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SHOCKER: Court Punishes Scientology For Acting Like…Scientology

Mary Rieser’s lips are moving…

There’s a reason Scientology earned a reputation as one of the most litigious organizations on earth, and one that turns any court fight into a bruising slugfest.

People who have found themselves in litigation with the church often complain that Scientology plays dirty, and gets away with murder in America’s courts.

What’s unusual is not hearing that Scientology is up to its old tricks in a lawsuit currently going on in the Atlanta area that involves Scientology’s drug rehab program Narconon, but that the judge in that case has called out Scientologist executives in the case for reprehensible behavior.

Yes, that’s right: for once, a judge is calling a Scientologist’s lies what they are — lies.

We’ve written numerous stories about the Patrick Desmond wrongful death lawsuit, which has already uncovered stunning behavior by Narconon executive Mary Rieser.

As we reported earlier, documents in the lawsuit suggest that Rieser convinced a Florida court that her rehab center was licensed for in-patient care, when the state of Georgia has never certified the Narconon center there to house patients.

Now, Judge Stacey Hydrick has come down hard on Rieser in the strongest terms for holding back evidence in the case that Desmond’s family was entitled to.

“The Court finds that [Narconon Georgia] repeatedly and wilfully obstructed the discovery process both by failures to respond fully to legitimate discovery requests and, even more egregiously, by false responses,” Hydrick states in a sanctions order she signed Monday.

In 2007, Patrick Desmond was ordered by a Florida court to undergo drug rehab at an in-patient facility. His parents sent him to Narconon Georgia, not knowing that executive director Mary Rieser’s facility was not licensed for that kind of care. But records show Narconon Georgia flouted its licensing by running an unlicensed housing facility, which was rampant with drug and alcohol abuse. In 2008, Desmond got intoxicated at the housing complex, then left and used heroin for the first time, which caused him to overdose and die.

In the wrongful-death suit, Desmond’s family has spent years trying to get records about what Rieser did about the housing unit’s problems before Desmond’s 2008 death, and what records she had about the eyewitness accounts of fellow patients. As you can read in Judge Hydrick’s order, below, Rieser claimed for years not to have those records, which turned out not to be the truth.

Hydrick’s punishment? Narconon’s original answer to the lawsuit is struck from the record, and Rieser’s obfuscations will be presented as fact to a jury, if this case goes to trial next year as planned.

Last night, we asked Desmond family attorney Jeff Harris for his reaction to the sanctions order.

“This is how courts ought to deal with discovery shenanigans from a legal standpoint. You give them a chance to play by the rules and if they don’t — drop the hammer. I’m sort of amazed at their conduct because the biggest corporations in the world wouldn’t have tried to go this far,” he told us.

We have gone to some pains to explain for the rest of the media that Narconon is very much a Scientology front group. Records show that Rieser immediately notified Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA) about Desmond’s death, and there’s little doubt that she’s been in constant contact with OSA ever since. Rieser is herself a Scientologist, Narconon rehab centers are licensed through Scientology’s “social betterment” nonprofit ABLE (The Association for Better Living and Education), and ABLE is staffed only with Scientology Sea Org executives.

We turned to OSA’s former executive director, Mike Rinder, for some perspective on Rieser’s ties to OSA, and the sanctions for holding back evidence in this case. We wanted to know, for example, if Scientology leader David Miscavige would be involved in this case behind the scenes. He sent us this response:

I don’t know about Miscavige’s involvement in this, but you can be sure OSA is directly and heavily involved. And this sort of discovery abuse — claiming documents were shredded the day after they were written, or not disclosing them or lying about them in deposition — isn’t anything new when it comes to dealing with wrongful death cases. [Former Scientology executive] Marty Rathbun wrote about this on his blog with regard to the McPherson case. This is the “greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” theory of legal practice. They see this case as “trying to destroy Narconon” and therefore any tactics are justified because “if Narconon is destroyed a lot of people will not be saved from the ravages of drugs.”

(As Rinder points out, Rathbun has now admitted that he destroyed records that were pertinent to the 1995 death of church member Lisa McPherson in a clear obstruction of justice.)

Well, take a look at the sanctions order for yourself and give us your thoughts. It seems stunning that a judge in this country takes a stand like this against such dishonesty — and maybe that’s the shame of it, that a judge doing what’s right comes as such a shock.

Desmond Suit Sanctions Order

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  • sugarplumfairy32

    Lol.. For co$, in any way, shape or form, to claim lack of familiarity with the litigation process is pretty dammmm funny..

    • sugarplumfairy32

      Except it isn’t funny at all.. They use the cash they squeeze out of their parishioners to clog our already over-burdened court system in their despicable campaign to annihilate their enemies..

      • Claritysav

        It is amazing how things work when authorities do what they are supposed to do- I am not taking anything away from this wonderful judge, but it seems “the way to greatness”, is to do the next right thing- a very simple concept but not an easy concept to apply consistently.

