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Scientology True Crime: A First Look at Nancy Many’s Docudrama Airing January 16

If you’ve read Nancy Many’s memoir, My Billion-Year Contract, you know that she had one of the most amazing careers in Scientology — from working directly with church founder L. Ron Hubbard, to spying for the church on its enemies, to running the Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles, and to being sent to the Rehabilitation Project Force prison detail in Florida while she was five months pregnant.

To our amazement, all of that gets covered in the one-hour dramatization of Many’s life which is airing next week on ID, the true-crime sister network of the Discovery Channel, at 10 pm Eastern. The episode kicks off a new ID series called “Dangerous Persuasions,” which portrays good people manipulated into doing bad things. In Canada, the show debuts on January 18 on the History Channel, and will kick off a new series by the name of “Brainwashed.” Well-acted and produced, the detailed and accurate docudrama also features Nancy narrating the story, as you can see in the teaser video the network has posted.

We have more peeks at the program which demonstrate how carefully its producers re-enacted this troubling slice of Scientology history.


Many opens the program by describing why she was susceptible to Scientology’s come-on as a 19-year-old in Boston in 1971. With the Vietnam War as a backdrop and her own life somewhat adrift, she said Scientology’s purported aims of improving the world really appealed to her, and she enjoyed her early auditing using the e-meter, the device whose contacts she holds in this still image.

We love how Many drops the first hint that, despite her enthusiasm, there might be something out of joint about this new group she has joined up with: “All the books were by one author.”


But such qualms aside, Many was an eager new recruit, and before long had even joined Scientology’s hardcore Sea Organization, whose workers sign billion-year contracts. She was then asked by the shadowy Guardian’s Office to help out with its covert operations. In one assignment, she was instructed to get a job as a secretary at a local community mental health clinic. That gave her access to the personnel files of its doctors, which she stole and took home at night so the Guardian’s Office could copy them. Similar operations were being run, she says, at the Better Business Bureau, American Psychiatric Association, and the Attorney General’s office.

After that, Nancy was assigned to tail a woman named Paulette Cooper, who had, a few years earlier, put out a scathing book about the church, The Scandal of Scientology. The show dramatizes Nancy following Paulette, and then Cooper herself is interviewed and has really choice things to say about Scientology…


After spying on Cooper, Nancy left Boston to work at Scientology’s mecca in Clearwater, Florida, and that’s where she met fellow Sea Org officer Chris Many. The two were married, and soon Nancy was pregnant.


Then, her ordeal really began. After showing insufficient enthusiasm for an L. Ron Hubbard initiative (the only reason she can come up with), Nancy was punished by being ordered to the Rehabilitation Project Force, the Sea Org’s prison-like detail. She was assigned to living in a parking garage while five months pregnant.


More highs and lows were in store for Many as she finally escaped the Sea Org and then Scientology itself, and paid for it with a severe mental breakdown. And that’s dramatized as well.

Seriously, the amount of material they cover in this single hour is rather startling. And throughout, Many’s narration is calm and concise.

We’ll leave you with one final image, of Nancy’s sadistic Scientology interrogator who drove her to a breakdown once Many had admitted that she wanted out of the church. Over 10 days, for up to 10 hours a day, this woman mentally tortured her, Many says. The scene, like the others, is captured in an arresting way by the show’s producers…


The only thing we found truly missing from the show was a disclaimer that should have been made to viewers: interrogations and family separations and the RPF for Sea Org members have only gotten worse since Nancy’s time, ex-members tell us.


Posted by Tony Ortega on January 10, 2013 at 04:30


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  • This is exactly the kind of story that must be told to educate and warn the world of what scientology is really like.

    As someone who was interrogated in “security checks” on an emeter for up to 10 hours a day for a month (for daring to want to leave staff) I know what it is like to have to go through such shame and pressure. And each night a half a dozen sadistic men would laugh at the results of that day’s security checks and design questions to further pressure and embarrass me with personal sexual and other questions designed to break me down and even change my mind about leaving. I found this last part out years later when one of the men doing that every night who left staff told me of it.

    And mine was NOTHING compared to what Nancy had to go through. Nancy exaggerated nothing. What she wrote is indeed what they do.

    The sadistic paranoia found in organized scientology where people are easily declared enemies and treated as such comes from L Ron Hubbard himself and the “scripture” he left behind for scientology staff to follow.

    My God, Nancy is one of the most kind, gentle, loving, well-intentioned and beautiful people I have ever known and this is what they do to her.

    The whole thing is sick and is what they do to their very own dedicated staff regularly when it appears they are not toeing the line.

    If our governments will not stop this then let us all help stop it by getting out the truth as scientology cannot expand or even exist at any real level in the presence of truth.

    Thank you so much Nancy for all you have done for years and are doing to help people understand scientology and for all else you are doing to help so many others who were lost in the dark world of scientology.

    • 0tessa

      This dramatized documentary will have a huge impact, because pictures say so much more than words.
      Thanks to Nancy and many others who helped to get the truth out.

    • BuryTheNuts2

      I am so sorry Denise for what you went thru as well. Those damn security checks are just unbelievably cruel and perverse.

    • Nancy Many

      Thank you Denise… I hope more people will wake up and see past the “celebrity” and “money”, and get a glimpse of the horrors that lie within.

  • whingeybingey

    Will there be any way of watching it online?

    • EnthralledObserver

      Yes, I’d like to know that too… Anyone know?

      • No. But I hope enterprising anons will rip to YouTube.

    • Surely we can get some of those hacker anons to threaten deface their website and threaten to d0x the management if they don’t stream it 🙂

  • Sid Snakey

    Wow, looks amazing – a really strong production. I hope as many current members of the Church as possible get to see it, if they can turn their thought-stopping off for a moment.

  • grundoon

    Who are the actors, director and producer who did such great work to get a faithful rendition of Nancy’s ordeal?

    • TonyOrtega

      The version they sent me didn’t have credits laid in yet, or I would have cited them. There may be a press release floating around soon that we can pull those from.

      • John P.

