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Sunday Funnies: Nothing But Unstoppable Scientology Expansion in Every Direction!

UKSuperIt’s time for another round of Sunday Funnies, as we take a look at the Scientology mailers and fliers that our tipsters have forwarded to us during the week.

We’ll start with an interesting tip we received yesterday. One of our Clearwater readers reports seeing activity Friday night at the Fort Harrison Hotel and the Super Power Building. We’re thinking that the Executive Director’s Conference which has brought in ED’s from around the world had a bit of a party Friday night, perhaps coinciding with a graduation, and they were taken over to the SP edifice for a tour. If you’ve heard something different, please let us know in the comments. The SP Building has been ready for occupancy since the spring of 2011, and perhaps Scientology leader David Miscavige can’t resist showing it off, even if its official grand opening has been put off indefinitely.

Our first flier reminded us that incredibly, the rapidly shrinking Church of Scientology is still launching new construction projects for buildings it doesn’t need. In Clearwater and Los Angeles, the church is planning large exhibit halls. The one in LA is to be the Pacific Events Center, and we think it will be located where there is parking today on the Sunset Boulevard side of the Big Blue complex. This party starts this evening, and we’d love some photos of Scientologists dressed as superheroes. The lack of self-awareness is always stunning with these folks who chase super powers ten thousand dollars at a time with their endless levels of spiritual training. And now, they have another unneeded building to pay for. We can only marvel (so to speak).



Continuing the superhero theme is this uplifting notice from the UK. Richard Roberts helpfully confirms for us that “prizes” Scientologists are tempted with end up going right back to the church, in one form or another…


Certainly, the town of Portland is benefiting from its new Ideal Org. Stats are straight up and vertical!


Hey gang, Tamara Dahill paid a butt-load of money in order to tip the theta to entheta ratio! Now that’s what a humanitarian is all about!


Brace yourselves for this next one, as it combines P.T. Barnum with The Bell Curve. Before you take the word of David Wilson about how Scientology raised his IQ, keep in mind that he’s given millions to the church. Now that takes a special kind of genius.


All is Explained! The Average IQ in America is between 85 and 90

My reference for this is:

Maybe you already suspected this but seeing it laid out on the map does explain a few things. I personally have a problem communicating to people with an IQ of less than 125 since their comm lags tend to be rather high and they don’t get my jokes.

Though testing is done by Psychologists and are therefore suspect it does give you some idea on how successful they have been in depressing the intelligence of the general population. Remember that when the tests were formulated the score of 100 was assigned to the mean of the tests subjects. Meaning that 50% scored above and 50% below. Thus the mean has moved down by about 12 points since then.

The ONLY way IQ is raised is with Scientology. There is no other solution. If we don’t do something about it we will continue to suffer at the hands of politicians who manipulate those who are unable to think for themselves.

The solution has been formulated by LRH and is being implemented by COB. It’s to put Ideal Orgs in every major city. Its been 10 years since the strategy came out, yet the area with the hightest concentration of Scientologists on the planet still has an org that is not yet ideal.- The Valley. Time is running out and we need everyone to be involved in getting the Valley Ideal org done.

Won’t you come and join us? We have dinners at the org Monday nights, OT Committee on Tuesday nights, Friday night dinners at someone’s house. (This Friday 27th its at my house in Shadow Hills – Michael Duff will be entertaining.) Every few weeks we have a bigger event. This weeks is Saturday the 28th of September in North Hollywood. Even if you cannot donate, your energy and theta will help push the project forward. We would love to have you join us. If you would like to talk to me come to any one of these events. I go to ALL of them.

Much Love,

David Wilson
Gold Humanitarian Valley

Finally, we can never get enough of Alfreddie Johnson. He’s the bomb, and we only wish we could have been at Friday night’s event…


Thanks again to our great tipsters. Keep those mailers and fliers coming!


Posted by Tony Ortega on September 29, 2013 at 07:00

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