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Sunday Funnies: Scientology charges into the new year!

HNYPostWhat a few days we’ve had here at the Bunker. We posted Tommy Davis’s deposition on Thursday, and yesterday we wrote about Monique Rathbun’s motion for sanctions, which included an amazing set of 2007 text messages sent between Scientology leader David Miscvaige, Mike Rinder, and Tommy Davis.

And we have even more surprises coming soon. But for today, we wanted to relax with some Sunday Funnies!

Each week, we reveal the new Scientology mailers and fliers that our tipsters have sent us. It helps us keep an eye on how the church is keeping its members coming back for more. So let’s dive in!

Let’s start in Los Angeles, where not everyone is stuck on their Student Hats — someone still wants to go OT!



We always love it when fliers contain the wisdom of L. Ron Hubbard…


There’s nothing like a good success story.


Another satisfied customer after forking over a hefty amount of cash…


It intrigues us that the church is spending so much energy to build a new auditorium at the LA complex…


Wasn’t Sydney already Ideal? Well, we’d like to hear more about plans down there. Help us out, tipsters.


Thanks again to our great tipsters. Keep those mailers and fliers coming!


Posted by Tony Ortega on January 5, 2014 at 07:00

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