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What Could L. Ron Hubbard Use on His 102nd Birthday? How About a Little SUPER POWER!

HubbardBirthdayHip, Hip, Hooray! Today is March 13, which every Scientologist considers the most important day of the year. It was on this day in 1911 that Lafayette Ronald Hubbard emerged into the world with plenty of prenatal engrams and a burning desire to change the world.

The Church of Scientology always puts on a great bash for LRH, and this year, for scheduling reasons, official celebrations won’t be held in Clearwater, Florida and Los Angeles for several more days. (If you happen to be going, we’d love to get some eyewitness reports.) Even though those events are a few days away, we think we know what they’re going to frost the cakes with this time around. Once again, church members have been told that Super Power is coming this year!

Which is, of course, what they were told last year, and the year before that.

But this time, they mean it!

After the jump, we have evidence of the latest promises. So grab a party hat and a cold beverage and let’s toast the Commodore on his 102nd!

We have for you a very overheated e-mail which was sent out to some church members recently. But first, a brief word about “Super Power.”


From the very beginning, with the publication of his book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health in 1950, L. Ron Hubbard held out the prospect of superhuman abilities as the end result of his Dianetic (and later Scientology) processes. From total recall to the ability to leave one’s body and affect matter with the mind, miracles were promised to Hubbard’s followers if they could just get up to the top of the “Bridge to Total Freedom.” For many years, however, the top of that scale has been Operating Thetan Level VIII, and none of the people who have achieved it are levitating or affecting the weather.

In the 1970s, Hubbard noticed that church workers had a tendency to burn out. He proposed a series of processes which would help them regain their vigor. He gave this set of rundowns the collective name of Super Power.

Years later, his successor, David Miscavige, took that idea and came up with a very different use for it — which is highly controversial for some Scientologists. Rather than develop Super Power for exhausted employees, Miscavige reconceived it as an ultimate experience for public Scientologists who had already topped out on the OT levels.

Key to that idea was a vast new facility, which was designed in the early 1990s. It would be a massive new building across the street from the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida, the holiest place in Scientology’s world. Ground was broken for the Super Power Building in 1998. (Its formal name is actually the Flag Mecca Building.) Nearly 15 years later, something like $50 million has been spent building and furnishing the city-block-sized edifice, but more like $200 million has been raised for it — a discrepancy which is one of the key disputes in a federal fraud lawsuit filed recently against the church.

In January of 2012 we revealed hundreds of renderings of what the Super Power Building is going to be like inside. We also revealed what one of the Super Power Rundowns is going to be (a single line, “Where would you be safe?” asked by an auditor, over and over and over again, for something like $1,000 an hour). But will the giant facility ever open and deliver super human abilities to high-level, wealthy Scientologists? Here’s the latest word from the church, and we believe similar language will feature in this year’s Birthday events…

—– (Beginning of church e-mail)



Lift the veil off the state of this planet and it looks something like this:

80% of the planet lives in underdeveloped countries

One billion are functionally illiterate

One in seven are malnourished

Another billion are left without access to clean drinking water

And if college education once meant better living, today it’s just 6% of this planet that has one.

It’s a world wherein if you live with adequate food, proper dress and bearable accommodations — you’re better off than half the people of Earth.

Add the statistics of “brutal crime” LRH mentions in his Birthday Game ED and here’s what goes down every 2.5 hours:

75,000 prescriptions are filled for the top 20 psych meds,

114 million dollars is spent trafficking illegal drugs,

Two million children take psychiatric drugs

And more than 35 million dollars is spent at war.

And that lays bare the orders of magnitude behind LRH’s words: “….a sick, a dying and dead society.”

“Super Power is the answer to a sick, a dying and dead society.” LRH

Super Power!

It’s the series of technical rundowns that LRH most closely associated with planetary clearing.

It’s been in the making for some 30 years. And for good reason.

It’s a technology where small results simply aren’t even conceived.

A 7th dynamic boost to our power as a religion and your potential as a thetan, in ways you can’t even imagine.

Super Power’s release is 21st Century Scientology to the core.

These are moments that haven’t yet existed on the Scientology time track.

And moments that will be hard to surpass in our future.

