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Norwegian accidentally killed by Florida father-in-law: Do you buy this?

[Sheriff Bob Johnson]

Bizarre story out of Florida (of course), and you’ve probably heard about this Norwegian man who comes from the airport, bangs on his father-in-law’s door and is shot dead, mistaken as an intruder.

But looking at the details, we’re wondering about the narrative…

Christopher Bergan, 37, arrived at the home of Richard Dennis, 61, on Tuesday evening and began banging on his front door.

Dennis, unsure who was outside, ran the person off, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson said in a press conference. But, just a few hours later at 11:30 p.m., the banging started again — this time at the back door, Johnson said.

Dennis turned on the back door light and stepped out.


That’s when 37-year-old son-in-law Bergan, fresh off a flight from his native Norway, jumped out of the shadows, scaring Dennis. He fired a shot, striking Bergan in the heart and killing him instantly, Johnson said.

OK, you fly across the world and you’re so excited to see your wife’s dad, you pound on his door. But how does he “run you off,” without recognizing you, exactly?

And would you then come to the back door to keep pounding, rather than, say, shout out who you are?

Are we the only ones wondering if something else happened here?

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