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Scientology Brings Hope to Africa!


A tip of the hat to Jane White, who spotted this disturbing photo at the Facebook page for Clear Ghana, which describes itself as a “group of Scientologists working…to bring this technology to as many people of Africa as possible.”

That apparently includes presenting the standard Sea Org contract to a couple of youngsters who don’t look much more than 10 years old. The sad truth is, we’ve documented cases of children that young signing the commitment form, which asks them to serve Scientology for a billion years.

How the children of the Sea Org fare as they work ungodly hours for little to no pay will soon become the subject of major media coverage when Jenna Miscavige Hill’s book debuts on January 29.

Titled Beyond Belief: My Secret Life in Scientology and My Harrowing Escape, the book is likely to get a lot of mainstream press attention — which is quickly becoming a theme in January.

The BBC’s John Sweeney has proved to be a master of publicity, taking a couple of relatively old Scientology stories — the CST vaults and the infamous “musical chairs” episode — and turned them into front-page publicity for his book, The Church of Fear: Inside the Weird World of Scientology, which comes out on January 7.

And in tomorrow morning’s New York Times there’s a glowing preview of Lawrence Wright’s forthcoming book, Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief, which appears on January 17.

What a difference a year makes. A year ago, arguably one of the biggest stories to hit Scientology in a decade — the Debbie Cook affair — rocked the church and continues to cause it problems. But getting that story out to the mainstream media was difficult at best. That all changed in June, when the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes split suddenly whetted the appetite of just about every news outlet in the land and Scientology stories popped up all over the place. And so far, 2013 is all about big, splashy publicity, which the church has almost no response for.

We can’t help enjoying the show.

We’ve had a full day of travel, but after the cats chastised us for being away from the bunker for several days, we’re happy to be back underground. We managed to keep the blog going while we were on the other side of the planet, and we are grateful to our acerbic commenting community for stoking the fires.

We have so much work in progress, and can’t wait to reveal a few surprises. But for now, it’s time to unpack, open a cold one, and enjoy being home.


Posted by Tony Ortega on January 2, 2013 at 20:00


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  • Ivan Mapother

    With that photo, how ironic is it that the Emancipation Proclamation is 150 years old yesterday.

  • Midwest Mom

    Look at their faces. Those poor kids, being used for Scientology propaganda and who knows what else. The Co$ should just leave these people alone and go after the Kardashians, instead.

    • SP ‘Onage

      Yea, they don’t look very’s surely not “The Way To Happiness.”

      • Tory Christman

        Amen! I have said for a few years now that this must be Davey boy’s master plan. Why? I drive around their “Ideal Orgs” each week—and they are E M P T Y…. 4 stories of empty. So why buy HUGE buildings when NO Americans want to do $cientology? Suddenly it hit me a few years ago: I bet he’s going to go after 3rd world country peeps. “Join Staff—save the world. You get 3 delicious meals/day..blah blah”. And here we are. Argggggh. Well, one thing we KNOW:::: History has proven *we* (critics) always win, they always lose. Tick tock, tick tock, Time is on **our** side! So …thanks, Tony O for exposing one more $cientology SCAM. Happy New Year to ALL 🙂 Tory/Magoo

        • Observer

          Davey appears to be completely unacquainted with logical thinking. How will slave labor benefit Scn in the long run since their donor pool and those willing to pay for books and services are drying up and, since the workings of the scam now have full media attention, it’s going to be very difficult to lure new paying members in? He’ll eventually be left with little to no income and a bunch more mouths to feed. I seriously doubt the little narcissist will dip into his private reserves to feed them. Then what?

          • TheHoleDoesNotExist

            Miscavige, imo, has been working overtime to get rid of most of his customer database and only grooming the top 1%. I don’t see how they don’t see this. I mean, sec checks every other day, Objectives for OT 8’s, jeez, what kind of neon sign do these people need? The masses have become a pain in the ass and oh, bankrupt. How many Bob Duggan’s does a tiny dictator really need to keep livin’ large? I’m talking about annual whale donations in the $10 Million to $50 Million level. And he sure isn’t parting with a penny to pay orgs electric bills, now is he?

            All he needs at most is 10 whales for his personal expenses account, and maybe another 10 for his legal vultures. I am starting to suspect that his efforts in third world countries, as well as his front group adventures, like Narconon, are only to appease the IRS and put on a show for certain types of government authorities. I have no doubt that David Love and his band of merry SP’s have made it not worth the trouble for DM after this year of lawsuits. Let’s just hope Homeland Security will also make the stalking and abuse of children too much trouble.

            • Maybe, but even those whales don’t have unlimited resources. For example, will Nancy Cartwright still be able to make as large contributions as she has in the past once “The Simpsons” ends?

            • John P.

              Gerard, exactly right: the whales are getting tapped out. Nancy Cartwright will get residuals perhaps for the rest of her life, but that’ll be a far cry from the $10 million a year that she’s been making from The Simpsons. Craig Jensen (Executive Software) is largely out of his company and the company’s product line has been largely obsoleted by disk array hardware/software from EMC and NetApp. Richie Acunto’s Survival Insurance is gone. Rex Fowler languishes in jail. If you go through the list of $1 million IAS donors, I bet most of them have either hit hard times, retired, or are likely facing more difficult economic circumstances.

              It is strategic suicide to focus the “business” more and more on a small number of whales, particularly when it is clear that those whales are in worse financial shape going forward. When we look at companies here at Global Capitalism HQ, we always look at “customer concentration.” Auto parts manufacturers, for instance, are rife with this phenomenon, since there are only a couple giant automakers they can sell to. Their stocks are worth far less per dollar of profits or sales than companies that are otherwise identical but without high customer concentration.

