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It’s Official: Tommy Davis No Longer a Scientology Spokesman

Tommy, where are you?

One of our eagle-eyed commenters pointed out something yesterday: Tommy Davis has suddenly vanished from Scientology’s media relations web page.

Sure enough, it’s true. The church’s website which lists its official spokespersons is now bereft of Davis and his wife, Jessica Feshbach. The two people who were behind them, Karin Pouw and Bob Adams, have been moved to the top tier. Pouw is now listed as the “international spokesperson.”

After the jump, we’ll show you the before and after images of the church’s official page, and we’ll try to come to grips with this stunning news.

First, let’s look at the evidence. Here’s a screen grab of the Scientology media relations web page circa 2011, which we snagged from the Wayback Machine, an Internet archive…

And here’s how the same portion of the web page looks today…

It doesn’t really get more official than that as far as the Church of Scientology goes. So we can now say with confidence what we’ve known for more than a year, that Tommy Davis has gone from perhaps the most well-known Scientology mouthpiece of all time to a non-person in the eyes of the church.

Davis, 40, is the son of actress Anne Archer and her first husband, real estate investor William Davis. Actor Jason Beghe told us that when he was first active in the church, Davis was just a teenager, and he took a shine to Tommy and they became friends. Beghe described him has infectiously fun, and a great kid to be around.

By the time the world got to know him, however, Davis was the pushy church operative bedeviling BBC journalist John Sweeney in his 2007 documentary, Scientology and Me. While Sweeney tangled with Davis and another church executive, Mike Rinder, they were filming Sweeney for their own purposes. At one point, Sweeney lost his cool and blew up at Davis in an epic explosion. Scientology put the footage on YouTube, and the BBC was forced to investigate the behavior of its reporter. But Sweeney had footage of his own, of Davis losing his cool as well.

After Sweeney’s documentary, Davis also gained fame for telling CNN’s John Roberts in 2008 that Scientology’s toxic “disconnection” policy didn’t exist (it does) and for walking out of an interview with ABC’s Martin Bashir. In a less-seen but very important 2009 interview, Davis also admitted to a local California TV journalist, Nathan Baca, that L. Ron Hubbard’s handwritten “OT III” materials were, indeed, church scripture.

Some ex-Scientologists tell us they think this may have been Davis’s crucial blunder.

That same year, 2009, Davis was secretly recorded threatening a young church member that he’d be disconnected from his family if he didn’t quit his job working for ex-Scientologist Marc Headley. We put together a story about that recording at the Village Voice and published it in August 2011.

By then, Davis was rarely appearing in news stories, and we began to wonder if he still had his job.

In July 2011, a story in the Hollywood Reporter contained a quote from Davis — we contacted the reporter, Daniel Miller, and he told us he’d only heard from Davis through e-mail and telephone, and that it was months before.

Then, in late 2011, we started to hear a reason why Davis might be out of action: his wife, Jessica Feshbach, was rumored to be very ill.

Jessica comes from a family that is somewhat legendary in Scientology. Her father, Joseph, was one of three brothers who became notorious for being “short-sellers” in the 1980s, rolling up fortunes for their investors. The brothers in turn donated huge sums to Scientology, and because of it were treated like church royalty. Former Sea Org member Chuck Beatty, for example, has told us about an early 1990s effort to give the Feshbach brothers the first run-throughs of the “Super Power” process that the rest of Scientology is still waiting to experience.

Jessica gained notoriety of her own as she was assigned to be Katie Holmes’s Sea Org handler after the actress paired up with Tom Cruise. Wherever Katie went, Jessica (then known as Jessica Rodriguez) seemed to be right on her elbow, and even sometimes answered questions for Katie in interviews with journalists. But then Jessica disappeared from public view, and we heard that she was ill. We’ve wondered in the past if Katie was able to make her escape from her marriage with Cruise and her involvement in Scientology in part because she no longer had Jessica keeping an eye on her.

And Tommy, meanwhile, was nowhere to be seen. Was he no longer appearing in public because he was taking care of his wife? Or had he, like so many other church executives, fallen out of favor with the notoriously fickle leader of Scientology, David Miscavige?

Sadly, Jessica’s father Joseph Feshbach collapsed and died during a bicycle ride in August 2011. Online records show that Joe Feshbach owned a condominium in Austin, Texas, and several months ago we started hearing that Tommy and Jessica may have moved there. (Yes, yet another big-name former Scientologist who has moved to the Lone Star State, which Miscavige appears to want nothing to do with.)

In his new book, former Scientology executive Marty Rathbun writes that Tommy has left the Sea Org, but has signed a non-disclosure agreement so that he won’t be speaking out about the church. We hear that at least one journalist has knocked on Tommy’s door, but the former spokesman didn’t want to talk.

Davis may be out of a job and generally on the down-low, but that doesn’t mean he’s in a tough spot. In her 2006 Rolling Stone article that she later turned into her excellent 2011 book, Inside Scientology, Janet Reitman quoted Tommy Davis saying that he was so wealthy because of his parents, he didn’t have to work a day in his life.

We asked a person who worked closely with Tommy to give us some thoughts about him. Mike Rinder, who left the church in 2007 after running the church’s media and legal affairs division for many years, sent us this…

Probably the most accurate thing I can say about Tommy is that he was a faithful sockpuppet for Miscavige. If Miscavige told him to act like a nutjob with the media, he did it. If he told him he should storm out of an interview with Martin Bashir, he did it. If he said he should insult the St. Pete Times reporters to their faces, he did it. He was a reflection of the madness of Miscavige and his idea of how to “control public opinion.”

Tommy is independently wealthy from his father. Jessica also comes from a wealthy family. They will probably while away their days on trips to Europe and cruises. I doubt they will need to work ever. And they aren’t about to give up that comfortable lifestyle in order to take a stand for what is right. They are already being scapegoated by Miscavige. Like everyone who has preceded them, they are now “why” things were handled badly….

We’re looking forward to reading your thoughts about Tommy: what are your favorite memories of his tenure as Scientology’s mouthpiece?

And Tommy, we’d love to hear how you’re doing, and we hope Jessica is feeling better. Drop us a line some time.

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  • Bitter Defrocked Apostate

    On Sept. 3, 2012, Marty Rathbun posted about Tommy Davis’ current scene:
    “He sits in the lap of luxury in Austin Texas – driven out of the SO by Miscavige’s escalating insanity – but well taken care of by mom and dad and his surrogate daddy Dave.”

    • SpecialFrog

      Marty seems to be really insisting that Davis took a pay-off. He might have been required to do so, like Debbie Cook, but given his apparent financial situation it seems improbable that any pay-off he got is really what is keeping him quiet.

      • Bury the Nuts

        I truly hope that Jason Beghe and Tommy are in touch. I remember Jason speaking fondly of Tommy and maybe with his help Tommy can recover some of who he really is (or was). It must be especially difficult for Tommy and Jessica because of the family connections and history.
        Of course, I doubt they will be declared and disconnected like the Co$ would treat a less famous Sea Org.

        • Does anyone know if Jessica really was “gravely ill”, then? Or was that just a Shore Story to give Tommy D a chance to bow out gracefully (with good PR as the devoted husband to boot.) With what terrible illness was she stricken and from which she apparently has now recovered?

          • Observer

            According to this, from whom I consider a reliable source, she has leukemia and at the time of the posting was not doing well.


            • Observer

              Deep. That link takes you to page 3 of the thread rather than the beginning.

            • Observer

              Derp. That link takes you to page 3 of the thread rather than the beginning.

            • sugarplumfairy32

              I hope she’s being treated for her illness with effective medical interventions..

            • Observer

              Sorry about the dupes. I hate autocorrect.

          • sugarplumfairy32

            Lol.. A shore story.. Love it..

      • ReneeG

        Seeing as how both their families (and the source of their money) are rabid scientologists, I am sure the threat of disconnection is more than enough to keep him quiet.

        • SpecialFrog

          Tommy’s father isn’t a Scientologist (not even sure he’s still alive) and that’s where his money comes from. By all accounts, he’s got a trust fund from his father so him and Jessica are not dependent on any Scientologists for money.

          Disconnection may still be an issue, but not financially.

          • Tory Christman

            Thanks Tony and Special Frog for that info. How do I feel? Well, looks like $cientology does what it does best these days: Throw it’s strongest members UNDER THE BUS. ((Clap: Good job, OSA! You FAIL once again)).
            I think Special Frog is correct—Money isn’t the issue. They probably did what they did to my friend re his son, once he left: “IF ((IF)) you get off the Net and are totally silent, you can stay in touch w/ your son” I think it was called PTS Type D—but I was w/ Yaude when he “Presented” this option to my friend, back in the late 90’s.
            (He took it, and his son killed himself shortly after). The tragedies of $cientology
            unfold, daily…..

            My favorite Tommy Davis story was he announcing on a Major Network TV station that “There is No Disconnection” (When I have my SP declare in writing, saying “Her ONLY terminal is the IJC”–which is by C of $ and proves they still use “Disconnection”. Of course the ultimate was he ripping off his mic when Xenu was mentioned on TV, and walking off. Way to go, Tommy! I hope Jessica is getting better….my best wishes to you both for rapid healing in
            every area of your lives. Please help get your Mom out. Love to ALL, Tory/Magoo

  • sugarplumfairy32

    Lol.. The pic rocks.. I’m sure John Sweeney approves our choice..

    • sugarplumfairy32

      And one of my fav tommy davis stories was from your interview this summer of Jon Brousseau.. When JB left his hotel room in the wee hours of the morning, tommy davis was waiting outside and said something like “you’ve been a bad, bad boy, JB..” just plain creepy..

      I try and remember, especially for the men and women who were indoctrinated into co$ as children, how damaging and personality-changing the auditing, sec-checking and TRs are.. And I wonder exactly how much of this crap it takes to turn a person into a bullying, line-towing a**hole.. And does anyone exposed to this tech survive with sensitivity and spirit intact?

      Oops, never mind.. We have our Derek for proof of that, so I answered my own question..

      • Bury the Nuts

        Good Point SPF. And many of the other exes like Auntie Kate and the Headleys seem to be genuine and wonderful people. They just had to get away and decompress from “IT”

      • “And does anyone exposed to this tech survive with sensitivity and spirit intact?”

        Humans are quite resilient. Those who exhibit symptoms of antisocial personality disorder, even after they have had time to decompress from the behavioral and social programming they went through, were typically like that before they even entered the cult.

        Anyone who was a well adjusted compassionate human being before being introduced to the antisocial behavioral modifications of Scientology typically bounce back, and pretty quickly at that. Scientology is attractive to sociopaths because the traits are built directly into the teachings, even so far as the TRs which train you to become emotionally detached.

        I hate to say it but most Scientologists are capable of inflicting emotional trauma and watching their loved ones die without any feelings of sorrow or remorse because they suffer from almost complete emotional detachment.

        It’s quite ironic that Scientology causes many of the major personality disorders which have been cataloged by psychiatry.

        You can see cluster B personality in anyone who is a big name (lots of donations) in Scientology or who holds a high rank in the Sea Org or on staff: antisocial, borderline, histrionic and narcissistic.

        You can see cluster C personality disorders in your average “rank and file” Sea Org, staff and public: avoidant, dependent and obsessive-compulsive.

        In many of the people who are leaving or have left Scientology you can see cluster A personality disorders: paranoid, schizoid and schizotypal.

        If you have some time I would take a look at each of those. It’s really fascinating. I have to thank SweetnessAndLight on ESMB for introducing me to those.

        • Derek, you’d make a great evil psych as well as the top notch writer you are already becoming! 😉

        • sheepherder

          Great research, Derek. I’ve been waiting for just such a precis. I agree with Poison; you’d make a great psych. And you’ve already got material for a drop-dead-brilliant master’s thesis.

          Now, as I mentioned on a post that is probably way out of date so no one has seen it, would someone please do a profile on LRH based just on his affirmations, please? If there is one already, I’d love to see it.

          And Derek – let me add my good wishes to everyone else’s here, for your success and happiness.

        • sugarplumfairy32

          “…Anyone who was a well adjusted compassionate human being before being introduced to the antisocial behavioral modifications of Scientology typically bounce back, and pretty quickly at that…”

          I’m not a psyche nurse, but I think you nailed it, Derek..

          • richeieu jr

            I agree; I know a lot of ex and current member who a really great folks– But they are not the folks high up, back stabbing, inflicting beatings and screaming at reporters- I think that sort of stuff has to be in you first,and is then encouraged by the ‘church’.. If you don’t have that in you, you’ll be all right…

      • Sugar Plum,

        I forgot about that incident- good point.It’s amazing how powerful the Kool Aid drug is, just amazing.

      • I’ve always remembered that “bad boy” quote, too. Actually that hallway scene with JB and TD is one of the images that has stuck in my mind, out of the thousands of articles I’ve read about Scn, certain scenes just *stick*, you know? And I kind of replay them and think about how weird/ fucked up it all is. I try to imagine driving all the way to Texas, and then in the middle of the night Tommy shows up and says that… it’s just surreal.

        • richeieu jr

          The dialogue is so… pulpy– it’s great!

          Does he write his own stuff?

  • richeieu jr

    Davis’ bowing out seems to me to be indicative of a disturbing trend in bis Scientology movers and shakers leaving the church without answering for their crimes (and not Scientology ‘crimes’ but real ones). I include Rinder and Rathburn in this as well…

    They are not forced to confront the things they did in any serious manner. All is forgiven forgotten mistakes were made Bush/Cheney style and now it’s all cruise? What of the lives, livelihood and fortunes lost under direct pressure from these seemingly psychotic, remorseless people?