        I hope this is the start of many Narconon defeats, I hope this Judge s common sense execution of the law puts pressure on other judges in other Narconon cases to do the same, I hope the licensing authorities in GA and other states take notice from this decision too-

        Another wish on the list; that some of the authorities that could or even should have taken action against Narconon sooner, will get caught up in this whole saga and be held accountable – weather they are cited for being incompetent and lose their job or
        if it fits, held accountable by law

        I know it is a big wish list – but it only takes a spark sometimes- we will see

        Until then: Shoot em in the face (the bad guys at COS)

        • Mike

          “Another wish on the list; that some of the authorities that could or even should have taken action against Narconon sooner, will get caught up in this whole saga and be held accountable – weather they are cited for being incompetent and lose their job or if it fits, held accountable by law”

          Sorry, but I never miss a chance for this joke:

          That’s the worst spell of whether I’ve seen in quite some time!

          And now back to your regularly scheduled program.

          • Oh my god, that joke was so lame it circled right back around to awesome!

            By the way, does anyone else think Mary Reiser looks like Anna Wintour with an extra burrito, couple bottles of cheap white zinfandel and clothes by Kohls?

          • Claritysav

            Weather not whether was my truth, my reality at that time – LRH said so – It must be true

    • Bet you the shitting insane dwarf will start telling his remaining ringleaders to smear the Judge anonymously, claim she’s only opposing Scientology’s frauds because she’s a dope dealer who works for Mexican cartels or something equally insane.

      • correna

        or that she rapes babies….. I could start a fanclub for this judge!

  • The most amazing thing about all this is that it’s happening at all. So much of it sounds like a plot line from a cheesy Lifetime movie. I doubt your average “man on the street” would believe most of it is true and not Lindsey Lohan’s next starring role.

    Maybe Lifetime can double bill it along with “Not With My Daughter 2: The Katie Holmes Story.”

    • In all seriousness, I think the average person on the street would dismiss almost anything they hear about Scientology as quirky and goofy. It is really hard to speak to someone about it, because most of it is so outlandish people are dismissive of it. I know I used to be.
      Everything about it comes off as unbelievable.
      Its like trying to convince your Mom that their really is a monster under your bed!

      • But BTN, Narconon got Kirstie Alley off drugs…no, actually it wasn’t Narconon, it was one hour of auditing…no, actually it was reading Dianetics while snorting…

        • Gayle

          It was one hour of Narconon auditing as she was reading Dianetic and snorting coke she got from a councilor in one of their inpatient treatment facilties, which are in no way affiliated with Scientology, while sunning herself in her backyard.

        • She should have been on the lookout for the monsters under her bed, in her bed and up her nose. Idiot!

      • Gayle

        *snort* My mother is a retired auditor (the financial kind,) who is highly interested in forensics and court cases. She served as Foreperson on an embezzled trial. She looks at like I’m like I’m trying to explain the plot of a Star Trek episode when I tell her about some of this.

        • Gayle

          *sigh* embezzleMENT.

      • Indeed, it’s important to realise that people who do not take a secial interest have no idea how bad things really with the crimes committed by the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology. L Ron Hubbard was quite right when he pointed out that “Incredulity of our data and validity – this is our finest asset” except he should have “of our crimes” to be accurate (or perhaps ALL the “data and validity” in clam speak is what the justice system calls a crime.
        So, when introducing the average person to just how bad the cult is, it’s esential to be didactic.

    • I would gladly contribute to such a movie.

    • Artoo45

      Almost perfect, but you forgot the middle name (usually Ann for some reason). When creating your Lifetime Original Movie™, it must go like this: Not Without My Daughter 2: The Katie Ann Holmes Story, A Lifetime Original Movie.

      • Followed by: Don’t call me Kate: The true life story of one woman’s courageous escape from the cult that Ron built.

    • True trivia fact: the Lifetime executive who came up with the business model for those Lifetime Original Movies is a delightful, clever and witty gentleman named Paul Noble. I was honored to meet Paul and his wife at a party over the summer. He is married to … drum roll please … pioneering Scientology critic and all-around class act Paulette Cooper. It’s a small world…

      • That explains so much.

  • HIP HIP HURRAH!!!! for the Judge!!!! One giant step forwrd.

    • I am Giddy with delight!
      And I would really like to run into Miss Mary in a dark alley.

  • YetAnotherSP

    Great news! Close those $cilon fuckers down. Narconon is a scam and the whole world is finding out. Mary’s going to the RPF’s RPF (if not prison) and I say ‘good,’

  • Dean Fox

    I’m guessing the next “trick” will be to pay for it to all go away. Which is a shame because it would be nice to see it go to court so that Narconon goes away for good.

    • Boson Stark

      This will surely mean a sizable settlement for the Desmond family as Scientology will not want all this negative trial publicity for their drug rehab scam.

      I just don’t think the cult’s defense of, “When you want to help people get off drugs, you have to lie like a Scientologist” is going to work.

      They also won’t want Marty/Mike on TV talking about the, do anything “for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” or other Hubbard nutty.

      • Dean Fox

        What price a wrongful death? I hope it’s 10s of millions, it should be. I suppose with a settlement they’re guarenteed the money with a judgement Narconon Georgia will simply evaporate without leaving any assets.

        • I am not certain about the legal corporate set up of Narconon Geogia. Usually when a judgement in excess of the companies assets is rendered, the company goes bankrupt and the payout is limited to the assets of the company. While CO$ has collected at least 10% of Narconon’s cash flow, they may not be liable for any amount in excess of the Narconon assets.