            • TheHoleDoesNotExist

              I’m looking at Bob Duggan, Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Priscilla Presley and a few other lesser known names to pay the billable hours. But if Miscavige is indeed down to his last Billion, poor dear just might need to start up his research of the Columbia casino retirement pla and/or Target 2.

            • aussiecase

              The Scilon organization is about finding a few big spenders. A lot of hours is put into random cold calls, book sales, all searching and setting up one professional, the pick up a few small time people who may pay to go clear, perhaps OT III, or join staff along the way. Organizations such as Singer Consulting help out recruiting chiropractors and veterinarians.

              In my experience Scilon organizations cannibalize themselves to stay above water until they find one or two professionals, and then these people are really hard sold. they buy as much as the small and larger organizations can offer. On top of the professionals giving their life savings and incurring lifelong debt, we have serious high earners–the whales. Those who hobnob with the little guy, and then give more and more.

              From my point of view, there is so much free labour and so many near indentured servants, that I reckon if you look at a ratio like income per man hours, the Scilon organization is in a desperate state. It is not a sane business model, personally I think it a of a scam or sleazy two-bit sales outfit.

              However, it keeps going and going, the organizations slowly die, and big spenders are dug up and sold big. It will not last, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes on for some time yet.

              Speaking of big spenders, I came across the following link. This is the Scilon site of someone from perhaps the biggest spending Scilon family. She is not famous, but she is someone whose family will be happy to dine with Nancy Cartwright well after The Simpsons are off air.


            • DeElizabethan

              She helped open the Ocala mission, interesting. I visited the mission in Belleair, upstairs, rather small place, was not impressed, since she is a top whaler and book seller in the world.

          • DeElizabethan

            Good excuse to ask for more money to help the poor? BS of course.

          • These are good points. Also the cost of transporting these people from their home countries to the US or Europe will be an additional drain on finances.

        • Jgg2012

          When you drive by the orgs, do you ever see Davey?

    • Chocolate Velvet

      “This is evil”
      I second that. Scientology wants value from their marks, er… members. Large sums of money are preferred, but they’ll take slave labor, er… volunteers. These kids don’t appear to be wealthy, and Ghanians in general are not wealthy people, so the objective here is obvious, and troubling.

      Yes, these kids don’t look happy either, they look bored and/or wary. I wonder if the whole thing was just a staged photo op. Reminds me of those late-night infomercials where it seems like they paid some kids to stand on a pile of garbage and look sad. I know I’m a bit cynical, but it makes me wonder. How much of this campaign in Africa is real, and how much is mocked up by scilons with good survival instincts, to appease their slappy master?

    • Dean Fox

      I suspect the photographer was going for a serious edgy look but failed miserably and was left with fed up, bored and slightly confused.

  • Anonymookme

    This just makes me sick to my stomach

  • sugarplumfairy


    • sugarplumfairy

      Oh, and welcome home..

  • mirele

    I’m wondering if the Ghanian government knows an American organization is having its citizens sign slave labor contracts.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Not so sure they’d care about That, but they probably would be interested in reading OSA’s hat checklist alongside FBI documented reports of Operation Snow White.

  • JustCallMeMary

    OMGosh! This is the worst I have seen regarding children and the Sea Org yet! Thanks for reporting this.

  • EnthralledObserver

    This kind of crap makes me shudder… shame it can’t categorically be linked to ‘child labour’ or ‘preying on children’ for criminal charges purposes.
    *eyes own child labour camp going on as my children do the dishes and tidy lounge room* Defence: but ‘they’ made the mess, not ME!!!!
    Looking forward to the breaking stories to come, Tony… drink up buddy, sleep on it and then hit me with ’em!

  • mirele

    The NYTimes has published a profile of Lawrence Wright in the runup to “Going Clear” hitting the shelves.

    • TonyOrtega

      That’s actually mentioned in the story above.

      • mirele

        My bad. I was so excited, I had to mention it.

        Also, isn’t Tommy Davis now living in Austin. Not that Austin’s a small place (at least not as small as when I lived there in the 80s) but you gotta wonder if they might run into each other at the HEB ?

        • TonyOrtega

          My understanding is that Larry did confront Tommy in Austin but Tommy refused an interview. Maybe when Larry’s book comes out we’ll learn there was more to it.

          • TheHoleDoesNotExist

            True from a reliable source who was in Austin. Tommy said (paraphrased) he’s still a believer, not a trace of doubt in his mind and I guess to prove it, sent the obligatory lawyer letter to stay the F away.


            • Not a trace of doubt in his mind even though he did say to Wright that if Hubbard had lied about his service injuries it would be devastating to Scientology. I guess it’s too painful to confront reality.

    • sugarplumfairy

      “…But I’m fascinated by it and by what drives people to Scientology, especially given its image.”

      Wright is one of us..

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        One of the many reasons I just love this guy …

        “In 2011 Mr. Wright published a profile of Mr. Haggis
        in The New Yorker, and in the course of the fact-checking process Tommy
        Davis, the international spokesman for Scientology, did Mr. Wright an
        unwitting favor. He showed up in The New Yorker offices with four
        lawyers and 47 white binders full of material about the church.

        “I suppose the idea was to drown me in information,” Mr. Wright
        recalled, “but it was like trying to pour water on a fish. I looked on
        those binders with a feeling of absolute joy.”