    Yes, Miscavige is a psychotic, aggressive little shit with a big Napoleon complex… But he has a lot of little soldier and ‘sock-puppets’ who had the moral responsibility to just say no.
    And didn’t.
    Over years.
    Over decades.

    But that’s OK, they’re rich. They got theirs and they are really sorry.

    Not to prove the old internet rule right, but Nazis didn’t get off by fingering Hitler. They had do be held accountable.

    Priests and Scout Leaders molest kids and nobody is held accountable. Scientology enslaves children, destroys families, provokes suicides and metal illness and no one is accountable. The bush administration tortures, suspends habeus corpus in secret and kills tens of thousand of innocents. Oh, yes, that nasty dwarf is perverting L Ron’s ‘tech…

    But he’ snot; He is applying it as it was always applied, he’s just not a slippery as Hubbard who was willing to send his own wife to prison rather than stand up like a man. And it seems endemic to this nasty little cult. (and I am beginning to fear, of modern society)…

    • he’s snot? oh, okay then….

      • Observer

        I thought it was apt. lol

        • richeieu jr

          Sorry guys- Bad typist + Emotion+ English as a second language + no English spell check = (too often) word soup!

          • Pareidolius

            It was delicious . . .

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      And Tommy Davis is still a True Believer, according to a reliable source which I cannot name at the moment, sorry, which is why any journalist won’t be welcome, at least not on his doorstep.

      You speak what is on many of our minds, Jr. Scientology crime, abuse and humanitarian violations occur because it is lawyered up in the U.S. which is still under the thumb of Greed (sorry, JohnP, not good).

      I’m getting old enough to see cylces in life in just about every category, so the good news is we are now turning on that dime. It will likely take another decade before real change occurs. Medical science may be pitching in with real help to make that happen.

      Karma is another one of those myths, though, and people like Tommy and all the rest of the bunch responsible for hundreds of thousands of destroyed or harmed human beings over the decades sometimes live out their years in guilt free comfort. They are few among us. Most people with a Billion $$ would create great comfort that included many others.

      • Capt. Howdy

        Pol Pot died in his sleep a free man. The other asshole in the picture wasn’t quite so lucky. Heh, heh.: )

        • TheHoleDoesNotExist


        • TheHoleDoesNotExist

          I totally expect the usual “but he was such a sweet young lad”. Barfola! It’s one thing to temporarily exhibit bad behavior that is not your norm, but to deliberately harm others, including children and senior citizens, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decades on is Not something most people could bring themselves to do.

          Anyone can crack under pressure, but then that person would have to admit they were mentally impaired and get professional help if they still have a speck of conscience. Tommy could never, ever face the fact that what he did, over and over and over, was all for a mad man’s con game.
          Within 10 years, scientific breakthroughs will make shiny scientological things look like all the other broken voodoo and woowoo toys in the attic.

          • I believe in the ability of people to change. I’m not a Scientologist but I’ve seen incredible changes in people from what I perceived to be incurable callousness to true compassion – but the key is, these people have to have that “aha” moment (or moments), true remorse, and actually make amends. As the old joke says, the lightbulb has to want to be changed. Derek has it right, however – there are certain personality disorders that are difficult to totally impossible to reform – anti-social personality disorder/ malignant narcissism being a couple of them. (Some people think borderlines can’t be changed either.) Scientology clearly trains people to adopt the traits of some of these anti-social disorders, but it’s evident that many if not most of those leaving the cult shed these behaviors pretty quickly and experience a lot of genuine regret and remorse. The ones who don’t – well, maybe they were anti-social when they went in and CO$ training only made them “more so” (or gave them an excuse to act out who they really are.)
            Which is Tommy, then? Don’t know him, so have no clue. He appeared to me to be very smart and talented, and certainly able to mimic some of the human emotions of sympathy and compassion on television. But that doesn’t mean anything.

            • DMSTCC

              Can I at least serve him a knuckle sandwich before he has his “aha” moment?

            • Pareidolius

              Tommy has to deal with the toxicity of Scientology, wealth, and celebrity on one side and the massive amounts of abuse dished out by The Tiny Terror™ on the other. That’s some kinda detox . . .

    • benton miller (fairgame me, marty)


    • For one thing, Rathbun and Rinder are NOT rich. Rathbun wrote about selling beer at baseball games to make money after leaving. Rinder was selling cars for a while. I suppose Marty is doing better now that he’s doing indie auditing, but I still doubt he’s rich. Tommy on the other hand sounds like he has his own money, so that’s a different story.

      Anyway, I think these people are atoning for their crimes by speaking out about Scn. Look at the harassment they get from CoS (with marty, on an almost daily basis, even now). Disconnected from family/kids, followed, spied on, all those horrendous web sites written about them calling them violent and psychotic… the fact that these people spoke out even knowing the consequences, is admirable.

      I do wish they would talk more about what they did wrong while they were in, and express some regret/remorse… I have read/seen some regret and heard some apologies, but not enough (from R&R). But you only have to look at stuff like the Stanford prison experiment to see that *anyone* could have done the things they did. That experiment lasted a week, these guys were in for years, being told they were saving the planet and everyone they hurt was just standing in the way of that goal. Doesn’t excuse it, but I’m pretty sure everyone who was in has quite a lot of baggage. I was reading a story the other day that mentioned Claire Headley doing some interrogation… she didn’t sound very nice. Anyway I’m not sure what my point is but I think that by speaking out and facing the incredible amount of harassment and intimidation from the CoS, they’ve been punished enough, and are doing enough good work to make up for what they did in CoS. And I think everyone who was in is both a victim and an accomplice. just my opinion though.

  • Observer

    One thing that strikes me is how in Scientology (particularly the upper echelons and Sea Org) spouses are passed around like keychains at a 70s key party. It seems like everyone in the Sea Org has been married to everyone else in the Sea Org. I may be off on the exact numbers, but isn’t Tommy Jessica’s third SO husband? And isn’t Jessica Tommy’s second SO wife?

    • Bury the Nuts

      This part is so strange, but so indicative of the way they think. Relationships and people simply don’t matter. If it is inconvenient for the CO$, they simply “make it go right”. These are broken pieces of these peoples lives they will never get back.

      • Rene

        Scientologists have often been criticized for taking divorce so lightly. I admit I was very critical. But then you start to see that it’s different for these people in the cult. The cult devalues normal marital and familial relationships. The cult WANTS you to see these things as unimportant. For the indoctrinated, a divorce is probably the equivalent to a wog changing jobs, and children are an inconvenience. Very sad.

        • TheHoleDoesNotExist

          Close. It’s changing Body Thetans!

        • Well, if you have a stronger allegiance to your family than to the group, what’s the point of being in a cult, anyway? The cult can’t have that! The ideology/leader/group ‘greater good’ HAS to be more important. Therefore it’s vital to devalue human relationships for the group to survive.

    • ReneeG

      Given the way the CoS separate spouses, alienate them from one another by forcing them to keep secrets with their policy of not allowing them to talk to each other about anything “entheta” (and thus not allowing them to work out their problems) it’s not surprising that their marriages don’t last. If you don’t ever see each other and can’t talk about anything but the weather and how great COB is, your marriage would be crap, too.

      • mattekudasi

        Liking with a huge chuckle. Check out this couples ability to communicate with each other via scientology:

        • Capt. Howdy

          That was totally awesome, mattekudasi. I shouldn’t laugh cuz people on the Least Coast make fun of my Cali brogue sometimes.

          • mattekudasi

            Thanks Capt Howdy, It’s an honour to make you laugh. Wasn’t it you who posted the Captain Reid vid “Harden the F**K Up” back at the VV when I first joined. I still laugh at that. My sons also, I showed it to them and now we all say that to each other if anyone starts whining. Incidentally one is lactose intolerant.

            • Capt. Howdy

              Yeah I reposted “hardenthefuckup” after Tory posted it to me.

        • So the L rundowns are “like, O. My. Gawwd.”
          At $1000 an hour, they better be.
          Nice that you can have a life-altering experience like that…but can’t share the details of it with your spouse.
          How, then, can Scientology marriages ever be truly intimate…if your auditor (and everyone reading your case files or watching the videos) knows more about you than your significant other?

          • MissWog

            Right! $1000 an hour but it only took 9 minutes! What a deal!
            And you gotta love when she ponders if there is a confidential place where she can write it down so she CAN REMEMBER IT?????!!!!!!
            ::insert smiley of head banging against wall::

            • “And you gotta love when she ponders if there is a confidential place where she can write it down so she CAN REMEMBER IT?????!!!!!!”

              You’re hilarious, Miss Wog!

          • sheepherder

            What in the name of Satan’s chafing dish is she on?
            Must be that ‘sherm’ stuff.

        • sugarplumfairy32

          Ohhhh.. My.. Gawd..

          She sounds just like theNextMrsCruise talking about Tony’s blog after seven mojitos..

          • Capt. Howdy


          • Okay Fairy, you may have a point. But those mojitos are so darn tasty! But even mojitos couldn’t affect me enough to make me swallow the $ciloon speak for more than a moment. Of course, the next time I walk into an org, seven mojitos might fortify me enough to see if I can hold the soup cans without cracking up…

        • MissWog

          Added this to the Daily Humor thread on the Rodeo, thank you for posting it! I mean what the fuck! Real life example of the Co$ testimonials!! It’s not just the promo videos they spit out with glossy images, pretty people and lots of gold text.. They really DO MOTHER FUCKING TALK THIS WAY!

          Sick shit yo! And for the looks of their bedroom they have some cash to spend…I feel sorry for their daughter off the frame.
          I can’t imagine caring about something and not being able to share it with my husband! Batshit crazy!!

      • Front Row Seat

        “If you don’t ever see each other and can’t talk about anything but the weather and how great COB is, your marriage would be crap, too.” So when they are together in bed we ahve cob boy between them in the sheets.Ughh !!That is some serious ugly porn going on with these “cob” on the cornologists!!!

    • InTheNameOfXenu

      You’re right. Divorce is rampant in $scientology and that’s another piece of proof that Hubbard’s dribble was useless.

    • You’re talking about a small group of sexually deprived individuals who aren’t allowed to have sex with someone unless they are married to them. The group does not take their marriages into consideration when they are being moved about the country to work in different locations and if one is a higher level than the other they are forced to keep secrets.

      A lot of those are horny teenagers and 20-somethings that join the Sea Org and then leave in their 30s after being caught having sex with the wrong RPFer.

      It’s a shock that there isn’t an STD epidemic. I guess the one saving grace is that the sex circle is closed to outsiders so no one brings any STDs in.

      • Observer

        And once again Hubbard’s hypocrisy rears its ugly head. By his own admission he was quite the slut, at least until he married Mary Sue (after knocking her up).

  • Vistaril

    Oh, Tony, Tony, Tony . . . you missed out Tommy Davis’ most excellent contribution to the Scientology debate, his comment in that EPIC (and award winning) article by Lawrence Wright of the New Yorker:

    . . . His voice filling with emotion, he said that, if it was true that Hubbard had not been injured, then “the injuries that he handled by the use of Dianetics procedures were never handled, because they were injuries that never existed; therefore, Dianetics is based on a lie; therefore, Scientology is based on a lie.” . . .

    Its an absolute classic. It accidently tells the truth but also demonstrates beyond doubt that while the logic of a situation can be abundantly apparent to a Scientologist, L Ron Hubbard’s processing tech prevents the person from “obnosis”. There Tommy was, nearly in tears, telling a truth, but not knowing it . . . and in his role as a spokeshole for a subject which promises the ability of “knowing how to know”.

    Tsk. Tsk.

    ; )

    • Thank you for remembering that! Larry’s story came out in February, 2011 and that interaction with Tommy would have happened around the summer before, in 2010. Maybe it was Tommy’s handling of the New Yorker which ultimately ruined him in Miscavige’s eyes.

      • Vistaril

        Yep, I agree, but doubt that it was the usual brutal Scientology handling.

        The idea that Tommy was sufficiently concerned about his wife’s health to leave his role is a shore story. No Scientologist worth his e-meter would get sucked into such HE&R. Tommy is fortunate in that he himself something of a “celeb” via his family connections. The last people in Scientology who know what’s really going on are the molly-coddled celebs. Tommy, because of his connections, would have been insulated from even general knowledge of the criminal activities and especially the inner workings of the required skull duggery. While David Miscavige would have certainly gone into an Hubbardian-like rage after reading that New Yorker piece, Tommy’s transition from “staff” to “public” is unlikey to have involved an on-tech, in-policy “routing out”. KSW would have it that Command Intention is better served by Tommy quietly and gently being shuffled aside rather than run the risk of him scampering off to mommy with tales of licking toilet floors. Also, David Miscavige, as per KSW Standard L Ron Hubbard Scientology Scripture, has got Tommy’s lovely, tasty, “spiritual confessions” – probably on video – for salacious and public titilation should the need arise.

        Meanwile, as a Scientologist (and also a member of the 1% Club), Tommy has little concern for victims who, again as per KSW Standard L Ron Hubbard Scientology Scripture, have only brought their woes upon themselves. He has never spent days on end hungry, shivering cold and trapped in a rat-infested ship’s chainlocker. Because such a thing is not true for him, it doesn’t have any reality. Still, provided Tommy stays off the hypno-cans, his own journey from Planet Hubbard back to objective reality is inevitable . . . but can he stay off the cans? I doubt it. To do otherwise would mean having to face the consequences and, despite its promises, Scientology has little to teach about confronting truth.

        • Dee Fogger

          I agree with almost everything you say but this: “Tommy, because of his connections, would have been insulated from even general knowledge of the criminal activities and especially the inner workings of the required skull duggery.”

