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Thanksgiving? Pshaw! The Scientology Begin-A-Boom Bookathon Starts TODAY!

Breaking news! One of our tipsters forwarded to us an internal Scientology video urging church members to take part in a big push to sell copies of Dianetics around the world!

We’ve taken some stills from the video to give you some idea of just how persuasive it is. It’s so infectious, we suspect it may be difficult in the coming days to go anywhere without running into pushy Scientologists demanding that we buy a copy of L. Ron Hubbard’s masterpiece!

And speaking of Hubbard, what would a marketing video be without a few words from the Commodore himself. The video contains this classic quote, for example, which contains Scientology’s romantic notion that selling copies of a 1950 self-help book is going to make them slave masters of the world!


The video then shows a number of inspirational images of Dianetics being sold around the world. Just look at how happy this guy is that he managed to snag a copy before they were all sold out!

Now, here in the United States, November 22 happens not only to be the first day of this massive booming book-a-thon, but it is also our annual cultural rite known as “Thanksgiving.”

We weren’t the only ones who noticed that it might not be the most family-friendly policy to encourage church members to spend their Thanksgiving manning tables to sell books. But what do we know. We don’t have a planet to clear.

Anyway, to all of our great commenters and tipsters, have a happy Thanksgiving with your families and loved ones!

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