        I just checked on IMDB, which often has series credits several weeks ahead of when episodes run, and there’s no entry for either the series as a whole or for this particular episode yet. Nothing there, either. I’m not sure if it is classified as a news show, like “Unsolved Mysteries” which doesn’t have a full IMDB listing, or if it will eventually get full credits.

        • sugarplumfairy

          Or maybe, like the writers of South Park, they are aware of the litigious nature of cof$ and are holding all info close to the vest? It would be kinda cool to see another John/Jane Smith avalanche..

        • Deckard__Cain

          JP, be weary of credits on IMDb with something that has yet to be aired. I know that for very popular shows like ‘The Sopranos’, the producers would submit random actors’ names or fake names of people that didn’t exist to throw off the scent of plot spoiler seekers. With a story as sensitive as this, I would expect nothing to show until weeks after it airs.

    • moxonmoxoff

      I found this today, which is partially responsive to your question:

      “DANGEROUS PERSUASIONS is co-produced for Investigation Discovery by RAW and Entertainment One Television. For RAW, Louise Norman is executive producer with Michael Kot as executive producer for Entertainment One. For Investigation Discovery, Ron Simon is executive producer, Sara Kozak is senior vice president of production, Kevin Bennett is general manager, and Henry Schleiff is president and general manager.”

      Link to full article:

  • John P.

    Based on the trailer, and based on your comments, this show is, to use the slogan of another cable channel, “Must See TV.” I particularly look forward to the interview with Paulette Cooper, having had the privilege to experience her wit, warmth, intelligence and personal credibility first hand.

    I have been at this long enough to know that predicting the demise of the cult from a single event is unwise, since they are like cockroaches, able to hide themselves in narrow crevices until any given storm blows over, quickly re-emerging (albeit in diminishing numbers) to scurry about their filthy business. So there is no way this will be the single event that brings the cult down. But this show ought to have some legs, particularly if it’s readily available on a permanent site, to serve as a reference for a very long time, to help deter others from ever joining this evil organization.

    I can hardly wait for a rubber-stamped denial of the charges about a conspiracy of bitter, defrocked apostates and all the usual PR drivel.

    • Observer

      I was just thinking the same thing–I can’t wait to see what their response will be! I’m sure Davey, er, “Karin” will outdo himself. Herself. Whatever.

    • Please tweet to all capitalists on Twitter. kthxbai.

    • Bob

      John, You are correct. As well this show will help to galvanize the Sheeple of the church. And amazingly enough there are still new people coming into the church. Not at the previous rates and it is disconcerting how many people do not read past the headlines or don’t read at all.
      Some Scn haters express that there is no value to anything in Hubbards writings or courses. But a fair number of the beginning courses and books do appear to help people with issues in their lives and this is why traffic on the bridge has not completely dried up. Why would some of the very intelligent and articulate persons who have spoken out be attracted to it in the first place if there was absolutely nothing useful or truthful in the writings.

      • “Why would some of the very intelligent and articulate persons who have spoken out be attracted to it in the first place if there was absolutely nothing useful or truthful in the writings.”

        I think that is an interesting question. I think that one of the answers is the fact that they were charged $$ for it. People tend to think that paying $$ for something means that is is valuable and worth paying for…and if not everyone can afford it ..then that information becomes even more coveted. And if people think that they ARE very articulate and intelligent….then that makes them separate from those who are not …making THEMSELVES more valuable. That’s when they become a mark …and that is why ( as they say in Vegas ) the house always wins.

        • Bob

          That might be an explanation for some. But if you have been around an org and been on course for a number of years the most common reason that people are there is it helps them in some way. That is not all fake as I have seen numerous people that genuinely got some particular thing they wanted corrected. The issue really is what happens as they graduate to more expensive services and donating more. Then all the negative aspects can start kicking in. But at that point it depends on who it is. Some people continue to buy into it and perceive that they are doing better. This is not a black and white type of scenario. Or the church would have imploded long ago.

          • DeElizabethan

            Bob you know what you are talking about, thanks. Someone who hasn’t had the experience cannot understand such things in quite the same way. It is easy to speculate until one listens, learns and accepts what others say a least a little.
            John P. is probably the best example of fairness and intelligence that has had no experience in the cult.

            • John P. is just way nicer and articulate about it. Plus …he is a really good typist

            • John P.

              Thank you. I should point out that writers like me appreciate compliments on our typing skills the same way that actors appreciate being complimented on their punctuality. 🙂

            • Well are obviously a great writer…but it would take us longer to figure that out if you were typing with your feet….and your feet were hooks or something 😉

            • DeElizabethan


          • I see what you are saying…good points for sure. There are nuggets of good in just about everything ( all depending ) but i am kind of hearing you say that a little bit of a cult mindset is good …but a lot of a cult mindset is bad and that makes me a bit nervous to tell you the truth.

            ” He only beats me when he’s drunk..and that’s hardly ever ” is not a a ringing endorsement of a healthy relationship ( if you get what i mean ..)

            It is my understanding that the first true “wins” in scientology are right at the start …and then it goes downhill because the person is trying to get that same “first win” feeling again . Take another course, get the new series of books because the commas were in the wrong place ..then they turn it on you saying you are the problem , engrams are the issue …take another course ….etc. I respect what you are saying …i knew an anorexic/bulimic girl in school who really believed that she was healthy and that the discipline it took to binge,purge and deprive herself of food …showed that she had control over the external things in her life and that it really made her a good and focused person . She had a heart attack and died. She was 24.

            And for almost 3 years now ( eek ) i have been reading about this abusive cult ~ not once have i thought to myself ” well …maybe i will just read a few books and take a few courses so i can understand it better” Nor have i thought that i would date a guy who only smacks me occasionally

            • Bob

              The point I was trying to make is in regards to what attracts people to start in Scn and want to continue. There is no justification for the abuses or some of the cruel actions of some of the staff and members of the church. But there are aspects of the philosophy and practical applications that are workable and keep people coming back for more. That “gotcha factor” is endemic in the corporate structure and interpretation of what you are suppose to be as a “good group member”. But to me that does not then negate everything in the philosophy. From what Tony O has written he indicates that he is not making a judgement on the most of thentenants of the church but on the actions of church members, certsin heinous policies, their continuous need to hide the truth of the philosophy and to cover up the numerous abuses and mistakes the church has made. Originally Hubbard allegedly created the “tech” as a tool to use to change conditions. The problem now is that purveyor of the “tool” now wants to make “tools” out of anyone who gets involved in the group.

