t ever answer SHIT!
          POLITICIAN thru and thru.

      • grundoon

        I wonder if any of the runners are thinking about routing out nonstandardly. Awesome good deeds could be done by a troop of Eagle Scouts at 3am with donuts and bus tickets.

        • moxon moxoff

          ^^this would be awesome.

        • Scientology_411

          Where the hell’s the thumbs up button when you need it. That really is a great idea!

      • Scientology_411

        That is truly sickening.

    • stillgrace

      For more Sunday Funnies and insight into the depth of DM’s psychotic narcissism, be sure to follow Observer’s link above to the ClamBake, and scroll to the bottom of the page to view I’mglib’s hilarious set of photos.

      Link repeated here for convenience:

      • stillgrace

        Is it just me, or does the left side of the photo of DM in all his regalia look shooped?

        • observer

          It is. Both DM’s and TC’s heads are shooped in. I don’t know whose bodies those are or the story behind it though.

        • Victoria


  • sugarplumfairy

    “Join staff.. Extend your sphere of influence to the entire world..”


    Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see co$ put a little truth in their advertising? How bout ‘join staff.. Spend the next thirty years working 100 hrs a week for less than 7% of minimum wage.. Shrink your sphere of influence to a small group of like-minded worker bees who spend their days squeezing as much money as they possibly can out of their friends and coworkers so that co$ can continue it’s religious mission of paying off former employees and private investigators and slimy ‘anything-for-a-buck’ attorneys..

    • victoria


      • burythenuts

        85 likes, 0 dislikes…

        • Boson Stark

          Join staff — inflate your head to the size of Teegeeack and salvage this sector of the galaxy.

    • moxon moxoff

      NO, SUGARPLUM FAIRY, NO!!! Sea Orgers happily and gladly make these sacrifices for the cause! One cannot guarantee a world without war or crime or insanity whilst keeping a WOG schedule! Only the most ethical people on the planet will demonstrate the dedication needed to achieve these STRAIGHT UP AND VERTICAL aims! The meek and downtrodden of this life will be amply rewarded in the next life and the next life and the next life (unless they were already amply awarded in a previous life or lives, in which case, they may have some accounts to settle in this life). It is strongly denied that the church has settled any claims of which you speak. These are the UNTRUTHS of bitter defrocked apostates who seek only to enrich themselves at the church’s expense!!

      • sugarplumfairy

        Lol.. I’ve missed that “NO, SUGARPLUMFAIRY, NO!!!!!!!”

  • Old OT7

    To Tony and the rest of the posters. This was the front page headline in the L.A. Times today (Sunday):

    “Scouts Fought Background Screening”

    ‘Group’s resistance to criminal checks let in convicted pedophiles.’

    ’nuff said…

  • Old OT7


  • Robert Robinson

    The Boy Scouts? Really? What does the “church” of Scientology know about morality and decency?
    Thanks for another great find Tony.

    • TCBY

      Another way to recruit and sign boys up for the Sea Org. The most vulnerable targets will be, as usual, boys from 1. low income families, 2. boys from single parent households 3. boys from immigrant families 4. boys who will soon age-out from the foster care system

      What’s next? Sea Org Ken and Barbie or maybe “*My first E-Meter” kits, so preschoolers can play auditor with the neighbor kids?

      *Hidden cameras not included, but sold seperately

      • TCBY

        *As per Scientology spell checking regulations, the word “separately” is misspelled “seperately”.


        LOL , thats a good one TCBY

  • Boson Stark

    TWTH pamphlet, “like gentle oil [spill] spread upon the raging sea,” is mythologized within the cult like Ron being able to detonate nuclear bombs using only his mind. I’ve never read an account of a former member who mentioned it, in why they got involved in the scam. So, it’s just used internally to extract money from brainwashed members.

    One of the attributes of a Boy Scout — especially one who has risen to this elevated level of birddom — is being resourceful. Today, that would include reading on the Web about the scam of Sciloontology.

