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Scientology Metaphysics: How Do Thetans Work?

We’ve been away from the bunker this week, and we apologize that we don’t have this week’s installment of Scientology on the High Seas. We will make it up to our readers later. In the meantime, we’ll follow up yesterday’s amazing output by our commenting community by posing what we hope will be a provocative and productive question…

How does a thetan pick up a new meat body, really?

Now, we’re being serious and we want some actual help on this. We assume that we just haven’t read the right chapters or policy letters that spell this out, and we’re hoping that one of our many readers intimate with the tech will help us out.

So here’s what we’re confused by. We have read many tales by high-level Scientologists (in “OT Phenomena” stories) that they had encouraged disembodied thetans to head over to the nearest maternity hospital to pick up a new body.

The thetans in these stories had either been recently freed in a fatal car crash, or they tended to be ghosts haunting some location. For whatever reason, they were now free souls that needed a new protoplasm vessel, as it were.

It wasn’t clear to us whether these thetans were being encouraged to take up residence in newborns at these hospitals, or if they were supposed to dive into a a fetus about to be delivered, and we suppose that is our first question: does the thetan hook up with its new container pre- or post-natally?


If it’s a post-natal maneuver, that raises the question, why keep quiet during labor if there’s no thetan present yet to soak up any negative engrams?

But we’re also puzzled about the presence of those thousands of other thetans that must already be present. How, we wonder, does a thetan pick up a new body and muscle its way past all the body thetans fighting for control of that spanking new meat body?

Clearly, we just don’t understand the mechanism at work here, and we’re hoping some of the (former) OT’s in the audience will explain things and set us straight.

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