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Scientology Sunday Funnies!

So where were we? Oh yeah, we remember:

Just about every day, we receive the latest wacky and tacky fundraising mailers put out by Scientology orgs around the world. Thank you, tipsters, for forwarding them to us! On Sundays, we love to reveal them to you.

Things here in the underground bunker have been a bit chaotic of late. Sirens keep going off, circuits are out of whack, the booze is barely holding out. The cats are a wreck. But we’ve rallied, and data is streaming in as we try to keep an eye on all things Scientology-related that are happening around this backwater planet. So let’s get to what the bunker’s pneumatic tubes brought us this week along with a much-needed delivery of Chinese takeout.

We were stunned when we received this flier. “Love” is such an unusual word to see in any Scientology communication. It’s been pointed out to us numerous times by Scientology watchers that L. Ron Hubbard rarely seemed to use the word, and it’s missing from his vaunted Tone Scale of human emotion, somehow.

Anyway, we’d love to get your thoughts on this show and its presenter, Doug Williams, “the sanest man in America.” (And what could that possibly mean, anyway?)

Love is great and all, but let’s get real. We want to know how to rake in the big bucks, and who better to help us with that than a Phase 2 Businessman!


We can only hope that the folks who attended that seminar can now get their postulates sticking. There’s nothing we hate more than unstuck postulates.

Hey, want to get into the exciting world of writing Scientology propaganda? Check out this next e-mail sent out by the church:

And here’s Scientology, bringing a taste of the Caribbean to the Windy City!

Well, there’s plenty more we’d like to post here, but we need to pace ourselves. Tipsters, thanks for sending us your best fliers and e-mails, and keep them coming!

As for our loyal commenters who very quickly found us here at the bunker, our deepest thanks. Let’s see if we can’t replicate the kind of rich, intelligent discussions that characterized the previous incarnation of our blog. Help us put the word out — let’s get back everyone who was regularly contributing!

Links of Note

Kate Bornstein let us in on this news recently, and now she’s gone public with it. She’s been diagnosed with lung cancer, but the prognosis is good. Please show her some love over at her website.

— Dani and Tami Lemberger get the full treatment in the English-language Israeli publication Haaretz. It’s great to see another publication dive so deeply into the tale of this Israeli couple who are leading a mission that has broken away from the Church of Scientology. We provided our own lengthy coverage to this story back in July.

(PS to our super-smart readers who will bug us endlessly if we don’t say something about it: We sent heartfelt congratulations to Tom Tobin last night for the epic piece he and Joe Childs unleashed. We would say more, but for now we need to keep our traps shut.)

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