    This vanity project of a scout-clam looks like it’s from the 1950’s. I think they’d do better with Scouts by emphasizing the astronaut training at the Super Powerz building. They might get a few mentally ill ones that are attracted to that aspect of Ron’s crazy space “religion.”

  • sugarplumfairy

    Re the Johnny Lewis document.. Interesting middle name: Kendrick.. Is that a common co$ name?

    • burythenuts

      Aw, they named him after Moxon?

      • moxon moxoff

        Or maybe they were just trying to be cute by picking sequential letters of the alphabet . . . JKL.

  • Mimsey Borogrove

    Geary Titus is (or was) the Solo NOTs solo receptionist / admin person. What that means is you give him your folder after a solo auditing session on an OT level (R-6 through OT7) to go to the Case Supervisor etc. Most likely some genius in marketing came up with the Eagle Scout idea, and culled the staff to find one that was an Eagle Scout. Geary was, so, being the true believer and SO member who snaps to when duty calls, he stepped forward for some photo ops, then ran his ass off to make up for the dropped stats while he was posing. Don’t get me wrong, I like Geary, he has been a scio for years and is a standup guy. But I seriously doubt he originated this program in his spare time.


  • deElizabethan

    Targeting Eagle Scouts. Yes, they are surely going for the children. Thanks Tony and to those who help.

    Recently out from Pat Harney in the Clearwater Patch “Church of Scientology Combats Drug Abuse” with more booklets. Some good comments so far. Every little bit helps. Pat won’t be happy, ho, ho.

  • ivanmapother

    No drugs or alcohol in Johnny Lewis’ system…What are the chances he just completed an Introspection Rundown? It looks like he might have missed a few points in the Way to Happiness too.

    • sugarplumfairy

      Sad to think that with a few appropriate psyche meds in his system, he could have lived a nice life.. Not to mention his landlord wouldn’t have had to suffer a horrific death..

      Frking lrh strikes again..

  • Bob

    Regarding the Scout fundraising. I would like to point out the IAS is raising hundreds of thousands to millions a week and touting that they support the Way To Happiness Campaign. Then someone has to go out and ask for donations to fund a campaign for distribution of the books to the Boy Scouts. Anything wrong with this picture?

  • AnotherSP

    Get this bullcrap CULT out of the Eagle Scouts!

  • moxon moxoff

    Okay, I have just spent too much time researching the Order of the Silver Marmot. For inquiring minds, it is apparently “an honor society within the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), but membership to it is only granted within the Chief Seattle Council” and is awarded to scouts who successfully complete the “High Adventure program at Camp Parsons (i.e. a week-long hike in the Olympic Mountains and demonstrable knowledge of the local flora and fauna).” Read here about it if you like:

    In looking at an article in a scouting magazine from 1988, there’s an article called “Silver Marmot” that talks all about the order, the hike, blah blah. BUT–and this is the weird part–right in the middle of the article is a huge advertisement for a candy called TURTLEZ!! WHAT DO YOU MAKE OF THIS??? Article starts on page 23, turtelz on page 25.

    Okay, and in honor of silver marmots everywhere, I leave you with this gem:

  • Ze Moo

    “Scouting has been attacked and eroded by people of low moral values over the years.”

    “You can see a copy of the proposed TWTH cover and some very interesting data about a recent action from Scouting recognizing LRH with the Silver Marmot Award on the link above.”

    From Wikipedia:
    “Marmots are generally large ground squirrels in the genus Marmota, of which there are 15 species”

    If Scouting officials call LRH large squirrel, they have a sense of humor and may have known LRH quite well.
    The Silver Marmot award was replaced with the ‘Order of the Arrow’ award in the 1950’s.

    As a former scout and member of OA, I think that any scout who has been camping more then once will know that the best thing to do with a Way to Happiness brochure, is to start a fire with it.

    • Ze Moo

      Moxon, you found the Marmot in the wood pile before I did.

      • moxon moxoff

        lol. i love that you made the squirrel connection!

    • observer

      “The Silver Marmot award was replaced with the ‘Order of the Arrow’ award in the 1950?s.”

