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L. Ron Hubbard’s “Secret Lives” — A Channel 4 Classic

We’re working on several interesting new stories that will take some time to complete. In the meantime, we wanted to keep you tided over with this great blast from the past.

It’s a 1997 UK Channel 4 documentary about L. Ron Hubbard that resurfaced recently over at the Ex-Scientologist Message Board.

We love seeing the late Forry Ackerman, and Gerry Armstrong is great, too. Leave us your thoughts on what you found most interesting, or what you’d quibble with today.

Particularly good is Hana (Eltringham) Whitfield, who once captained a ship for Hubbard.

Speaking of Hana, she sent us this message after yesterday’s story about Joel Sappell…


Wow, thanks for the information about Joel Sappel’s dog. Jerry and I knew both Joel and Bob.

In 1987, Jerry and I began helping families retrieve their loved ones from Scientology. By 1988-1989, it was our full time work, and we were constantly flying around the States, England and Europe conducting interventions. Our home on Occidental Blvd. in Los Angeles was close to many scientology buildings including the Blue Whale on Sunset Boulevard.

Scientology’s harassment of us began in 1988, and escalated by month thereafter. By 1989, their PIs and OSA operatives were constantly following us around LA and overseas – their goal being clearly to thwart our interventions any way they could – issuing subpoenas on us for every law suit they filed whether it had anything to do with us or not, picketing our home, passing out smear fliers to our neighbors, mailing massive smear packs to our family, friends and associates around the world, and trying to get into our bank accounts, phone accounts and frequent flier accounts. They were contacted dozens of our friends and associates in Los Angeles, and even our counselors, by phone or in person, to smear us.

Basically, the picture I am conveying is that it was not a good time.

I don’t remember when Joel and Bob interviewed us for their great expose.

However … sometime in 1988, we adopted a stray cat. She, a beautiful long-haired calico, found us, and decided to stay. She looked like a Princess, so we gave her the name. She was pretty independent, insisted on being an inside-outside cat, and when we flew off, she took care of herself, and was on the front steps waiting when we returned.

Sometimes In 1989, we got back from one of our trips in the early evening. The intervention had been successful, and the family and former member were very grateful.

When we got home, we found Princess lying on the front lawn, perfectly stretched out as if she was asleep.

We found no mark on her, no broken bones, no injuries. Only a little clear exudate around her eyes.

She was dead.

We were heartbroken.

We’ve always wondered if OSA had a hand in her death. Jerry is convinced of it.

Warm regards,


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