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At OT 3, you learn you have space cooties — how do you get rid of them? Scientology exorcism!

demonsClaire Headley is taking us on our journey to train as Scientologists. She and her husband Marc were Sea Org workers who escaped from Scientology’s International Base in 2005. She spent years working with Scientology’s “tech,” and was trusted to oversee the auditing of Tom Cruise. Go here to see the first part in this series.

Last week, Claire and tech expert Bruce Hines helped us with the big reveal — the mind-blowing “data” of Scientology’s “Operating Thetan Level Three,” the stuff of intergalactic genocide and a leader named “Xenu” which became the subject of a 2005 episode of South Park. But we don’t want to leave OT 3 just yet. This week, we have more questions for Bruce and Claire about this high-level counseling, which runs about $800 an hour for veteran Scientologists.

Bruce, Claire, last week we learned that in 1968, L. Ron Hubbard scribbled handwritten notes which reveal to his followers who reach this level that they are actually infested with the disembodied souls left on earth after an intergalactic genocide which happened 75 million years ago (also known as “Incident 2”). In order to free ourselves of these invisible “body thetans” we must “run” them through Incident 1 (a universe-founding event of 4 quadrillion years ago) and Incident 2 until they “blow” — detach themselves from us and leave us alone.

But what does that actually entail? What does “running” body thetans through “incidents” during solo auditing look like?

BRUCE: “Running an incident” comes from basic Dianetic theory and practice. A person’s past, every consecutive moment of it, is recorded on the time track, which is considered to be like a three-dimensional movie containing all 57 perceptics (not just sight and sound like a real movie). In Dianetics one is supposedly removing the harmful charge from incidents on the track that contain pain and unconsciousness or heavy loss. A person can move up and down this time track and is often, according to the theory, not in present time. This is a sort of mental thing, or something that the person as a spiritual being does knowingly or unknowingly.

THE BUNKER: OK, let us try to do a little translating. In Scientology, we are each immortal beings who have lived for trillions of years — which makes up our “whole track” of existence. L. Ron Hubbard’s “technology” purportedly allows us to move up and down that long track of existence so we can re-experience events in our past. When we do that, we perceive these past-life events through 57 sensory “perceptics.” And one goal of a Scientologist is to train so that these perceptics are as vivid as possible. The purpose of this travel into our pasts is to relive traumatic events in order to lessen their impact on us in the present time.


BRUCE: Yes, in Dianetics, to deal with some past traumatic incident, the auditor has the person move back to the beginning of the incident and then move through it, re-experiencing it as they do so, and confronting what happened. The auditor may have the person do this several times, removing “charge” from the incident with each pass.

On OT 3 this is also essentially what is supposed to happen. The solo auditor is auditing the body thetan. The auditing “commands” are given telepathically, or intended to the BT, rather than spoken aloud.

THE BUNKER: OK, just to be clear, your Scientologist will be sitting there with the two cans of the e-meter in one hand, monitoring the device with the other, and “telepathically” talking to his or her “body thetans.” And what does the solo auditor “say” to the body thetan?

BRUCE: The solo auditor first finds out from the BT whether it (or he) experienced Incident 2 in the Atlantic area (where the packaging took place on Las Palmas) or in the Pacific area (where the packaging was on Hawaii).

THE BUNKER: Yes, some of the beings brought to Teegeeack (Earth) 75 million years ago were “packaged” around volcanoes in various places. In fact, Hubbard provides a handy list, which we are supposed to use to get the BT to identify where it was vaporized by an H-bomb. (The spelling here is Hubbard’s.)

Asia & Pacific

North Japan
South Japan
Mount Washington (Alaska)
Mt. Ranier
Mt. Hood
Mt. Shasta (Calif)
San Gergornio (Calif)


St. Helena
Kolomonjero (Kenya)
(Las Palmas)

(Spelling not guaranteed)

BRUCE: The solo auditor then intends the BT to the date of Incident 2 and then intends it (or him) through the incident. The solo auditor can intend the BT through the incident more than once. The BT might depart at any point during these steps. The solo auditor senses this somehow and looks for the needle and “tone arm” on the e-meter to behave in a certain way. If the BT does not depart (or blow) from running Incident 2, the solo auditor intends the BT to Incident 1 and runs it through that. The object is to get the BT to blow.

