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L. Ron Hubbard Whines (Again) About His Scientology Workload

Now safely ensconced in the bunker again, we’re going to make good on yesterday’s promise and deliver our weekly helping of ‘Scientology on the High Seas’ a day later than usual.

Nearly a year ago, we started excerpting L. Ron Hubbard’s “Orders of the Day,” which he mimeographed and distributed to the crew of his yacht, the Apollo, as he ran Scientology from the ship from 1967 to 1975. Our copies of his “OODs” (and yes, Scientologists actually pronounce it that way, “oods”) cover the period from late 1968 to the end of 1971. And soon, we’ll finish up our year-long project.

The OODs turned out to be very popular with our readers, and we think you’re going to find this week’s installment pretty interesting. Hubbard, for example, reveals what his own daily “stat” is!

Scientology is obsessed with statistics, and one of the first things that new Scientology watchers learn is that church employees race to turn in their own weekly stats by 2 pm on Thursday — and those stats better be going up!

Look for Hubbard to talk about his own stats, his incredibly heavy workload, and a lot more in these dispatches, covering the period October 7 through 13…



October 8


For many months it has been command intention to improve Div III in general and food in particular.

Lack of personnel and lack of hats and training got in the way of this vital project.

A new FSO on FOOD puts in a Galley org board and assigns a training officer.

It has been very difficult to get this area straightened out. Such things require more than command intention. They also require group cooperation and group intention. A group which cannot resolve elementary survival actions such as food and quarters should work to upgrade its standards. This cannot be done with loud orders. It can be done with hats and a group determination to make things go right. A group tends to set its own standards or lack of them. BO 112 on Hygiene is not known or in. FO 456 Amending FO 170 has proper data on messing even though the space assignments are for the old “Avon”. This ship has not divided itself into messes, has no mess stewards from the mess, no mess officers and no space allocations. Present messing is just an everybody eats anywhere.

So if you truly want an upgrade on food it takes cooperation. The first step would not be to yell at the cook, but to divide the ship up into messes, elect their officers and rotate their attendents within the mess and allocate the areas. And abandon the “Div III is a transfer-out personnel pool”. Org board and hat and train galley personnel. Stick Div III bonuses on hatted trained people. And upgrade the scene.

Food isn’t up to the Captain and a cook. A lot of other things are involved and the one main one is crew upgrade of scene and cooperation in making it possible.


Two basic reasons for any outnesses have been (1) lack of recruitment and (2) lack of files of FOs. This lack of files led to lack of hats. However hats as checksheets and packs is new. Lack of personnel led to lack of files. Mimeo for years carried the full output for the first line to orgs. Having found the WHY for any wavering in orgs we can get into full production and have full PL and FO and HCO B files.

We have a 4 man crew at work on Mimeo Files. Out of this will come hats and packs, the checksheets being taken from what Master Lists exist.

With this resurgence and use of know how things should get better. And of course we alway clean up our own backyard at Flag before we start yelling at others about theirs. This is a novel idea on this planet.


The cholera shot knocked quite a handful down. They’re mostly well again.

Those not trained in Scientology possibly don’t realize one has to decide to be ill before one does. One can also decide to be well.

Those off duty on MO lines are also off allowances and bonuses.

Doc Robinson is cleaning up a lot of lifetime cycles. She’s a whiz at it.

She’s looking for volunteers for a health food diet just sent in by a former Ship’s rep.


My day lately consists of:

(1) Operations Orders and decisions.
(2) Despatches and Pgms Flag Org.
(3) Despatches and Pgms Ship.
(4) Debriefs and Stats International.
(5) Conferences.
(6) Folder C/Sing Review.
(7) Daily Report reading.
(8) HCOB ED and PL writing.

Into this also enters handling flaps, unusual situations.

Since Feb I have been very badly pinned down on lines. Finally traced it to loss of Scn Tech, then loss of the tech of Admin (Policy) and got down to the WHY only a few weeks ago — WHY being lack of recruiting, org bds, hats and lack of training in orgs. This was what put all of Scn into cope. An org would get an old timer who would hand train it, it would rise. Then he would leave and transfers would wreck it and down it would go. Then a new exec who knew something would come in, hand train…same cycle. No org bd, hats, checksheets and packs for posts. No recruiting or training actions. HCO actions had totally dropped out except for Ethics.

With this WHY (and with a now visible and mostly dead enemy) I have some hope of digging out of this and getting orgs flying on the basis of (1) put a Flagship here fully (2) put Bureaux into areas and orgs (3) build up org areas, using in each step recruiting org bds, hats and training, meanwhile teaching others to organize and use stats, (4) Medical reports.

If all goes well, I’ll be able to get some fresh air.


October 10


The Sea Org proper was begun with Flag Order No. 1, 12 August 1967. On about that date the “Avon River” was launched in Las Palmas. FO 639 gives 9 Oct 67 as the “proper” beginning as it then had a function. But 12 Aug would be its real birthday.


October 13


I have a daily stat of major contributory actions done on programs. This has been increasing.