          Given his position and close working with the crazed midget I’m sure he was very aware of the brutality and criminality of the cult. He was also RPF’d at least once and made to clean dumpsters so he’s aware of certain types of punishment as well as enforcing disconnection. The man is certified liar and hardly an uninformed, unwilling participant.

          • I agree that Tommy would not have left the Sea Org to be with his ailing wife. There had to have been other reasons.

        • Bury the Nuts

          Awesome Post!

    • Dee Fogger

      Nothing wrong with including the rest of the quote as it demonstrates the brain washing and thought stopping processes cult members have: “He concluded, “The fact of the matter is that Mr. Hubbard was a war hero.”

      The actual fact of the matter, not cult “fact”, is that he wasn’t a war hero at all. This, of course, is easily proven by LRH’s own admissions/affirmations where he writes that his war record wasn’t stellar (and which the cult claimed as official documents in the Armstrong suit), his Navy records contradict all LRH and cult’s lies/PR, and I recall a comment on the VV about LRH receiving disability payments from the Navy until he died (will try to find proof). Clearly, he didn’t fix himself with Scientology and he wasn’t a war hero but that doesn’t stop cult members from believing that he was. It takes a lot to indoctrinate someone into believing that anything against LRH is an elaborate conspiracy to discredit him.

      Argghhh! It’s hard to break through that type of conditioning.

    • If I were an evil psych 😉 , I’d say that Tommy’s subconscious was crying out the truth in that answer. It’s just too…too spot on…as a defense to be a random answer.
      In the “valence” of that evil psych, I’d say that Tommy was admitting that he knows (or fears), at a very cellular level, that LRH’s tech is all bunk…but he can never allow that ‘knowingness’ to come to consciousness.
      (I think I must have accidentally brainwashed myself somewhere along the line, since I keep dropping Scino-Speak terms into these comments. Talk about being unconscious…)

      • Dee Fogger

        Agree with your analysis. I’m not an evil pysch either, just a fool with a degree in it (uh oh – instant SP I suppose). It’s like you can see him realize the obvious and then the cult programming kicks in “wham” – “he was a hero’

        • What’s interesting is that the cult thought-stopping didn’t stop him before he went through the logic sequence…if he was 100% treading water in the koolaid, he’s have simply said (ala Tom Cruise) – “Larry, you’re being glib. You know nothing of LRH’s war record! I do. I’ve studied everything about the man!” No, somewhere in his agile brain, a rogue cluster of gray matter was doing actual logic and had to be shut down immediately before the entire thetan short-circuited!

          • flunk123

            Right … His defense of Scienyol

  • bosonstark

    Isn’t it odd that Karin Pouw has been the spokesperson for the Church of the Sacred Xenu
    for over a year now, and she is yet to actually speak? I guess she’s only been “hatted” as a letter-liar. At least Erin Banks chirped away on TV about the Denver Org once.

    That photo really is Tommy at his ecclesiastical best and who better to know what being a cult puppet is like than Mike Rinder? Hopefully Tommy will wake up, and speak out, “before it’s too late.” He certainly made his mark though, as cult jester — a major fool for Xenu.

    • Sarcasmo

      I’ve heard Mike Rinder refer to Karin Pouw as nothing more than a signature. Left me with the impression that Miscavige writes the press releases or responds to journalists and then affixes Pouw’s signature. I’m curious to see if she does any interviews or public appearances now that she is officially the top spokesperson. My guess is, no, Karin Pouw is in the Hole and exists as only a signature and press photo.

      • Someone here mentioned that Karin Powowow has been seen recently around the Hollywood Blvd CO$ building, so perhaps she is not in the Hole after all. Is it possible that, as long as she lets Davey use her signature stamp at will, she’ll be okay?

  • chris

    I always liked Tommy. He was so intense and defiant and yet he seemed like a friendly and likable guy. (To me, anyway) But I am confused. Did he blow or was he pushed out? If he blew, that would be extraordinary as he was such a vociferous defender of the “faith.”

    • Rene

      The rumor is that he routed out properly.

    • Likable? Perhaps it’s a cultural thing, to me he appears every every inch the the spoiled brat and an asshole.

  • tr45

    How can we be sure that the “Karin Pouw” that appears on letterheads these days is little more than a nameplate used by a team of PR people and lawyers that handle press inquiries by email? If she won’t appear in person, does she ever even do telephone interviews?

    • Bury the Nuts

      Karin Pouw is David Miscavige with lipstick.

      • Exactly. He is the one writing all the responses and uses her letter heads.

      • ReneeG

        I think he wears a dress and a wig, too when he impersonates her– I can see him prancing around his office talking in a high squeaky voice…

        • Capt. Howdy

          ” It puts its name on the letterhead or it gets the hole again”

          • PeggyToo

            Capt, you’re a freak!!! Where do you find this shit?? ROFL

            • victoria

              Oh my Xenu, Captain! Hahahaha.

          • Captain, you’ve done it again!

          • You. Are. Awesome.

          • sugarplumfairy32

            Lol.. Lovvve it..

  • Capt. Howdy

    Goodbye Tommy D
    Though I never knew you at all
    You had the space opera to embolden yourself
    While those around you crawled
    They crawled out of their RPF work
    And thetans whispered into your brain
    D.M is gonna remove your 8 x 10 still
    And tell the world you went insane

    And it seems to me you lived your life
    Trying to handle but always breaking wind
    Never knowing what lie to cling to
    When Bashir let the entheta in
    And everybody’s wondering if you’ve blown dude
    And what exactly COB did
    But your handle burned out long before
    Your legend ever did

    • Nina

      Captain… Fantastic!

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Yes, and a new handle: Captain Fantastic. oh wait

    • Mrs. Libnish

      God, you are good! Coffee – spit out nose.

      • deselby88

        I agree. Except I actually vomited on my keyboard and then got projectile diarrhea.

  • Theresa Defino

    You know, fuck Rathbun. He continues to assert that I “did Cos” bidding and refuses to apologize for all the fair game shit he pulled on me, my kids and my x. Don’t buy his book!

    • q-bird

      hear hear – YES – it is indeed very hard to “trust” anyone who ‘loves’ LRH so much and for so long… not deserving of support. I will not.

    • WhereIsSHE

      I’m glad you spoke up. Seeing the Headleys and their little boys vacationing with Marty sort of made me wonder if he had ackowledged (in private) the pain he inflicted on so many, but I guess that’s a big “NO”.

      On the other hand…. while I won’t buy his book, I have to admit that I appreciate being on the sidelines of the “fairness” he is “gaming” on the Tiny-Fisted-Being. (Actually, make that the Two-Tiny-Fisted-Ones, as Marty has recently been pulling no punches vis-a-vis the Cruiser, and since the allegations of TC engaging in abuse of staff have more recently been confirmed via independent (no pun intended) source, Steve Poore.

      • I agree with Steve. I’m pretty sure Marty has in mind a Reformed “Church” – hell, the late John Ausley told me that would eventually happen back around 1980. I just wish he’d get it together, figure out what part of $cientology is abreaction, what part is hypnotism, what part is total bullshit (like the OT levels), and go from there. Doesn’t leave him with much to sell, but hey, the truth hurts.

        • Mrs. Libnish

          I’m reading the first book now and I’m not getting that. He was pretty clear that he isn’t interested in “organized religion” and doesn’t want to be the “head” of anything. Right now, he’s trying to help people get out by any means possible and beat DM into an unrecognizable pulp. He still practices the tech and audits but it’s a “pay what you think it’s worth” scale and it seems he just really wants to help. When Beghe got out, he went and visited Marty for some auditing and long discussions. Jason never got back into it (per his YouTube) but they helped each other get clearer perspective of what Scientology SHOULD be for the Indies. I’m not saying what he did in the past was any good at all. But, if you watch some of his videos and interviews you can get an idea of the “why” he had to do it. I don’t think he feels proud about any of it.

        • Xenu

          Getting rid of hypnotism + BS would require disposing of Hubbard’s terminology. Like redefining ‘reality,’ for example, that one’s a little too pervasive to ignore.

          Ron could never just let people get audited, he needed to tell them that they were thetans with particular whole track implants. None of those things were optional.

          I’m sure that was why Hubbard put a lot of emphasis on training, and mocked untrained PCs as “cleared cannibals.” Most people don’t remember anything before they were 3 or 4, and that seems to hold true in session also — unless the PC has been told that they have past lives, and if they can’t remember them in session, it makes them an especially occluded and messed up case. The everybody runs whole track. And nobody’s ever going to cognite that they were mocking up their reactive mind if Hubbard hadn’t already told them so. Scientology forces indoctrination into an altered version of reality. You supposedly don’t evaluate for a PC in session, but Hubbard has already evaluated your entire existence for you by the time you’ve word cleared your first auditing command.

          Cut out all that junk, and you’re left running heavily edited lists from Self Analysis, followed by a re-worded havingness process. Did I miss anything?

          • You are CORRECT, sir! 🙂

          • Capt. Howdy

            Are pc’s required to read “Have You Lived Before This Life” or “A History of Man” before they start auditing ?

            • Not required. But belief in past lives is required for Scientology auditing to “work”. There is a book called the “Handbook for Preclears”. Most people who receive auditing are required to read it before or during their first auditing.

              It does touch on past lives.

            • Xenu

              No, A History of Man would not be recommended to any newbies, and HYLBTL has long been out of print. But, on the other hand, you have had to look up “whole track” because the term’s used in KSW, the first item on every course checklist. Not to mention talked about at graduations and other events, discussed in promotional materials, and so on. Indoctrination everywhere.

            • flunk123

              Dbloch said:
              “…belief in past lives is required for Scientology auditing to “work”. ”

            • Excuse me. Let me rephrase then for FLUNK123.

              Past live delusions are a requirement of auditing whether they are generated by the subject prior to the commencement of the auditing or formed as a result of that auditing.

              There is not a single Scientologist who does not suffer from past life delusions. If you deny the existence of past lives you do not fit in with the group and you will be alienated until you accept their existence.

              Scientology auditing does not work and does not produce a tangible result. The “win” which is experienced as a result of auditing is completely subjective and is most likely generated by post hypnotic commands which were received during the programming process.

          • You are absolutely right about the indoctrination that occurs with the “education” one gets on all the whole track stuff that Ron put into the bulletins and tapes.

            But Dianetics runs very well on pcs without that indoctrination. Whenever Jeff Hawkins is mentioned here it is often brought up that he masterminded the 80’s marketing of the Dianetics book. A more complete story would include that it was not just the book; it was a package of materials that included a video on basic Dianetics procedures. This campaign promoted “go home and co-audit with a friend” and hundreds if not thousands did so and many to great benefit without ever reading or listening to Ron talk about his “whole track”; most never even went into one of the orgs or missions. Tony, if you are still in NYC, you could look up Pat Gualtieri who could tell you some stories of that time period and what was happening outside of the orgs auditing Dianetics.

            And the Grades Processes typically do not go into the whole track and many say they have benefited from them. Just before I huddle down a little more deeply in Tony’s bunkers (to escape the jeers and being pelted with rotten fruit from some here), I’d like to mention that you could count me amongst those who have benefited.

          • flunk123

            Nobel Laureate Eric Kandel said the future of psychology is Biology (brain science). I would say the same about any ‘salvaging’ of the ‘tech’.
            There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence of auditing changing the way a person feels. If that is true, there should be a scientific explanation for that. I would start with something simple like Self Analysis. As far as using the e- meter goes, it would be interesting to put that whole listing and nulling thing to the test. And if there’s something to it, wouldn’t it work even better with a real lie detector, rather than an e-meter? Not to see if you’re lying, like in a sec chech, but to gauge more accurately your emotional response to the items in the list. Of course, any of these processes done in an oppressive environment are not going to help anyone. And I agree with Xenu that, once you cut out the junk, there wouldn’t be much left of Scientology.
            I know I’ve posted it before, but here’s a link to a scientific explanation of ‘out of body experiences’ (exteriorization).

            • flunk123

              S. Plum Fairy,
              Thank you for your comment. I enjoyed the Frankl excerpt. It made me think of one of my favorite pieces of music, “Quartet For The End Of Time” – written by Olivier Messiaen while in captivity at Stalag 8-A. It’s in the modern classical style, but it’s got that sumpin’ sumpin’ that grabs you deep inside. I still use the Self Analysis lists. For me, it’s like a brain exercise, a puzzle and a meditation all at once. It is what it is. If I didn’t have that book, I’d write my own book that performs that same function. In fact, it’s similar to something I did a kid anyway. But Hubbard is not my hero. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I am a musician. I am an artist. I hope you understand!

            • I’m glad he’s not your hero, Flunk.. I hope now that you’re out, you’re enjoying your life and having some fun..

              My personal philosophy is analyze less; dance more..

              I’ll check out Messiaen..

            • flunk123

              Plum ! Let me warn you about Messiaen … it ‘s out there. It might make more sense as a soundtrack. I ‘m a musician who likes all kInds of music. As much as LOVE Messiaen’s “Quartet For The End Of Time”, he had other pieces that I can’t make heads or tails of … most people would find it very abstract.

          • Isn’t a whole part of the reason you have ‘wins’ in Scientology’s lower levels due to the ‘high’ you get from auditing? And isn’t a huge part of the reason you have that ‘high’ (beyond the natural sense of relief and catharsis you’d get from therapy, a 12-step meeting or even Catholic confession) due to the hypnotic features of auditing, perhaps even including the minute electrical charge?

            • The electrical charge from the e-meter is so small that it cannot be felt. It is typically measured in millivolts (1/1000 of a volt). You can’t feel a 12-volt direct current go through your skin because the voltage is too low. (You can be killed by 110 volt alternating current, which is the voltage of wall current, at least in the US.) But there is no way that, even if you had done the Sooper Powerz course, you could feel the current used to measure galvanic skin response.

