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What’s causing Christianity to dive in the U.S.? Um, seen Europe lately?

[Dreher used this image for his column. Oh boy.]

Thanks to our friend Roy Edroso, we have long enjoyed the columns of conservative writer Rod Dreher, but perhaps not in the way Dreher intended. (That’s just our way of plugging our friend Roy — you should really read him if you don’t already — and to []


Four dead in Bangladesh over a Facebook post that offended Muslims

 Police in Bangladesh say they had no choice but to open fire on demonstrators who were threatening their lives. Four people were killed in shooting by the police, and many others were injured, photos posted by CNN []

Doomsday family lived in basement for 9 years waiting for the end of the world

 Very disturbing and confusing story coming out of the Netherlands today about a group of seven people who have been living in a farm’s basement for the past nine years waiting for the world to []