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Arkansas hunter evens the odds with antique-style gun, so deer killed him

[Armed and dangerous]

You’ve no doubt seen the headline going around today, that a hunter was killed by the deer that he shot in Arkansas.

But see, the liberal media is suppressing the real lesson of this incident, which is coming from the state’s biased Game and Fish Commission.

Instead of the liberal wet dream that an animal killed a hunter that had shot it, what people should really be taking from this story is that you really shouldn’t go into the woods to ventilate wild animals packing anything less than an AR-15 assault rifle.

In this case, the 66-year-old hunter had unwisely decided to even the odds by using a muzzle-loaded rifle, like he was some Minuteman at Lexington or something. After shooting a buck, he went to see if it was dead, and the animal then attacked him.

Several puncture wounds were found on the hunter, but it’s not known for certain whether it was the punctures that caused his demise or a heart attack — the family is apparently not allowing an autopsy.


But anyway, the lesson here is clear. Deer are mankillers. Next time you go into the woods, prepare for war.

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