      If that’s the case, how recent could the alleged activity to recognize LRH with it be? 60 years?Although if your whole track goes back a trillion squintillion years like LRH’s (per the number Pat Broeker held up at the announcement of Hubbard’s abandonment of his meat body) I guess 60 years isn’t such a long time after all.

      • Ze Moo

        “Order of the Silver Marmot – Created in the late 1920’s, it existed at Camp Parsons in the Chief Seattle Council in Washington as a honor camper society until it was replaced by the OA in 1953. The Silver Marmot is still given out today for service to the camp as staff or volunteer and for high adventure treks in the Olympic Mountains. The OA Lodge there is Tope Kwis Kwis Chinook. Camp Parsons has been in continuous operation since 1919. ”

        The Silver Marmot should only be given to someone who has given service as a staff member or volunteer or done a lot of camping in the Olympic Mountains. Unless you can do it without your meat body, I don’t see how Lron qualifies. Maybe Lron did his camping there in 1920’s, or the BSA have a nice sense of humor by making him a ‘giant squirrel’.

        • Observer

          I guess that’s what I get for being too lazy to look it up myself, lol. Thanks!

  • Fred

    So some Scientology crook sees the latest round of newspaper articles covering the Boy Scouts of America and the crook sees dollar signs. As if the Boy Scouts of America didn’t already have enough problems, they need some fucking insane criminal organization targeting their greatly reduced membership. Amazing. These Scientology crooks are filthy.

  • Jefferson Hawkins

    I hope that someday someone leaks Hubbard’s “Marketing Strategy” for The Way to Happiness, a long multi-page document, highly confidential, which lays out why he wrote TWTH and how it is to be implemented and used. He makes it clear that this is a way to make inroads into society and establish contacts that will lead to Scientology recruitment. A similar marketing strategy exists for his fiction books, which was laid out in a number of “advices” to ASI. Ditto the Volunteer Minister program. ALL of these things were designed, from the beginning, to lead back to Scientology recruitment, something that is obvious to most people from seeing how they operate, but not obvious, apparently, to some of the organizations they target.
    One can hear the sales pitch now. “Listen, you have a PR problem (covering up hundreds of cases of pedophilia). You are being attacked by people with ‘low moral values’ (SPs!!!!). If you distribute this booklet it will position you with good moral values! (and with a creepy, abusive, cult with its own history of homophobia and covering up internal cases of pedophilia!)”

  • TCBY

    The sad truth is that there are many who don’t even know what LRH means, nor anything about L. Ron Hubbard, so it’s imperative that we fight Co$ propaganda with the truth and cold hard facts. I think that the National and International Boy Scout and Eagle Scout Organizations, as well as local councils, would appreciate this information. The BSA and NEBA does not list Hubbard in any of its lists of distinguished or notable former scouts, since it’s not a source of pride to have a connection to a criminal cult leader.

    Tony, do you have plans to contact the BSA for their response to this infiltration of propaganda targeted toward their scouts?

    • TCBY

      *I should have said NESA, not NEBA, (however the New England Bowler’s Association would probably appreciate the info too).

      • Davka

        Ha! Candlepin all the way!!!!

  • TomatoThetan

    I’ll let you all know when my copy of TWTH arrives in the mail.

  • JustCallMeMary

    I sent this message to the Boy Scouts of America via their contact form ( spaced links here )

    I wish to ask you to investigate how 81,000 top Eagle Scouts are being allowed to be indoctrinated into scientology?
    Did the scouts authorize the upcoming distribution of this Scientology based booklet to 81,000 top Eagle Scouts? Or was it the Eagle Scout Association? Look at the photo!
    h t t p : / / tonyortega . org / wp – content /uploads /2012 /12/ EagleScout4 . j p g

    Scientology Targeting Eagle Scouts In New Initiative
    by Tony Ortega Dec 2, 2012

    [..]”And now, the church wants to put a copy in the hands of every Eagle Scout in America.