            • CJC

              No Kim, that’s not what Bob is saying at all. Here’s what he said, “… the most common reason that people are there is it helps them in some way. That is not all fake as I have seen numerous people that genuinely got some particular thing they wanted corrected.” And as I posted above, there are definite benefits to be had. That how it progresses. Why would people stay in, if it was all heartache from the very beginning? Prove to people that they can get benefit from THIS course, they’ll want to take the next (more expensive) one, and so on and on.

      • jensting

        People are still being conned. Yes.

        Consider the free press the equivalent of the warning stickers on the packing of tobacco products.

      • CJC

        27 years in, 16 years out – and I can tell you there are definite benefits to be had and useful things to learn – in the beginning. The only “problem” I have with that is that Hubbard claimed the work was his, when he actually plagiarized the work of others (something the average Scientologist won’t know until they decide to step out of the box a little and do their own research).

        • Bob

          No not Hubbard. He gave credit to all the people he drew from. He clearly stated he was just putting it in a new form. But he got the knowledge from others. Now the acknowledgements are removed from the books. So it looks like it all came from him. Micksavage wants to create the idea that there is nothing else worth reading and that is just not true. Reading the sources Hubbard used is very enlightening.

    • Ziontologist

      “predicting the demise of the cult from a single event is unwise’
      Take away the bread. Their money in the bank is the only thing that keeps them going.

    • OTVIIIisGrrr8!

      NO JOHN P. NO!

      We in RTC can authoritatively tell you that all of the attacks against the Church of Scientology is part of a vast conspiracy of the Psychs who use bitter defrocked apostates as agent provocateurs.

      We say this because Scientology is good and therefore only the insane and criminals would attack the Church of Scientology.

  • Sidney18511

    This channel, discovery ID, has its own fan message board where people discuss the shows in real time. They advertised it as a site for “ID ADDICTS”. I would imagaine that the conversations going on there might be very interesting.

  • Observer

    There’s no question that this was done on LRH’s watch, if not at his direct command. I wonder how the Hubbard loyalists will try to explain this away. He was Source, all right.

  • This is absolutely superb! I am tweeting like mad to everyone I know on Twitter.

  • Sidney18511

    The end results of the books, this show and other news stories regarding the cult of Scientology will have the effect of causing anyone who is aware of current media to understand that this is a dangerous sick organization. The term Scientology will be instantly relatable to “the moonies” and other crazy cults in people’s minds. Who would ever think of joining this cult? Pretty soon they will be encouraging their SO members to HAVE babies just to build up their membership stats.

  • Patty Moher

    13 years ago, when I first started reading the truth about the cult, there weren’t a lot of exes with their stories. Nancy Many’s story was there on OCMB and it moved me and shook me to the core. I knew it was the truth and knew this woman had been put through the wringer and had clawed her way back from the depths of hell that only Scn can drive you to. It also scared the hell out of me, because I too worked in covert ops for the cult. I was terrified what they might do to me and vowed never to allow them to “put me on the cans” again.

    Nancy you are one of my heroes! Hope to see you again at the 2013 SP Party.

    • Same for me, Patty. I didn’t start looking in earnest at the “real story” of Scientology until 2009 and Nancy’s was the first book I read. Paralleling my own time period in the Sea Org, familiar names and places, she blasted open the curtain on the evil wizard right before my hungry eyes. Bless Nancy Many and every whistleblower. Keep the stories coming!

      • DeElizabethan

        Nancy Many’s book was the first book by an ex that I read also. I didn’t start my search till 2012.
        I found that Nancy and I shared a time period from ’80-’84 where we both were in the field undercover and never knew about any changes from GO to OSA nor about many other changes happening and it was always business as usual. As a public person, I didn’t experience any SO or staff activities, however it was an impressive time in my life which I buried. It feels so good to be able to at least talk about my past now, not yet in fine detail, and that’s been my greatest healing. What Nancy went through is horrific. She helped educate me and now the world. Kudos Nancy!

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      The highlight of the 2012 SP Party was when I glanced over at the table behind me and saw Nancy Many, Paulette Cooper, Denise Brennan and Kate Bornstein whispering and giggling and most of all, shining.

      That’s when I knew scientology was dead in the water. Then Katie Holmes opened the flood gates of media coverage of something Not involving scientology celebrity hairstyles or the science fiction cartoon beliefs and Zenu.

      Now Discover is dedicated quality resources to covering the very subject that needs to be exposed in the US: dangerous persuasons indeed. Nancy and so many others were the kind of tough, witty, intelligent, passionate women that I was around when I entered the scientology fray. I admired them then, and now am approaching awe. Thank you from the heart, Nancy.

      Finally scientology is getting coverage for what it really is: Dangerous. Nancy Many’s story embodies all the ways it is a danger to our society and especially the vulnerable. Another lioness mother is roaring for all the world (and the FBI, IRS, Homeland Security and Attorney Generals’ offices) to hear.

      • i-Betty

        Your first paragraph has given me the biggest lump in my throat. What a special moment to be an ex-Scientologist.

        • Brandon Roberts

          good that you got out

  • Here’s a link to find out which channel in your local area carries ID programming:

    Having Nancy as the narrator adds much to the show, she comes across as very believable. I can’t imagine the health implications to mother and baby having to breathe in fumes from a parking garage 24/7. I hope they are both OK.

    • The baby was born with severe respiratory problems and frequented the emergency room as an infant;(

    • California


    • DeElizabethan

      Thanks for that link, found my server, but I don’t subscribe to that channel, dang, and not prepared to upgrade yet. I’ll just have to see it another way or time if possible?