          If Narconon Georgia goes belly up, all their property has to be liquidated to try to pay the judgement. At least that puts them out of business in Georgia, though they could come back with another corporate name. Only by making licensing more difficult can the State of Georgia keep another Narconon out, They may have the political will to do that now.

          • Actually, the CO$ Religious Technology Center(tm) probably owns Narconon Georgia’s property. Taking that property for any settlement could be problematic. The plaintiffs may have to depend on other assets to get paid. Of course Rathbun and Rinder could testify and show how Scientology owns Narconon, then the CO$ treasury will be in play. I hope that is the plaintiffs plan. The corporate shell game can be confusing, but it unravels when the proper testimony is heard.

            • Dean Fox

              It would be great if the corporate shell game could be thoroughly unravelled. 🙂

            • Homer

              Narconon _IS_ Scientology

      • I don’t think there will be a gag order. The Desmonds are very clear that they do not want this to happen to anyone else. They fought successfully, with others from the public, to unseal court documents that clearly show Narconon International’s involvement, etc. There will be more negative publicity.

      • I don’t think there will be a gag order. The Desmonds are very clear that they do not want this to happen to anyone else. They fought successfully, with others from the public, to unseal court documents that clearly show Narconon International’s involvement, etc. There will be more negative publicity.

    • Even if it does go to settlement the abuse of licensing is a criminal matter and it may be possible that after the discovery process is over a criminal case could be taken-up by the state against Narconon of Georgia. Ultimately resulting in them being shut down.

      I think the best part of all of this is that a judge is finally taking a stance against the cult, basically reasserting who’s boss here. I think it may give other lawyers and judges the balls to do the same in the future. One can only hope it goes above this court for an appeal and another ruling is made at a higher court so that it can set precedent for an entire circuit.

      • Alanzo

        But Scientology audits out circuits.

      • Homer

        The State licensing bodies will have a lot of say in this.

      • NoName

        Good point. I haven’t read the order, but I know a few things about discovery. In some forms of discovery, you have to swear that you are telling the truth. So….. it occurred to me that someone may have committed perjury. Again, I didn’t read the order and I don’t have time to, so I am not sure who had to swear to what or what forms of discovery were involved in this. Still, I think there is a good chance that the cult won’t be able to pay to make this go away.

        • Anon

          yes indeed. sworn falsehoods are perjury and perjury is a crime.

          civil litigation is, however, rife with people telling all manner of falsehoods under oath, usually with utter impunity.

          the difference is Scientologists think they can get away with literally lying about everything all the time, because they have before and they will in the future, so no big deal.

          but it now looks as though there is a distant boundary where that theory crashes and burns.

    • Well, the plaintiff should accept a settlement if that works for them, IMHO. What they should keep in mind, though, is that there is no reason to accept a gag order or to seal the record. Once the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology is on the ropes they are in no position to dictate terms.
      In any case, I do wonder how the court in Florida will feel about having been lied to.

  • Observer

    If that judge ever runs for president, she’s got my vote!

    Sorry, Scientology, it looks like your Teflon coating is wearing a bit thin. I only wish LRH were here to see his evil intentions failing so publicly.

  • Skydog

    Big flunk on Mary Reiser for her “TR lie”. Miscavige will not be happy because a determination of credibility (or lack thereof) cannot be appealed.

  • Patty Moher

    “…the Court finds that NNGA intentionally, willfully and repeatedly provided false and misleading responses to Plaintiffs’ discovery requests regarding issues relevant to the resolution of this case.”

    I can’t seem to wipe this big smile off my face.

  • richelieu jr
    • richelieu jr

      ^^^^^ The ex-head of Narconon saying that the only way to be cured of drugs was to admit you needed Scientology was official policy– No longer a scilon, what a surprise– Really surprised this hasn’t come up yet!

      • Patty Moher

        Huh? You must be new here.

        • Dee Fogger

          I think the comment was meant to be that it hasn’t come up in the context of the court case re depo’s, hearings, etc.

          • Sherbet

            And when asked, Ol’ Glib Gary from narconon in OK tapdanced around and pooh-poohed the idea that narconon is part of cos in any official capacity.

            • Dee Fogger

              It’s so easy to prove otherwise I don’t know why they keep up the lies. I suppose they’re counting on ordinary people and press not caring to look into the matter any deeper than the facade.

  • mirele

    I like this footnote (number 1): “The Court wishes to emphasize that it finds no fault with the conduct of NNGA’s present counsel. The Court’s findings of willful discovery misconduct is based solely on the actions of the defendant, not on any actions of its attorneys.”

    Interesting. Moxon and Kobrin must not be involved, because you know they would have been sanctioned right along with the cult.

    • Marta

      Good point. Let’s see if these attorneys stay on the case or are fired for failing to “make it go right”.

      • Observer

        I keep wondering why nobody is holding DM responsible for not making things go right. As the head of the whole thing it’s all his responsibility.

