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Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, ‘Provost Marshal’: Another apologist claim debunked

 I’m a guyA guy who seems calm but plays when he playsA guy who goes completely crazy when the right time comesA guy who has bulging ideas rather than musclesAdvertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); That kind of guy

South Korean K-pop star Psy’s 2012 megahit Gangnam Style satirises posers and wannabes who put on airs []


‘Scientology is Security for South Africa’: How L. Ron Hubbard sought to prop up apartheid

[Hubbard and his Rhodesian staff]

South Africa is a country of extraordinary contrasts: Fertile savannahs and teeming cities, immense wealth and terrible poverty, multiracial idealism and ethnic violence. It’s also a place of striking contrasts in Scientology’s history. In the past few weeks, I’ve been traveling in this vast country and consulting state archives to piece []

Behind enemy li(n)es: Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard’s secret mission that never was

[The USS Edsall, sunk in 1942]

For our ‘Scientology Lit’ series this week, we’re posting another excerpt from Chris Owen’s monumental updated ‘Ron the War Hero,’ which was released a couple of weeks ago. We asked, and Chris generously agreed to give us another peek inside this very important []

Death in the Timor Sea: The darkest war secret of Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard

[Lt. L. Ron Hubbard and the ill-fated Don Isidro]

Chris Owen’s book ‘Ron the War Hero’ is now for sale, and he’s giving us a look today at one of the best things in it — absolutely stunning material, previously unpublished, about the most ignominious of L. Ron Hubbard’s blunders during a disastrous World War II []

Spyentology: For Scientology, operating as an intelligence agency is a religious mandate

 Chris Owen is back with another insightful dive into Scientology []

Thetans in the Jungle: Scientology in Papua New Guinea’s Highlands

[Boys from the village of Napamogona. Photo by Charles Fourtree.]

Chris Owen provides yet another startling look at Scientology history that you probably haven’t heard []

Cops, soft porn, and psychiatry: The curious origin of Scientology’s Snow White Program

[Hubbard in his Queens hideout, 1973. Photo by Jim Dincalci]

Chris Owen once again dives into Scientology history and comes up with new evidence and new perspectives… []

Untouchable? Scientology’s 60-year plan to protect itself from the law

Historian Chris Owen is back with a very timely piece for us after Leah Remini once again provided so much material for []

50 years ago today, Scientology was banned in the UK — Here’s why it was a bad move

[Guardian’s Office execs Jane Kember and David Gaiman talk to the BBC in 1968]

We’re thrilled to have another well-researched piece by historian Chris Owen, who today is marking a major milestone in Scientology history on its []

Testimony by the World’s First Real Clear, part two: ‘Scientology is designed to entrap people’

[John McMaster]

Today we’re continuing to bring you highlights from a stunning new document found by historian Chris Owen, a 30-page affidavit by the “World’s first real Clear” — John McMaster. After our highlights, we’re posting the entire document in text and pdf []