        In 2012 we had Binders full of women. In 2013 we have Binders full of Fish.

    • The best quote and it pretty much [probably] explains why Tommy Davis was demoted big time:

      “In 2011 Mr. Wright published a profile of Mr. Haggis in The New Yorker, and in the course of the fact-checking process Tommy Davis, the international spokesman for Scientology, did Mr. Wright an unwitting favor. He showed up in The New Yorker offices with four lawyers and 47 white binders full of material about the church.

      “I suppose the idea was to drown me in information,” Mr. Wright recalled, “but it was like trying to pour water on a fish. I looked on those binders with a feeling of absolute joy.”

      There, in a microcosm, you have the demise of the cult beautifully explained.

      • That part, with Mr. Wright being thrilled instead of intimidated, made me smile big time. He’s a classy guy.

      • DeElizabethan

        Ironically, Davis did what Miscabitch told him to do, then he can turn around and blame him if it didn’t work out. Hope Davis wakes up, turns and tells the truth..

  • John Onthego

    Great work, Tony. This is a big month for the Co$$$… or should I say, CoCents (whatever happened to the “cent” symbol like on the typewriter?)

  • Some of this is laughable, but targeting innocent children is unforgivable. SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP THIS SHIT!

  • Child labor, abuse and exploitation are alive and real in the Church of Scientology and this photo is concrete proof of that. Disgusting.

    • DeElizabethan


  • That the Church, or a representative thereof, posted this picture as some kind of trophy or something of which to be proud makes this infinitely more disgusting. There is NOTHING good in Scientology or about Scientology. It turns good people into bad people and exploits the vulnerable and needy.

    Excuse me while I puke.

  • Cerulean Blu

    Revolting. Unforgivable that we allow the export of slave-making cults like this one.

    • Observer

      Even worse that our government intervenes on their behalf in the name of religious freedom. You’d think the physical slavery and abuse would give them a hint as to the true nature of this “religion”, but noooooooooo. The govt will defend it but not stop its criminal activities. Infuriating.

  • wannabeclear

    Not only do those children look unhappy, they sort of look terrified. That’s disturbing on so many levels, it’s almost too hard to fathom. So gross.

  • j238

    That’s a Facebook profile page for individuals, not organizations. I’ve filed a report with FB.

    • moxonmoxoff

      nice work. i poked around on the page a bit . . .

      speaks french and american english
      divorced (why is this not surprising?)
      his likes include a couple of other aid orgs with a jesus bent and a political party

      i can’t imagine what the pitch must be . . .

      • Sherbet

        Likes Boston sports teams. Hey, I don’t want him in New England. Gonna send him a one-way ticket to Clearwater.

      • Sidney18511

        I poked around on their Facebook page too and a comment by one of the pictures called the sea org contract a “religious commitment” document also another comment compared Scientology method of “clearing the reactive mind” as the same thing that “Jesus did when he cast out demons” and the “touch assist” is the same as “Jesus healing people”. How diabolically evil these people are.

        • moxonmoxoff

          wow, what a pack of lies. these people have no shame. more of the “this is totally consistent with your current religion” . . . until it isn’t. lying liars who lie. so disgusting.

          on a positive note–i love how people in this commenting community take the time to do a little poking around and share what they find.

    • ParticleMom

      Good catch!

    • 1subgenius

      It may have been better to leave it alone so we could keep an eye on them.

  • SP ‘Onage

    It’s fucking scary how they’re targeting blacks.

  • Scientology has apparently been active in Ghana since 2009. Here’s a link to a story titled “Scientology cult targets Ghanaian children”.

    • InTheNameOfXenu

      Thanks for the article. At least the people of Ghana are aware. Thank god for the internet.

    • BuryTheNuts2

      This was a very good article. Much more detail than I would have expected about the cult.
      Very well done, Ghana!

  • Captain Howdy

    I’m sure Robert Mugabe, Jospeh Kony, the ANC and all of the rest of the Heart of Darkness despots are jumping for joy to be offered the gift of a U.S and many other White governments approved package of systemic enslavement, enrichment and sadism all under the cloak of religion and spirituality.

    • BuryTheNuts2

      So did that satanic SOB Kony get amnesty now?
      Wasn’t that the deal…..he just had to stay free until the stroke of midnight, 2013?

    • Sherbet

      A friend has lived in Johannesburg for about 8 years, and he says there’s a huge market there for faith healers, herbal remedies, simplistic protocols to free up the emotional component to illness (and the belief that EVERY illness has an emotional origin), easy recipes for every kind of success (think “The Secret”), and cure-all (cancer, impotence, alcoholism, infertility, you name it) practitioners who call themselves “doctors” — much more than in the US. Even in the big, sophisticated cities, people hand out advertising flyers on street corners and seem to do a brisk business at this charade. Truth-in-advertising, be damned. It makes me think that scientology in all its woo-woo, such as those pesky invisible space cling-ons, would get a firm foothold in South Africa, since its traditions and culture seem to be conducive to suspending logic while embracing the unconventional cure. And it also seems there are looser laws about what can be promised and advertised.

      I don’t mean to generalize; just reporting what I’ve been told.

      • Captain Howdy

        I have friends who were in South Africa in the last few years and they told me that the ANC official Surgeon General for the country was selling her home cures for HIV/AIDS on National TV.

        • Sherbet

          Yup. Also sex with a virgin is supposed to cure AIDS. The country is a mix of sophistication and utter ignorance.