        Of course he blames his subordinates, SPs, squirrels, etc., but all that does is point up how fragile and weak he “tech” is. If it were as powerful and, to quote Tom Cruise, “wild and woolly” as Scn claims, surely it would be able to prevail over any number of enemies. Yet the only way they prevail over anyone is through lies, bribes, and abuse of the legal system.

        • Boson Stark

          Yeah, it’s going to be the “few bad apples” thing for sure, internally and maybe externally. The cult will announce that since they got rid of these people, Narconon is growing exponentially.

          This war against the “evil psychs,” — with their penchant for getting everybody on drugs instead of getting everyone on Scientology — has just begun.

          Only Dr. L. Ron Hubtard has the answer for getting people off drugs, just like he had the answer for happy families and controlling the aging process. That’s why he died alone, while his top flying monkeys were off gambling in Vegas, baby.

          • I always feel so sorry for Annie Broeker when I think of that story.

        • Claritysav

          Most of the people still in the COS did not get there via the prowess of their perception abilities but their overwhelming power of denial-

          If there is one ability I do beleive COS and Dianetics has been able to cultivate and perfect in its followers is the power of denial ( hey! it s not a river in Egypt) – if I ever felt I needed to improve my abilities to deny reality, my own faults, that man has been to the moon etc. there is no better practice in the world than Scientology to improve the sacred Dianetics trait of deniability!

          So there- I HAVE humbly given scion credit where it is due. I am now officially open minded ( is that the same thing as being a liberal or maybe being liberal is the same thing as being gay, wimpy, limp wristed, communist? oh heck I can t remember ….. But you can call me a gay, limp wristed, communist, vegetarian, that does not like football (American) but Don t call me a liberal!!!

          All these mental gyrations just because I give scion credit for doing something well- I think I prefer my previous blanket condemnation!

          • Sherbet

            LOL. It’s better to be open minded than to have a hole in your head. Why not send cos a thank-you note for that handy skilled you learned?!

            • Claritysav

              I like that (:

            • Sherbet

              Woops. skilled = skill

          • According to Hubbard it is impossible that man has gone to the moon because the earth is surrounded by a Xenu force field (also called the Van Allen Belts) that prevents thetans from leaving. Actually according to Hubbard who said the screen is something like 50 miles up, the ISS couldn’t even be there.

            This was the straw that broke the camels back for me, when a true believer Scientologist called me over and was all excited to show me that the moon landing was fake because Hubbard said so.

            Fuck man, the stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me.

            • Claritysav

              It is difficult to beleive that educated people as many scions are don t think man has been to the moon because a sci fi writer said so ? Go figure I don t get it – among other things – that is beyond deniability

            • Sherbet

              The moon landing was a fake, but lrh dodging a freight train on Venus is the truth? OK, then.

            • If hubbard said it, not only must it be taken literally but it must be absolutely true.

            • Claritysav

              Ok everything LRH has to be taken as true and literal- but LRH said, recorded and had written more than just about anyone in the world – the guy was a prodigious blowhard and writer of his blow hardness- My Gosh just trying to keep up and follow everything he said must be impossible or at least turn a brain to mush trying

            • Dee Fogger

              Please enjoy Buzz Aldrin punching a hoax moon landing conspiracy nut job after he tells Aldrin he’s a “coward”. Good job, Buzz!

          • jgg2012

            Denial is a river in Egypt.

    • Dean Fox

      I’m pretty sure those two cover their asses very well, know when to leave the room and not to question the defendant statements. I expect the actual defence advice somes from OSA but even if it comes from those two it would never be in writing. They just present what the defendant says.

    • Hm…has Moxon appeared anywhere since Sparrow’s trial in DC where he coached a witness who then lied her face off on the stand?

      • I was wondering the same thing. Was he present at the Debbie Cook TRO proceedings? I don’t remember hearing that he was there.

        Personally, I think his physical absence in front group court cases is understandable – they need to deny that church connection as much as possible. But I expect him and/or his underlings being in on things behind the scenes.

      • Ehrm, appears to have been sighted in Clearwater on Sept 5th this year (just in the street, not in court or anything) according to WWP

    • Having church attorneys represent a corporation that is supposed to be completely separate from the cult is probably bringing Narconon too close for comfort.

    • WhereIsSHE

      FYI, the following article identifies the lawyers representing NNGA:

      “In a statement, Narconon of Georgia’s lawyers said they “respectfully disagree” with Hydrick’s order.’We are now pursuing the only avenue available to us to try to seek appellate review of the order at this time,’ said attorneys Steve Miller and Barbara Marschalk in their statement.That appeal cannot be granted, however, without Hydrick’s permission.”

    • Dee Fogger

      It’s an important point as lawyers involved in this type of conduct can be disbarred so the court needed to make the point that it was plaintiff’s behavior and not counsel’s. Although how anyone could be counsel for Narcanon and not know about Scientology and it’s discovery practices is beyond my belief.

    • That heap of sweating shit Eliot Abelson is not in The Hole, why didn’t that shit pile get dragged in to “make it go right” i this case?

    • Anon

      Wrong. Although not counsel of record, Moxon and Kobrin are, of course, very involved.

