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Mulvaney’s sin: Getting out ahead of the others on the White House ‘so what’ defense

Attorney Scott Pilutik wrestles with the news of the day, from a lawyerly perspective…

[Regarding this story: Mick Mulvaney Has Conservatives Asking: WTF Are You Doing?]

Yesterday I surmised that Mick Mulvaney was intentionally advancing the impeachment narrative to its inevitable destination: “Yeah, we crimed, we crimed a lot even, but what’s it to you?”

Turns out I was wrong and Mulvaney had gotten a little ahead of his skis. I still think that’s where they’re going, but Mulvaney’s sin was outpacing his future co-defendants. Like bone broth soup, it’s a gradual process and the stock hasn’t fully tapped all that crime marrow.


One thing I think that gets lost in so many of these stories about the President’s enablers is that Mulvaney, for instance, isn’t merely a spokesperson or chief of staff — he’s a fact witness with his own, potentially extensive, liability. His name has come up repeatedly from others testifying this week. So when he accidentally truths (it wasn’t a flub, it was a paragraph-long assertion that indeed jibed with all other known information), he’s indicting the President and all other co-conspirators.


[Regarding this story: Forget Trump’s ‘Meltdown’ — Follow the Testimony]

If you’re not fully riveted to the ongoing train wreck this is a great recap of the past week. You can infer a lot from Trump’s behavior and the schizophrenic messaging about how badly things are going, but the testimony of a stream of White House and State Department officials will be what drives the articles of impeachment

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