  • HeatherGraceful

    This is sooooo exciting.”Scientology knew EVERYTHING!” Concise and creepy.

    I must say, Nancy, I love the new (since I last saw an image of you) haircut. The length is really flattering. You look beautiful.


  • sugarplumfairy

    I’ve already seen the advertising for this new show on ID.. can’t wait to see it, especially Paulette Cooper.. I can only imagine the frantic dispatches from karin pout and the various and sundry co$ legal reps that have landed on the desks of the show’s producers and the station’s owners..

  • sugarplumfairy

    Holy crap.. I just watched the trailer.. “…the man she was living with was a scientology spy…”

    Aaaaaaggghhh! Can you imagine? Tony, I hope you’ve had the cats vetted..

    • BuryTheNuts2

      Yeah, wasn’t that the most disgusting and reprehensible thing you can imagine!
      That woman is my freaking hero for just surviving it without offing herself…which is exactly what LRH wanted.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      As Tony mentioned, it has only gotten worse. Children spy and “report” on their parents. Business associates spy on their partners, employees, boss and “report”. Staff spy on, well, everyone and “report”. Scientology doesn’t make clears or OT’s. They only make 3 things: spies, criminals and paranoids.

    • moxonmoxoff

      If memory serves, he was the same guy that kept trying to get Paulette to go to the roof of her apt. complex (presumably so he could push her off the edge and call it a suicide). Lovely folks, those Scilons.

      • sugarplumfairy


    • cultwife

      It was like an icy finger ran down my spine when I read that bit. And I’m still shivering. Scientology is the ultimate proof that truth is stranger (and sometimes much scarier) than fiction.

    • I always thought that Siamese looked suspicious.

      No, wait, that was my cat. Nevermind.

  • JustCallMeMary

    Brilliant! THIS is an excellent way to convey the reality of Scientology. Nancy Many, and this production, have raised the bar on the means in which ordinary people can see and really get the picture of the insanity of Scientology and what it does to it’s members, it’s enemies and it’s victims.

    Nancy, thank you for sharing your story with the world

  • CoolHand

    Can’t wait to see the full episode! Also, this morning were the Oscar noms – Although PTA didn’t get get a nod, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams and Juaquin Phoenix all were nominated from “The Master”.

  • mook

    John Sweeney was on Aussie TV two days ago to promote his book, resulting in an epic win

    • Mrs Libnish

      Great interview…hopefully it sells him a LOT of books!

  • InTheNameOfXenu

    The fact that the cult was helpless to stop this program is a testimony of how ineffective and weak they have become. Nothing is being censored here. They are referring to Scientology by name. Many’s story is one on the most heartbreaking I’ve ever read. This documentary will expose to many people for the first time how cruel, evil, and malicious Hubbard’s creation really is. There’s nothing good about Scientology. It was created by one manipulating, egotistical, megalomaniac who was bent on dominating everyone.

    I sincerely hope this will spawn a whole series of programs. ‘Operation Snow White’ is worthy of a mini-series. This was the largest infiltration of the U.S. government agencies in history. The Guardian’s Office accomplished what the KGB could never do. I hope Discovery ID will have the testicular fortitude to continue to expose this treacherous cult.

  • BuryTheNuts2

    Scientology responding with the “wounded animal syndrome” ought to start commencing en mass at any time…
    That is if there is enough “mass” left to pull it off.

    • Observer

      “Bitter defrocked apostates” ahoy! I wonder if they’ll ever figure out that apostate isn’t an actual insult, just a word to describe someone who no longer holds beliefs he or she once did. And someone can’t be defrocked without first being frocked–e.g., being formally invested as a member of the clergy. Unless they do that for every single Scientologist they’ve got yet another big fat MU. Ron would be so disappointed … or maybe not, since he was the King of the MUs.

      • BuryTheNuts2

        He was mocking up his own MU’s as they flew out of his ass for his entire miserable life.

      • I am still fully frocked. I am an ordained minister of the Church of Scientology and all my certificates are still in force. They never formally declared me because they knew that I would proudly display my SP Declare on the Internet.

        So I am a Fully Frocked Apostate, running around loose, screaming generalities out my car window!


        • DeElizabethan

          LMAO. Yeah!

        • Valerie Ross

          To the best of my knowledge, I am also still fully frocked, but may have been declared in September of this year, long story. No one told me though if i did get declared and i still have all my certs um . . . somewhere I think. Haven’t practiced for 35 years though, that’s nowhere long enough IMO.

  • California

    Nancy Many is a true lady, a loving and compassionate soul and an articulate and accurate writer.

    With the courage of a lioness.

    The planet is in better shape with Nancy Many being here.

  • California

    Joaquin Phoenix NOMINATED FOR BEST ACTOR in “The Master.”


  • Michael

    They did catch the facial expression of Joan Schriver!

  • This looks pretty amazing …and it took guts for her to do this . Props to her. She seems to be in a good place now. Hubbards flock seems to be flying in all different directions and Marty seems to be on a downward spiral …his posts are freakier than usual. ( and that is saying something )

    ” where were you 75 million years ago?”…..seriously ?

    • Yeah, he’s also deleted comments that were previously posted from the fervent ideologue Jim Logan that were critical of Marty, and Marty was critical back to him. Even Helmut Flasch emerged and posted a critical comment of Marty which is now gone from that thread of comments.

      I really think that these guys did not understand that Scn was fundamentally and always a cult. They did not confront the fact that to keep the deception going, you need a very controlled cult environment where questioning and freedom of thought and of speech are not allowed.

      Rather than seeing this flourishing of a non-abusive form of grass roots Independent Scientology, I think we are watching the indy movement collapse and scatter to the winds.


      • I agree …they seem to be grasping at straws or something. Not to sound too morbid but it is interesting to watch. Before i was banned from commenting there ~ they went after someone who left scientology without taking the “Marty path” . i asked them what the actual point of their movement was. I was really rooting for them until i saw the glimpse of how blind they were to the LRH criticism . When i was a kid the catholic church ~ i kept being told that the bible was the word of god. But every time i asked a question about inconsistencies …the priest would tell me that there are “interpretations die to the human element” ( huh?) . I was 8 when i said to him that the bible is either the word of god ..or its not. And if its not ..then it isn’t .

