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Speaking of Scientology Rap, Did Someone Mention CHILL E.B.?

Speak of the devil!

Our old friend Chill E.B. is back, and none too soon.

Yesterday, after we posted the hip hop sensation of the season — Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder and Nazanin Boniadi and Jamie Sorrentini and Tiziano Lugli rapping about the foibles of the Church of Scientology — some of our readers wondered, rightly, how this might reflect on the church’s in-house rapping phenom, Norman Berry, a/k/a CHILL E.B.

It’s been a while since we heard anything about Chill. But as you can see from the flier above, he’s still in great demand by his fans at Scientology’s orgs.

After that reassuring sign that Chill is still chillin’, we really don’t need much more prompting to turn this sucker out and hold our own Scientology hip hop festival, do we? Well, let’s do it.


First, let’s revisit this classic Chill track, “Dauntless, Defiant, and Resolute,” which was turned into a video by the supercool kids at the Copenhagen Advanced Org.

We can never get enough of that one.

And let’s not forget this amazing contribution from Scientology’s Birmingham org, which put on a tropical-themed fundraiser with rather awesome electronic music. A clever Anon put photos of the event together with the soundtrack. Dig the party!

Now, we have to say that we are extremely bummed out to learn that our FAVORITE Scientology rap song of all time is now missing from YouTube. Does someone know of a backup? Because we really, really don’t want to lose forever the MELBOURNE DAY RAP BATTLE TEAM!!

Please tell us it’s out there somewhere.

In its place we’ll put in one of Chill’s slick Golden Era Productions videos so you can see what a treat the folks at the Dallas Ideal Org are in for…

Heh. Chill, we dig this tune, but please forgive our giggles as we imagine Scientologists demanding “proof” of something. It’s just too much!

Now, if we could just get Tiziano to use his musical wizardry and put together a magical rap battle between Chill and Mike Rinder. Now that — ah, forget it. Some things are just too good to come true.


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