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RonMiscavigeSrWe were the first to break the news last year that Ron Miscavige Sr., father to Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige, had managed to escape from Scientology’s secretive International Base in an embarrassing blow to his son and another sign of crisis in the organization.

Ron Sr. traveled to Virginia, where he joined another Miscavige church defector, his oldest son, Ron Jr.

Since then, we’ve been told that Ron Sr. has been adjusting to life outside a church he belonged to for 35 years. His granddaughter, Jenna Miscavige Hill, told us that he was doing well when we met her as she was touring for her recent book, Beyond Belief.

And now, Ron Miscavige Sr. is speaking out for himself.

This week, he quietly placed a childhood memoir for sale on, and we have learned that more than a month ago, he put a series of videos on YouTube which feature him demonstrating an exercise system that he is marketing online.

Here’s the cover of the book, and we’re told there’s nothing in it about Scientology, which he first encountered in the 1970s…



Here’s the description of the book that Miscavige placed at Amazon on Monday…

Do you ever yearn to go back in time to the “good old days,” whatever they were? Then don’t pass up this book! Go to the magical world that is the theater of your mind and tromp along with characters like Speedy Butelo, Jake Pupko or Joe Sarisky – real people, who actually lived – and savor the ‘40’s and ‘50’s days of argyle socks, nickel cokes and kids 8 and 9 years old playing with dynamite in the coal region where anything went. Great little vignettes that are guaranteed to take you out of your everyday world. This book is one of a kind since no one wrote about them who lived them. But this author not only lived them, he lived to tell about them. So- here you go. Grab a copy of this book. Sit back in a cushy chair and have a few laughs as the author takes you through his experiences as a kid growing up in a different era that had its own magic and charm which is no longer available, except in these pages. This is the first in a series so enjoy a laugh and get ready for the rest to come. Buy and Read, “True Confessions of a Kid”

We’ve placed our order and expect the book to arrive sometime tomorrow. We’ll post a review of it next week.

At YouTube, Miscavige has placed nine videos demonstrating a device called the “Exer-Genie.” In this first video, he explains how the device combines isometric exercises with kinetic exercise, and does so in a very small space for folks who want to work out at home.

Our first impression: Ron is looking healthy and hale. We had been told that at the base, where he worked as a trumpet player at events, his health was failing. He is now 77 years old.


The Exer-Genie is an apparatus that’s been around since 1962, and has many admirers online. In this video, Ron demonstrates “reciprocals.”


You can find Ron’s other videos about the device at his YouTube page. We hope that with all of this newfound energy, Ron will soon be in a mood to tell us how he managed to flee the International Base, and what his life there was like.


Posted by Tony Ortega on May 9, 2013 at 11:30

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