    One of our tipsters forwarded to us this appeal that was recently sent out to Scientologists, asking them to help finance an effort by a florida church executive, Geary Titus, who aims to send 81,000 copies of The Way to “Happiness to the country’s top scouts [..]
    h t t p : / / tonyortega . org /2012/12/02/ scientology-targeting-eagle-scouts-in-new-initiative /

    The Way to Happiness Foundation is a scientology front group supported by the church and it’s membership
    h t t p : / / ww w . . p hp

    You can see the promotional letter asking for donations for this Eagle Scout initiative here:
    h t t p : / / tonyortega . org / wp – content/uploads/2012/12/EagleScout1. j p g

    The booklets can be found by contacting
    The Way to Happiness Foundation International
    201 East Broadway
    Glendale, California 91205
    Phone: 1-818-254-0600 or 1-800-255-7906
    Fax: 1-818-254-0555
    E-mail: info @ twth . org
    h t t p : / / ww w . thewaytohappiness . org /contact . h t m l
    You can reach the man behind this inititive here:
    Geary V Titus
    Home (727) 441-8574
    551 N Saturn Ave
    Clearwater, FL 33755-5500

    h t t p : / / w ww . scouting . org / ContactUs . asp x

    • TCBY

      Thanks Mary, I’ll send a letter as well, and encourage everyone here to do the same. It is also worth sending the info to the local BSA councils in each state. Our Canadian friends and those abroad might want to inform their Boy Scout Associations to warn them, since they may be included in this propaganda stunt.

      • Tomato Thetan

        I plan to call in the morning. I have a friend who works for NESA. Truly, I’m not happy that NESA is sharing my address with Co$–I really don’t want to get their crap in my mailbox!

        They are targeting boys, yes, but they are also sending their worthless book to adults, the idea being that Eagle Scouts are leaders in their field and in their community.

        • observer

          And that as leaders in their fields and communities they have lots of money just waiting to be sucked out of them.

          • Tomato Thetan


  • Sandy

    marty has a new post up re: his move.

  • Sandy

    But, I don’t know why I am banned. I have tried to express best wishes twice this evening, but he will not let me post

    • sugarplumfairy

      Don’t take it personally.. He may not be online to review and release comments..

  • Jane

    Infiltration into the Boy Scouts is spelled out in Hubbard’s ‘Child Scientology’ tract from I think 1953. “Is there any lack of groups of children? No. Where are groups of children to be found? In schools, in hospitals, in orphan asylums, in children’s societies, in boy and girl organizations such as the Boy Scouts, in the YMCA’s, in Sunday Schools, and anywhere that interested people forward the battle to prepare the child of today to become the sane adult of tomorrow.” (Journal of Scientology issue 14-G)

  • Derek Bloch

    This is exceptionally disturbing. It appears that the church is seeking to reach the minds of boys while at the same time bypassing any parental intervention. Scientology specializes in usurping the traditional bond of family and replacing it with “Church over family’. The fact that they are even trying to get into this organization is disgusting, even more so that they are trying to do it behind the parents’ backs.

    I am sincerely disturbed and I hope the Scouts rejects the booklets, preferably publicly.

    Granted the Boy Scouts have a history of homophobia and what not but that is not my issue here. My issue is the even slight potential that the church would have to hijack the minds of these boys. The nature of being in the scouts might even make it easier to pitch the Sea Org to them as something that might interest them.

    I hope the Boy Scouts finds Scientology as creepy as the rest of the world.

    • Ze Moo

      Most Boy Scout troops are sponsored by local churches. If enough churches are warned about the booklets, the scouts will do their research and no harm will be done. I have collected the email addresses of most of my local boy scout troops and councils and I’ll send what info I think will forewarn them.

      By the time a scout reaches Eagle, they usually have a functional BS detector. I don’t see this being anything but a learning experience for all scouts, if they exercise some due diligence. The resulting publicity will actually warn them about cults like the CO$. Looks like another foot bullet to me.

  • dodothelaser

    Scientology = Infiltration. Because wogs just don’t get it.


