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Sunday Funnies: Scientology Gets Ideal in Taiwan

IASFuturoSmallNow that Scientology has re-jiggered its Bridge to Total Freedom, by golly, there’s no holding it back. And next stop on its crusade to take over the world is a new “Ideal Org” in Taiwan.

Our tipsters came through again this week with a great collection of new Scientology mailers and fliers from around the world.

At Saturday’s grand opening in Kaohsiung, Taiwan it looks like a fine time was had by all. We’re still waiting to hear if Scientology honcho David Miscavige made the scene.

In this photo, a local dignitary appears to be on screen leading the festivities…



Hey, hook ’em young!


Why would you go OT anywhere but at Ron’s home at Saint Hill!


Only in Scientology would the arrival of a new dictionary have planet-shaking repercussions!


Hey, wait a minute. Things are starting to look a little ideal.


Anyone hear who was named Freedom Medal winners this year?


Maxim is so upstat!


We can never get enough of these newsletters from Scotland.


Another humanitarian contributing to the new auditorium in LA!


Paul sure looks like he thinks he’s joined “the most incredible team in the world,” doesn’t he?


Thanks again to our great tipsters. Keep those items coming!


Posted by Tony Ortega on December 8, 2013 at 07:00

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