  • CoolHand

    Credit Jeff Harris and his team for being vigilant in this. I think many attorneys who had no prior knowledge of $cn legal tactics would have caved or missed key points in some way. This team is very sharp and they aren’t going to let Narconon of Georgia or Narconon International get away with lying.

    This should also be a “warning shot” over the bow of Narconon Arrowhead, as they are seeing what happens when you hide evidence and lie to courts now, not to mention that Gary Richardson is a former U.S. attorney, that I’m sure he’s paying attention to this case and that he isn’t going to back down either.

    There are too many people now who are willing and able to share information so truth can be heard. This is the only way for resolution to occur.

    • Anon


      You are directly on point. The Desmond family and their legal team appear to be absolutely top drawer, massively fired up and fully committed to go the distance, to include burning Narconon, Inc. to the ground, if necessary.

      Thanks for all you do.

    • WhereIsSHE

      Absolutely agree, 100%. Major credit to Jeff Harris for continuing to PROPERLY use the discovery process to unearth the truth, lay light upon the lies, and follow up with appropriate motions for sanctions.

      Mary Rieser’s WHOLE TRACK (or what those of us who live in REALITY refer to as her “entire, one and only, human lifetime”) CREDIBILITY HAS BEEN UTTERLY DESTROYED.

      Most ethical people on the planet, my ass.
      Actually, make that Mary Rieser’s SORRY, HOLE-BOUND ASS.

  • scilonschools

    Holding breath , fingers & toes crossed, but maybe a MIRACLE!!

    Sad to feel that about Justice system in the ‘Western World’!!!

  • Skwerl KIng

    The more legal evidence that shows Narconon is quackery, the easier it is to demonstrate it to authorities.

  • If Marty is out there lurking, where does the Narconon scam figure into your new and improved cult? Is Narconon a sham or is it just that Miscavige has perverted it? The fact is, if Hubbard’s Narconon is BS, then all of Hubbard’s “tech” is crap. (Speaking of “tech,” you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. Thanks Inigo, Happy 25th)

    • soteku

      I seem to remember he has already stated the second option – it works but has been perverted by Miscavige! I’d find you a link but I’m not in the mood to trawl through the slime infested blog of his.

      Be honest, you didn’t think he was going to blame the fat fraud did you?

    • WhereIsSHE

      Speaking of “tech”, the Cult of $, and the off-shoot CULTS, I’ll just add this:
      “Prepare to die.”
      (Thanks again, Inigo.)

  • Observer

    Welcome, thumbs-downing Scientologist, whether you’re in or an Indie. Jump in and participate! I think you’ll find we really do know more about Scientology than you’ve been led to believe. Most of us don’t respect LRH or DM, and our comm isn’t what you are accustomed to, but you are welcome. 🙂

    • I was wondering if Marcotai finally found us again.
      Or Turtlez.
      Whomever….Hi there!

      • CoolHand

        My guess is it is someone connected to Narconon of Georgia, possibly the same person who tried to impersonate me online not too long ago…

      • Capt. Howdy

        LOL It’s probably Skip or Bill.

    • This is the latest installment of OSA’s reknowned bravery under fire. It’s a demonstration of the immense homo novis super powers that Scientology confers on you, giving you extraordinary ability to “confront and shatter” suppression (Hubbard’s term). Apparently, posting some generic cut-and-paste anonymously, like they used to do over on the old Village Voice site, results in too much “entheta” causing the OSA agent to “blow” the cult. So now the only way to retain your super powers is to click on all the thumbs down buttons really quickly then run away again.

      Boy, we Scientology opponents don’t have a chance in the face of such courage, tenacity and skill! Anybody else feel as confronted and as shattered as I do by this?

      • sugarplumfairy32

        maybe it’s just somebody with really fat fingers and poor hand-eye coordination.. =)

      • I for one am completely and udderly (yeah I meant to spell it that way) ENTURBULATED by all those thumbs down.
        Oh wait, that was middle school….I am good.

        • Capt. Howdy

          If you’re not pissing off someone, somehow, somewhere on this’re not really living.

          • sugarplumfairy32

            I’m pretty sure we must be related, Cap’n..

      • Sherbet


      • Homer

        The OSA “thumbs down” technique has been tried before, and always fails miserably. The inherent weakness in their attempts is that a large group of REAL people, have a large number of different IP addresses. Louanne, leg-cuffed in the hole, has only one IP address, and therefore only one “thumbs down.”

        However, she did get a few “thumbs up” on her comments on the recent WashPo article about the clams in Israel.

        • the REALLY pathetic thing is that they didnt use to be this bad at getting throwaway accounts (it was one of the things which kept Magoo busy back in the day). So, maybe the people who had more than one clue have all been thrown in the hole. Or our overtly active mole has stopped being discrete and started going for the kill. Whatever.

    • questioneverything

      True that!
      It wasn’t until I “casually” told my sister-in-law about what scientology really is about (Zenu, etc.), she never, never, looked because true scientologists are conditioned to not look and only believe what they are told by the “church” and they are told that the control it emits over them is “good” control (in the “churches” opinion, of course) among other lies. It’s a very convoluted system that when someone is ready to leave has to be unraveled. Sad but true.

      • Homer

        There is no “good” control when it comes to religion. That which can be controlled by our mundane machinations, is not spiritual in the first place.

