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The big reveal: What you actually learn on Scientology’s Operating Thetan Level Three

Xenu_HomeboyClaire Headley is taking us on our journey to train as Scientologists. She and her husband Marc were Sea Org workers who escaped from Scientology’s International Base in 2005. She spent years working with Scientology’s “tech,” and was trusted to oversee the auditing of Tom Cruise. Go here to see the first part in this series.

And now, it’s time for the big reveal. We have a lot of ground to cover. Thankfully we have Claire and Bruce Hines to help us understand this stuff.

So after several years of devotion and a couple of hundred thousand dollars in fees (not to mention additional donations and other costs), it’s finally time for us on our trip up the “Bridge to Total Freedom” to see what’s kept in that locked briefcase they open up for you on Operating Thetan Level III. What you’re shown is some handwritten pages which L. Ron Hubbard scribbled in 1968.

Let’s just take a little peek at some of it in the name of fair use…



In these materials, we learn that a fellow named Xenu was running a 76-planet confederation that had been founded some 95 million years ago. “Very space opera,” Hubbard says. We’ll say.

Anyway, Xenu had an overpopulation problem, with about 178 billion people on each planet, so he brought a whole passel of them to a planet named “Teegeeack,” which today we know as Earth. Using “renegades,” Xenu had the surplus folks blown up with H-bombs in volcanoes in Hawaii and the Canary Islands. Then, he captured their disembodied souls (thetans), and implanted them with various mental image pictures to confuse and control them. Or something.

Eventually, Xenu was captured by “loyal officers” in a trap under a mountain somewhere. But the implants he left in the thetans of Earth were so powerful, anyone even attempting to piece together this history — which happened about 75 million years ago — was walking into a lethal trap. Hubbard said he had barely survived investigating it himself.

“In December 67 I knew somebody had to take the plunge. I did and emerged very knocked out but alive. Probably the only one ever to do so in 75,000,000 years,” he wrote.

And now, he had the amazing secret of existence: each of us is not just a single thetan, but a collection of many thetans “stuck to oneself or to the body.”

It’s all those disembodied thetans left over from Xenu’s genocide, see. They have nowhere else to go. They’re confused and hurt, and they’ve attached themselves to us out of survival.

“One has to clean them off by running Incident One then Incident Two. It is a long job, requiring care, patience and good auditing,” Hubbard says.

Up to this point, a Scientologist has learned to go back millions or billions of years into his or her “whole track” to clear away “engrams” — traumatic memories that are causing present-day problems. Now, Hubbard reveals, all of those “body thetans” clinging to you, they all have engrams of their own, and so you’re going to have to run them through incidents that happened millions or trillions of years ago to clear their engrams and get them to de-attach from you.

“Good luck,” Hubbard wrote.

We’re eager to learn how these revelations hit our experts when they first encountered them.

Bruce Hines

Bruce Hines

BRUCE: My first impressions were amazement and, embarrassingly enough, acceptance. I figured if I was going to make it to OT, this was my only way. So I had to buy it and try to run with it.

I had heard about many space opera stories from Mr. Hubbard prior to reading these OT III materials, so that part was not a big deal. The new part was, “One’s body is a mass of individual thetans stuck to oneself or to the body.” I had a hard time understanding, at first, just what he meant by that. It is a poorly worded statement. Things that did not fully make sense were put, as usual, into the I’ll-be-able-to-understand-this-later-when-I-am-more-OT category. Like, “Various misleading data by means of circuits, etc., was placed in the implants.” Even if one knows the Scientology definition of a circuit, this does not make a lot of sense. And what is the “etc.”. Also, “data” is a plural noun, so should not be used with the singular verb “was.” I was able to ignore this and other such odd wordings.

It was a bit unreal that I had been walking around all my life with a bunch of spirits stuck to me. I did not grasp all the ramifications of that. Still, that was the really big news.

Nowadays, I think it is all bunk. It is even a lame science fiction story. For example, modern geology, based on actual scientific evidence, tells us that the Hawaiian Islands did not even exist 75 million years ago. Or how about the logistics of transporting 178 billion (on average) people per planet times 76 planets = 13.528 trillion people to earth. A whole fleet of Starship Enterprises would even have a hard time with that. And there would have to be an awful lot of renegades to capture them all individually. One can go through the whole story and find such things that don’t add up.

It is astounding that these writings are a key part of the “scriptures” of this “church.”

