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When anti-mask, anti-vaxx activists come down with Covid, they figure it’s a bioweapon attack

Some links to Q-related items today…

Our favorite Scientologist/QAnon crossover figure, “human rights” attorney Leigh Dundas, has been barnstorming the country on various speaking engagement tours. A couple of weeks ago, she made an appearance in Pennsylvania with a fellow Q patriot, Scott McKay, who has since become ill, and apparently with Covid. But he and his supporters are not admitting that they might have come down with the virus because they’re gathering in groups of unvaccinated people who refuse to wear masks, but because they were targeted with a “bioweapon.” McKay, who calls himself “Patriot Streetfighter,” says that his dad has suffered a stroke because of it. It’s unclear whether Leigh has also been affected. But our helper has been keeping an eye on the conversations about it. Here’s a sample.


A rogue’s gallery.


Trump was an avid fan of the Q crowd.


Another influencer unmasked.


We have a new deadline: August 11!


Looking for some background on the QAnon movement? We recommend Travis View’s excellent article at New York magazine as a place to start.


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Posted by Tony Ortega on July 31, 2021 at 08:55


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