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LEAH REMINI: Scientology Wants Me to Fail on Dancing With The Stars

LeahTonyLeah Remini continues to use her access to a huge media platform to jab the Church of Scientology in the ribs.

Previously, she had prominently displayed ex-Scientologist Marc Headley’s book about escaping Scientology, Blown For Good, while on her way into rehearsals for ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

And tonight, on the show itself, she was heard to tell her dancing partner Tony Dovolani that she has to do well because her former church wants her to fail.

They want their parishioners to think that’s what happens if you leave, she told him.

Before their live performance, the couple were shown in taped rehearsals from earlier in the week.

Dovolani was seen saying that Remini had had a “difficult experience” during the summer, and a news clipping about her defection from Scientology was shown on screen.


“I’m going through a…big change for me and my family,” Leah said, and she added that in Scientology, “You’re used to taking a lot of negativity on yourself.”

She was then seen saying to Dovolani, “The church is waiting for me to fail so they can say ‘You see what happens when you leave?'”

And later, Dovolani said, “Although there might be some people out there waiting for her to fail, I’m here to make sure she doesn’t.”

She apparently did pretty well on the dancing itself, and she and Tony received a score of 24 (three 8’s from the judges).

And they’re through to the next week! Oh, what a headache for the church.


We have to echo what Observer said in our comments: ABC’s entertainment division just did a more hard-hitting expose on Scientology on Dancing With The Stars than its news division has in more than a year.

Hey, maybe Jenna Hill could do a cameo on Modern Family and Nancy Many could drop in on Grey’s Anatomy!

Meanwhile, Observer has really outdone herself. Here’s her latest shoop…



Posted by Tony Ortega on September 23, 2013 at 21:00

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