  • For more info on Narconon over the years visit:

    A lot of people have been trying to shut them down, but like the ‘wack a mole’ game they keep coming back.

  • Andie

    This is very, very good news! The judge is obviously aware of what’s going on. I think a good slice of the honour here must go to Harries for keeping on the ball, but I also believe the reachingforthetippingpoint people have should have a fair share of the accolade. They have gone through all the documents coming out of the case with a very fine comb, and I believe they have enabled Harries to do such a stellar job.

    Now, if only this goes to court and isn’t settled…

    • Sherbet

      As much as Patrick Desmond’s family deserves peace and restitution, I, too, am hoping there isn’t a quiet settlement. Narconon Georgia could be the first domino in the whole row going down, loudly and publicly. Maybe I’m naive, but the judge may have just set a precedent for courts involved in other legal actions against narconon. “You lie, and you’re not fooling us.”

      • CoolHand

        Absolutely. Unless the church stepped in and offered tens of millions to settle on behalf of Narconon (and possibly even if that did happen), this one is going to trial and all of the dirty little secrets of Narconon administration and connection to the church will become court record. Despite Narconon of Georgia being exceptionally disorganized since it was headed by Mary Rieser, it is by no means alone in its practices of neglect and deception, or the controlling factor of Scientology.

        • Anon

          The secrets are spread across the public record now. Harris and team have secured more internal, high level Narconon/Scientology docs than have ever before seen the light of day anywhere outside the OSA and filed at least some portion of the trove into the public record.

          • CoolHand

            The people over at The Tipping Point have also helped tremendously by getting copies from the courthouse, scanning them and making them available, such as the depositions, etc.

    • Gotta put a TY in for David Love too.

  • Homer

    I think this judge is at risk for triggering a counter-suit from Scientology. All the lies, tricks, obfuscation and human right abuses are integral parts of Scientology. They are merely practicing their religion, and their right to free practice of religion is protected. When they lie, they are just honoring their satanic messiah LRH.

    • ” In a 1992 Canadian court case, the lawyer defending the Church of Scientology said that “the prosecution witnesses (Scientologists testifying against the Church!) could not be believed, because they had all taken special training in how to

      • Sherbet

        That’s as bass-ackward as the story of the kid who murders his parents and throws himself on the mercy of the court because he’s an orphan.

  • Carol

    it’s about time. This organization is NOT above the law like it would like one to believe.

  • Jail.

    • tessa

      Yeah, Jail House Rock for Miscavige (without the whisky).

  • Gangnam Style

    So now the judge, his clerks and anyone in his office involved in hearing this case are now also going to be on the scientology hit list and targets for harassment, blackmail, stalking, illegal wire tapping, having their family, friends, employers targeted.

    Scientology won’t stop persecuting them until they are seriously damaged by the demented, rabid pit-bull, attack-and-lock-jaws strategy until anyone who is vaguely an opponent is in severe distress, and that, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and all of the Indies, is the legacy of Old Father Hubbard that you are so intent on preserving.

    I wish there could be a class action suit against scientology for abuse of our legal system. They literally bankrupt state reserves with their lying litigiousness and they cause judges to recuse themselves after long legal battles. But it’s all for our own good, people, er, dynamics!

    El Wrong was no benign genius whose precious techniques have been corrupted by the evil Chucky doll David Miscavige.

    I think the “protectors” of Lafayette’s legacy think the old boy will welcome them with open arms when they die and give them his gratitude and let them sit at his right hand while his brilliance controls worlds.

    Like nicotine, there is no safe level of scientology or Hubbard.

    • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

      They have a history of harassing judges, and then asking for new one because the judge is biased against them.

      Scientology’s War Against Judges December 1, 1980, James B. Stewart Jr., American Lawyer
      Hardball: When Scientology goes to court, it likes to play rough — very rough. January 28, 1998, Lucy Morgan, Special Report, St. Petersburg Times

      If they spin the wheel enough times, they hope to get a judge “favorable” towards them. Judge Beach for example.

    • WhereIsSHE

      Ummmmm… Judge STACEY K.. HYDRICK is a WOMAN.
      A woman with quite an impressive legal career, only matched by her sense of justice:

      • sugarplumfairy32

        I love that she’s married to a cop.. He’s likely armed most of the time…

      • I hope her policeman hubby gets some extra ammo, and is a crack shot. He will need those talents if he’s gonna deal with $ciloons. Seriously though, Judge Hydrick and her cop spouse may be just the two to take down $camology in GA. One state down, only 49 to go!

  • NB:
    Jeff Harris points out what lies ahead:
    At the end of the day, they’ve still lost their son. But all they really wanted in this case was justice, and I think we’re getting a lot closer to getting that,” said Harris.

    He said he will still introduce evidence to prove the level of damages he wants to the jury to award. He will also have to prove the claims made in a second complaint, which alleges racketeering, or a pattern of activity by Narconon of Georgia for financial gain.

    Narconon of Georgia could still appeal the judge’s ruling for sanctions before the trial in February, or after the verdict.

    and then there is the DCH who now really need to cover their …

    Fleischer’s investigation also exposed how state inspectors had failed to crack down on the program for more than a decade.

