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Scientology and the Presidential Election

Hey, it’s Election Day here in the US, and we hope our American readers go out and vote.

On this historic day, we have just a few thoughts about how this election intersects with our interests in Scientology watching at this blog.

First, you may be wondering: is The Underground Bunker going to endorse a candidate?

Not on your life. We’ve seen nothing from either candidate that tells us they would reverse what has been decades of indifference from the US government regarding the alleged abuses of Scientology.

And that’s been the focus of this blog — holding Scientology, which calls itself a church, to the standards of an organization that claims to provide moral and ethical guidance to its members.


That’s neither a left or right issue, and one of the things we’ve enjoyed the most about this ongoing experiment is the intelligent, compassionate, and bipartisan audience it has attracted. Liberals, conservatives, centrists — we got ’em. Sure, on occasion party politics shows up in our discussions, but for the most part we don’t get bogged down in it.

Neither does Scientology itself, if you think about it. Scientology’s celebrities have been noticeably absent from the lists of actors and musicians who have showed up at Obama and Romney rallies. And while members like Tom Cruise and Kirstie Alley have given to Democratic candidates in the past, we haven’t seen any records that they did so this time.

In a way, it makes sense for Scientology to stay out of party politics. After all, when you’re trying to clean up a prison planet and take back an entire sector of the galaxy on geologic time scales, petty squabbles for local control can’t be worth your time.

We have a feeling that the readers of this blog will put more importance on the events of this day. So go out and cast your ballot, and celebrate the results (or not). Whatever the outcome, we’ll keep on doing our thing here at the Bunker.

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