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Why Isn’t Scientology More Open About Its Space Opera Beliefs? It’s the Best Part!

Martian invaders! Quick, put on your goggles!

Martian invaders! Quick, put on your goggles!

Claire Headley has been under the weather, so we’re replacing our “Up the Bridge” installment this week with something we hope will tide you over.

Back in October, we posted transcripts from a March 10, 1952 L. Ron Hubbard lecture that proved to be hugely popular with our readers. In that lecture, Hubbard described the origins of humanity on Earth, and it was quite a bit different from what he would say 15 years later when he came up with the notorious “OT III” material and its story about Xenu the galactic overlord (which South Park had so much fun with).

Today, we have another fun slice of Hubbard galactic history: audio portions of another lecture from 1952 in which the great scientist explains this solar system’s real political situation!

The lecture we’re hearing today was recorded on October 30, 1952, and its title is “Role of Earth.” We found a recording of two portions of it, and we think you’ll see why we thought it might be worth a listen.

At the beginning of the segment, Hubbard is talking about a young woman who was recovering memories of some kind of space communications switchboard from a previous life. That propels him into a discussion about the nature of our solar system.


The asteroid belt, he says, provides a convenient low-gravity platform for travel to other parts of the “gah-LAX-ee.” And we learn that to outsiders, our solar system is known as “Space Station 33.”

The place is apparently crowded with incoming waves of galactic travelers. The Fourth Invader Force has been here for millennia, but more recently a Fifth Invader Force has moved in, and there have been clashes between the two, with the Fourth Invader Force based on Mars and the Fifth Invader Force banished to Venus. (We think.) Meanwhile, the Earth is used as a prison planet, with installations in places like the Pyrenees and the Mountains of the Moon.

When a person dies on Earth, his thetan (Hubbard’s name for an eternal spirit) is transferred to Mars or Venus for a between-lives implant, erasing his memory of the life he just lived. This is why it takes therapy to recover your entire whole track of existence — that darned between-lives implant is preventing you from seeing your true nature. Or something like that.

In the second portion of the tape, Hubbard describes bodies being held in “pawn” while they are preserved for the use of a thetan. We think.

Hubbard then makes some very interesting claims, that the true nature of the galaxy is much more gruesome than science fiction has been able to portray, and then he tells a rambling story to illustrate it. We’ll let you tell us the upshot of all this.

We found it particularly interesting that Hubbard takes pains to point out that none of this is fiction. Or even very unusual, at least in the solar system he’s observed through his whole track of existence. Fascinating!

We just don’t understand why the Church of Scientology works so hard to keep this stuff under wraps, or why celebrities like Tom Cruise or John Travolta or Kirstie Alley don’t talk about what great space opera there is in L. Ron Hubbard’s lectures. This is the best stuff in Scientology, and it’s also its essence — Hubbard is telling his audience these things because he expects Scientologists to run into these histories as they recover their own galactic memories (at up to a thousand dollars an hour).

As Hubbard says, space is wild! And so is Scientology. But why is the church so shy about it?




Last year, one of our most popular features was a weekly look at the “OT Phenomena” that appeared in copies of Advance! magazine in the 1970s. Advance! was — and still is — a publication aimed at whetting the appetites of Scientologists to get to the top end of “the Bridge,” where they reach the “Operating Thetan” levels of spiritual enlightenment and the superhuman abilities that come with them. Each month, the magazine features stories of the kind of extraordinary things “OTs” can do with the power of their minds.

Well, we couldn’t help thinking of those great Advance! items when we saw that one of our readers posted the following comment on a story from a few days ago, where it might not get the notice it deserves.

Please enjoy this anecdote from Paul Katz, you doubters. You just can’t argue with evidence like this!

To those LRH haters, OT ability deniers and especially those who know nothing of these things, yet want Mike, Marty and others to come to their senses and abandon worthless Scn Tech:


I have been waiting for an appropriate place to tell this story, and since Michael mentions Paul McElveen above, I will now.

Paul was a shipmate and my roommate on Excalibur in the early 70’s. I don’t remember what his job was at that time.

One payday we got in his stripped-down doorless Jeep and headed out to spend the precious $20 bill each of us had just been given. I was the passenger, my bill was in my right pants pocket.

Half way up the hill into town I realized my money was gone. I mentioned it to Paul.

He did an immediate uey and headed back towards the Excal. A minute or two later another uey and onto the shoulder.

There in the weeds was a $20 bill. I got out put in my pocket and got back in. He looked at me, smiled and said:

“That’s called knowin’ where it’s at.”

We never spoke of this. I was sure that all the OTs aboard could do that and other amazing things but LRH told them (in A History of Man, and an HCOB from the 60’s, for example) not to show off their abilities. So, OT ability is real. I saw it in action. (And I am truly sad if you didn’t attain OT in the c of s or if you didn’t feel scn worked for you.)

To you know-nothing whistlers: Whatsa matter? Mouth a little dry? Think I’m lying? Well say so, but sign your real name, and location, just as i am.

Paul Katz

Dunedin, FLA

Thanks, Paul. We’re sure many of our readers now have an entirely new attitude about spending several years and a couple of hundred thousand dollars if it means we’d achieve the superhuman ability to find lost twenties.

Somebody warm up the e-meter!




Another strong video testament from Karen de la Carriere about the death of her son, Alex Jentzsch.

J. Swift and Angry Gay Pope are doing a great job putting these things together.



Posted by Tony Ortega on April 2, 2013 at 07:00


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