            • flunk123

              Excellent question, Poison Ivy. I wondered about that too, though I think JohnP covered answered it pretty well except for one thing: their is a suggestion at work. One of connectedness. Like Heinlein’s “grok”, there is something to holding the cans which suggests connection and understanding on a level of science fiction future shock. Self Analysis is done early on, usually off the meter. Hubbard called it ‘light auditing”, which is fine with me because I don’t beleive in engrams! I did it on my mom, and she had an epiphany about raising my older sister – she recalled something she hadn’t thought about in 30 years. She was “blown out”. And my mom ain’t no Scientologist!
              It would be easier to show you than to explain it. Martin Gardner was a mathematician and all around “beautiful mind”. He was also an early skeptic and critic of Dianetics. Here’s his take on Self Anslysis: Another recent Hubbard work, called Self Analysis (published in 1951 by the International Library of Arts and Sciences, whatever that is), carries even further Hubbard’s intrepid attempts to produce parodies of his original ideas. This book enables the reader to give himself a “light processing.” The author’s claims, as usual, are quite modest. “Self analysis cannot revive the dead,” he says in his opening sentence. “Self analysis will not empty insane asylums or stop wars. These are the tasks of the dianetic auditor and the group dianetic technician.” The book is written only for stable readers who want to improve their health, happiness, and efficiency. If you are stable enough, there is no danger. Otherwise? “I will not mislead you,” Hubbard confesses. “A man could go mad simply reading this book.”

              Upon inspection, the book seems harmless enough. It consists mainly of page after page of questions which the reader asks himself, such as “Can you recall a time when somebody you liked was asleep?” Or “Can you recall a time when you skipped rope?” To aid the reader in meditating on these episodes, Hubbard provides a cardboard disk with slots cut in it. The disk is placed on the page so that a question shows through one of the slots. If the top of the disk says “sight,” you try to “see” the incident. On the next question you rotate the disk so another “sense” appears on top — say “smell.” You now try to recall the “smell” of the episode. As you can imagine, many curious combinations of senses and memories result from this ingenious process. “Without using the disk,” Hubbard warns, “the benefit of processing is cut more than eighty per cent.” Two disks are provided, one green and one white. “Use the one you like best,” Hubbard says.

            • @Flunk 123. I’m glad you wrote something about that. It is true in the fact that if you are in good shape you do it yourself or you help another. Basically the questions are all positive ones like “remember a time you were happy”, etc, etc. It guides you to recall lots of stuff from your past that’s all, and sure, that gives you the “feel good” for the time being. If you run into a sad episode then it’s a different handling. You don’t really analyze, just recreate or remember. Anyone cn do it without a book.
              Hey, remember how it felt to be high your first time? Oooh, yes was soooo good!
              You get the idea 🙂

            • sugarplumfairy32

              If you ask me, flunk.. you’d be better served to skip the lrh self analysis crap and do some real, old-fashioned soul searching..

              And flunk, why would anyone in their right mind choose to read the daft work of an unschooled, alien-preoccupied blowhard when we have the thoughtful and scholarly works of Maslow, Erikson, Rogers and Victor Frankl, for god’s sake..

              Read an actual masterpiece by a great thinker for a change.. How about “Man’s Search for Meaning?”

              While your hero was accidentally torpedoing Mexico and shirking his duties by whining about his back and his belly in an army hospital bed, Frankl was trying to find meaning while struggling to survive in a nazi concentration camp:

              “…We stumbled on in the darkness, over big stones and through large puddles, along the one road leading from the camp. The accompanying guards kept shouting at us and driving us with the butts of their rifles. Anyone with very sore feet supported himself on his neighbor’s arm. Hardly a word was spoken; the icy wind did not encourage talk. Hiding his mouth behind his upturned collar, the man marching next to me whispered suddenly: “If our wives could see us now! I do hope they are better off in their camps and don’t know what is happening to us.”

              That brought thoughts of my own wife to mind. And as we stumbled on for miles, slipping on icy spots, supporting each other time and again, dragging one another up and onward, nothing was said, but we both knew: each of us was thinking of his wife. Occasionally I looked at the sky, where the stars were fading and the pink light of the morning was beginning to spread behind a dark bank of clouds. But my mindclung to my wife’s image, imagining it with an uncanny acuteness. I heard her answering me, saw her smile, her frank and encouraging look. Real or not, her look was then more luminous than the sun which was beginning to rise.

              A thought transfixed me: for the first time in my life I saw the truth as it is set into song by so many poets, proclaimed as the final wisdom by so many thinkers. The truth – that love is the ultimate and the highest goal to which man can aspire. Then I grasped the meaning of the greatest secret that human poetry and human thought and belief have to impart: The salvation of man is through love and in love. I understood how a man who has nothing left in this world still may know bliss, be it only for a brief moment, in the contemplation of his beloved. In a position of utter desolation, when man cannot express himself in positive action, when his only achievement may consist in enduring his sufferings in the right way—an honorable way—in such a position man can, through loving contemplation of the image he carries of his beloved, achieve fulfillment. For the first time in my life I was able to understand the meaning of the words, “The angels are lost in perpetual contemplation of an infinite glory…”

              Now tell me how great lrh is..

    • InTheNameOfXenu

      Only the indie schmucks will by that book. He’s only trying to make a living by selling his books which will in turn get him more clients to audit at his casablanca.
      By the way, sorry to hear that you experienced fair-gaming from that rat turd.
      He’s going through it now, so karma is a bitch.

      • Getting clients is secondary imo. Getting someone to jump over the fence is primary and hope some will do that.

    • Mrs. Libnish

      What did he do to you? And I agree, he should apologize. Although, from the sounds of it, he will be apologizing to people until his dying day. It was his “job” but someday you have to make amends.

      • I think when you have harmed so many people – some even unknown to you – that there are the amends you can physically make (aka “I’m sorry Marc Headley, to have ever harmed you or your lovely family”) and the amends you have to make virtually, as living amends (as in “I’m now devoting my life to shutting down the evil practices of Scientology in which I was a willing participant for so many years.”) I hate when Marty gets all LRH-apologetic and hate it even more when he shuts down legitimate critics on his site (with a “lalalala I can’t hear you” attitude)…but I do believe what he is doing is a form of living amends, despite the fact that I’m sure he knows there are many who will never forgive him. Just sayin’ sometimes just taking a stand against the bad shit you used to do is the best anyone can do by way of retribution.

        • PIH – Me thinks you see very clearly!

        • q-bird

          well thank you for this thoughtful reasonable response PoisonIvy ~ you call for Compassion & Empathy here ~ an important & gentle reminder ~ Kind Regards.

  • victoria

    At least Matt Feshbach saved that little boys life with superpowers. And superpower will be availible for all next year, that’s a promise. This IS 2006 isn’t it?

    “He had just finished his perceptics training and was at the Los Angeles airport, preparing to fly home to the Tampa Bay area. He stood at a crosswalk with perhaps 20 others, including a woman and her son, an antsy boy 6 or 7 years old.

    As the light turned green, the boy bolted into the street, ahead of his mother. Feshbach perceived a pickup bearing down on the boy, driven by a young woman.

    He yelled and saved the boy’s life by a quarter of an inch, he said.

    Coincidence? Feshbach doesn’t think so. No one else saw the pickup, he says. He believes that, through the Super Power program, he elevated his perceptive abilities beyond those of the others at that crosswalk. His enhanced perceptions have played out numerous times since, he said.”

    • Hey, let’s give some credit where it’s due. That’s from a 2006 Tampa Bay Times story by Robert Farley…

      • victoria

        My links haven’t been going through!

      • mattekudasi

        Speaking of credit, thanks Tony for using my comment as inspiration for today’s topic. You made my day!
        Miscavige Corp. would like us to forget about the once important players on their team. They are sadly mistaken.

        • Thanks to you for your vigilance!

          • mattekudasi

            You are very welcome!

            • Yes, cheers, Matt! “You can’t erase people!” is an important stand to take!

    • sugarplumfairy32

      Maybe Matt ought to put some of those super powers to work and help them get that super powers building up and running.. jeez.. six years later..

      That kid he saved will be graduating college soon (unless, of course, his mom and dad are scientologists) and it still won’t be open..

      • PreferToBeAnon2

        As I reported in my last Roundup, Matt is now too busy providing stem cell therapy treatment in the Bahamas. There was no mention of touch assists or super powers on the website. 🙂…thew-feshbach/

    • Sherbet

      His perceptive abilities should have warned him about his father’s impending heart attack, so he could have sought medical care proactively. I’m not trying to make light of a death, but it just goes to show how stupor powerz fall short of the advertised wonderfulness.

      • questioneverything

        Or why won’t he even save his own child (Katie Feshbach) from being thrown in ‘the hole’ in LA. Oh ya, I forgot, she’s there to help save the planet.

    • He “perceived” a pick-up? Meaning he saw or heard a truck nearby and was able to determine through normal analysis that the truck was moving in the direction of the boy and that it was going to fast to stop in time.

      Goddamnit, I swear Scientologists are the best spin doctors in the known universe.

  • Sherbet

    What am I not understanding? Tommy D did the cos’s bidding. Why did he fall from favor?

    • PeggyToo

      When did DM ever need a reason to get slappy, throw someone in the ‘hole’ or basically kick them out of Scn. Tommy probably looked at him the wrong way.

      • Sherbet

        Yeah, but he was a good little robot and said all the right things. He also looked the part: “I’m a successful man with well-tailored suits, and I owe it all to scientology.”

        • Observer

          Maybe it was his admission that if LRH had lied about his experiences in the war then Scientology really is crap (my paraphrase).

          • I really think that was it. It was a public expression of doubt about LRH and about Scn. It expressed in a concise way how one could detect that Hubbard and his “tech” were a fraud from the beginning. Because he was the spokesman, it, in a sense, authorized scientologists to look at hubbard’s claims and on the basis of one fundamental lie he told about curing himself, discard all of Scientology. That could not be forgiven.

            • It doesn’t necessarily read that way. In fact it’s a near-perfect echo of the Christian version (and here I excerpt from an old Easter hymn): “Had Christ, who once was slain, ne’er burst His three-day prison, our faith had been in vain. But now hath Christ arisen!” It’s an expression of faith, not doubt—if the miracle hadn’t happened, then this would all be nonsense… but it DID happen (though the SPs and psychs tell you otherwise).

              And the teariness… have you ever watched a true-believing evangelical Christian wax rapsodic? Same deal. If/when he actually wakes up, he’ll have more of an “encounter with Sweeney redux” look about him.

        • sugarplumfairy32

          Or maybe because he allowed himself to be taped threatening Shane Clark with disconnection from his family for working with Marc Headley?

          Any number of outcomes negative to co$ can be blamed on tommy davis or anyone else miscabbage decides to serve up as scapegoat du jour.. Would you care for some freshly ground pepper with that?

          • sugarplumfairy32

            Actually, I don’t buy that he was thrown out.. I think he was punished once too often and decided to get while the gettin’ was good..

            • victoria

              Maybe when Jessica he got a couple of good nights sleep in a chair at the hospital. Then he had a decent meal, and came out of his trance.

            • Sherbet

              That’s my guess, too, and Jessica’s illness provided a perfect, face-saving opportunity.

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        sounds like a song: “Don’t Worry, Get Slappy”

    • Capt. Howdy

      He did it badly. Compare Tommy to Rinder. Under pressure, Tommy would turn into a prissy hissy little rich boy — which is what he is apparently.– and stamp his feet, and his voice would get more fey and BAM, footbullet time.

      • Sherbet

        I thought that was what cos and cob wanted, intimidation personified, someone to scare away the serious questions. I guess I’m still learning.

        • Capt. Howdy

          Don’t get me wrong, Me and everybody else thought Tommy was the bomb. He provided more comedy gold than Rinder or Heber could ever dream of and he will be missed . But you can only more or less admit to the existence of Xenu, say that LRH/ scientology could be a fraud and get taped by Larry Anderson saying disconnection is church policy…so many
          times, ya know ? I’m surprised DM didn’t R2-45 his ass a few
          years back.

          • mattekudasi

            That sounds “closer to fine” (Indigo Girls) Capt Howdy.
            Tommy opened his mouth and inserted his foot once too often.
            Hell, Miscavige never spoke publically to the wog world after his failed interview with Ted Kopple. Hate to admit it but Miscavige does sometimes learn from his mistakes.

    • Rene

      I think it was because he messed up in an interview– he said Scientology would be a fraud if Hubbard didn’t heal his war injuries with Dianetics. And we all know Hubbard didn’t have any war injuries to heal.

      • Here’s the interview with Lawrence Wright on NPR where Mr. Wright goes over that statement by Tommy Davis as the Ecclesiastical SpokesPerson for the Scientology Religion.

        This is also one of Tommy’s greatest hits.

        • By the way…..

          In addition to Tony Ortega’s book about Scientology (which I can’t wait to buy dozens of copies of), doesn’t Lawrence Wright have a book coming out about Scientology soon, too?

          • TheHoleDoesNotExist

            January 2013 last I heard.

        • WhereIsSHE

          Thanks for the link, Alanzo.
          I have serious doubts that Tommy Davis is no longer a True Believer or that he voluntarily opted to get “busted” from his “post” as PR MAN Numero Uno.
          I think it’s more likely that he was “handled” via demotion and some promises of who-knows-what (since he clearly does not need anyone to “show [him] the money!”) in exchange for the (alleged-via-Marty) NDA.

