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‘I buried your dog today’: A searing message for a nameless dog owner

We ran across this moving tribute written by Diz Schroeder of Montana. She posted it to Facebook on April 5 and made it shareable for the public, and it now has more than 64,000 shares. We thought you’d want to see it.

Someone took a dog out to the river and put a bullet through his skull. I found the scene when I took my dog to the river today. The body was left in plain sight, just off the walking trail. Cops aren’t investigating, but I want the person who did this to see my post. This is an open letter to that person.

I buried your dog today. I see by his teeth that he was a pup. I see by the abrasions and sunken ribs that he was not loved. I see by the way you left him where you shot him that you did not care how he died. I see by the way you abandoned his body, next to the trail where anyone can see, that you did not care who might see him.


I buried your dog today. I disposed of the bullet shell, overturned the bloody soil, and dug a grave for your dog. It was hot, smelly, heartbreaking work that you should’ve done. I buried the ugliness you left out for the world to see. I gave your dog the courtesy of not being treated like carrion.

I buried your dog today. I mourned his wasted potential, his wasted affection, and the short, pitiable life he led with such a poor excuse for an owner. Your neglect and casual cruelty has not gone unnoticed. I may not know you when I see you, but I hope you recognize me as the person who buried your dog. I hope you have enough of a heart to feel shame. I already know you do not feel compassion.

— Diz Schroeder



Posted by Tony Ortega on April 13, 2019 at 20:00

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