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Patriots find a new platform for grabbing cash, er, making America great again, that’s it!

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Patriots are more than ready for this show to []


Patriots left to ponder: Why couldn’t Rush have been saved in a cancer-curing ‘medbed’?

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QAnon patriots believe that the ‘elites’ are keeping miraculous technology from the rest of us that includes cancer-curing ‘medbeds’ that are based on alien technology or something and that when the storm comes, the military will make this miracle technology available to the rest of us. But they can’t help []

Trump’s denouncement of McConnell is making patriots antsy for action

 Some links to Q-related items today…

With Trump denouncing McConnell, patriots are getting awfully []

Don’t eat the fake snow! It’s probably from chemtrails, patriot!

[Craig Ivey]

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It’s fake snow! Don’t fall for the globalist []

As Capitol prosecutions continue, patriots discuss rising up after March 4

[Matthew Bledsoe of Tennessee]

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Patriots wrestle with what’s going to happen next: If Trump doesn’t magically become president again on March 4, there’s more talk about taking matters into their own hands on March 5. []

Patriots relieved Trump acquitted, and things are going to remain weird

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Patriots were relieved that the Senate did not have enough votes to convict the former president, of course, but they worry that he may still face a vote under the 14th Amendment that would prevent him from holding office []

QAnon patriots: Hey, maybe Trump being convicted in this thing is part of the plan?

[What did they know and when did they know it?]

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Wait, if Trump is convicted in the impeachment trial, could that actually be part of ‘the []

While evidence mounts showing how bad the Capitol riot was, patriots hold firm

[Rachel Powell and the contents of her backpack]

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More patriots dealing with their own families disowning []

Patriots bolstered by Mike Lee’s tantrum and fantasies of Jan 6 being even more violent

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QAnon patriots are watching the impeachment trial with hopes the storm breaks out

 Some links to Q-related items today…

Six Republican senators joining in the vote confirming the impeachment trial as constitutional yesterday did not go over well with patriots, as you can []