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Sunday Funnies: A Scientology Advertising Bonanza!

MightyMiamiSmallOn Sundays, we love to reveal to you the Scientology mailers and fliers that our tipsters have forwarded us during the week. And this time, we have a huge selection of fun stuff to share with you.

As Scientology nears its apocalypse, er, rather, its ginormous celebration of flowing theta when it opens the Super Power Building on October 6, it seems that it is pulling out all the stops to get its members to give, give, give!

It’s almost like they know some sort of point of no return is coming, or something.

This week, we have to hand it to the folks in Miami for getting the most creative when it comes to begging for your cold, hard cash.

We don’t hear all that much from the Miami org, but if this is the kind of thing they’re putting out, we want more of it!



Did we ask for an encore? We don’t remember asking for an encore. Does anyone know what the heck the folks from the Valley Org are going on about here?


Like we said, Miami ROCKS! We want more!


We hope this graduation on L. Ron Hubbard Way Friday night was as rocking good as this flier promised…


Tonight! A Dream Team panel! We only wish we could go…


“I am a humanitarian with honors.” Doesn’t the very act of saying that pretty much prove that you are not a humanitarian? Sigh.


Black Rob (of “I have a Thetan who does things to my mirror and it’s annoying” fame at WWP), sent us this slick invitation to a photography session on the Freewinds


…and he sent us this strangely antique-looking ad for Criminon, which we rarely get around to here at the Bunker…


We want to thank the tipster who sent us the following photo that came with this message…

Last month there was an LRH booth at the ALA (American Library Association) in Chicago. The show was well attended, their booth wasn’t so they packed up early. They did have a couple guys dressed up as characters from some of LRH’s tomes. They looked lonely.


What does space have to do with ethics? Hey, we’d like to know! If only we could attend…


Quoting the turgid L. Ron Hubbard in your flier: Not always the best idea…


Once again, we thank our tipsters for sending us so much good material. Keep it coming!


Posted by Tony Ortega on August 18, 2013 at 07:00

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