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British Newspaper The Sun Sneaks Reporter into Scientology Annual Gala!

We have to hand it to reporter Amy Jones of The Sun — she really punked Scientology leader David Miscavige and his obsession with security.

Late Monday night, the British newspaper published Jones’s account of walking into Scientology’s big annual gala which takes place in the UK each October to celebrate the International Association of Scientologists. The big IAS party is one of half a dozen major events put on by the church at different places around the world, and they all feature Miscavige on stage, feeding thousands of followers a lot of hard-to-believe assertions about Scientology’s expansion around the globe.

We’ve reported on leaked videos of past IAS and other events. But for her story, Jones managed to get inside and watch this IAS party while it was going on, and was never challenged by Scientology’s legendarily tight security.

Jones captured the look and feel of a Scientology party perfectly, and she focused particularly on the way Miscavige attacked psychiatry — a familiar theme at such events. She described how ridiculous Miscavige sounded trying to blame the Holocaust on psychiatrists, rather than, say, the Nazis.

“The bureaucracy, the methodology, even the ideology for mass murder, sprang fully-armed from the forehead of German psychiatry,” Miscavige said, according to Jones.

Jones did get one little thing wrong. She reported the IAS slogan as “Dominant, Defiant, Resolute.” But we know from our obsession with in-house Scientology rapper Chill EB that the slogan is actually “Dauntless, Defiant, Resolute.”


We’re not quibbling. Jones did a great job. She captured Miscavige’s style of delivery, the tackiness of the stage dressing, and the constant self-congratulation.

Just imagine the pounding some Sea Org security members are going to get from Miscavige after he realizes what happened. Oh my.

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