      • TheHoleDoesNotExist

        Sounds like this will be the future headquarters of scientology, LLC, and all 800 remaining zombies will think they’ve died and gone to heaven. Of course, I don’t think their lawyers will be quite as successful when one of their high level citizens dies in their hands.

  • I’m just gobsmacked. That photo is really intense, in a bad way.

  • BuryTheNuts2

    Other side of the planet? Ears up?
    Was our Tony in OZ?

  • John P.

    It would be interesting to see if this photo with the sad looking kids is the end of the chain of circumstances that started by letting Volunteer Morons hand out “The Way to Happiness” books in Ghana. If that chain of circumstances can be laid out in detail, then it might be easier to show governments what happens if you grant the Volunteer Morons even the slightest toe-hold, preventing them from being allowed to set up shop in the future.

    • BuryTheNuts2

      I am hoping this photo is only the cults stupid propaganda….but I am afraid I am wholly wrong.

  • BosonStark

    Is Scientology growing moss on these kids or what?

    A while back, I followed one African outreach story where Scientology helped fund a $500 school with a thatch roof and probably another $50 worth of school supplies in a small village. It was definitely a hit and run situation for PR value only, as they have little interest in poor people who can’t become Platinum Doofus Maximus donors and buy their way up the bridge to total cuckoo.

    Right now, with faltering membership, they need to do this kind of PR thing to keep members believing Scientology is “humanitarian” and transforming the world.

    • DeElizabethan

      “with faltering membership, they need to do this kind of PR thing to keep members believing Scientology is “humanitarian” and transforming the world. Right! it’s all PR BS.

  • Midwest Mom

    This makes me dislike Tom Cruise and John Travolta and other Sci celebrities so much, especially since they brag about the Co$ “aiding people” in poor countries and they help fund it.. Just knowing that Tom Cruise is given accolades for being a “humanitarian” when he supports these efforts makes me ill.

    Truly, we need to figure out how to bring more awareness to this issue, and I don’t care what people say about Tom and John being “nice”; they promote this con and do a lot to recruit others into it and they willingly help bring more money into the Co$, so “nice” isn’t a word I think is an appropriate adjective.

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      Whenever my husband switches on a Tom Cruise, John Travolta, et al movie without thinking, I just remind him the Cadet org was raised from the dead and children are being herded at Flag at this very moment. I remind him of the shocking experiences of a few of our former friends and what happened when their children were being stalked and groomed, like the f’n perverted freaks these people are.

      Anyone tries to tell me Hubbard wasn’t a perverted freak, I just give them the latitude and longitude of scientology’s Holes as well as Cadet Org at Flag, Clearwater, FL, good old home of the “it’s okay to commit crimes if you’re wearing religious cloaks” USA.

      This is the most twisted example of cult/bully isolation. The parents aren’t around when the kids are stalked. When the recruiter jackals pounce down for the kill, the parents will usually be found cornered by the rabid dogs of ethics in another location, holding their darkest secrets and their eternity in one fist and their children’s future in the other.

      I am thrilled to hear reports via Tory Magoo, ESMB in general and other places that Because Miscavige has released his hounds of crazy to run unchecked and unfettered throughout Scientology Land, the parents are stealthily whisking their children away under cover, gone for good this time. Every time I hear another report like this, I have the urge to break out in song of “The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of …” but I’m pretty sure Capt Howdy would make me walk the plank.

      • BuryTheNuts2

        Ouch, “Uncle”

      • Captain Howdy

        “but I’m pretty sure Capt Howdy would make me walk the plank.”

        No, but I would make you….

        • Sandy

          Well, that is just cruel ….

    • DeElizabethan

      I think they are stupid and brain dead with blinders on. Complete Rontroids with a “nice” phony front, that’s who they see when they look in a mirror.

  • acerbic?

    Who the fuck is acerbic?

    • BuryTheNuts2

      Lol, not you….! Nope, nevuh.

      • Midwest Mom

        Okay, okay, we all know he means me.

        • BuryTheNuts2

          I wuv U

    • Think Guiness.

      • Kim O’Brien

        yup – stories about scientology makes people acerbic. Pass the Guiness 😉

  • Kim O’Brien

    I am sick to my stomach …as a mother …i KNOW these kids are abused and traumatized . Midwest Mom knows what i mean . ( as does anyone with a heart ) Fuck you Tom Cruise and ALL of the scientology douche bags reading this blog. Tell me “indies” …why are you not using your powers to help save these kids instead of finding a great fucking parking space ???!!! I am going to hug and kiss my daughter again before she goes to bed because i know that i will not be able to sleep . FUCK SCIENTOLOGY and anyone associated with it . My heart hurts …

  • Kim O’Brien

    And Jada Pinkett and Will Smith can go suck a dick .

    • rumour has it one does and she doesn’t

  • Captain Howdy

    Sleep tight children, everywhere.

    • Sherbet


  • I wonder what Louis Farrakhan would say if he saw a bunch of these poor kids slaving away on the FLAG or PAC Base grounds or toiling in the kitchens. I truly hope they’re not actually signing up young children like this into the Sea Org but I wouldn’t put it past them.

    • Midwest Mom

      Farrakhan might be recruiting the older ones for the nation of Islam. The Co$ might be using the NoI members to gain the trust of these people and not appear as a white controlled organization.

      • That’s very interesting. I’m afraid I’m not very familiar with the NoI and how they operate. God knows Farrakhan is a sick bastard in his own right though so maybe he and Miscavige are kindred spirits of a sort.