    The Department of Community Health has since opened a new investigation to review all of the evidence from the court case, including this new finding by the judge.

  • There is so much ass-hattery coming out east of the Rockies.
    Officials in Georgia and Michigan are peeling back the slick camouflage to reveal
    the true nature of this rehab zoo. In Georgia, you got the “we’re not a residential but we just happen to rent this whole floor of apartments from one of our Scientology buddies.”

    Arrowhead, the stories show their incompetence (using a Scientologist with no rehab or drug abuse training as an expert witness, for example. Depositions suggest that this Scientologist is utterly unqualified as an expert witness as all he holds is a MA degree in Theology. But he insists he’s qualified because he has “counseled literally hundreds of people.”

    I write on the internet. That doesn’t make me Hemingway.

    And the tomfoolery about the medical director at Arrowhead who either was or wasn’t the medical director, depending on whom you ax.
    That is just two instances of what the states are in for should these things not get settled with a wad and gag.
    One really needs popcorn for this.

  • A couple of other news outlets say this ruling cripples the cult’s defense options, speeding up the possibility of an out of court settlement. If that’s the case, will the usual non-disclosure agreement be attached? I hope the Desmonds let the sun shine on this case and the general public can see Narconon/Scientology for the sham that it is.

    • Anon

      There have been dozens of sworn depositions filed into the public record plus quite a few of the damnest internal, high level Narconon/Scientology docs that have ever seen the light of day anywhere outside the OSA.

      This court record will never be sealed unless Georgia law is dramatically changed.

      Also,most or all of everything in the record has been published at reaching for the tipping point.

      Finally, more motions were recently filed and more Orders from the Judge should be issued sooner than later.

    • Homer

      If they have a winning hand, I’m not sure they would need to sing a NDA to get the settlement. The scientologists would just want to stop the hemorrhaging in court. But I suppose everyone has their price.

      • Homer

        sign, not sing

    • Dee Fogger

      This type of court sanction isn’t called a “doomsday sanction” by lawyers for nothing. Crippling is an understatement.

      • Anon

        howsabout: completely gutted and disemboweled? – which is invaraibly fatal when I last checked.

  • I hope that the way the legal case has been progressing so far will make the Desmond family outraged enough not to agree to any settlements and proceed with the jury trial. This course of action will not bring Patrick back, but it will surely be a great court precedent to rely upon in future cases against Narconon.

    • Boson Stark

      At the same time, I can fully understand how they would just accept a settlement. They are probably exhausted from going this far, want to get on with their lives, and the prospect of a court battle–which I believe tends to put off receiving any money for years–seems like it would be difficult to face. They’ve got the lawyer to pay, and all that.

      • WhereIsSHE

        Actually, their lawyer gets paid OUT OF the settlement or verdict. This is a standard “contingency fee” case, not a pay-by-the-hour type of case.

        But agree 100%. Despite the fact that they have said they want to see NNGA go down as a result of this lawsuit, the fact is that whether or not they accept a settlement offer is their own b-i-business, and no one should judge them one way or the other.

  • deElizabethan

    Such fantastic news. David Love with friends and reachingforthetippingpoint and all their hard work, deserve a lot of credit for making this happen. Thanks Tony.

  • Mary Rieser was a Sea org member who used to work at the Int Base in Hemet. She was the internal executive responsible for establishing the Executive Strata (Deputy ED Int for Internal).

    • And her haircut makes her look like Sweet Polly from underdog.
      Just sayin….
      Sorry, that was mean, but I really, really don’t like this lying winch!

      • Homer

        What do you get when you cross a witch with a wench?

  • Bruce Hines

    Mary Rieser was a sea org member on staff at the international headquarters (int base) at Gilman Hot Springs in California. She was married to a guy named Ray Rieser. The last I knew he was still on staff in Golden Era Productions at the int base. She had to leave the sea org for some reason. This was in the late 80s, iirc. She was absolutely a full-blown, Kool-Aid-drinking scientologist.

  • PreferToBeAnon2

    This really is wonderful news! But, it is far from over. As stated in the article from the AJC, NN’s lawyers commented:
    “We are now pursuing the only avenue available to us to try to seek appellate review of the order at this time,” said attorneys Steve Miller and Barbara Marschalk in their statement.
    That appeal cannot be granted, however, without Hydrick’s permission.

  • Hi Tony –

    This is a great story, and it is very helpful for other ongoing litigants against Narconon to expose Scientology’s dirty tactics so that they can be warned.

    A question: Have you been able to expand your list of credible Scientology sources beyond just Mike Rinder & Marty Rathbun for stories like this?

    I am sure there are a lot of people who worked in Narconon and at ABLE, even recently, and who were also involved in OSA, than just those two guys. I think it would be good to mix it up a little bit with other sources.

    A name that might be helpful in this area is Paulien Lombard:

    Just a thought.


    • Homer

      This video is great. I wish we could here the council’s response to her nicely composed statement.

      • Homer

        hear, not here

        • HAHA…god got you for making fun of “Winch”!

  • tessa

    Finally somebody is not afraid of the roaring lion $cientology! It says a lot that, when a judge does the right thing to do, we are surprised, used as we are we to see $cientology getting his way.

