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Sunday Funnies: Scientology charges into the new year!

HNYPostWhat a few days we’ve had here at the Bunker. We posted Tommy Davis’s deposition on Thursday, and yesterday we wrote about Monique Rathbun’s motion for sanctions, which included an amazing set of 2007 text messages sent between Scientology leader David Miscvaige, Mike Rinder, and Tommy Davis.

And we have even more surprises coming soon. But for today, we wanted to relax with some Sunday Funnies!

Each week, we reveal the new Scientology mailers and fliers that our tipsters have sent us. It helps us keep an eye on how the church is keeping its members coming back for more. So let’s dive in!

Let’s start in Los Angeles, where not everyone is stuck on their Student Hats — someone still wants to go OT!


We always love it when fliers contain the wisdom of L. Ron Hubbard…


There’s nothing like a good success story.


Another satisfied customer after forking over a hefty amount of cash…


It intrigues us that the church is spending so much energy to build a new auditorium at the LA complex…


Wasn’t Sydney already Ideal? Well, we’d like to hear more about plans down there. Help us out, tipsters.


Thanks again to our great tipsters. Keep those mailers and fliers coming!


Posted by Tony Ortega on January 5, 2014 at 07:00

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  • Great White Clam


  • valshifter

    COB only cares about reports about films being made, and that’s all the reporting that is send to him. aha! sure, that’s all he cares about, he does not care about snooping on people ho no. he is all holly ecclesiastical, and I was born yesterday right?

    • Great White Clam

      Edited thus: “COB only cares about reports about the reporting that is send to him”

      That leaves open some interesting possibilities…….

  • Great White Clam

    L. Ron Hubbuzzard stated, “I have a very bad masturbatory history. I was taught when I was 11 and, despite guilt, fear of insanity, etc. etc. I persisted. At a physical examination at a Y when I was about 13, the examiner and the people with him called me out of the line because my testicles hung low and cautioned me about what would happen if I kept on masturbating. This “discovery” was a bad shock to me. ” “Affirmations”, 1947

  • ShoopZ

    Last one for now. BarbarAlleeeeeeee!!!

    (refresh for image – click to enlarge)

    • Cat Daddy


    • AintMizBahavin

      no fair you get me everytime im in the middle of a good glass of apple juice my keyboard and monitor enjoys the more of the juice then i do rofl

  • Great White Clam
    • valshifter

      the messengers are as creepy as him. and so young.

      • ShoopZ

        Is that Shelley on the right? She looks like one of the Manson Family.

        • Robert Eckert

          Yes, that’s a young Shelly Barnett before she was mated to the Toxic Dwarf

    • vistaril_LOL

      Christ, looks like some kind of creepy serial killer……

    • Richie

      These brides do not look happy.

  • valshifter

    scientologist are so anal about the proper calling of things, is upsetting after a while of that bull crap, is not a compound is a campus. xenu fucking Christ.

  • valshifter

    How telephones totally invalidate Hubbsurd’s theory that “phones are psychotics because they have no memory”; Now days cellphones do have memory. got cha! he didn’t foresee cellphones into the future did he?

  • Shannon

    Tony, let us know when Sydney is supposed to open, I’ll try to check it out!

    • Shannon

      It seems to me the way the building is placed they wouldn’t be able to cut off most of the street, there is a dance school and the loading docks for the mall right next to/across from it. It’s too sandwiched in…

  • Mala

    Ick. This collateral just confuses me. I work in advertising/digital and I don’t think I have ever seen worse marketing, messaging and creative. I know it’s “internally focused” on current members, but geez, why not just put out a small black and white poster that says “give us money” and be done with it? It would cut out the cost of stock photography and “design” hours (don’t get me started on the creative – you would think with that much money, they could do better.) Does it even matter or do people just buy it?


    Confused (and again – new here)

    • Douglas D. Douglas

      You are not alone! And the terrible design is reinforced by the awful writing! Notice that, too?

      • Mala

        I definitely noticed that. Just an all around fail.