    • InTheNameOfXenu

      Being a cult leader himself, Farrakhan wouldn’t give a s**t.

  • scnethics

    This disgusting photo is what scientologists call “making it go right”. That they are targeting children in places where information and education are lacking is no surprise. I know people who signed billion year contracts before they were eleven, and know of people who signed earlier than that, so the targeting of children is nothing new.

  • Kim O’Brien

    Hey Marty – how about showing THIS photo on your “love me and give me a hand job” web site ?? Douche …

  • Captain Howdy

    As bad as thus may seem to you all, you should realize that these kids that end up being signed into the sea org may actually end being the “lucky ones” especially if it ends entailing a trip to the U.S. The average child in a goodly portion of sub Sahara Africa today usually has 3 options.

    ! child warrior
    2.child prostitute
    3. Somebody’s meal

    • TED Talk: The danger of a single story

      Just sayin

      • Captain Howdy

        “The self-declared Emperor of the Central African Republic, Jean-Bédel Bokassa (Emperor Bokassa I), was tried on October 24, 1986 for several cases of cannibalism although he was never convicted. Between April 17, and April 19, 1979 a number of elementary school students were arrested after they had protested against wearing the expensive, government-required school uniforms.Around 100 were killed. Bokassa is said to have participated in the massacre, beating some of the children to death with his cane and allegedly ate some of his victims.

        Cannibalism has been reported in several recent African conflicts, including the Second Congo War, and the civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone.A UN human rights expert reported in July 2007 that sexual atrocities against Congolese women go “far beyond rape” and include sexual slavery, forced incest, and cannibalism.This may be done in desperation, as during peacetime cannibalism is much less frequent; at other times, it is consciously directed at certain groups believed to be relatively helpless, such as Congo Pygmies, even considered subhuman by some other Congolese. It is also reported by some that witch doctors sometimes use the body parts of children in their medicine.] In the 1970s the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin was reputed to practice cannibalism. In Uganda, the Lord’s Resistance Army have been accused of routinely engaging in ritual or magical cannibalism.”

        • That’s very bad. All three of your possible futures stand.

        • ze moo

          Accusing someone of witchcraft or cannibalism are the ultimate african insults. Proof of such charges is seldom provided.

  • Considering El Fraud’s racism, returning to Africa for more slaves seems like the Scilon thing to do.

  • summun

    This is not just a third-world thing. Not so long ago my 9-year-old child was being “regged” to sign a Sea Org contract. You know (or maybe you don’t), it’s “just putting it there”, “a postulate”. The child would not have to actually go for a few more years, maybe at the age of 13. I put my foot down with a definite WTF! Got the evil eye but I was not so involved anymore back then (and less now) so not much more they could do to me. If I had been active, the screws would be turned.

    I found it offensive that they would be willing to saddle a child with this responsibly. It is a fucking dirty trick because now this kid has promised and, in the Scientology world, if the kid does not want to be a “degraded being” then the promise must be honored. Bastards.

    • Surely you don’t mean that somehow your child will GO. Right? There’s no obligation at all. Right? I mean, you and your child know that he or she is NOT a “degraded being”, whatever the hell THAT is? Right?

      • summun

        Go? Yes, the children go.

        They go at 13 or 14 or whenever they can be talked into it by a bunch of
        trained high-pressure salespeople – Sea Org recruiters. And the
        Scientology parents, for the most part, sit back and let it happen.

        Why? A number of reasons, IMO (I would not let me child do this but know folks that did so this is supposition on my part):

        First and foremost, it is “the greatest good for the greatest number of
        dynamics”. This is the overarching factor in any decision a
        Scientologist makes. Of course, Scientology in always and inherently
        “the greatest good”.

        This is “the child’s decision” and children are “thetans in little
        bodies” and can make this decision on their own. Never mind that the
        recruiters play on the child’s naivete and basic desire to help and that
        the picture they paint of the Sea Org is nothing like the reality.

        The parents have been indoctrinated into an “us vs. them” attitude
        toward the wog world. Wog goals are degraded and the wog school system
        is controlled by psychs and is suppressive. The parents have a better
        idea of Sea Org life but are conditioned to think it the better
        alternative to the child growing up in the current society.

        The Sea Org has “altitude”. The staff at the Orgs quake in the face of
        Sea Org “missions” and often are required to give up their own staff as
        payment for the Sea Org coming in and “helping”. The parents know that,
        if they oppose the SO, it will cause them trouble on their own progress;
        cost them time and money. In other words, it is unhealthy for a Scientologist to display “counter-intention” (CI) to the desires of Church, and especially Sea Org, staff.

        a young child to sign that contract opens the door. It is also a “stat”
        for the recruiter and, when all is said and done, it is really all
        about the stat.

        • Kim O’Brien

          sorry – but i do not think that anyone who can do this to children …let alone their OWN children …are victims. They are abusers…for crying out loud …adults need to take responsibility for their actions. If subjecting children to abuse gives a person points…then something is seriously fucked up with that belief system and they need to get the hell out. Scientology seems to be a version of those SAW movies…the more you hurt others ..the less you are hurt. A person with a soul would rather be dead than do this to kids …and anyone who serves up their own kids should be ashamed of themselves. Nothing takes place of your kids ..nothing.

          • Observer

            Exactly. I grew up in a brutally abusive home, but if I were to do to a child what had been done to me I could not, and should not be able to, shift the blame onto my parents for my actions because I had been a victim. Ultimate responsibility lies with those who choose to do the deeds.