        Maybe the lights are coming on for some of them …or they are spinning down the “interpretation” rabbit hole.

      • Chocolate Velvet

        “…to keep the deception going, you need a very controlled cult environment where questioning and freedom of thought and of speech are not allowed.”

        Excellent point.

        Some would say that “independent scientology” is an oxymoron. I don’t know about that, but it looks like we’re gonna find out. As long as they omit the abuse and exploitation endemic to Hubbard’s organization, I wish them the same joy and fulfillment on their chosen spiritual path as I would anyone else. But I expect it will be tough going, as the lies and obfuscations from the “source” continue to unravel…

        • DeElizabethan

          Agree. Also Marty still does supply a stepping stone or half way house to those who are confused and his blog helps many with that. You don’t get off all your charge and misunderstandings overnight. His blog is valuable for providing a place for them to speak freely and helps with the end result.

      • It’s actually more that they cannot admit that they have wasted millions of dollars and a majority of their lives on something completely pointless.

        I think because I was raised in Scientology it may have been easier on me, as an adult, to understand that my parents were the ones that were fooled, not me. But even so, as I was approaching adulthood I realized that I need to do something so I don’t waste all my money and life on this.

        These people really just sat back for 20, 30, 40 and 50 years and wasted their entire lives in the cult. It’s actually probably better that they make a gradual adjustment back to reality than having that reality slap them in the face suddenly. That’s enough to seriously emotionally wreck someone.

    • Doloras LaPicho

      Huh? What do you mean “downward spiral”? I think Marty is on an upward spiral, because he’s requiring his “followers” to actually try to talk about defend their own experiences of auditing. Jim Logan and the others are screaming because Marty is clearly heading in an unorthodox direction. Good for him if so.

      • Really ?? Um…good luck with that. The stuff either works or it does not…if it worked …none of this would have ever happened and we would not be having these conversations. He tried to tell people on a radio interview that “thetans” were just an allegory…like Jonah and the Whale. I would hate to be the douche who realized they paid a ton of money to hear an allegory …but then again ..i DO have a bridge that is for sale ( not a real bridge …an allegorical one )

        • Ondine Green

          Not sure what you mean here. Do you think that it’s a good thing that Marty is questioning his LRH programming, or a bad thing?

          • I think that he is twisting himself into knots trying to figure that one out. How can he question LRH and still believe in scientology ? How can he not question LRH and still be a leader to people who might be doing that? The whole thing is a trap . Who would follow / adhere to scientology tech if the person who revealed the tech to you ( LRH, DM, Cruise etc)…was a nutcase ? Was he a nutcase …but only when NOT applying the tech ? Or what he a nutcase BECAUSE of the tech ?? It is just a loop over a loop . And since Marty was high up on the food chain ( not just a dabbler ) and only left when when bad things happened to him ~ after a couple of decades of dishing it out and flat out breaking the law …where does the tech fit into that ?

            • DeElizabethan

              Do all those things really matter? He is Doing something about it now. I know he’s been bad but who of us haven’t been at some point. He’s trying to help in his own way and I give him credit for that. Keep in mind what the goal is and help with it.

            • no ..these things do not really matter because these are not questions for me. I know the entire thing is a scam , a trap, a cult and a place that abuses people . Just like i don’t sit and concern myself with the virgin birth , or if mohammed was really visited by the angel gabriel , or if Ra the sun god will be upset if i don’t sacrifice an animal on the full moon because that is ALL bullshit

              And please do not do the ” who has not done bad things in our life ” lament again. There is bad …and then there is ” Have you ever done anything as bad as a scientologist has ?”

              No . I have not

            • DeElizabethan

              I already answered this and don’t see it. But, Good that you have not done anything bad as any individual has done in sintology. ” Have you ever done anything as bad as a scientologist has ?” That was not My question. Have fun, keep up on the battle, but know we are on the same team and discussing only.

            • True that

            • My goals are to mock scientology, tell people about it’s abuses and crimes against children and families, and make sure that no one that i love and care about ever falls into it.( or narconon ) So far…so good. We even read Paulette Coopers book for my choice in the book club. Oh …and telling people about Tony’s blog …and also maybe learning how to play the guitar.

            • DeElizabethan

              Excellent!! Plus, you are right about John P. “John P. is just way nicer and articulate about it. Plus …he is a really good typist”

            • C’mon now …i am sure you can “handle me” . You act like i am being mean to you when in fact..i am only saying that scientology is bad. Sorry if you take it personally …i do not think that the people who get caught up in the belief system are stupid ( well …maybe some of them like Tom Crusie ) and i do not think that YOU are stupid at all. I think that the scientology dogma is stupid . I think asking someone where they were 75 million years ago is stupid. And I have too much respect for other human beings ..including you …to pretend otherwise.

            • DeElizabethan

              Oh come on Kim, handle you? Really, I just speak form my own mind as you do with opinions. I absolutely don’t take it personally, do you? I have the same goals as you per sintology. I look at it from many viewpoints and being a past member, tell my side of it and what I think, as you do from your side of it. The goal is the same but sometimes we have different paths of getting there and that’s my opinion, about the paths we take.

            • Why do people defending Marty always say something like, “he’s been bad but who of us haven’t been.” Every time.

              I’ve never done anything close to the horrible things Marty did as a powerful executive in Scientology. The kind of bad-stuff most people do (unpaid parking tickets? Snapping at a spouse? Dirty kitchen?) are nowhere near the level of the bad stuff Marty did. Your argument is hollow and, frankly, offensive. There may be other arguments that work defending this guy, but that y’all keep going to this one makes me think that maybe that’s all you’ve got. And that’s a lot of nothing.

