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Clare Bronfman tells judge she wants to stick with Mark Geragos

Correspondent VillageDianne snapped the photo above of Nxivm defendant and Seagram’s heiress Clare Bronfman, right, and her attorney Mark Geragos, left, as they left the Brooklyn courthouse yesterday. And she gave us her thoughts on how the hearing went…

The hearing started late, 4:30 instead of 4 PM because a previous case ran late.

The first thing you notice about Clare is how thin she is. Although she was wearing loose clothing, you could see how stick-thin her arms are, and how tiny her shoulders. Her shoulder blades protrude in the back, and sharply when she crosses her arms in front. It certainly looks as if she is still on the Nxivm diet.

Before the hearing Clare was smiling and laughing with Geragos and the outside lawyer brought in to help Clare with the Curcio hearing. As the time to start the hearing grew nearer, Clare seemed to become more preoccupied, and her smiles seemed forced. The lawyers were in good spirits. Geragos kept up a steady banter. He is quite the raconteur.


Some people say they see an aura of evil around Clare, but I don’t see it. The most significant thing about her is how insignificant she looks. You would not notice her in a crowd. Small framed, glasses, unmemorable features. You should pardon the stereotype; She looks like everybody’s high school Latin teacher. Only thinner, much thinner.

Judge Garaufis proceeded to thoroughly explain the conflict of interest issues. He asked Clare how she had found Garagos. Clare said she found him by researching online. The judge joked that it was like online dating. He asked Clare if someone had personally recommended Garagos to her. I think Clare said no, but I can’t be sure as I found it hard to hear her at times. There was discussion about the trust used to pay for Raniere’s lawyers, and whether certain expenses are paid together or separately. Clare said separately. Garaufis explained the possibility of Geragos hypothetically mentioning something to his daughter over dinner, that might negatively affect Clare. Garaufis also explained what conflicts might arise when the trust fund paying Raniere’s lawyers runs out.

Judge Garaufis said this was the 7th Curcio hearing on this case. There were not many spectators today, and no photographers that I could see.

The defendants will be back in court on April 4.


Posted by Tony Ortega on March 20, 2019 at 12:00

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