            • Kim O’Brien

              Hugs to you …i wish you did not have to go through that

            • Observer

              Thank you. It’s good now. With years of work my relationship with my parents is much better than I thought it would ever be. As they’ve aged they have come to understand and regret what they did, as will many who are now in Scientology.

          • Captain Howdy

            Summun makes it sound like she is/was a helpless victim in the whole process. Very disturbing.

        • DeElizabethan

          Thank you for not letting your child get into this!

          • summun


    • 0tessa

      Signing a billion year contract: that’s where the mind control starts!

      • BuryTheNuts2

        Can you imagine the 401K you would have amassed and waiting for you at the end of that service term?

        I mean like…if you actually got paid or something.
        And you could guarantee living for one billion plus twenty one years.
        Wow, beam me up Scotty….I am ready

  • As COS exploits everyone involved for money, labor or for their celebrity value we must ask what they hope to get from poor African Children. With their sad looks it is hard to see how even with the stupidity of COS they are using them for publicity. With the sea org we must ask if they are looking for slave labor. and if so where is the State Department on this?

  • jensting

    There are worse evils affecting children in Africa, but this one we can do something about. Things include going through the stupid commentard registration process on regular media sites and commenting on the articles coming out of the woodwork in support of the new books (just to give the “all religions are bad” trolls some actual resistance).

    The criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology has not yet been run into the ground by David Miscavige, and so they keep doing things like this which pisses me off enough to try to make a difference (however small my contribution may be).

  • SP ‘Onage

    Still waiting for Homeland Security, FBI, CIA or hell, even someone from Area 51 to bust these people…C’mon!

  • jensting

    Goodness.. I know censorship in other countries is a boring subject, but you gotta wonder if the NY Times never heard of “super injunctions” in England when they wrote

    “Transworld, Mr. Wright’s British publisher, recently canceled its plans
    to publish “Going Clear,” though a spokeswoman insisted that the
    decision was not made in response to threats from the church.”

    Of course the threat wasn’t from the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology! It was, more likely than not, a super injunction, the existence of which may not be revealed, which is the result of a private court hearing and which comes from a lawfirm representing an individual (i.e. anyone, literally anyone, who is certain to be named in the book and who knows, ehrm, someone who can stump up the money for a “super injunction”). E.g.

    All this is, of course, speculation on my part 🙂

    • As I’m sure you’re aware “super injunctions” ain’t worth much nowadays with the advent of twitter. Just about every celeb who got one last year was pretty much outed [I was happy to do my part]. As I mentioned before in these forums any attempt to stop the publication in the UK is going to come back and bite the person/group on the ass big time… especially as John Sweeney is giving 2 f*cks to any attempt to stop him publishing. Betcha your ass whoever tried to stop this publication WILL be revealed (my moneys on Private Eye being the first to find out) and they’ll rue the day they tried this tactic.

      just my 2 cents

      • jensting

        Ah, well, I didn’t say that I thought that a super injunction would be effective, just that it is consistent with previous rumours and with the exact phrasing of the reply of the british publisher to the question from the NY Times.

        What would be positively delightful would be this decision turning into a PR nightmare for the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology. I do wonder if it is David Miscavige himself who just does not understand the Streisand effect or it’s one of his UK minions who is only too happy to shift huge amount of parishioners’ money (with some help from the City of London tax payers) for entirely ineffective legal manoeuvres.

    • DeElizabethan


    • Rick Mycroft

      Transworld said that the book doesn’t fit their schedule. I guess they checked their calendar and had “being spineless wimps” filled in in pen for the rest of the year.

      They said it wasn’t the “church”, so I bet it was threats from Scientologist celebrities that made them wave the white feather.

  • DodoTheLaser

    These African kids might have better life in United States, even in the Sea Org.

    Well played COB, well played. Homeland Security almost bought it, I am sure.

    I must say though, African kids will do better off in USA, minus Scientology.

    It’s entirely different subject though.

  • 0tessa

    Scientology Inc finally found its own Stalker: Mr. Wright.
    With a big difference: Mr. Wright is ‘stalking’ for the truth and nothing but the truth. And all the lies of Scientology Inc will be exposed in a very neat and precise way.
    May the truth set us free from Scientology Inc.

  • InTheNameOfXenu

    That is a disturbing photo. Ex-Sea org member, Aaron Saxton made news a few years ago when he went to Senator Xenophon to expose Scientology S.O. abuses. He made a point back then that the cult was attempting to get a foothold into third world countries to recruit new sea org members because it was impossible to recruit anyone from western countries anymore. He was right. In any case this will come back to haunt them.

    • BuryTheNuts2

      If there is one thing Scientology seems particularly adept at…it is creating their own ‘ghosts’.


  • Midwest Mom

    My apologies for being off topic.

    As some of you know, Jessica Feshback Davis is now a Realtor Associate in Austin,Texas at Wilson Goldrick Realtors, and uses only the surname Davis for her new position. This indicates she is not in dire circumstances with her health as previously presumed.

    Were rumors of her terminal illness just shore stories?

    • TheHoleDoesNotExist

      No way that Miscavige would let this particular pair out of his sights unless he had triple verified reports from real doctors. I’m going to take an easy guess here and say the two of them combined have enough dirt on the tiny tyrant to do whatever the hell they want as long as they don’t mind being stalked by PI’s the rest of their lives. But living in a fish bowl should be norm for them.

    • BuryTheNuts2

      She is supposedly in “remission” from her illness.