            • DeElizabethan

              He is spreading word about the abuses and criminal activities through books videos, articles, TV, newspaper and helping members leave the organization by giving them a group to transit too. What’s frankly offensive is that you would seem to be happy to see him disappear and not help with the fall of the church.
              How much do you really know about Scientology anyway, according to your posts not much and you sound very young. I’m very old and have lots of experience with the cult, so I’m pulling rank on ya! BTW, what are you doing to help and do you Really Care?

            • You sound ridiculous . You have lots of experience with a cult because you bought the bullshit hook line and sinker and are giving Marty an emotional hand job every chance you get…congrats on that . My 10 year old has more insight than you do .

            • DeElizabethan

              Thank you! I believe that you and I have different goals and purposes and in the way we go about achieving them and that’s OK. Your intent is? I remember you from the old Village Voice.

            • He is now whining about people that criticize him are plants from corporate scientology. And that tony has taken over his blog .He says he hasnt read tony’s blog for months, yet he posts stories form his blog all the time. What a bullshitter. Never forget that the only way Marty’s making money now is auditing the Indies at thousands of dollars a shot. In my opinion, he does not belive the LRH bullshit, but he sure is making money on it. At least have the courage Marty of someone like Marc Headley, and admit scientology is all evil bullcrap.

            • DeElizabethan

              Jeb -I care less, but truth is.. and that’s not true, imo. ” (Marty) now is auditing the Indies at thousands of dollars a shot.” From what I’ve read and he says, is that, he’s s doing it for donation, what they can afford and if not happy does not have to pay. Do you have other statements contrary to that? Curious.

            • One indie remarked on a blog, Im sorry i dont remember which one, said that an auditing session would of cost them $12,000 with corporate cos, but it only cost them $2000 with Marty. I believe that is thousands of dollars, DeEl, are you an Independant? Im just guessing because it seems to me that auditing is a bunch of bullshit. It would be like the crooks at the catholic church charging you for confession.

            • Just went over to Martys blog to see if he posted my comment (he never does, only comments that praise him) and see you use your same name DeElizbethetan, After seeing your praise of Marty, i understand where you are coming from. You seem to be one of the true believers of LRH and have replaced your following of DM, to worshiping Marty.. As a scientologist, you can look past what a sadistic and evil troll Marty was, which is fine. But if he is truly reformed, why have I never seen an apology to the hundreds of families whose lives he personally ruined?

            • DeElizabethan

              When I feel someone does something good I’m free to approve of it and let them know. You do not know where I’m coming from, sorry and your words are not true regarding this. I commend you for your persistence in looking for the truth however.
              Yes and I do use the same name or picture in most blogs.

            • DeEl, you sound like a nice person. But over here we question Marty’s motives. You do seem to blindly follow him. Maybe its the ex scientologist in you. He was a horrible monster when he was DM’s hatchet man. I have read many personal stories of what he was like, and he didnt seem to repent til he himself was subjected to the same treatment. I would encourage you to ask him if he has ever apologized to any of the people he has harmed. I guarantee you if you ask him that question, you will never see it posted on his site. But I am glad you are no longer practicing and best of luck to you.

            • DeElizabethan

              Thanks Jeb, I’m usually nice but can be snarky fun too. What do you mean “over here we question Marty’s motives”? I’ve always questioned his and many other’s motive on all blogs I read. Sometimes I know when to speak and other times know when to be quiet to listen and learn. Here on Tony’s blog for over a year for me, we, as Tony, look for truth and have some fun too. I try not to get too caught up with individual personalities who basically are on the same side of trying to eliminate the dangerous cult. What gives you the idea I follow him blindly or otherwise? Because I post something that is not attacking? I spent only 13 years in Scn but enough to be able to understand what indies are saying. Give it some thought and look at the bigger picture. We all have the same intent, just individual ways to go about it. It’s Ok how you think or do it, but for me, it doesn’t accomplish much by alienating people on a blog. (except for DM of course) and Ron’s Dead. 🙂

            • Valerie Ross

              Wow! Seriously? Public humiliation gets no one anywhere. I guess that’s what us old people learn, huh DE. I don’t agree with Marty’s arrogance or his ability to see both sides, his blog rubs me wrong a lot, so I’ve never even tried to comment there, but he has a right to his opinion. Anyone who was ever sucked into the cult understands the abuse and how long it takes to see the light. Telling people they HAVE to believe a certain way or getting angry because they disagree with you is a certain way to get sucked right into a trap.

            • DeElizabethan

              Nice hearing from you Valerie, never heard back from Jeb. See you’re also an old timer. I haven’t used any certs in over 35 years either and I just love Alanzo.
              I watch Marty’s blog to see what’s new things are going and I usually comment once so that I can get the comments by email. He has been changing but you’d have to watch to see it. Also, he hasn’t been out in the world very long for all those years in of brainwashing. I always try to look at the positive. It’s so nice to have freedom and not listen to anyone in particular but just do as you please and show interest only in what’s interesting to you. I love Tony’s blog as it was the most helpful to me. Have you read Nancy Many’s book yet? Check out the reviews. This will be an excellent year!

            • DeElizabethan

              I am an ex, not indie. One can look at it this way. Psycho-therapist trained to listen and not comment or interrupt or even having a good friend who could do that is beneficial when needed or wanted. The key is how to listen without blah, blah. That’s just the basic and I don’t judge those who want auditing from an indie. Some day they may become free of it or whatever, as long as it has benefits to the individual, paying is selective choice. The church with it’s harmful activities and rules are the dangerous entity here. IMHO.

      • How can it be unorthodox if it is scientology ? He is a scientologist…correct?

  • Chocolate Velvet

    That image of a pregnant Nancy, forced to live in a parking structure, and hiding her face in shame from others on Flag base; that has haunted me since I read her memoir. Hard to forget, and impossible to forgive…

    • cultwife

      The fact that a pregnant woman had to live in a parking garage shows that something happens within a cult so that “enemies” are no longer human. Worse, potentially damaging an unborn five-month baby is regarded as no worse than denting a toaster. Even an unborn child becomes a chess piece in a war. It’s staggering.