    Sombody has to act quick, and warn the top leaders of the boy scouts, unless they are already scienos? cos wants to control the world starting with the young minds, pretty soon we will have a system where we canot buy or sell unless we have a ship implante in our forehead by the cos saying 666 approved.

  • California

    IF Romney had been elected, the right-wing Republicans already had Jeb Bush in mind to be the Secretary of Education. He would have re-played the eight years of the W Bush’s putting in scientologists in high-level positions, such as SCN’er John Danielson being Chief of Staff to Secretary of Education Rod Paige (2001-2005), and handing over large amounts of money to fundamentalist “faith-based” groups under such programs as the much derided Supplemental Education Services after-school “tutoring” program that handed over $30 to $80 per hour per student to groups that employed “tutors.” Almost all states, except Texas and a couple of others, have “waivered out” of the SES program.

    Now that the public education door is somewhat slammed shut, SCN will target Boys & Girls Club (as they already have in LA), Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, Brownies and Girl Scouts, and any other organization that draws in children and considers themselves at least somewhat highly moral and “faith-based.”

    We are each responsible for our own communities. Please go talk with parents of students involved with these groups, as well as the local, state and national leadership. Getting educated about how SCN works………

    • TCBY

      I agree with you 100% about it being our responsibility to take an active role in what is going on in our local communities, especially when it comes to safeguarding our children, whether we have kids or not.

      The federal and state government provide and set guidelines and standards, but it is the local school districts who have the ultimate say on whom will do so and how they will do it, no matter who is president of the United States or what his political party.

      It’s not a Republican versus Democrat issue – we should be seeking support from as many people as we can to keep the Co$ from continuing with and getting away with their dirty deeds. Also, if you want to get as much support from the public as possible, don’t knock them if they are Republican, Christian or fundamentalists or whatever (I’m not quite sure who falls under the category of fundamentalist, anyway) since some of the most effective and gregarious people offering their help may fall under a label you might be criticizing.

      • California

        Actually, because of the amount of federal funding that supports school districts, it mattered very much that the Bush Republicans were in power in terms of public education for those years 2001-2008. The Bush Republicans wielded uncommon power in public education, the like that we have seldom seen in the U.S. And they extended that power to Britain, Europe and other places by supporting the placement of Narconon Drug Education, Applied Scholastics, etc., in the public and private school systems.

        Many Republicans, once they knew what was going on, were appalled, of course, and have been excellent allies. In virtually every case, they had no idea that they were dealing with Scientology until media or other exposure.

  • sheepherder

    Oh, the thrills! Something outrageous every day! But I am going to have to give it up for a month (if I can – ) I wish everyone very happy holidays, and all I want for Christmas is DM’s arrest.

    BTW, what is this about the Silver Marmot? i don’t want the blubbard even remotely connected with my mountains!!

    • Sherbet

      Oh, I hear ya, sheepherder. Now that I’m having nightmares about attending scn protests and getting yelled at by handlers, I think I should pull back a bit. But this blog and its horrifying revelations about cos are such an irresistible draw.

  • Tomato Thetan

    I called NESA to ask them about this alliance between Scientology and NESA and to express my displeasure that my contact info could be given to Scientology. The woman I spoke to told me she had no knowledge of such a program and asked me to forward the letter to her, which I did. She said she would forward it to her boss. This is the reply he sent to me:

    Scientology has not received contact information for Eagle Scouts from NESA or the Boy Scouts of America.
    They have not requested such information, either.

    Good Scouting,


    Bill Steele | Director of Alumni Relations and the National Eagle Scout Association

    Maybe this request for money to put TWTH in the hands of Eagle Scouts is just a lie to get members to send in cash?

    I did tell the people at NESA that, while TWTH claims to be secular, it is most definitely Scientology material.

  • dagobarbz

    Is it just me, or does it seem self-destructive to market a totalitarian, oppressive belief system to “free thinkers and rebels?” Cuz free thinkers and rebels are the ones who say ‘fuck you’ when their personality test comes back fail.