          Not only was the article you linked fascinating, but out of the comments section, I happened upon the best (well, actually, the ONLY) real explanation of OTIII and the “Wall of Fire” I have heard to date.
          I’m sure this is old news for many here, but for the others who share my curiosity:

          • Capt. Howdy

            WIS, your link doesn’t work cuz it’s so long it’s running off the page. I found through trial and error if it’s a really long link, it’s best to load it again through the google search page, and the page that comes up will have a shorter address link. Like this:


            So that’s what Fishman looks like ? Too bad I know he’s been busted telling shore stories, cuz now I’m not sure to believe anything he says.

            • Capt. Howdy

              Wot the hell ? So much for being clever . Derp !

  • I heard once that Tommy Davis was so dedicated to Scientology, that when he joined the Sea Org, he got the Sea Org symbol tattooed onto his arm.

    This, of course, was found to be an unauthorized use of the trademarks and service marks of the Scientology Religion, a Suppressive Act, so Davis had to have the tattoo removed.

    Which he did.

    The following is one of Tommy’s greatest hits, absolutely one of my favorites. This is a fully on-the-record recording of Tommy speaking to the assembled team of journalists and lawyers at the St. Petersburg Times about Marty Rathbun’s “downfall” from the top levels of the Church of Scientology around the time that their “Truth Rundown” series was published.

    It shows how blind you become to yourself and to your own actions, and to everything around you, when you let an ideology like Scientology do your thinking for you.

    • WhereIsSHE

      It would probably take the reality of hearing other former Co$ members testify in court, in a criminal, jury trial to wake up someone whose brain has been washed and rinsed on the re-repeat-repeat cycle.
      A long shot, but.. it does happen from time to time:

      I hope the only one left standing by Miscavige at the very end is his “Big-Being” Bitch, Tom Cruise.

    • That video was SUPER! Thanks Alanzo
      “God Damn”, Tommy is angry. “Marty admitted to it” the beating and “that was part of his downfall”.
      Well at least he admitted to it, like DMud would NEVER admit to anything.

    • Sherbet

      That language and anger from the spokesman of a church! How very devout. And the implicit logic: “Yes, the beatings went on, but it wasn’t us! It was that soon-to-be apostate Rathbun. Yes, I suppose we could have called the police on him, but then they would have found out the truth. Uh, woops! Forget I said that.”

    • Wow, that video piece was exceptionally well done! Great use of graphics, size and movement; pacing, music, background video…I give it an A!
      Good ol’ Tommy, using that Tone 40!

    • MissWog

      THANK YOU ALANZO! I’ve heard what I think was the same recording but with a few extra seconds where Tommy is rattling off names of witnesses…
      Where can we hear the whole or longer version of the interview? Ant ideas?

  • banchuka

    It would be fun to do a ‘where are they now’ of Scn, Inc. spokesclams and public faces. Leisa Goodman, Brian Anderson, Elaine Seigel, Benetta Slaughter, John Carmichael (off the top of my head) — there are more than enough to make a really snaky conga line.

    This also reminds me of the “Marty and Warrens’ Excellent Adventure” back in 2005, about when Scn, Inc. was disappearing Marty Rathbun and Warren McShane from websites:
    I’d sure like to see Marty’s comments about that now.

    • Benetta Slaughter was recently listed as a St. Louis Ideal Org contributor so I’m assuming she’s living there now. I know she worked at Applied Scholastics a while back but have no idea if she still does.

      • TomatoThetan

        Don’t know how accurate it is, but she has a wikipedia page that says she now lives in Memphis:

        • Reading some of the newer conspiracy theory items on the Lisa McPherson death, it seems that Benetta may have some karma comeuppance on her hands, big time.

  • A big thing I notice is the loss in experiance personnel. This has been taking a devastating toll. With all the long time members that have left recently a lot of people are being promoted prematurely. These newer and younger people just don’t have the know how, or discipline to pull this scam off much longer.
    TonyOrtega & Anonymous >>> FTW

  • Mith

    My thoughts on that:

    I think it’s right what Rinder says: Tommy and his wife are independently wealthy, They are not exactly in the same situation as Headley, Scobee, Christman, Rinder himself and all the others were, who didn’t have any reserves they could draw on after leaving the CoS. Let’s not forget that Tommy is the son of a well known actress and was a close friend of Tom Cruise, allegedly the world’s biggest moviestar. Davis isn’t exactly a person you could meet in a random bar, have a drink with and talk to about god knows what. That may never happen. He was and is living in a perfect bubble, which shields him from our reality. So, I am not sure if he cares at all about what we think of him. But let’s give it a try.

    I like Jason Beghe very much – I think he is the exact positive opposite to Tom Cruise and other “big stars”. He seems to care about the common people, too. Tommy should have left with Jason. He clearly is a better friend than Cruise or DM can ever be.

    Tommy was mentally and physically abused in the CoS. It will take time to heal. I don’t think he want’s to spend the rest of his life with doing nothing but travel around. But currently it seems like an good idea. See other places, meet new people and experience other cultures may help to cure the wounds his body and soul suffered from in CoS. Maybe he’ll understand that he can’t just walk away as if nothing ever happened. What goes around, comes around. He has to take responsibility for what he did – or didn’t do. I think he then could find redemption, forgiveness and real friendship. But it’s his turn now.

    So, Tommy, what are you going to do? You could be a real hero, not just an actor who imitates a hero like Cruise does in every f-ing movie he is in, you’re better than that. Show them that they underestimated you and the things you could do to them. You’re not a tool. You’re not their property. They have no power over you!

  • Wow, Tommy, bummer about Sea Org logo tattoo. From forum:

    Tommy did not have just any tattoo, he had the Sea Org symbol on his bicep. He was dedicated to this group. Back then I thought that was the most brilliant tattoo as you weren’t going to get tired of that on your arm, hell it would still be appropriate in a Billion years.

    Now since Tommy was the Senior Vice-Pres CCI at the time he went everywhere celebs were, every Maiden Voyage and he and Susan (Pres CCI) were there. Well the story goes from James, and confirmed by Tommy; one day Tommy was up with his shirt off on the Sun deck of the Freewinds and Dave is doing his rounds with the public and he sees Tommy there with this new tattoo. Let’s just say he was not too happy with little Tommy and asked him, “Did you get IA (Issue Authority) for that?” See Tommy forgot that symbol was trademarked by RTC, oops!

    Well the next few months Tommy was on the cans with RTC for that little mistake and up came a few others.

    If you scroll down on this page, you’ll see a photo of Tommy, his SO tat, and TomKat:

    • Wow, that’s messed up. I assumed that was a joke about the Sea Org tattoo. Given that we’re talking about Scientology I should have known better…

    • Sherbet

      Hey, he’s lucky he wasn’t instructed to have his entire arm removed for that trademark infringement.

    • Observer

      As possessive as DM is of his slave labor, I’m surprised he doesn’t have them all branded with the Texas state seal … er, Sea Org emblem as soon as they join.

      • Heh. I’m surprised he doesn’t tattoo his face on the forehead of every exec in The Hole so they know he’s watching them every time they lookin the mirror.

    • I can just imagine the love-hate/kiss-kill emotions (if you can call them that) Tommy Davis must’ve engendered in COB. Tommy Davis is – tall, good looking, young, to the manor-born and privileged. And I’m guessing, perhaps even a little educated? And Tommy Davis doesn’t even mumble! Everything that that DM is not. He’s got a wealthy family (and wealthier in-laws) on whom DM is forced to kiss up somewhat. And he’s quite functional as a pretty face and glibly articulate voice of the cult.
      Ergo, I’ll bet Davey put Tommy through his own private hell. Probably as bad as the MR’s went through – but not as obvious or egregious in case Tommy went running to Mommy. Probably more psy-ops than beatings…which could in many ways be much worse.

      • Mith

        That’s what I thought, too. The dreadful midget must be very jealous of what Tommy has. And it’s a pitty he dropped out from Columbia. It is simply not true that the world doesn’t need another doctor or lawyer – imagine you could be the one who find a way to cure Cancer (Oh, the irony) or the one who put the evil cult down in court. I also could see him being an actor like his mom and her parents. He has the looks and probably the talent to do that. A lot of people called him a Tom-Cruise-Wannabe but boy, he could be a lot better than one-facial-expression-Cruise. So far as I can see Scientology has ruined everything for him. It’s sad that he doesn’t seem to realize that.

        I’m pretty sure it’s a love-hate-thingy as you described it. Maybe a sort of dealing with an unreachable father-figure he wants to please but can’t. Don’t know. You can not reach this ideal because it is getting higher and higher above you every time you reach out to it. It‘s just all in your head, but it takes time to realize that. And I agree,he must have been mentally abused by the tiny terror. DM surely told him that he wasn’t good enough despite of all things he has in life. Without doubt he was jealous of Tommy’s friendship with TC and decided to break it up and take his place. So why did Tommy allow him to do that? I think it’s an addiction and the drug is Scientology. DM is the leader. That means he is the one who knows best all the time. He holds the key to salvation – or damnation. Tommy is (or was) a true believer. I think he wasn’t lying when he told Seymour that he sees him as a „spiritual being“. He was sincere.

        But the real key to spiritual fulfillment is to find who you really are. Do something that you really love to do. Sing, dance, paint pictures, do some gardening… whatever you like. But do it because YOU want to do it. As long as no other beings are harmed.

        I hope he comes to his senses and realizes that he has the power to put the cult down and to throw the tiny tormentor into jail. No NDA stands above the law.

        To Tommy: You’re young enough to turn your life around. Go back to University or become an actor. Don’t forget what you did and never let this happen to you and others again, apologize to those you‘ve harmed and turn back to be the good person you were before, just as Jason described you.

    • elar aitch

      Pretty sure that’s James Packer with TomKat at TD in that pic

  • Who can forget the famous Tommy Davis’ answer to the question why the spikes at Hemet are facing inwards. I just love it how he said it with his cute and innocent face “that’s just how they were installed”. Just be beautiful and shut up, Tommy.

    • “Just be beautiful and shut up, Tommy.”

      He should have been a “Scientology model” instead of “spokesman”. Hehe.

      • When I read your comment, Derek, I flashed on the image of Tommy Davis in a long evening gown, basically working as the equivalent of Vanna White on “Wheel of Fortune.” She basically the letters (and ultimately, words) that other people have written and gets all the applause or the criticism for it. I am sure he’d look smashing in something by Vera Wang with some cute Badgley Mischka heels.

        • “Wheel of Suppression” the answer is the name of the next person to be declared an SP. Instead of money it’s how much time you get shaved off your RPF sentence.

          “5 days. Hmm..I’ll take a G. I’d like to buy a vowel: U. 6 days… I’ll take an L.”

          • Lurkness

            I would like to solve… GULAG. Also known as the home to the RPF,

    • TrustMeOnThis

      Wow, missed that one!
      Now they have really scary spikes which face both ways. 🙁 I’m sure you’ve all seen this already, but here is the cite, thanks to the fabulous AGP:

      • The guard on there looks like Agent Smith.

        And with those motion detectors, I would love to be there when a squirrel crawls through the fence at 3am. It would be a full blown invasion drill. Everyone out of bed, uniforms on, lights everywhere, intruder alerts going off. I can just picture it now.

  • I found Anne Archer to be dumb as a red brick, and watching her son’s idiot activities showed me the genes got passed right on down. So they’re rich, well woo hoo. Won’t save them. Couple of old Biblical passages come to mind – The wages of sin are death. Gain the world but lose your soul. – There’s your life, Tommy and Jessica.

    • mattekudasi

      Here’s another: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Re: Anne Archer, I remember an interview where Anne and her Hubby were questioned on scientology’s ability to teach people how to communicate effectively. While they were answering how wonderful the practices were the interviewer noted (to the readers) how they were constantly interrupting each other. Mmmm sure, I’m convinced.

    • schockenawd

      Anne Archer is the queen of snooty and indignant in the Scn-related interviews I’ve seen/read. “DO I LOOK BRAINWASHED TO YOU?” she demanded of John Sweeney. I’d be so interested to know if she’s changed her tune at all given the turn of events involving her son and his wife. (BTW Anne, the answer is, why yes, you do.)

      And speaking of uppity celebrity Scientologists, did I read correctly today that Tom Cruise has filed a defamation action against the publisher of In Touch magazine for daring to suggest that he has “abandoned” (read: disconnected from) his daughter, Suri? That oughta be an interesting fight. Tom, are you really gonna get on the stand and testify that you have flouted the disconnection mandate of your precious “church”? Or are you going to try and testify with a straight face, ala Tommy Davis, that disconnection doesn’t exist? Which?

  • Tye Solaris

    Those Billion Year Sea Org contracts just don’t seem to have much of a shelf life.

    I forget what year it is… Sea Org is on A.D. Time….After Dianetics.. Ron had to “handle” the problem of time keeping… After all, Jesus

    Tommy & Jessica should be in ‘The Hole’…
    Oh wait, that never existed either!

    • Tye Solaris

      Jesus never existed.


    • Scientologists don’t believe in time. Which is ironic considering that you sign a contract for a “billion years”.

      • Tye Solaris


        Ron said “time is a lie”.

        So, why the “Time Contract” of a billion years?

        Probably had some hopes of making it enforceable in the Courts….

        Marty would likely say it is just a metaphor… Hubbard was a great kidder.

      • Bury the Nuts

        Scientology is all about Ironic!

  • Dear Tommy Davis:

    It is truly a pity if you are still a “true believer” who cowers in the shadows as a broken being that cannot stand up for what he believes in due to the oppressive PTS Type III acts of your former master, David Miscavige.

    You could be the next Debbie Cook, and reclaim your own personal integrity that DM stole from you by speaking up about what happens to those closest to the little tyrant ruining your church. You could also put a serious dent in the cash flow that feeds the insanity ruining everything Hubbard supposedly stood for by telling the world the truth about what goes on behind the scenes in the exec strata. You might even be able help prevent others from suffering the destruction of their lives at the hands of the megalomaniac who calls himself COB.

