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How to protect your family from COVID-19, and what to do if you catch it

Attorney Scott Pilutik wrestles with the news of the day, from a lawyerly perspective…

This ten-minute video is the most useful, practical advice I’ve heard from a doctor who has seen a lot of patients at an Upper East Side NYC hospital on not getting the virus and what to do if you do. I feel better about the precautions we’ve taken after watching.


I’m basically wearing gloves and a mask when I’m outside, avoiding pretty much everyone, and washing my hands immediately after touching anything that wasn’t already in my apartment. I’m wiping down hard surface items from outside (e.g., bottles).

But I’m not going jihad over cardboard after reading a paper on how, while the virus is potentially present after contact, it dissipates at an exponential rate to a level of nominally “detectable” in only hours. The delivery people I’ve seen are all wearing gloves. I view the chances that I’ll contract the virus from an amazon box as astronomical, but I’m still washing my hands after I touch one.

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