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Louisiana congressman posts Narconon pic, then yanks it after we point out Scientology link

  Scientology and its front groups work very hard to ensnare unsuspecting local officials for photo opportunities. We see a lot of local law enforcement officers, city council members, and even some state representatives get corralled for Scientology PR. But it’s really something when Scientology manages to snag a state attorney general or a […]

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WOW: California judge orders trial to determine if Scientology drugged incoming rehab patients

[Judge Edward Chen | Photo: Hillary Jones-Mixon]

On April 1, we told you about a class-action lawsuit that had been filed against several of Scientology’s drug rehab companies in California. A judge has now ruled against Scientology in the lawsuit’s preliminary matters and has called for a trial that should put explosive evidence in a […]

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VIDEO: Scientology rehab salesmen — Just exactly the humanitarians you imagined

After our story on Tuesday about the death of Amber Bullins at one of Per Wickstrom’s rehab facilities in Michigan, we received numerous tips from readers about the Narconon-style network Wickstrom runs. (Some of Wickstrom’s businesses are licensed by Scientology’s Narconon network, others just make use of Narconon materials.)

var hupso_services_t=new Array(“Twitter”,”Facebook”,”Google Plus”,”Pinterest”,”Digg”,”Reddit”);var hupso_toolbar_size_t=”small”;var hupso_counters_lang […]

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Fresh DOX: Police calls to the Narconon in Fort Collins, Colorado — unedited and unread!

Recently, members of the Underground Bunker community helped our friend and researcher extraordinaire R.M. Seibert get her hands on some documents regarding a Narconon facility in Fort Collins, Colorado.

The facility, which cleverly calls itself “A Life Worth Living” so it doesn’t carry the (tainted) Narconon brand, is one of many that is being sued […]

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Stacy Murphy is still dead, but Oklahoma gives the Scientology rehab that killed her new life

  We were busy traveling yesterday and didn’t notice what a portentous date it was.

On July 19 three years ago, Stacy Dawn Murphy, 20, died of a drug overdose while she was a patient at Scientology’s flagship drug rehab facility, Narconon Arrowhead in eastern Oklahoma. She was the third patient to die at […]

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Scientology routed: What the national press hasn’t figured out about the Trout Run defeat

[Councilman Jerry Donald, explaining why Trout Run is not really unique at all.]

Last week, a prominent local citizen of Frederick County, Maryland, assured one of our best sources that a majority on the county council had been convinced to vote no to putting a property known as Trout Run on the county’s list of […]

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Catapulting from the success of Las Vegas attorney Ryan Hamilton, who spent the past year filing 27 lawsuits against Scientology’s drug rehab network Narconon, three attorneys who have watched Hamilton closely have filed a new class-action lawsuit against two Narconon corporations in California with two initial plaintiffs.

Indiana attorney David Miller, California attorney Michael Ram, […]

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More secrets from Scientology’s vanished entity, Narconon International

Where’s Clark?

On Monday, we told you about the latest adventures of our friend Mark Ebner, who once again stumbled across some things Scientology had abandoned. In this case, they were documents sitting in an empty office building on Hollywood Boulevard that for at least several years had been the headquarters of Narconon International.

Narconon […]

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Mark Ebner finds Scientology’s rubbish again as Narconon International vanishes!

Clark Carr, where’d you go?

One of our better sources said it to us several months ago, and it was so startling, we really weren’t sure what to make of it.

“Narconon International is being dismantled,” he told us.

Hang on. Narconon International, the Scientology umbrella group that oversees and licenses all Narconon rehab centers […]

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Ryan Hamilton’s plan to consolidate his lawsuits against Scientology rehabs is denied

Ryan Hamilton

We’re so used to Las Vegas attorney Ryan Hamilton running roughshod over his opponents, this comes as a bit of a surprise. But Hamilton’s attempt to have his many lawsuits in several states against Scientology’s drug rehab network Narconon consolidated into a single federal court in Nevada was rejected on Friday.

Consolidating the […]

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