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‘The Factors’: Another video the Church of Scientology would rather you not watch

TheFactorsOur video source has come through again, sending us another “quote video” that is meant only to be seen inside a Scientology “org.”

As we learned earlier, many of these videos were created in order to highlight a portion of a particular L. Ron Hubbard lecture as new editions of his lectures were produced and Scientologists were encouraged to buy them. In this case, we’re seeing a portion of “The Factors: Admiration & the Renaissance of Beingness.” (Online price, $250.00)

According to Scientology’s own website, this was a series of lectures given in the spring of 1953, and they contain “the knowledge of universal truth unlocking the riddle of creation itself.” Wow! OK, so prepare to be blown away!


Well, now you know. If you just admire it enough, the universe will go boom.

Once again, we asked Marc Headley if he remembered seeing this video being produced back when he was working at Int Base in California…

This video was shot with a ton of Int Base staff. The one guy that we keep seeing throughout the video is Mike Gilchrist.

He used to be a Master-at-Arms at Gold [Scientology’s audiovisual studios] and is also a one of those staff members that participated in many a blow drill [operations to scramble after people who escaped from the base in order to bring them back].

I knew Mike well. When we used to have to do Int Base renovations on Saturdays we were on the Stone Veneer team together. I would say I clocked in probably 100 or more Saturdays working with Mike.

We shot a lot of the opening scenes in the steel grid above the Int Base “Cine Castle” film studio.

Again, this one has a boatload of VFX shots to go with the Hubbard gobbledygook mixed in with smokey blown out shots of people smiling.

One thing that I realized should also be mentioned is that Hubbard’s voice in these videos is heavily mixed and EQ’d so it is very deep. I never heard the man speak in person, but I have heard tons of original lecture recordings where he sounds thin and nasally and after the mix team has had their way with him he usually sounds deep and boomy. Dave Miscavige has the same thing done with his voice. If you heard him in person without the mic, you’d think someone had stuck a C-47 (clothespin) on his nose. Once the mixers get done with Dave’s voice, it is very deep and boomy. I think this might be in the Scientology leader handbook, “Don’t let them make you sound like a 5’-5” midget weighing 130 lbs.”


We call for a re-measurement.


Attack the attacker

Another powerful video from Karen de la Carriere, J. Swift, and Angry Gay Pope…



Posted by Tony Ortega on January 17, 2014 at 07:00

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