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BBC: Scottish children who escaped US cult speak out about years of abuse

Who are the Bunker’s knowledgeable readers about David Berg’s icky flirty-fishing “Children of God” cult?

The BBC has an interesting interview with two former children who grew up in the group and whose father “was the first man to be convicted of sexual abuse linked to the Children of God cult in Scotland.”

During their upbringing, the siblings say they were frequently moved to different properties where “communes” had been set up.


These were often in parts of the Scottish countryside with nothing for miles around and the children were deliberately never told of their exact location.

Verity says the adults in the communes would have “cult names” – often Biblical and frequently unrelated to their true identity – which has presented issues in trying to gather evidence of their abuse.

Can experts on The Family/Children of God put this article in some context for us far as the history of reporting on Berg et al.?

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