    • mattekudasai

      Thanks for the update Mom. Often wondering what the “real deal” behind Jessicas’ disappearance is. Never stop second-guessing anything from a scientologist who fades into the background and doesn’t openly declare. While I respect someones desire to go quietly knowing the cult’s tactics I’ll always have my spidey senses turned on. And back to the topic, LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE YOU VILE, SINISTER CULT FAKING IT AS A RELIGION ON GREED STREET. Why the hell is it only innocent children and your average good citizen who’s trying to make a decent life of it in the world who get mowed down by some psycho with a “take as many as I can from this shitty world I exist in mindset”. I am not advocating mowing down the dictator country cult leaders and their henchmen of the world but just saying these events are so unbalanced. The good folks of the NRA = sinister,cynical instrument that makes the gun into a sacrament. That photo op use of the children brings to mind Bruce Cockburn’s’ song Call It Democracy. I’ll reprint the pertinent verse;

      See the loaded eyes of the children too

      Trying to make the best of it the way kids do

      One day you’re going to rise from your habitual feast

      To find yourself staring down the throat of the beast

      They call the revolution

      David Miscavige, you and your enforcers can run but you can’t hide from the big brothers and big sisters of

      citizens against the human rights abuses done in and by the name that is Scientology. And by the way,

      Shelly has postulated a message to you through me: BOO Honey, hope to see your head on a pike some day.

  • ze moo

    Visa’s seem to be readily available for religious study in the US. The Catholic church has been importing priests from all over the world for some time. Scamatology has been getting people from all over the world to “study” at the Clearwater Fl site for 40 or 50 years. They don’t seem to have a problem getting visas for 6 months to 1 year duration for their paying customers.

    Now, imagine you’re a 32 year old African who has 2 children aged 12 and 14. You have learned some English and you run into a scino recruiter. The scino’s offer you a job in the US, yeah, you’ll work 100 hour weeks and the food is beans and rice, but it is 2 or 3 meals a day and you get a room to sleep in. The scino’s get you and your children religious study visas and plane tickets to Florida. You turn your children over to the ‘cadet corp’ or what ever scamatology calls its child care service and you go to your 100 hour a week job. Sign the Sea Org contract?? Sure, whatever the boss wants. Scamatology gets 3 workers for their visa an plane ticket investment. The adult is selling books and services and the kids are sweeping floors and scrubbing trash cans. Religious Study?? What religious study, people on staff seldom do real Lrh study, they are too busy ‘making more money”. Meanwhile, the children are virtual slaves for Lrh. This is why Homeland Security is investigating CO$.

    Of course, there isn’t much really keeping these people working for scamatology. Just let that African father or mother save a few dollars and off they go, they just disappear into the US labor pool. If scamatology got 6 months of labor from them, they break even. The default rate on religious visas for the CO$ must be incredible. You can substitute any countries name for ‘African’, you get the same result.

    I believe there are reporting requirements for religious study visa. If someone disappears, you are suppose to report it to Immigration. Not reporting disappearances is probably what got the CO$ in trouble in the first place. “Discriminating” against any one religion, visa fraud or not, may not be possible for Immigration. Shutting down this trafficking pipeline may not be possible.

  • DeElizabethan

    What a god-awful picture to post anywhere. Poor kids being used and will be abused, no doubt.
    Happy times with the three books in January, whahooe!

  • ze moo

    Lawrence Wright’s book review is on the front page of the NY Times web site. Nice placement, ” A Writer Stalks the Truth about Scientology”.

  • Mat Pesch

    We had a Sea Org recruit from Ghana when I worked at Flag in Clearwater, Florida. Upon his arrival he was made the pot washer. Scrubbing out greasy pots and pans in the hot, humid galley from morning to night, 7 days a week.

  • Sidney18511

    The CoS tells these people that clearing their reactive mind is just like when Jesus casts out demons. These uneducated people don’t have a chance, this cult is eating them alive. So sad, just so very sad.

  • BuryTheNuts2

    Well since we are already all ‘ill’ at the thought of this….here is some bull shit for ya…
    This will make you want to hack up a hairball!

    • Sherbet

      Heck, if all that were true, I’d want to join cos myself. IF all that were true. I can see how it appeals to kind-hearted people who want to do something to help the world. Too bad it’s a bait-and-switch trap.

      • BuryTheNuts2

        Part of the mouse trap….and it stinks!

  • mook

    those kids look reallly excited…

  • ze moo

    A Jack Reacher movie review from Australia……..

    MOVIE REVIEW: IT is only the first week of 2013 and already we
    have a contender for the most unintentionally creepy scene of the year.

    • EnthralledObserver

      Ooh, burn!
      Not that I would have gone to the flicks to see this anyway, but good to know it is a bit of a flop.
      Now normally I boycott anything Cruise, have done since he dumped our Nicole so humiliatingly, but am I now just a condenmed hypocrit if I fished and bought “The Firm” starring Cruise out of a $5 movie bin at the shops??? I feel so ashamed.

      • BuryTheNuts2

        No, you get a pass because it is “The Firm”…..had it been “Cocktail”….well, that is another story.

        • EnthralledObserver

          Coctail was pre Nicole split, so I’ve seen that plenty of times… and it does co-star Bryan Brown, a fellow Aussie, so in my opinion it’s a good movie of it’s time. I say of it’s time, because it amazes me how often I cringe when watching old movies that I once thought were great.
          Still, the point is, it wasn’t ‘Cocktail’, though had it been there i might have picked it up too… it’s only 5 bucks for Xenu’s sake!
          *shame burns deeper*

          • BuryTheNuts2

            Oh, you do get a pass…..I forgot about Bryan Brown….there was an actual reason I suffered through that movie….and he was it!

