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Monthly Archives

Lloyd Evans: Jehovah’s Witnesses still celebrating parents who let their children die

[Lloyd Evans]

One of the more surprising things we realized when we started looking into Jehovah’s Witnesses controversies is how recent the “blood rule” is. It was only 1945 that, under then-president Nathan Norr, the Watchtower adopted the idea that blood transfusions somehow violate Biblical references to Jewish dietary laws. []


VIDEO: Watchtower appeals to Supreme Court to keep JW child abuse under wraps

We joined Lloyd Evans, Mark O’Donnell, and Javier Ortiz on the latest episode of Watchtower In Focus. Here’s Lloyd’s description of the subject we []

Leaving the NBA for Jehovah’s Witnesses and more, on the Cult Awareness Podcast

[Darren Collison]

Darren Collison ditched his NBA career right when he had a chance to cash in on free agency. Why? He says it’s because he wants to dedicate his life to his work as a Jehovah’s Witness.

Our ex-JW host, TV actor Jerry Minor, discusses that decision, as well as some key ideas about JW shunning []

Amber Scorah talks to Lloyd Evans about her ex-JW testament, ‘Leaving the Witness’

[Amber Scorah]

Lloyd Evans talks to Amber Scorah, whose book about leaving JW, “Leaving the Witness,” is getting major media treatment. Not only is she with a major publisher, but she’s getting interviews at places like The Daily Show and NPR. Nevertheless, it’s still good to see her talk with someone who deals with this subject []

Jehovah’s Witness elder faces trial on sexual assault of 4 minors: What did Watchtower know?

[Roderick Watkins]

At JWSurvey, Ex-JW activist Mark O’Donnell digs into an upcoming trial of a former Jehovah’s Witnesses elder in Arkansas who is accused of the sexual assault of at least four minor victims.

Roderick G. Watkins, 56, goes to trial in July after being arrested last November. All four of his known victims, aged 6 []

Here’s the judge who just fed an anonymous critic to JW’s Watchtower on a platter

[Magistrate Judge Sallie Kim]

It’s a happy headline at the San Francisco Chronicle: “Jehovah’s Witness who posted criticisms on Reddit can remain anonymous, judge rules.” But dig into the story and you find that the result is actually almost opposite of that headline, and it also reflects a judge who truly doesn’t understand who she’s dealing []

Targets of a Jehovah’s Witnesses inquisition reflect on their purge

[Nestor and Toni Kuilan]

Lloyd Evans has a new video, his interview with Nestor and Toni Kuilan, to talk about their book about their targeting as they left the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization. Here’s Lloyd’s []

Jehovah’s Witnesses: The ‘spiritual divorce’ goons are at the door again

[Larson caught on camera]

Why would strange men be looking for Brandon Fiquett — men he’s never met from a Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation he’s never attended?

Why? Because Watchtower.

For months, Tacoma, Washington Allstate insurance salesman Erik Larson has been coming to Brandon’s home, interrupting his private life, demanding that he attend a “judicial committee.”

Larson and his []

Atlantic magazine subjects talk about sudden interest from Jehovah’s Witnesses elders

[Lloyd Evans, Kimmy and Mark O’Donnell]

Ever since they appeared last month in an Atlantic magazine feature about the cover up of child abuse in the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization, Mark and Kimmy O’Donnell say they’ve been subjected to some strange and aggressive tactics by elders of the local congregation in Baltimore. []

‘There are bad men in America’: An ex-JW activist explains his work to a 5-year-old

 In an airport waiting to fly to the US, ex-JW activist Lloyd Evans shares with his followers the story of how he answered when his nearly 5-year-old daughter asked, “Daddy, what do you do for []