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Marisol Nichols prepares for her greatest role: Scientology space cadet!

Marisol_Nichols_ThumbOn Sundays, we like to reveal to you the wackiest Scientology e-mails, fliers, and other come-ons that were sent out to church members during the past week. And this week, the most exciting news that they received was about one of their celebrities, Marisol Nichols.

Nichols reached new heights of fame after her role as Special Agent Nadia Yassir in 24‘s sixth season. But she’s also reached new heights in her career as a Scientologist. As you’ll see in an exciting e-mail that was sent out to church members, Marisol has reached the pinnacle of spiritual achievement, and she’s going to speak at her graduation on Friday at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre!

We learned about this when one of our tipsters forwarded to us an e-mail from Tom Cruise’s former personal assistant, Andrea Doven, who just recently celebrated a graduation of her own at the Celebrity Centre. And now, look how excited she is to announce Marisol’s event…


According to Scientology’s own publications, Marisol went “clear” in 2000, and now, 13 years later, she’s reached the top end of the Bridge to Total Freedom — she’s achieved Operating Thetan Level 8. This means that Marisol should have the ability to exteriorize from her body, affect matter with her mind, bring the recently dead to back to life, and be clairvoyant, immune to disease, and she should have a sky-high IQ and total recall. We can only hope she shows off her new super human powers at the graduation event! (And we hope that it’s soon online.)


To get a sense for what is said at these graduation events, please take a look at Andrea Doven’s own graduation that was posted online just recently. We can only hope that Marisol’s words are as memorable!

Speaking of Doven, she really got the red carpet treatment in this swell celebration of her Scientology success…


The gals from the Valley are back! Remember what a slick job they did promoting a “Bowlarama Smackdown” for the Valley’s Ideal org last summer? Well, now they’re back with this special offer on doors for the new church. At only $200 to get your name on a door at the new Ideal Org, it’s a steal!


And that’s not all the Valley org is up to. We only wish we could have attended this party last night so we could get to know the gals from the Valley even better!


The San Francisco org steps up with this nifty flier, and we’d love to know how they’re going to use the Eighth Wonder of the World to smack down the psychs!


Meanwhile, last night in LA, it sounds like some folks got a briefing about what the church plans to do with old KCET television studios the church bought in 2011…


Finally, we must share with you a video that’s been going around for a few days. It’s a lovely Grant Cardone sentiment that seems like some kind of bookend to the video produced by his wife Elena which we posted last week. These two really were made for each other, weren’t they? Ah, true love.


Thanks again to our wonderful tipsters. Please keep those fliers and e-mails and videos coming!


Posted by Tony Ortega on February 24, 2013 at 07:00

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