      • Chocolate Velvet


        Not only that, but the fact that she was going through so much, and was not ever safe to talk to anyone about it. Not even her husband. Shame is often the response to abuse and the subsequent cognitive dissonance that can occur in an abusive relationship. It is so damaging, to feel ashamed of being victimized, but so common. Nancy said in her book that at times she felt ashamed to be seen in the RPF. She felt the need to hide her face at times so others wouldn’t see her situation, and to avoid uncomfortable questions and forbidden discussions.. She was forbidden even the basic human comfort of sympathy and commiseration — to be able to talk about her hardship and have others say “that’s bullshit”, or “my god, how are you holding up?”, or “not a pregnant woman, no way!”. The sort of basic human connection that helps us all to get through the hardships we face.

        Scilons can’t talk about what’s hard for them, what seems unfair, etc. They cannot risk being reported for the crime of talking. The result is that every member of the COS ultimately struggles alone. Alone in a mental prison with only LRH for company and feedback. Not a happy thought, which is why every one who leaves is another reason to cheer. And anything that breaks through that mental prison and opens the way for freer thought is important and appreciated.

      • Valerie Ross

        Oh no, denting a toaster would have been a worse crime. Unfortunately I am not being facetious. Public could possibly see the toaster, it had to stay pristine.

  • BosonStark

    Was Nancy’s real wedding dress that kinky?

    And, how did she think the cult knew what clothes Paulette Cooper was going to wear — telepathy? Maybe she thought it was a test of her loyalty or tracking skills?

    • Observer

      The cult did know, because Paulette was unwittingly living with a Scn spy named Jerry Levin (not sure if that was an alias) who told the GO what clothes she had packed.

      • John P.

        Apparently, after decades of trying to track him down, Paulette is reasonably certain that she has found out the true identity of “Jerry Levin.” She said it at the “SP Party” last summer, and I don’t remember it. I also vaguely recall her saying that this person is now dead, but I am not at all certain that I have remembered this part accurately. Good on her for such dogged persistence in trying to get closure on such a horrendous detail of her treatment at the hands of the cult’s dirty tricks squad in its heyday.

        • Deckard__Cain

          Wow, I hadn’t heard that she figured out who this guy really was. I’m not surprised of that mystery being solved because (it appears) that many Ronbots from that time period are now out.

  • mook
    • moxonmoxoff

      “The Hollywood actor, who is an ambassador for Australian airline Quantas, got up on stage with Urban to sing a duet of The Beatles classic Yesterday.”

      All my troubles seemed so far away
      Now it looks as though they’re here to say
      Oh I believe
      In yesterday

      lol. sad.

      • mook

        Kelly wasn’t at this event and she probably won’t be at the G’Day LA reception because she’s in FL with the kids (but you never know…) JT’s bff Olivia Newton-John is in LA though for this event (she also attended last year).

        now that Travolta’s socializing with an SP (Kidman), this might be the start of something..

        • BuryTheNuts2

          Thanks for that…..DUH….that part didn’t even dawn on me.

    • Midwest Mom

      Tony, have you heard from any additional sources as confirmation to the veracity of this story?

    • I feel so bad for this guy. He needs to leave the church already.

  • In my opinion, this has the possibility of being the biggest bomb to drop on Scientology in the visual media ever.

    • N. Graham

      I think the impact is going to be bigger than the Anderson Cooper CNN show, the Nightline w/Wee Davey, and the Narconon deaths. And that’s because I think that this will hit home with a whole different audience than the news shows, especially since from the ads it appears that this rightfully does not try to give it a “balanced” view and treats Scn as the destructive and evil cult that they are. Who wouldn’t empathize with her? I remember when I read the book I was incredulous. And I’ve been following Scn since the 1970s. I can’t imagine anyone calling them out and showing their sign like they are even a few years ago because of the lawsuit factor.
      Forgive me Mr. Greenwood, but this has me thinking! Maybe because it’s still close to New Year’s, but I wonder what the top 10 Media Disasters for Scientology for the last 10 years would be? I think No. 1 would still be the Xenu South Park, and no. 2 the Tom Cruise “someday there’ll be no SPs” video.
      This has No. 3 possibilities.

  • Way to go, Nancy!

    I think this is the first time I have seen real life Scientology portrayed on screen so people REALLY GET IT.

    This is a fabulous achievement.

    I know that I am going to make sure all my friends out here in the cornfields see this. Because, no matter how much I would explain the crazy in Scientology, they still have no idea. They just think, “Scientology made Al all paranoid. Bless his little heart.”

    Now they’ll finally get it!

    So thank you, Nancy Many!


    • BuryTheNuts2

      Is this not like the best January! Ever!

  • I was subjected to some of this stuff (to a lesser degree) as a child. They even had sec checks for children back in the day. It disturbed me for years. Yes, this is my new depol name. I am happy for the cult to look me up. I am ready for a fight.

    • BuryTheNuts2

      Right On Jonathan! I love watching all of the teeth fall out of the mouth of the Scientology Lion!

      Mew….(in lieu of their former Roar)

    • Midwest Mom

      Jonathan, After reading your comment, this song came to mind: 🙂


    • i-Betty

      Spoken like a man who has broken free. Good on you 🙂

  • Ze Moo

    Lets hope this ID Discovery show gets better ratings then Honey Boo Boo. With DVR and on demand working on many cable networks, this show has the capacity to bring in a lot of viewers. As the message spreads, more and more people leave the CO$. The dwarfenführer is not going to be having a good 2013.

  • N. Graham

    “Taylor managed to slip away to visit her 10-month-old daughter in the
    Child Care Org across the street. To her horror, she discovered that
    Vanessa had contracted whooping cough, which is highly contagious and
    occasionally fatal. The baby’s eyes were welded shut with mucus, and her
    diaper was wet — in fact, her whole crib was soaking. She was covered
    with fruit flies.”
    There are LOTS of things you hear about Scientology that really make you think it couldn’t possibly get any worse, but this excerpt from Mr. Wright’s book about JohnTravolta’s one-time handler Spanky Taylor, and pet-killing, are really ones that make even a long-time Scio watcher sit up and think, “Scientology-it’s always worse than you think.”