Our next epic milestone is closer than ever……


“A Super-fantastic, but confidential series of Rundowns that can be done on anyone… that puts the person into fantastic shape unleashing the Super Power of a Thetan… It consists of 12 separate high-power rundowns which are brand new….” LRH

Super Power is a series of 12 rundowns, each of which make the being himself more able, competent and powerful.

They are intended to give a person back his own viewpoint, increase his ability to perceive, improve his ability to learn and his power of choice.

And that is exactly what pcs and pre-OTs who have received Super Power report—in rave and astounding successes.

One of the Super Power rundowns has to do with something people have a huge amount of charge on, due to it’s suppressive use on the whole track. The subject? Ethics and Justice.

If the charge isn’t handled, it can get in the way of attempts to apply ethics to your own life in present time. This Super Power rundown thoroughly handles all charge. It is broken down into 128 aspects, each of which is run four flows, making a total of 512 individual types of charge removed from your track.

Yet another of these rundowns handles the phenomenon of deadness. LRH found that a being himself can be dead, though his body is alive. He found the exact mechanism that causes this to happen. The rundown zeroes in on the precise points that hold it together, the whole mechanism crumbles to pieces and the thetan literally comes back to life.

Then there is the famous Perception Rundown: the New Flag building will house this powerful series of rundowns. It is here that pcs will progress through physical universe drilling stations that are part of rehabilitating all 57 perceptions of a thetan.

And when it comes to the future, here is something never even conceived of on this planet. Drawn from every ounce of LRH research and discovery, here is the means of restoring all preceptics of a spiritual being.

Perceptic by perceptic, it’s a one-two punch with auditing to remove disabilities preventing perception and whole track drills to restore native ability; not as a body, but by theta perceptic alone.

Here is some data regarding the new Flag building:

At 377,000 square feet and spanning an entire city block, this building is the equivalent size of seven Ideal Orgs. 800,000 linear feet of track and stud encased in 31,000 sheets of dry wall make up the building’s walls. More than 1.5 million feet of electrical wire is routed to 25,000 light fixtures and all electrical implements through 500,000 feet of conduit. While 720 tons of stone – much of it customized for installation—do their part to make this a timeless masterpiece that will endure the ages. And it’s service capacity exceeds anything to date, capable of delivering to many thousand at a time. This is the attainment of an LRH vision: the release of Super Power and opening of the new Flag building.

“Some time ago I realized the resolution of this scene would require a powerful tech, tailored to check this downward spiral at each step of the way and get it reverting upwards.

I set about to study and research and develop processes that would accomplish this.

The result of that work is Super Power.

Super Power is the answer to a sick, a dying and dead society.

With it, we literally revive the dead!

With it we have the means to put Scientologists into a new realm of ability enabling them to create a new world.” L Ron Hubbard

Super Power will be released and available for public sometime this year. The building is ready. The perception equipment is installed. The auditors and technicians are currently training.

The only prerequisites are drug handling complete and you can’t be in the middle of any other actions.

I want to help you get there.

Call me or write anytime for anything.


Barbara Dews
Flag Service Consultant
323 872 3585

—– (End of church e-mail)

Did you catch the key line in all of that? Yes, it’s near the end: “Super Power will be released and available for public sometime this year.”

What, still no definite date? What a letdown. Or perhaps a hard date is something David Miscavige is waiting for the event to reveal.

We also found the notion of reviving a “dead” thetan (soul) an interesting idea, and we look forward to our ex-church commenters to tell us if they’d heard that one before: “LRH found that a being himself can be dead, though his body is alive.”

But of course, all of this teasing about the Super Power Building and its “perceptics” installations only reminds us what we’re really jonesing for. When, dagnabbit, are we going to get a look at the OILINESS TABLE!!!


…not to mention the Smell Wall and Pain Station. What a party house the SP Building is going to be. For now, however, we’ll just tip a glass to LRH on his 102nd, and wish him the best, wherever he is.

CODA: Bunker readers, we have a feeling there’s going to be a breaking news story added to the blog this afternoon, so please check back with us.


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Posted by Tony Ortega on March 13, 2013 at 07:00


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