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Record moose ‘taken’ in Washington, but don’t say it was gunned down

The Daily Mail picked up a story written by the Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Washington about a record moose shot by a hunter named Jim Hall.

The article describes how Hall had waited nearly 30 years for his turn to come up to hunt moose, but after passing up some earlier targets, his window of opportunity was about to close up.

But then, luck smiled on Hall as he and his pal were driving around and then spotted a monster Shiras moose (one of four subspecies).

They stopped the car. Hall got out, and he shot the moose dead.


Only after he’d shot it twice did Hall realize that he might have a record-breaker, which was confirmed by Safari Club International. We’d tell you what the record was in terms of antler size, but really, with the animal dead and all, it doesn’t really matter to the moose what an impressive set of antlers he’d grown.

So, what we found kind of interesting, besides just how thrilling it sounds to hunt by automobile and shoot immobile animals who pose no risk to anyone, is the reaction from a couple of Daily Mail readers who were offended by the language the Daily Mail had brought to the piece.

The Spokesman-Review’s headline said that “hunter bags” record moose. But the Daily Mail changed it to “guns down.”

“Gunned down? Really Daily Mail? Hunting is not a crime. YET,” huffed one commenter.

“When he guns down? Bias much?? How about legally hunted or legally harvested!” said another.

Yes, hunters prefer that you say an animal is “taken” or “harvested” or “bagged.”

That sounds a lot more romantic than stepping outside of a car to shoot a high-velocity projectile into a passive animal to rip up its internal organs so that it drops dead.

And the last thing we want to do is shatter the notion that killing animals for sport is romantic and brave.


Posted by Tony Ortega on April 12, 2019 at 20:00

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