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Jehovah’s Witnesses plan massive media center — hey, just like Scientology!

[Watchtower’s rendering of its very own SMP]

Not satisfied with copying Scientology’s methods of ripping apart families, scorched-earth legal tactics, and hiding away in remote headquarter compounds, the Jehovah’s Witnesses governing body has now announced that it was so jealous of Scientology’s Sunset Boulevard gem, Scientology Media Productions, the JWs are planning a media complex of their own.

Well no, they didn’t actually say that. But it sure strikes us that there’s some keeping-up-with-David-Miscavige thing going on here. What’s next, a Jehovah’s Witnesses cruise ship for worming your way into the 144,000?

Daniel Axelrod reports that Watchtower is developing the new complex in the New York town of Ramapo…

The new 1.5 million-square-foot facility would be almost as big as the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ 1.6-million-square-foot headquarters, located two miles away in the Town of Warwick. As in Warwick, roughly 1,000 volunteers would live and staff the Ramapo media production center.


Besides studio space, the complex would include offices, residences, underground parking, a fitness area and a visitor center for the public.

(If that name sounds familiar, Axelrod is the upstate reporter who has been all over the story of the Spina brothers, the Scientologist chiropractors facing prison time for fraud.)

We can only imagine that ex-JW activist Lloyd Evans is licking his chops over this news. He’s already having so much fun with the videos that Watchtower puts out, and just imagine how much better it’s going to be after they have this major center built out. Good times.

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