            Ok, we are both pardoned…. 😉

  • BuryTheNuts2

    Ok, this is off topic, but does anyone have a quick synopsis of the Steve Hall vs. Marty Rathbun crap going on?
    Are they still uh…at odds? Or did they make up?
    I would go look for myself but the thought makes my brain bleed….

  • 1subgenius

    Someone’s probably said this already, but those kids look like they just found out they’ve been sold into slavery.
    Oh, wait….

  • Lurkness

    LOL. Wright’s Book is the direct product of another DM/Co$ foot bullet. I am sure their new internet adventures will be as successful. From the NYT article on Wright and his new book on $cientology:

    In 2011 Mr. Wright published a profile of Mr. Haggis in The New Yorker, and in the course of the fact-checking process Tommy Davis, the international spokesman for Scientology, did Mr. Wright an unwitting favor. He showed up in The New Yorker offices with four lawyers and 47 white binders full of material about the church.

    “I suppose the idea was to drown me in information,” Mr. Wright recalled, “but it was like trying to pour water on a fish. I looked on those binders with a feeling of absolute joy.”

  • SP ‘Onage

    I haven’t read all of the posts so forgive me if this has been mentioned before.

    After reading “Blown For Good” I remember what Marc said about the under-aged kids in the Sea Org. He said, “There were hundreds of kids throughout the Sea Organization who were under-aged and they had lists of all of them! I saw the list once and it was pages and pages long. I was told that those kids were worth more than they were being paid in a year just in terms of tax write offs! I was amazed at how much paperwork there was involved in dealing with taxes.”

    Is this why they snatch under-aged kids up for the Sea Org, besides using them for slave labor?

  • The initial contact in africa is usually through an applied scholastics / “study tech” presentation to government officials who give approval for putting it into local schools. Another vector is the “youth for human rights international” approach. Basically, a front group or “organization” or committee or other set of scientologists is trumped up, presenting an ‘acceptable truth’ agenda. Either study, anti-psych, anti-drug, human rights, etc. The nation or area is carefully surveyed to find out what is the ‘ruin’ of that society, then a group is slapped together to pretend they have a solution to THAT problem. The connection to scientology or hubbard is hidden or minimized. The “solution” they present is in some way connected to hubbards writings so that they get the populace or govt agreeing that hubbard was a great man. Once they create ‘acceptance’ in government circles they push hubbard based solutions, study tech, touch assists, etc. into authorized channels, bureaus of health, education, agriculture, etc.

    They will ‘safe point’ the country by finding anyone opposed to hubbard or scientology and either marginalizing them with black PR or whatever it takes.

    Behind this, the scientologists are quietly promoting/selling hubbard’s scientology to the people they get friendly with. So, this photo may be some scientologists “putting study tech in” in that nation and someone hands them the sea ogre contract for a photo-op. It may not be these specific children are being recruited, but it may be the photo is used to extract more money from the scientology members. Of course, these foreign people impress the locals greatly and after some contact some can easily be recruited to fly to “gold mountain” (america) to help in this ‘saving the planet’.

    It is by its core nature a fraud and a con game. Even if the ‘players’ the ones selling it, think they are doing good, the methods being used are lies, deception and coercion.

  • Sandy

    Capt. Howdy. Can you please give me a reference re: Ted Nugent and that hunting story … That would be very much appreciated and meaningful to me personally… Please give me a link …

    • Captain Howdy

      The deer video was years ago and his antidote about trying to break his personal best for most kills in a 72 hour period was months ago and i don’t think I bookmarked it, but I’ll try.

  • Having read and supervised the training of Scientology PR staff on Hubbard’s checksheet (syllabus) which consists of almost the entirety of Hubbard’s re-written PR policies (giving Scientology PR the Hubbard prejudices and style and slant) and this syllabus checksheet contains one book in particular, a book that was especially printed to contain L. Ron Hubbard’s annotations in neatly typed red ink in the margins, making it easy for Scientology PR staff trainees to absorb the Hubbard slant to PR (his revisions and refinements), of which this advertisement is the result.

    Hubbard allowed use of a pretty widely used PR book, called “Effective Public Relations” which is specially printed edition just for the Scientology staff PR trainees who do the Hubbard checksheet syllabus course. The book in the margins and blank sections of the book contain Hubbard’s annotations, in red print.

    I very much hope this volume makes it’s way onto Wikileaks into the Scientology collection, it screams of Hubbard’s style of PR. .

    Just so all the expert amateur observers know, there is in official Scientology, a huge amount of Hubbard writings, that weigh on the staff members and leaders’ minds, out of sight, but which has all important influence, unseen, behind these odd hopeful viewpoints within these Scientology advertisements. . (And almost all of the Hubbard oddball prejudices and slants to PR and Marketing, haven’t been dissected other than by the long term critics of the movement, until what Tony’s been doing these last couple years.)

    Chuck Beatty
    ex Scientology Admin (OEC/FEBC/PR Courses) course supervisor (1977-1983, 1988, 1989)
    ex Sea Org (1975-2003) ASI 92-95, RPF 1996-2003

    That picture just makes my stomach turn! It ain’t enough to fool someone of their money with useless technology and brainwash them, they gotta turn to the truly miserable people on the poorest places on earth and exploit them for their own disgusting agenda, and children too.

    You can see they’re not helped in the least, they look miserable.