    Don’t choose cowardly silence over standing up for what you believe in. The longer you keep your mouth shut, the longer you enable the criminal atrocities to continue. That makes you just as despicable and degraded as Miscavige himself. Is that what you really want your Sea Org career to stand for? Do you really want to fade away after all those years of service, just to go down in history as the mouthpiece of a raging lunatic who destroyed the public image of your religion? Debbie Cook salvaged her personal integrity, stared down the inner evil within the Sea Org and got the case against her dropped. If she can do it, you can too. Or you can remain silent and keep channeling power to enable Miscavige’s destruction of everything you believe in.

    The choice is yours, you can do the right thing or you can turn a blind eye to what you left behind and allow it to continue. I for one hope that someday you find the decency to rise above being enslaved by a degraded being and reclaim your stolen freedom to set the record straight about what Miscavige does to your fellow Sea Org members from his gilded throne.

  • wannabeclear

    I actually looked at the spokesidiot page as recently as last week and Tommy and Jessica were still on there, so this is VERY recent.

    Tommy has been an uber-douche but so have many, many other people before they’ve left. And it seems that since Tommy has been in since he was a kid, but also coddled because he’s the son of a $cilon celebrity, he’s probably been shielded from some of the hardships and abuse that people like Marc and Claire have suffered. But, if Jason Beghe is right, the core of who Tommy was as a teenager, may still be in there somewhere.

    My hope is that time away from the stress and madness will help Tommy change his tune. He has not been declared, he’s not been disconnected and will likely still get inside information from those close to him. He may have “routed out properly,” he may have signed a (possibly unenforceable) NDA, and he may still be a true believer, but time out of the hothouse and with a wife who may be gravely ill could change his perspective on a lot of things.

    I guess I’m just an optimist, but stranger things have happened. Many a true believer has become either an outspoken indie or an outspoken critic. Only time will tell…

  • Tommy Davis, the best leader Anonymous ever had.

  • Heather G

    Tommy Davis is the leader of Anonymous.

  • Jefferson Hawkins

    I knew Tommy’s days were numbered. It was well-known at the Int Base that anyone who stepped up to a position of responsibility would inevitably get axed by Miscavige. So they had a very hard time getting anyone to step up to executive positions. Sociopaths (and cult leaders) cannot be wrong. So if there are any failures (and Scientology is nothing but fail these days) they had to be blamed on someone. Anyone who steps up knows that inevitably they will become the target of Miscavige’s blame. Executives who have “survived” at the Base (meaning they are still there, in whatever condition) learned how to suck it up and pander to Miscavige (like Yager and Lesevre). And even they were removed from positions of responsibility and imprisoned. Scientology’s PR is such a train wreck that anyone taking the position of Spokesperson has a short life span. I suspect Karin Pouw is just a name they use for releases written by a rotating group of anonymous writers (or written by Miscavige himself). That’s why you won’t see her on camera anytime soon. I see they are grooming a couple of new Spokespeople. I hope these new people realize that their days are numbered too.

    • tessa

      Right. And the days of Miscavige are numbered too.

  • bosonstark

    Holy Xenu, when you think about all of Tommy’s major foot bullets, he must have been so well liked by the scilebrities (well, Jason liked him) it balanced out for the cult, or so Miscavige thought.

    Imagine if Rinder had made that comment to Wright? He would have been sent to the RPF for the next billion years. Rinder never let the truth come out like that on TV, and that’s why he was a better cult spokesliarhole, even if he was so boring people would switch the channel the moment he opened his mouth.

    Although there are a handful of clips of Rinder lying his ass off for the cult, from the pre-YouTube era, Tommy gets the prize for being the YouTube-era cult fool.

    When Bashir asked Tommy about Xenu, he was supposed to deftly switch the topic (redirection) to the scam’s “social betterment programs” or other such rot, not have a hissy fit and walk out.

    Besides having all the personality of wet cardboard, Karin Pouw can’t appear partly because some news person might ask her what happened to Tommy. They can’t say he left to take care of his sick wife, because Hubbard cuckoo is supposed to keep you healthy. They can’t say he’s “working non-stop,” because obviously, he’s left the “Sea Org.”

  • Xenu

    One nobody’s mentioned, which made a big impression on me, was that interview where Tommy had a black eye. It wasn’t that I didn’t expect DM to punch Tommy in the face, like he does to all his minions, it was that he’d leave an obvious mark when Tommy’d be going on camera.

    In a quiet sort of way, that one was up there with screaming at the BBC, semi-admitting that Dianetics was a fraud, and that Xenu is official dogma.

    • He did an interview with a black eye? So bad makeup couldn’t cover it?

  • Marty Rugburn

    My fave is when Tommyboy described the RPF as “a voluntary, religious retreat”.

    Tommy, did you personally experience the retreatness of it?


    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      I hope the son of a bitch is haunted by memories of their screams and moans. Every. Friggin’. Night.

  • Are they “bitter, defrocked apostates”?

    • Funny, when I was in $cientology, I was never frocked. Maybe they tried, but it didn’t happen. I’d like to see a $cientologist who’s been frocked. David Miscavige is rich with swindled money, he could probably go frock himself. Tom Cruise could frock himself, too. I’m sure John Travolta has been frocked repeatedly, by all kinds of people, because I saw “Hairspray” and know how he loves frocks. Obviously, Kirstie Alley has been frocked, because that’s the only thing that will fit. Jenna Elfman is kind of skinny, though, she’s probably a frocking nightmare. What $cientology is sorely missing is a Frock Report – who can remedy this?

      • One thing’s certain: no one frocks with skippress! He ain’t frockin’ around for nobody! In order to be defrocked, you have to let them frock you first. Just like Homie the Clown, skippress don’t play that!

        Just playin’ skippress! You know I wuv you! 🙂

        • Frock me, Choc, the luv be ovahwhelmin!

          • Yes — the Chocolate Velvet frock would surely blow yo’ mind, honey. And so on…

            There are so many ways to run with that.

            Skippress, you bring out the silly in me. You are so serious and surly sometimes. I like your funny side…

            • Sherbet

              Get a room, you two.

      • Bury the Nuts

        Skip, I think you just did 🙂

  • CharlieWaters

    Different members of the CoS cause me to have different emotions. With Tom Cruise, I experience dismay. With Kendrick Moxon, I feel disgust. With David Miscavige, I have nothing but contempt.

    With Tommy Davis, however, I always feel sympathy. This is someone who left an Ivy League education to devote his life to the CoS and become, as Mike Rinder put it, “Miscavige’s sockpuppet.” I often wonder how much pressure was put on him to do this. At the same time, I wonder if he even had a chance at all of being his own person. For all his trouble and hard work as being the official Scientology “spokes-stooge”, in which he oftentimes looked like a bonehead, I wonder how many times he was actually thanked and appreciated for his dedication.

    I also wonder how many times Davis has asked himself, “I left Columbia for this?!?”

    I don’t care how independently wealthy you are; no amount of money can buy off a regret like that.

    In this youtube video Hollywood cultists react to Tommy Davis “routing out.”

    • I actually find this difficult to watch. It doesn’t seem too different from Scientology tactics.

      • sugarplumfairy32

        I don’t have a prob with anything I’ve seen so far that AGP has posted.. Yeah, he’s angry.. but whenever I’ve seen him protest, he’s always been fairly respectful, seriously funny and he always tells the truth.. And not in that scientological ‘as many men, as many truths’ way.. Check out his website and see what co$ has done to him.. There is no comparison..

        • He’s funny & snarky, sure; but I don’t like the idea of harassing Sea Org members and everyday staff. I just don’t like it in principle. These kids are victims as much as anyone. I like the idea of Anonymous protests with signs and information that is helpful…that might just seep into a little cracked in the SeaOrgers indoctrinated brains.

          • sugarplumfairy32

            As long as he’s not hurtful, I’m ok with it.. It might be the only truth they hear.. He’s clever and entertaining and if he piques their interest, maybe they’ll get online and check out the things he mentions..

            Some of these ‘kids’ have been in for 30 years and spend their long working days recruiting other people’s kids.. Co$ reps use every dirty trick they’re taught to intimidate and coerce others into coughing up cash.. I say whatever it takes to get their attention..They need a wake up call, not TLC..

    • sugarplumfairy32

      I lovvvvvve you, Angry Gay Pope.. especially, “my attorney informs me that dianetics..” Stay strong..

    • Capt. Howdy

      Ha Ha Pope, it seems the scilons are finally starting to warm up to you. And Franks back ! I liked the intro. I was just listening to “Carpenters Gold” the other night. Pope, do you think you could do another video with the sexy scientologist stress test girl ?

    • hermesacat

      On the Angry Gay Pope’s blog, angrygaypopeDOTcom, there’s a pic of Tommy Davis captioned “Gay Scientologist.” That rumour’s new to me, that Davis may be another Travolta, closeted-ly gay in a homophobic church.

    • correna

      awwww AGP Mi Amore; I really loved the hand puppet! <3

    • Ha ha, nice one Mr Pope!

      I’ve mentioned this before but I think one question that would really screw with the Ronbots’ heads is “have you seen the Tom Cruise and David Miscavige sex tape yet?” … all you have to do is google it… I’m sure you coulld come up with endless ad-libs … “come on, aren’t you curious how big he is?”…. “who do you think’s top?” …. surely even the most indoctrinated scion peon would burn with curiosity

      lulz! keep it up!

  • Rollo Tomasi

    Watching the Bashir clip, the BBC clip and other assorted YouTube walks down memory lane for Tommy Davis almost makes me feel sorry for the little prick. Sure, he is a douche bag of the highest order, but being the spokesperson or media contact for the CO$ is like being Pol Pot’s Director of Media Relations – there really can be no upside.

  • What is there really to say about all this?

    Of course he left and of course they removed him from the website. Tommy spent most of his life defending the church against perceived “attacks” and “enemies”. He wouldn’t give up on that cause so easily. If he is “out” of the Sea Org, it’s probably because he screwed up somehow and he’s probably working hard at going back “in”.

    I am sorry for him and Jessica if she is ill. That is terrible and should never happen to anyone and I sincerely hope she recovers and that she seeks competent medical care instead of “auditing” and “PTS handling”.

    He should have been the Scientology underwear model because he was a terrible spokesman. Although how can you really have a “good” spokesman for the Church of Scientology. It would be like trying to hire a PR firm to represent Iran or North Korea. There’s just no spin you can put on it to make it sound “good” or “legitimate”.

    I bet he is regretting that Sea Org tattoo right about now.

    Though unlikely, I hope he comes to his senses and ditches Scientology. I am sure he has been privy to enough of the lies and unethical activities of the church. He knows that what the media is reporting is all true to some degree and he knows that he is telling bald-faced lies to the media. I find it sincerely hard to believe that someone could maintain “religious” beliefs in the face of such things but stranger things have happened.


    Wherever you are, you rich bastard, just know that there are many Sea Org members who are not as comfortable as you. Sea Org members who would be left with nothing and nowhere to go if they ditched the Sea Org like you did, You are one of the lucky few who had an escape route.

    However, thank you for showing the true nature of Scientology to the world in those interviews. It is an angry, hateful, intolerant and abusive corporate empire who’s goal is nothing more than consuming and holding onto as much money as possible.

    • I’m not sure which is more lame: a tattoo of the Sea Org logo or the guy who was such a fan of Microsoft’s “Zune,” their short-lived MP3 player that was supposed to kill the iPod a few years back, that he had the Zune logo tattooed onto his arm. Either way, you’re backing a losing player.

    • How about this as a potential “amends” for Tommy – put $100,000 into a fund for destitute ex-Sea Org members, and use your intelligence, charm & PR skills to raise more monies for the fund. What a life’s purpose for you, Tommy! To do something really meaningful with your life and skill set!

  • Pingback: Tommy Davis wurde nun auch offiziell von Scientology abgeschafft … | Blog gegen Scientology()

  • Pingback: Tommy Davis wurde nun auch offiziell von Scientology abgeschafft … « Blog gegen Scientology …()

  • PeggyToo

    Cruise files $50M suit against magazine publisher

    Associated Press – 21 mins agoEmailSharetweetShare0PrintLOS ANGELES (AP) —

    An attorney for Tom Cruise said he filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit Wednesday against the publishers of Life & Style magazine for articles that said the actor has abandoned his 6-year-old daughter, Suri.

    Cruise’s attorney, Bert Fields said to falsely claim the actor deserted his daughter is a “vicious lie.”

    “Tom is a caring father who dearly loves Suri. She’s a vital part of his life and always will be,” Fields said. “To say it in lurid headlines with a tearful picture of Suri is reprehensible.”

    The lawsuit was filed in a Los Angeles federal court.

    An email message left for a spokeswoman for Bauer Publishing, which produces Life & Style, was not immediately returned.

    Cruise and Suri’s mother, Katie Holmes, were divorced earlier this year. They had been married for six years. The breakup has been tabloid fodder, and Suri often appears in entertainment magazines.

    Cruise doesn’t like to file lawsuits but felt it was appropriate because “sleaze peddlers” are trying to make money about the actor’s relationship with his daughter, Fields said.

    “These serial defamers are foreign-owned companies with their global headquarters in Hamburg,” Fields said. “They take money from unsuspecting Americans by selling their malicious garbage. Having to pay a libel judgment may slow them down.”

    If Cruise prevails, Fields said his client would give the money to charity.

    • I am surprised that they filed this suit, given that there are a lot of outlets that have run similar stories. Consider that National Enquirer ran the story about how Cruise’s house was an unhappy home — and attorney Bert Fields promised compensatory damages “in the hundreds of millions of dollars.” This is small potatoes by comparison.

