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Sunday Funnies: Africa is Done!

CCHR_SwordIt’s time for another look at the fundraising fliers and other come-ons that Scientologists received this week. On Sundays, we like to post the items that our tipsters have forwarded to us, so we can get a snapshot of what church members are getting hit up for at the moment.

This week, there are so many fun things to spend money on. A table at a CCHR awards banquet? A campaign of terror against psychiatry? Or more books for libraries around the world? Get that checkbook out and let’s start saving the world!

Scientologists sure do love awards ceremonies. Anyone want to take a guess the name of the 15-term member of Congress who will be taking home a plaque at this shindig for the church’s wacky anti-psychiatry front group?



More anti-psychiatry fun from the folks in OC!


And even more CCHR fun this afternoon in Pasadena. Don’t miss it!


But the real fun this week is another update on the library campaign. Your donations are needed to send more copies of the L. Ron Hubbard encyclopedia to librarians who already won’t stock another item from the Church of Scientology! (Which reminds us, when is a library going to ship us a copy of the encyclopedia that they don’t want? We can use one!)


Hey, bloggers! Feel like shilling for your favorite pulp fiction writer? Here’s an offer you can’t miss…

In the age of social media it is more urgent than ever to activate our LRH fiction fans to create a title wave of goodwill and awareness of LRH’s wealth of creativity.

If you are an LRH fiction fan or an avid fiction reader and feel this love could be used to introduce others to your favorite works, please take a moment to fill our this brief survey and send it to me:

1) Do you have a blog where you could post book reviews?

2) Do you have a facebook page?

3) Would you be interested in participating in any of the following activities:

a) Posting reviews on Amazon and other bookstore web sites?
b) Posting reviews on GoodReads and other book review sites?
c) Becoming an affiliate or opening an on-line bookstore to sell books, including LRH fiction?
d) Visiting libraries and setting up events, like audiobook “tape-plays” or putting on performances of the stories, etc?
e) Visiting bookstores, schools and/or libraries to sell the LRH fiction for a commission?
f) Attending book fairs and consumer shows to sell the LRH fiction books?
g) Helping to activate others to get reviews done on the stories?
h) Being part of a theater troupe putting on performances of the LRH stories in various venues.

4) Are you an educator that would like to help develop literature guides for other educators to use the stories in their classrooms?

If you are a reader, you understand the importance of book recommendation ? it is #1 action that sells books. Each of these activities are a lot of fun and we need an army working them to really reach out in volume. If you think you would have fun being on the team, please do contact me.

Thank you!

Juliet Wills
VP Sales Galaxy Press
7051 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
323 321 2143

Once again, we want to thank our tipsters, who come through for us every week. Keep those mailers and fliers coming!


Posted by Tony Ortega on January 27, 2013 at 07:00


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