I am giving you a simplification, but these are the basic actions. There can be complications, such as having a cluster of body thetans, whereby the cluster has to be broken up before the individual BTs in it can be addressed. And there are remedies that the solo auditor has if there is trouble.

Once a BT is located it might take 10 seconds, or a minute, or 5 minutes to get the BT to blow. Sessions are often from about 10 minutes to an hour long. They could last longer than that. The solo auditor might believe that a whole lot of BTs blew during the session.

As to how it feels, that is a tough question for me. Most Scientologists generally “feel” that good things are happening during any auditing session. One believes that bad things are leaving or dissipating. Is it placebo effect? Wishful thinking? Positive suggestion? Cognitive dissonance? Endorphins? Some kind of hypnosis? I’m not sure. But it is the same in OT 3. One might “feel” a pressure on the body get less, or get a sense of less solidity in some part of the body, or feel lighter.

Or things might get heavy and the session “bogs” and the “pre-OT” might have to be audited by another person, a “review auditor,” to be “repaired.” If that happens, of course it costs extra.

Hopefully, the solo auditor keeps auditing OT III session after session, day after day, for some weeks or months, until they can find no more BTs. At this point they are supposed to feel great, to have attained “freedom from overwhelm,” and to have had a whole lot of realizations.

CLAIRE: I recall OT 3 procedure exactly as Bruce describes. The steps were to first locate a BT or cluster to audit, using the needle as a guide to find charged areas.

Then once a BT was found, you’d then locate the packing area, and then specifically what volcano was involved. I’ve heard from a few people since leaving who had done OT 3 that they discovered after the fact those volcanoes did not exist 75 million years ago. Fun facts.

Once location was determined, you’d then intend the BT through the incident, the specific elements of which were on the platen, and which I haven’t seen recently but included explosions, violence etc.

In terms of the review end of things, I think it’s important to realize that if you were to question any of what you were studying and then auditing, you would be in for extensive review. At that level, reviews are delivered by a Class XI auditor, which I believe runs around $9,000 per intensive.

So the question is, what’s the lesser of two evils? Apply logic and criticize, resulting in expensive review? Or buckle down and do as you are told? In my case, as a Sea Org member, I did not pay for review auditing, but it was certainly added onto my freeloader bill.

THE BUNKER: That does sound like an expensive dilemma. For now, we’ll stay with our current running total for our trip up the “Bridge to Total Freedom,” which is $278,273.25.


More views into the Super Power Building

Back in January 2012 at the Village Voice, we published a mother lode of architectural drawings and computer renderings of what Scientology’s “Super Power Building” would look like when it was finally built out. From the best we could tell, the drawings had been supplied to the church by contractors in the period of 2005 to 2007. They included fascinating looks at some wild contraptions that would go on the “Super Power” 5th floor, as well as lavish offices, auditing rooms, and other facilities on all seven floors. But we always had to wonder — how different would the final product be from our renderings? A lot of time passed before the building was finally dedicated last month, 15 years after ground was first broken for it in Clearwater, Florida.

Well, a few days ago, a new, updated set of images hit the Internet. They look to us like highly massaged photographs, burnished to extremes in order to make these locations look brochure-quality and otherwordly. But for us, it’s fun to compare our older computer renderings with the real thing — and it looks like very little was changed from the original plans..

For example. The main reception area on the first floor, old version…


And in the new version of images…


And it’s much like that through the rest of the building. Different angles, different hues, but basically what was planned years ago. Unfortunately, the new set of images lacks much from the “perceptics” installations on the fifth floor — including the oiliness table. But many other parts of the building can be seen.


Posted by Tony Ortega on December 17, 2013 at 07:00

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