      Why sue a second-rate title like “Life & Style”? I’m guessing it’s because it’s owned by a German company. I would be interested to see if Bauer Publishing is the same company that owned a German tabloid that Cruise successfully sued years ago for printing a story that said he’s sterile… I think they’re aiming for an organization that will settle quickly to send a message to everyone else. (I don’t know what libel laws are like in Germany so I don’t know if it is easier to win than in the US, like it is when suing for libel in the UK.)

      Anyway, I would be interested to see what people with some background in this sort of law would say about what’s going on behind the scenes with this one.

      • Dee Fogger

        The suit was filed in Federal Court in Los Angeles so U.S defamation law will be used. Highly unlikely for a public figure like TC to win a suit like this, particularly if he can’t prove that he has seen his daughter during the time in question. Just a really difficult case to prove on defamation grounds.

        • Dee Fogger

          And the “invasion of privacy” claim is utterly laughable. I hope the magazine’s lawyers pull in the cult disconnection policy that could get interesting.

      • Bea

        From what I can gather Germany has very strict defamation laws (part of its post war legacy of addressing the kind of hate speeches popular before and during WWII). There have a number of recent successful “tourist” libel cases in Germany with a steady year on year increase in the number being heard. The UK has tried to address “tourist” cases by questioning more rigorously whether they should be heard in their jurisdiction. I believe the test is easier in Germany. The article has to appear only once in the German press for it to be heard. With the Internet it is becoming ever more difficult of control access to information and Google has been dragged through the courts too in Germany for hosting blogs with defamatory material. But I am no expert! This is just what I have pulled together from doing a quick online search.

        • If the libel laws in Germany are more stringent than the UK, than that’s trouble. I’m struggling with an issue on a novel being published in the UK right now and for an American used to first amendment protection for fiction (esp. satire), it’s mind-boggling. Writers and publishers in the UK hate the libel laws and all the libel tourism that comes with them. If Germany is worse…watch out.
          However wasn’t this suit filed in the US? If so it isn’t libel tourism. It’s based on US libel laws.
          I wrote this on the Rodeo site – from my experience with these laws, invasion of privacy is near impossible for a celebrity to prove unless there’s a home break-in or illegal revelation of sealed documents, medical records, etc. So I’m guessing that they are going after Suri’s privacy. She is a minor child, not a public figure, and the photo on the cover was clearly a candid pap photo taken without permission. Judges in the US frown on these things; innocent children being used for exploitation that could potentially harm them later in life. As for the libel, if “child abandonment” is the accusation and that is a crime, then they are falsely accusing Tom Cruise of a crime – since I’m assuming he’s paying his child support, talking to his kid on the phone or skypeing and sending presents in lieu of his actual physical presence in her life. Of course he is doing these things and they should be relatively easy to prove. (And I doubt very much Katie, the Mom, would back up the magazine on the “abandonment” charge, or their use of her kid on the cover of a tabloid.) Child abandonment, legally, is just that – actually disappearing on the kid.

          It makes sense to me that they would choose this mag/ article to sue because it’s got the Suri aspect and is the only one in which the sympathy aspect would be on their side going in. With the Vanity Fair article, the Marty abuse blogs, etc. etc…well, Tom is the one in the spotlight here and the burden of proof is on him.


          • Bea

            Interesting! So if it is wrong for a photo of Suri to be used without permission does that mean all other unauthorised photos of her would have to cease too? Maybe if her father wins it would be a blessing for that child!

          • Dee Fogger

            Yes, it was filed in LA so US law governs the suit. The claim for invasion of privacy is for placing TC in a “false light”.

            Really, the entire basis for the suit is the headlines not the actual articles. This will be very problematic as they will have to prove that the average person equates the word “abandoned” as used in the title with the actual legal crime of abandonment. Very difficult.

      • It’s tricky because, under Scientology rules, he CANNOT talk to her, but he probably does so they are bending the rules for him. Also, he did NOT sue Vanity Fair–was that story true?

        • I’m sure that story was sourced to the nth degree…so depite “Karin Powowow”/COB’s attorney/David MIscavige in lipstick’s raving, ranting drooling accusatory letters to Graydon Carter, no legal action has been taken. Too bad – now that would be quite the circus, that lawsuit playing out in the press! Just think of the creepie crawly secrets of CO$ that would come scurrying up from under rocks to support the Vanity Fair defense!

    • mattekudasi

      So Cruise does pay attention to what’s being said. I can’t handle Nancy Grace but this I have to say “Unleash the Lawyers.”

      • Of course he pays attention. He’s a narcissist like David Miscavich. They probably read here in the comments section constantly. As much as us regular commenters do.

    • Dee Fogger

      And yet he still hasn’t sued Vanity Fair for an article which paints him in a much more unflattering light. Sure will look suspicious to most people who are aware of both articles.

      Good luck with that libel suit Bert. Highly unlikely to win and I’m betting done just for the PR value.

    • Bury the Nuts

      Charity? Who? Narconon?

      • sugarplumfairy32

        Lol.. My guess is the lrh library initiative..

        • Sherbet

          Project Mouse Table.

          • …but…is Project Mouse Table still viable, since RTC has outlawed the internet?

            OTVIIIisGrrr8…please respond!

            • Sherbet

              It would be just as viable as contributing to Stoopid Powerz. Plenty of donations with nothing to show for it.


      I think this is going to blow-up in Cruise’s face big-time and is a major mistake move by his PR machine…. I feel he was put up to this as some kind of positive spin/damage limitation before his Reacher movie premiere. I get the idea that he/they somehow regard the success of this movie as crucial to his standing in Hollywood and poor opening night figures would put an end to his leading man status. This was plain to see in the ridiculous blanket coverage the non-story of “Tom Cruise considering leaving scientology”…. I’ve never seen such a story reach outlets from India, New Zealand, to even The Philippines so simultaneously – 100% PR guff, guaranteed!! I made a point of saying this on as many of these sites as I could.

      So, BANG… PR ActII – “Katie Holmes considering taking Cruise back if he gives up scientology” …. what’s interesting here is that only a few sites bothered to print this but it did reach India, New Zealand outlets again…. We now have a PR company head realising that the last bit of damage control (distance their client from the cult – make him appear normal) didn’t work….. You now start panicking and for some godforsaken reason you think suing an obscure tabloid for saying he’s abandoning his kid is a good idea.

      But, boy – they didn’t think this one through at all!

      I mentioned the dreaded D word on TMZ as soon as the post hit the net…. yes DISCONNECTION!!

      All the tabloids lawyers have to do is to keep bringing that word…. I mean there’s so much bloody proof out there of parents being disconnected from their children that Bert Fields would start eating his own ass before he could legitimately deny this policy didn’t exist.

      They could argue that it is in fact church policy and Cruise, as the No 2 leader of the cult, is only following the rules. We have another delightful damned if one does, damned if one doesn’t situation.

      If he says he hasn’t abandoned Suri then they can say he no longer follows scientology as that is what he was supposed to do and they were only reporting well documented church doctrine. So what is it Mr Cruise, are we reporting you following standard church policy or not?

      If he denies such a disconnection policy exists [probably crucial to even considering winning this] then their lawyers can call upon dozens of witnesses who can attest to the fact it does! [see the Tommy David video proof in above comments].

      It’s a WIN-WIN for the tabloid and a LOSE-LOSE for the church.

      As I said – they didn’t think this one through and this a major FUCK-UP by Cruise.

      …. and just imagine all the other tabloids frothing at the mouth for another cult bashing…. they’re starting to get quite good at it now!

      • TC must prove it was “knowingly false” or done with “reckless disregard for the truth.” Dificult.

  • mooki
  • The next big story (coming relatively soon) will be: What happened to Karen Pouw & Bob Adams? As Nick and Erin Banks appear as the ‘new’ scientology spokespersons (for the time being).

  • mooki
  • Capt. Howdy

    But he’s not suing Marty Rathbun for writing that Cruise beat up on his staff including a woman ?

    • PreferToBeAnon2

      I suspect on that front, he doesn’t want to pull a “Streisand effect.” So far, I have only seen one rag pick up Marty’s stuff on this. He hasn’t done much promoting of it yet. Also, when the subject of the story is a 6-year-old, it’s easier to prove damages. I don’t think Cruise would tangle with Marty.

  • This article is very informative. We now know the names of the next 4 people who will be declared bitter, defrocked apostates.

  • Dee Fogger

    I’m reading the filing now and ran across this:

    “22. Defendants’ false assertions accuse plaintiff of child abandonment,
    which is a crime, and of being a heartless, horrible, despicable person who can’t be
    trusted to fulfill even his most basic responsibilities. Defendants’ statements
    constitute libel per se.”

    Bert better be careful with this as it’s only libel if it isn’t true. If I was defense I’d be getting in touch with Marty.

    • Sorry, I think it’s not true. There are real criminals who really abandon their children – don’t pay child support, drop out of their lives. Going 90 days without physically seeing your kid but paying their support, tuition, writing letters, sending gifts or calling/skyeping is NOT legal abandonment.
      I think they deliberately chose the only case they could win on sympathy as well as fact. I think Life & Style got sloppy & may have to settle…unless they have proof that Tom isn’t taking Suri’s calls or something egregious like that.
      As I said above, I also think they may try and slant their case on the invasion of Suri’s privacy. He doesn’t have legal custody but he is the legal parent.

      • Dee Fogger

        The filing and letters are all claiming that the headline and article allege that TC “legally” abandoned Suri as opposed to the more common English usage of the word. Of course he hasn’t legally abandoned her but they’re going to have to prove that readers believe the headline “abandoned” equates in their heads with legal abandonment and that’s going to be extremely difficult. The filing is for invasion of TC’s privacy by placing him in a “false light” not for invasion of Suri’s privacy.

        Also, I was pretty much joking about the florid Bert’s prose that they painted TC as “heartless and horrible” because that’s how Marty’s been painting him for awhile. I need a sarcasm font.

      • burythenuts


        • Actually, Katie filed for divorce and asked for custody, and that limited his ability to see her (she also chose to sue for divorce when he was out of the country). She also has enough money herself to support Suri, if not spoil her, so it’s silly. The article was inconsistent with the other tabloids that said TC misses her / always talks to her via cell phone / may even (god forbid) leave Scientology so he can see her.

  • Something about these NDAs, for those of you who may be reading that have them.

    They cannot be applied to illegal activities. This would include false imprisonment, abuse, torture, trafficking, kidnapping, physical abuse, money laundering and fraud and many other things. Just keep that in mind.

    • Dee Fogger

      And they can’t be enforced at all if they were signed under duress which, as I understand the process of routing out, most likely applies to all of them.

      • The duress argument would never hold up in court. Whenever someone signs one of these money changes hands. There’s no duress in getting paid $50K to keep your mouth shut. If you have strong “principles” then you would decline the money.

        Most of the people who leave, leave when they are dedicated Scientologists so signing the NDA is a matter of course and not something they are forced to do. They figure they would never want to speak out anyway and so fudge it, I’ll sign that shit.

        You would have to prove that the person was “brainwashed” or something like that and they were not of sound mind when they signed it. Unfortunately there is not a lot of objective evidence to back a claim like that up.

        You would also have to bring the “religious doctrine” of Scientology into court which is even more difficult. It takes a lot to convince a court to admit religious doctrine or anything like it into a court case. Separation of Church and State is very touchy, especially in the US. We take it very seriously here.

        • Dee Fogger

          Well, as always, you make excellent points. However, my understanding was that if an SO wanted to route out properly the NDA is a requirement. Is this accurate? If so I’d still have an argument for duress or another grounds for unenforceability. To take a case with an ex-cult member who wanted to speak out but had an NDA I’d first want to read it and then want to know the entire circumstances surrounding the contract. The money is important as it’s consideration necessary for an enforceable contract but doesn’t negate arguments for grounds for it to be unenforceable. After learning about the negotiation for the NDA there may also be grounds for the contract to be unenforceable due to undue influence, misrepresentation, unconscionability. public policy, or lack of capacity (which you mention above)..

          It would really depend on how much money and dedication a person has to breaking the NDA. Difficult but not impossible, depending upon individual circumstances. There really are many arguments to made that theses cult NDA’s are unenforceable.

          • No contract made under duress is enforceable unless later ratified voluntarily. Yes, they are standard, but that’s irrelevant.

          • Dee,

            The thing is that is “disconnection” really that much of a threat to cause someone so much distress that they feel they have no other choice than to sign the NDA?

            The truth is that they sign the NDA because they are phobic (irrationally fearful) and to get money.

            There are too many examples of Ex-SO who did NOT sign an NDA.

            There is no immediate threat to your life or even any danger involved in not signing the NDA other than losing contact with friends and family. There are many examples of people losing contact with friends and family with or without Scientology. So you really can’t even use that as grounds to overturn and NDA.

            It would be basically the same as suing a company for making you sign an NDA under threat of termination. It’s normal for some companies to force executives to sign NDAs when they are privy to proprietary information. That’s not grounds for claiming “duress”.

    • TrustMeOnThis

      This is an excellent legal point. I know that “freeloader debt” is also legally unenforceable.

      It would be cool to see something written up on how to get out, perhaps simply focussing on how all the $ci crap they make you agree to hasn’t got a legal leg to stand on. Legal resources all in one place, perhaps? Is that ex-sci hotline still working?

      My opinion about the greater good for the greater number of dynamics is that it has to do with trying to help people see there is life after sci. 😉

    • burythenuts

      That is 100% correct. an NDA is merely a contract and is un-enforceable if signed under duress. A contract requires? a sound mind to include no duress or pressure. consideration (value to parties)
      And last but not least (my favorite) LEGAL Purposes.

