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How Not to Protest Scientology


Last night, New York City’s chapter of Anonymous conducted its 63rd consecutive monthly “raid” of the Church of Scientology on 46th Street near Times Square. We’ve been to several of these demonstrations, and we can tell you they are foul-mouthed, chaotic fun. Our hats are off to the NY anons for their longevity and continued good humor.

Having said that, we were recently made aware of a very different situation going on in Tucson, Arizona. Someone down there, apparently, is a little unclear on the concept.

We were sent this series of photographs from someone in the area who took snapshots of graffiti that showed up on the entrance to Scientology’s mission in Tucson. Each time the mission painted over the graffiti, a new slogan soon appeared. Here are three different shots that we were sent…





Well, we have a smart crowd here and we probably don’t need to belabor the point: This is dumb. Whoever you are, you aren’t doing anyone any good with these acts of vandalism. All you do is give Scientology ammunition about “terrorist” groups giving them trouble. (NOTE: That last slogan is from The Way to Happiness, which suggests that this vandal may be an unhappy ex-church member. We didn’t mean to imply that there’s any evidence this was done by someone at Anonymous. We really don’t know one way or the other.)

UPDATE: After some questions about the authenticity of these images, we have corroborating evidence from our photographer in Tuesday’s post.

CCHR in San Francisco

Yesterday, Scientology’s wacky anti-psychiatry front group, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, showed up in force to protest the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association at the Moscone Convention Center. A couple of our correspondents snapped some photos of the scene.

In this first photo, our tipster tells us they recognized famous “Squirrel Buster” operative John Allender — who just last week was enturbulating Mark Bunker in Portland. It’s a bit hard to tell from this photograph that it’s Allender in the middle of the shot hiding a bit behind his sign, but our tipster sent another photo that convinced us this is Allender.


And a few more shots to give a sense of how the protest looked…





And in this shot, our tipster says the protesters were chanting, and when this woman got too close she was told to back off…


Also, “California” sent us this shot which confirmed the presence of the legendary Chill EB


Hey, thanks to our tipsters for sending their photos.


Posted by Tony Ortega on May 19, 2013 at 07:00

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