  • Mrs Libnish

    “The man I was living with was a Scientology spy” and now he doesn’t have any balls because I cut them off. Signed Ms. Cooper.

    • Ze Moo

      Lron took his balls before Ms. Cooper did.

  • DeElizabethan

    Oh yes, what’s worse when I went back as public for a year was the robotism the members display. Only when they want something from you, like $$$ are they sociable, till pouncing and coming down hard, and if refused turn ugly. You can hardly have a friend there either, because you can only communicate if you’re rah, rahing with them in that plastic society, also asking no questions.

  • SP ‘Onage

    Wow, talk about adrenaline-fueled! It looks like this will be one-hour of exposing the most dangerous, paranoid, well-financed cult in existence. GREAT!

    Scientology’s shadowy world of espionage and sick secrets is finally getting the attention it deserves. Thank goodness, Nancy Many and Paulette Cooper both survived!

    Why our government allows these domestic terrorists to continue their clandestine operations to pursue their own paranoid goals is mind boggling. o_O

  • God bless the efforts this story takes to destroy the scam of Scientology.

  • Jane

    I wonder if her ‘crime’ was to get pregnant?

  • DeElizabethan

    Kim O’Brien, I can’t find your comment Kim but will reply to your response. “no ..these things do not really matter because these are not questions for me. I know the entire thing is a scam , a trap, a cult and a place that abuses people . Just like i don’t sit and concern myself with the virgin birth , or if mohammed was really visited by the angel gabriel , or if Ra the sun god will be upset if i don’t sacrifice an animal on the full moon because that is ALL bullshit ”

    People aren’t born with this knowledge and learn it somewhere along the line, some do and some don’t until later. Good that you know these things so you will not be entrapped as others who did not know.

    • people ARE born with the knowledge that it’s all untrue . That is why punishment for blasphemy and disbelief are written in to just about every religion / cult. People are not born thinking that a guy can raise from the dead after 3 days ..or an illiterate goat herder in Palestine can write the koran…they are taught that. Usually before 7 ..before the “age of reason” That’s why churches want to get you when you are young …

  • OTVIIIisGrrr8!

    How we in RTC long for the old days when the Guardian’s Office struck fear into the hearts of Scientology’s enemies.The many, many, many glorious Guardians Office Operations can be found at Wikipedia:

    1.1 Operation Big Mouth

    1.2 Operation Bulldozer Leak

    1.3 Operation Bunny Bust

    1.4 Operation Cat

    1.5 Operation Chaos Leak

    1.6 Operation China Shop

    1.7 Operation Cut Throat

    1.8 Operations Daniel and Dynamite

    1.9 Operation Devil’s Wop

    1.10 Operation Fickle

    1.11 Operation Freakout

    1.12 Operation Funny Bone

    1.13 Operation Information

    1.14 Operation Italian Fog

    1.15 Operation Keeler

    1.16 Operation Kettle

    1.17 Operation Orange Juice

    1.18 Operation Rook

    1.19 Operation Smoke

    1.20 Operation Snapper

    1.21 Operation Sore Throat

    1.22 Operation Strike

    2 Programs

    2.1 Program: Humanist Humiliation

    3 Projects

    3.1 Project Snow White

    • John P.

      You forgot “Operation Bloody Butt.”

      • OTVIIIisGrrr8!

        While Scientology haters called it “Operation Miss Bloody Butt”, it was never officially a GO OP. It was just all a misunderstanding that was in no way associated with the Church.

      • sugarplumfairy

        holy crap.. I just read about it on lermanet.. which led to Dan Garvin and his 1995 incarceration at big blue in LA.. every time I think I’ve seen the craziest, it jut gets crazier..

        • BuryTheNuts2

          Did she not sound like a totally robotic psycho or what?
          That story creeps me out to the MAX.

  • Fantastic! Nancy told me she is pleased with how the show was done. Loved her book, My Billion Year Contract. Wish I could have gotten a copy of her talk at the American Psychiatric Association meeting last year.

    Now it is time to get Scientology’s tax-exempt status revoked. See my 2010 Huffpost blog which is now on my web site at's_Time_to_End_the_Church_of_Scientology's_Tax-Exempt_Status

    Huffington Post has banned anything written about me that is positive,as I have talked about Arianna Huffington and her baptism into the MSIA cult of sex pervert and cult leader John-Roger. Huffington’s sister is still in the cult reportedly and Arianna still gives money to advance the cult.

    Tony, when will your book come out?

    Steve Hassan

    • BuryTheNuts2

      Whoa, I am just impressed to see you here. You have helped a hell of a lot of people and I for one, salute you Sir.

    • BuryTheNuts2

      Do they ban or moderate anything positive written about you in Huff PO comments?

  • DeElizabethan

    Apparently don’t have the right apps to receive from Investigation. discovery. Hard to find latest comments, but hey, am with y’all.

    • TonyOrtega

      You’re on the wrong post, Dee. Come to the most recent post on the blog.

  • Need to know

    Not sure if you will see this but The broadcast of Nancy Many’s docudrama will be rerun on Sat at 3pm and on id 285 1/19. Get the word out if you can. There was so little warning of this being aired that many missed it. This is a must see!

  • I have hope that Scientology is going down, because thanks to the internet, and, yes, South Park, that more people are seeing this for the dangerous cult it is, I am concerned that because of the sheer stupidity of the whole Xenu story, that maybe people aren’t taking them as seriously as they should be.

  • Brandon Roberts

    this is a good story and exposes scientology for what it really is a moneymaking cult dreamed up by a con man i think more people should mock it because it deserves to be mocked and yes i’m aware i’ll get muredered for this but i don’t care

  • J. Paul Zoccali

    I recently learned that I have been the subject of covert brainwashing connected to Scientology. I’m currently reading Lawrence Wright’s “Going Clear.” It contains a great deal of information that supports my claims.

  • Victor Delano

    These people all have one thing in common: God is missing from their lives.
    As a result their gullibility and naivete’ are monumental! Sad.

    • ᅠᅠᅠ

      Good idea, replace following one cult with following another…