      Your drug dealer cannot enforce a contract to make you pay for the drugs you illegally bought. In fact, Illegal purpose=VOID contract.

      • So…then using an NDA to force people into covering up illegal acts (crimes) would mean Void Contract too, right?

      • You nailed it Nuts.

        What do you call two nuts on a wall? Walnuts.
        What do you call two nuts on your chest? Chestnuts.
        What do you call two nuts on your chin???

        What do you call an NDA that covers illegal activity? Void.

  • tessa

    How long did these two (very rich) people collaborate with Miscavige? Aren’t they not as guilty as he is? And now that they have fallen in disgrace with their master (which was to be expected sooner or later), I should feel sorry for them and be happy for them …?!
    Sorry, I can’t. I do hope they come to their senses and make up for the damage.

    • Titli Ji

      is your problem with them that they are very rich? do you think that rich people are not susceptible to the mind control tactics of a cult? it is possible that with time and without the constant brainwashing of the cult that they will begin to speak out. At this stage its as if someone has taken the life raft out from under them. They are shell shocked and unwilling yet to believe that they had been seriously duped.

  • Well let we in RTC tell you homo sap SP’s the facts:

    1. Tommy Davis was a low ranking Church member whose gross out ethics behavior on interviews required COB RTC David Miscavige to step in and fire him.

    2. Since Tommy was fired, the Church of Scientology is expanding like never before. Having Tommy on our lines was actually impeding the expansion of the Church. Scientology PR was being harmed by Tommy Davis running around and acting like this:

    3. Tommy and his 2D Jessica have mutual out ruds on the Church and COB. The fact that Tommy and Jessica are not praising COB to the media shows they have overts and withholds and have gone silent.

    4. We in RTC are extremely concerned about Tommy Davis hiding out in the Nation of Texas.

    5. As we in RTC have made clear through our Church attorneys, COB RTC David Miscavige does not conduct business in Texas, does not have anything to do with Texas, and in fact wants nothing to do with Texas.

    6. COB RTC David Miscavige believes that the highest good for all dynamics would be for Texas to be annexed back into Mexico.

    • “The Nation of Texas”! LOL: OTVIIIisStillGrrr8!


      is texas ex-scions Switzerland or is there a sort of secret kryptonite there to protect them from the cult? they all run to texas. LOL

  • victoria

    In this new video of Marty’s he is either really enturbulated, stoned or drunk.
    Yeah, he would hate me for saying this, but something is just wrong, I don’t play a Dr. on T.V. or anything but I do have basic medical training.
    If he falls over anytime soon, I think it could be firmly placed at the feet of DM. Marty just doesn’t sound good:/

    I had a terrible war with a landlord once, and this is about how I sounded for the better of a year.
    DM better lay off, or prepare to try, once again, to cover his bare naked ass.
    You know the link;)

    • tessa

      No, he is just walking around while talking and filming at the same time. Nothing to worry about.

  • burythenuts

    5. As we in RTC have made clear through our Church attorneys, COB RTC David Miscavige does not conduct business in Texas, does not have anything to do with Texas, and in fact wants nothing to do with Texas.

    Running now…………….

    • correna

      I suggested at Movin on Up that Marty put up sheets or movie screens (facing the cameras obviously) then shows slides/moves of Interviews, press, Anonymous and we could all bring over our blankets and popcorn and have a movie night/slumber parties. We could make smores, AGP could do hand puppets, grill some burgers. It could be ALL MY EXES LIVE IN TEXAS night!


    • Troy Felege

      let’s not forget that the midget authorized blanket, around-the-clock surveillance of marty rathbun while rathbun was living in texas. this level of contact is more than enough to satisfy the “contacts” requirement of any long-arm statute. this would render the midget vulnerable to personal jurisdiction in texas.

      • Guest

        remember, proxy contact is contact nonetheless 🙂

      • BuryTheNuts2

        Um, are you and “guest” aware this is a two month old thread?
        And why oh WHY would you respond to my simple and pathetic post?

        Damn….my curious gene is on high alert?

        • BuryTheNuts2

          Proxy contact perhaps?

  • Wait, why isn’t Davey listed there as a spokesperson?

  • On a related topic (since it involves who can replace Davey as the Cult spokesperson)–where is the reincarnation of LRH?

    • remember he has all those ventriloquist dolls with sculpted heads of top scion execs [not sure who this was confirmed by -{ was it John Brosseau?}…. well, anyone one of those dolls with Nancy Cartwright doing the voice of Bart would sure make for the perfect scientology spokesperson …. don’t have an enturbulation, man!

  • Carisa Marie

    Glad to see this story finally. The data I have is it’s true, Jessica really is ill. I’m glad they are out. I wrote a Knowledge Report that DM hated so much I was told if I didn’t change my mind about what I wrote I could not get serviced, nada, not even an interview. That went on for months, me only allowed to meet with OSA. That report that was my final battle was on Tommy Davis as well, showing how his dead agenting himself being caught lying about the disconnection policy made everyone believe Miscavige beat people regardless of whether it was true or not. Davis disappeared right after. So I checked into it. I’m glad they are out and not licking bathroom floors no matter how much crap they’ve done under orders of “The Evil Emperor”

    • I don’t have any idea about the legality of taking and publishing photos of minor kids – paps seem to get away with it right and left w/celebrity kids. That could work against Cruise/Fields. Still, if they are indeed falsely accusing the father of a “crime” (child abandonment) and using the child’s photo in that accusation, that might be viewed differently by the court. I’m curious as to how a litigator would approach this.


      you’re a writer?

      • Joshua

        LOL I was going to say much the same thing. Talk about disconnection, I read the entire paragraph twice and still have no idea what he was trying to say there.

  • Speaking of a new TV spoke person – Erin Banks:
    Watch the video. Is she the new leader of Anonymous?

  • In my opinion, Tommy Davis won’t speak any time soon.
    He needs a Douche Bag Rundown and a Decompression
    Rundown first. None of these are available in Scientology.

  • I think it really speaks to the ethical nature of the anti-sci people that they are willing to accept these former pariahs with open arms once they leave the cult. Old videos by Mark Bunker depict him talking about Mike Rinder as almost a devil figure. I’m sure people felt the same about Rathbun back in the day. To me, the footage of Tommy Davis (and the follow up about how he was specifically trying to get John Sweeney to “go psychotic”) made him almost the evilest cult member other than DM, to me (although there is a long list of people for #2 worst cult member, of course). Anyway, I know most of you probably feel the same as i do about Tommy’s behavior in Sweeney’s documentary, on Bashir’s show, etc, but I think it’s really heartwarming (in a non-cheesy way) that we are all willing to welcome him with open arms to the anti-scn community with no strings attached… i think everyone realizes they did terrible things while in Scn (or at least stood by while terrible things happened around them) and so that makes them more forgiving. Still it is touching to me that one of my arch-villains, Tommy, has now taken on a completely different character in my brain, and I can actually see him as a victim of DM and of the cult.

    Anyway, just wanted to say you guys are awesome for being so forgiving. There’s no way the Sci-watch scene could have thrived so much if people kept grudges about things people did while in the cult. Hell I just read some story about Claire Headley doing a sec check on someone years ago, and she didn’t sound so nice. I’m sure everyone has their demons but healing is all about forgiving that shit and moving on. So I hope Tommy pops up one day and tells us his side of the story. he could have been abused just as much as anyone. I hope he is well and at least he is free of the cult now (for the most part, I hope). Group hug time!

    • It’s pretty sophisticated cult. It almost made it in 21st century.

      • Tory Christman

        I’ve learned one key thing about Scientologists. When “in” they can truly become horse’s asses, especially those who work w/ OSA in any way, as Tommy did. That’s part of the system. Once *out*…they return to who they *really* are.

        Hopefully he’ll heal, and help his wife—and ultimately I HOPE he helps get his Mom, Ann Archer, OUT. 🙂 Naturally C of $ pitched him under the bus. They’re famous for that. Thanks, TonyO and all here 🙂 Tory/Magoo

    • I tend to agree with that however there are two different levels of ex-customers. There are the shitbag mother fuckers like Rinder and Rathbun who obviously can’t be believed, but they were ringleaders, crimes bosses, shit bags class A.

      But there are also the rubes, dupes, marks, and suckers, the actual customers who spent decades being fucked by these fucking crooks who eventually realize that it’s all been one massive fraud, that they have been victims of organized crime. THOSE people can certainly be believed,m they are credible, they lived the reality.

      Tommy Davis is a shitbag who will never be believable. He was a paid shitbag criminal working for organized crime.

      • richeieu jr

        Absolutely- Even in de-Nazification and de-Baathification, you need to make a difference between those deeply implicated in the actually criminality of the enterprise and those whoa re just getting along, or acting out of innocent belief (as long as their hands are clean)?

        Not all Scientologists should be tarred with the same brush. But not all of them should be able to just dust themselves off and say, Whew! That was crazy, huh? Well, we were all in the same boat!”

        Some were on the same boat, others were piloting the damn thing into the rocks, and over the lives, livelihoods and well-being of innocents.

      • Sketto

        I understand the desire to welcome the ex-members as having seen the light and now on their way to being normal people and not aggressive assholes. But I agree that Rathbun is still untrustworthy. As I’ve often said, even though he’s changed sides, he still obviously enjoys the fight and all its dirty scheming. He clearly still thinks like a Hubbard sheep.

  • Aw darn. I’m going to miss that calm, rational, thoughtful, not-at-all-fucking-insane defense of Scientology’s obviously beneficial, obviously religious practices that have so helped humankind around the world.

  • MimiTheGreat

    I sincerely hope Tommy and his wife are finding some sense of normalcy and peace without that psychotic diatribe being their living motto for years.

    He’s most memorable for me because of his epic assholish episode with Sweeney but I can’t help but feel sorry for all of them because as Rinder explained, while inside, you’re doing what you can to simply survive to the next day.

  • Pingback: Nathan Baca: Scientology’s Nevada Drug Rehab Program Is Completely Unregulated | ortegaunderground()

  • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Bob Adams used to be the vice-president of Church of Scientology International, under Heber Jentzsch president. Even though those are dummy positions, I believe that they are required by law to have people officially in those corporate positions.

    The same goes for Scientology’s vast horde of fake corporations. Did they assign a new crop of nobodies to fill in the required blanks as people dead, left or were sent to the Hole, or are they currently in violation of corporate laws and regulations?

  • I once lived in Austin and Florida, both times I saw the giant “church” and their followers. I have had the visits and the stupid pamphlets handed to me, gotten kicked out of one of their little offices in Miami near Miracle Mile in the Gables area. I am not a theist of any kind and more so believe in myself and humanity than anything that might be pulling the strings and watching over me. With Scientology I have never understood how it has grown so wildly and exponentially, I can’t see what these folks fall for or what in the end they think is awaiting them after death or even in life. To me Scientology is nothing but another method of slavery and the propagation of idiocy throughout the world.

  • fiona bruce

    john sweeney the guy from bbc panorama states in chapter 17 as of nov 2012 tommy lives in texas selling real estate. john.went to his home but still not seen him

  • harvey peever

    ahh… to be so totally entranced by a cult that you turn yourself into an imbicile for the cause – then are tossed away by the cult leader like a used napkin. what goes around comes around tommy. now you have the rest of your life to think about what a waste of skin you really are.

  • Was sent to Narconon by my family because I like my wine. Am a Registered Nurse. A devoted Catholic. I immediately saw that this group is only out to BRAINWASH you and get your money. To make a long story short, I escaped through a window and walked to nearby Fort Collins. They followed me and picked me up with about 4 SVU’S. They called my husband and said that they couldn’t be responsible for me. I was taken to the airport and sent home. I later threatened them with a law suit and got my money back. All Scientology is doing is looking for your money. They don’t help with addiction. All they want to do is to turn you into an asshole Scientologist. MONEY is their ONLY REASON reason for BEING…

  • Titli Ji

    when we as a people begin to finally understand that we are all capable of atrocities given the right environment, that is when we will stop looking for scape goats like Tommy Davis to hate. Its so easy to be able to point a finger and just put all of our fears to rest in a neat little package.. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for these people to come to their senses..the important thing is that they do. Human psychology is a complicated thing and the more we educate ourselves about how the mind works under different environmental and social pressures, the better we will become and being immune to these things. I for one celebrate the fact that he has left the cult..even if for now he is still tentatively keeping one foot in and one foot out. The more that leave, the sooner the cult will collapse. It’s not like they come out with benefits and a superannuation fund.

  • Titli Ji

    when we as a people begin to finally understand that we are all capable of atrocities given the right environment, that is when we will stop looking for scape goats like Tommy Davis to hate. Its so easy to be able to point a finger and just put all of our fears to rest in a neat little package.. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for these people to come to their senses..the important thing is that they do. Human psychology is a complicated thing and the more we educate ourselves about how the mind works under different environmental and social pressures, the better we will become and being immune to these things. I for one celebrate the fact that he has left the cult..even if for now he is still tentatively keeping one foot in and one foot out. The more that leave, the sooner the cult will collapse. It’s not like they come out with benefits and a superannuation fund.

  • disqus_SPiN5N4Adl

    This is just sad. How coukd someone with such obvious skill and opportunity be so blatantly stupid and misguided. I blame the mother. Ha


    they’re preparing for a hell unlike the one they left behind. good luck you 2 suckas!!! LOL

  • Earl Warning

    Maybe someone finally freed Tommy and Jessica from their electronic mountain trap just like Xenu — lol!

  • Guest

    watching “Going Clear” on HBO. Tommy is obviously gay – I am wondering how they could have made him a leader of sorts since they don’t accept homosexuality. You must watch this documentary. These poor people don’t even know what is being done to them.