CLAIRE: I should first say, I had been told by so many people “when you read the materials you will be blown away.” Well yes, I guess you could say “blown away” is one way to put it.

Really my whole inner being was screaming you can’t be serious about this!. But I’d long since locked that compartment and thrown away the key. My numb self read these materials and decided to “power through.”

The thought that did come through though was this. I was shocked that after all the focus on taking responsibility for your actions etc., now all of a sudden, the “reason” for all your troubles was someone else again — one’s body thetans and clusters. That really hung me up.

And whereas before, while effective or not, the focus had been real life problems and situations, this no longer had anything to do with something I saw would actually impact my life. However, I certainly wasn’t going to tell my supervisor any of these thoughts.

As is already noted in the materials, the only “problem” one will encounter is if you have a “bad” student auditor — in other words, it’s all on you. So I decided to power through. After all, maybe it was just me and it would all make sense with OT abilities realized.

THE BUNKER: We want to ask another specific question about the material. Hubbard mentions several times that we’re going to have to run our body thetans through Incident One and Incident Two as we attempt to audit them. This tale that he’s just told us about Xenu and the genocide 75 million years ago — that’s Incident Two. But we wonder about the mention of Incident One here. Incident One is more of an origin story of the universe itself, which supposedly happened several quadrillion years ago. Hubbard mentions Incident One here without any explanation of it, so we have to ask, was Incident One something that you would have already been told about before you get to OT III?

BRUCE: Just before the first solo auditing session on OT III, one receives a single handwritten sheet (by Hubbard) that describes the incident. And, yes, it is said to have happened 4 quadrillion years ago. That’s 4 thousand trillion, or 4 million billion. I don’t remember it exactly, but it was something like:

Loud snap
Waves of light
Chariot comes out, moves right, then left
Cherub comes out
Blows horn
Cherub recedes
Shattering series of snaps
Darkness dumped on thetan

I remember that because of Mr. Hubbard’s handwriting, I thought the first line said “Lord says.” My sister told me later that she thought the same thing. After looking at it for a few minutes I concluded that it must say “Loud snap.”

At first one is told to run Incident I on a body thetan first, and then Incident II. This order was reversed at some point. Mr. Hubbard must have realized something or learned something that got him to change his mind.

CLAIRE: That’s right! Chariots, cherubs, and loud snaps, oh my!

THE BUNKER: Claire, you had a frightening experience during OT 3.

Up_The_BridgeCLAIRE: Yes. I started solo auditing on OT 3 in mid to late 1998. By mid 1999 I was still going. For several months I had been getting less than four hours sleep a night, so I was not “sessionable” due to insufficient sleep.

Then, on July 17, 1999, I was doing inspections on the Hemet base with Lara Dolan, who was also in RTC at the time. We were driving around the property on motorcycles to ensure all staff were doing their assigned renovations projects – Saturday was Renos day when all staff did heavy manual labor around the property for the entire day.

I’d had 3 hours sleep, since I’d been working on an investigation being run by Marty Rathbun into financial irregularities that David Miscavige needed a report on urgently. So I was massively stressed out, had had very little sleep, and was driving a motorcycle in 110 degree weather. Michelle Yager’s dog ran into the road as Lara and I were approaching, and Lara braked suddenly.

I didn’t notice she’d stopped until too late, I tried to move over, but my leg caught on the passenger foot peg of her bike, which snapped both bones 4 inches above my ankle clean through. The impact broke my right shoulder.

Kevin Caetano from security responded on scene and strapped a splint on my leg. Because Miscavige was on the property, they were not allowed to call 911 for an ambulance. So I was scooped up and crammed into the Medical officer’s little red Honda and scurried off to Hemet hospital. By the time I arrived there, I was in shock and was rushed into the ER.

It took 3 hours of testing for the doctors to determine if I was going to lose my foot. This was because the wrong splint had been used by Kevin Caetano. The doctors were outraged that no ambulance was called. I had surgery the next day to implant a titanium rod into my tibia, along with 3 screws.

I was allowed to tell my mother about this accident 1 1/2 years later.

The doctor would not tell me I’d ever be able to walk again. It was February of the next year before I could do so unassisted. Needless to say this landed me in review. Meaning, I was taken off the level and sent for review and PTS handling before I’d be allowed to continue OT 3.

THE BUNKER: And so your body thetans had to wait even longer for their auditing. Holy cherub!

Well, we’re glad you got to keep your foot, Claire.

We found a price for OT III from our 2001 price list.


COST SO FAR: $278,273.25


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