I have an annual stat of major programs (C/S Course, Target Packs, Data Series, Personnel Series, Expanded Lower Grades to name some of those of 1970). This stat is shooting into affluence this year since 1967.

As it takes me by record about 3 years to build up a collapsed International GI, the time span on which I operate is longer due to the length of lines, number of factors involved and numerousness of terminals to reach. Thus the Int GI is a stat I watch and regulate my actions by. The LRH No. 1 Pgms raised it from Sept 69 to April 1970 when it faltered. A new why located lost tech and got in Expanded Lower Grades. The Int GI has been level until last month when Exp Lower Grades and various other new major programmes began to bite. Last month the Int GI went up 2 consecutive weeks, breaking the level trend upwards again. Thus my 1970 major program stat affluence has now begun to express itself on the Int GI.

Having gotten Power redone into “New Power” as a Tech Advance and developed tested (by Flag Qual) and issued OT VII I am now working out OT VIII and have made several breakthroughs on it in the last 10 days.

If comparable work on Flag Income and production and Flag Org on GDSes and Bureaux on operation will now follow in we can boom this rather easily.

Orgs are teams and all of Scientology is a team. It takes team work and back up to make things go right and stay right.



October 8


Quentin Hubbard is the new C/S for Dept 10 Div IV. Geoff Barnes remains D of P.

The Phase Over Mission under David Mayo is putting the lines in per ED 140 FAO.

Dept 10 will be giving 12 1/2 hour intensives in one week. This will get a lot of people onto the grade chart for the fist time really.

A copy of the Grade Chart should be on display for crew info. An HCO B gives the meaning of Grade Chart terms and abbreviations and should be pinned up with it to avoide misunderstood words or initials.


All is well, very cool on the beach. No pain.

We’ll be sailing in a couple days.



More 1970s Awesomeness!

After L. Ron Hubbard had moved HQ from the yacht Apollo to the Florida coast, Advance! magazine was thrilling Scientologists with tales of “OT Phenomena.” Those church members who had reached the higher levels of spiritual training shared their stories of superhuman powers with fellow dupes — er, enthusiasts. This excerpt is from Issue 53, July/August 1978.

Before we get into this week’s phenomena, we first want to bring to your attention a remarkable article in this issue titled, “1966: The First Clears.”

It begins: “In March of 1966, at Saint Hill Manor, England, the first beings on the planet attained the State of Clear.”

Well, actor Jason “let me meet a motherfucking Clear” Beghe might have something to say about that. But we were also curious to see the pronouncement of that date: 1966. Sixteen years earlier, in 1950, Hubbard introduced the world’s first clear at a disastrous event in Los Angeles. He hoped everyone had forgotten about that when he then announced the world’s first clear at Saint Hill in 1966.

Funny thing is, that first “true” clear — a South African named John McMaster — isn’t mentioned at all in this article.

As Arnie Lerma explains, McMaster was a very charismatic (and gay) man who, after becoming Clear #1, traveled the world promoting Hubbard and Dianetics. But by 1969, he had quit the Sea Org, complaining about being sec checked for his “crimes.”

By 1978 and this issue of Advance!, McMaster had been made an unperson, and he isn’t even mentioned in this story celebrating the first Clears.

“The first Clears have now been Clear for 12 years. What’s it like, we wondered, to live as a Clear for years and years? So we contacted some of the first Clears, and asked them.”

What follows are short testimonials by David Ziff (Clear 81 and Advance! magazine’s previous editor), Hana Eltringham (Clear 60, perhaps better known as Hana Whitfield), Jean Jacques Delance (Clear 17), David Gaiman (Clear 51 and father of writer Neil), Herbie Parkhouse (Clear 55), Judy Graham (Clear 56), and Anne Greig (Clear 6).

Not surprisingly, none of them say much more for the magazine than typical brochure happy-talk: “I have become wholly myself, quite free of any overwhelm, and I am causative over my life,” says Greig.

We’ve put in a call to Jefferson Hawkins, who edited the magazine then, to see if he has memories about this piece. Now, on to the phenomena…

At Christmas time I was writing a card to a friend in Los Angeles. As I sat thinking of her I went exterior and was at her house. Not wishing to intrude, I went around to the back of the house to see the pool. I noticed she had gotten some new patio furniture. It was a round table with an umbrella through it and it had a blue flower pattern on it. I described it in the letter. When I came to Los Angeles to do the OT Levels, I went to see her. We walked out to the pool, and there it was, in the same place and it was the same type and shape. The only thing I had missed was some green in the pattern, too — but it had been night when I had looked at it and it’s a little hard to see in the dark! — Bill Methvin

I ended my session and found myself looking at the sky outside, the moon and the city below, with my body still sitting in the auditing room. But I couldn’t figure it out — when I had gone in session, it was raining like the devil, and what I was looking at was a nice clear night. So I went to a window in the next room and sure enough, it was a clear night. That really validated my ability to see as a thetan. — G. Demetri Chramowicz

If only we had a couple of hundred thousand bucks lying around so we could learn the secret of how to psychically investigate the patio furniture of our friends and neighbors. Only then would life be complete.

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