    This judge also shows that the lion might still be roaring, but it has lost his teeth! It cannot bite anymore. This could be the turning point.
    Somewhere, somehow, somebody is really fed up with this masquerade of a church.

  • Cue $cientology throwing Mary Rieser under the bus in 3… 2… 1…

    I read an interesting quote from Kirstie Alley today saying at first she thought $cientology was “the world’s biggest scam” when she first heard about it. I guess she should have quit while she was ahead.

    • deselby88

      Au contraire. A new supersize freedom medal of honor is being cast for Mary. (They’re melting down all the leftover clear bracelets, which can’t be used any more since Tony Ortega touched one.)

    • She also said that she read Dianetics while doing cocaine 🙂

      • Yeah, she is a walking commercial for the Co$….right!

        • deselby88

          You have to understand that “tampering with evidence” is actually higher on the tone scale than “postulates.”

      • Observer

        Well, that explains why she found it believable.

      • Dianetics is such poorly written gibberish that I assumed that LRH wrote it while using cocaine.

        • Homer

          It really is brain-dead vapid drivel, but keep in mind LRH wasn’t exactly a good student. I figure most 6th or 7th graders have more global intelligence than LRH; he just had this innate, Asperger-syndrome-like ability to write as fast as he could think. And his thoughts weren’t worthy of being recorded.

    • Hi I’m Kirstie Alley. I am in love with John Travolta, even though he is married with children. I did cocaine and almost died but then I read Dianetics, which may or may not be the world’s biggest scam, but it helped me and now I feel absolutely no emotion when speaking about how my addiction almost killed me.

      Kelly Preston should be embarrassed and ashamed. As a matter of fact I think there should be a real life celebrity death match between those two because Kirstie wants her man.

      Maury or Jerry anyone?

      • Sherbet

        Wait — you forgot the most recent bulletin. Kirstie and Patrick Swayze. It was cruel of her to blab it all now that Swayze is dead and left a widow from his 30+ year marriage. How ethical is that (the blabbing, not the relationship)?

        • Wasn’t that a really shitty thing to do?
          That was just cruel and stupid.

          • Sherbet


        • D.Geiger the 1d

          I think Kristy must have been talking about a previous life.I can’t see Swayze banging her in this one.

          Kristy is great,she needs to talk more so more people will see how fucked up she and her cult really are.

        • The joke is that John doesn’t want either one one of them and Kelly for all her batshit craziness is still better looking than Krustie ever was. I was watching Cheers the other night and she was a chunky brassy cow even back then. And she didn’t even have sex with Travolta or Swayze, she just had “lust in heart”. lol, some big revelation.

        • I agree 100%

  • Wait, you mean Co$ has to obey the same laws as everyone else?

  • Seriously, the amazing thing about Scientology is the nice “spin” it always gets. There is an article saying that, in Israel, Scientology is not attracting protesters. Well, of course not–their org is empty.

  • Great article, Tony! Jeff Harris is doing a fantastic job, not leaving ANY rock unturned. Gary Richardson is another super lawyer representing Plaintiffs against Arrowhead et al. who will not back down. Scientology rehabs, Narconon, are now facing ten (10) Cases in the USA and Canada in a wide range of litigation, including most sadly, WONGFUL DEATH, Exploitation of a Handicap, Discrimination, and Reprisals against Plaintiffs who filed formal complaints with the Human Rights Commission, RE: Harassment, Intimidation, and Intimidation of potential witnesses. I hope and pray this Judge’s decision sends a message to DM/OSA, that their BS tactics will not be tolerated.

    My sincere condolences to the grieving families and loved ones.

    “In Australia there are no limits on what you can believe, but there are limits on how you can behave – it’s called the law and no one is above it.” – – Senator Xenophon

    Bravo to ALL those with courage to come forward in this process of exposing a dangerous rehab that the College of Physicians stated, Narconon “is a drug detoxification center administering treatment not scientifically recognized in current medical literature….”

    “Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”
    ? Robert F. Kennedy

    • Observer

      Thank you for standing up to the monster and kicking it in the teeth. You have helped make this possible.

      I have one question about this statement though: “I hope and pray this Judge’s decision sends a message to DM/OSA, that their BS tactics will not be tolerated.” Since BS tactics are pretty much the only approved Scientology tactics, whatever will they do? lol

  • I hope the judge is not “fair gamed.” That is sometimes the next step in this process.

    • I hope that does not happen as well. They sure know how to wear people down.
      But you still irritate the fuck out of them on a regular basis 🙂

      • For a minute I thought it was Joan Lunden than I read “have you raped a baby lately ?” and I was like “aiyeeeeeee !”

        • Yeah, I had to get rid of Crusty. She is so on my last nerve I decided I didn’t even want to give her negative publicity.

    • Sherbet

      Hey, Your Holiness, it’s good to see you here. You helped open my (non-member) eyes with your videos over the last few months. Bravo to you!

    • While the CO$ has shot itself in the foot many times, harassing a judge or their family or other court workers would be a foot bazooka. The Georgia State Police and Georgia Bureau of Investigation (a state level type of FBI) have become very professional in the last 20 years. Anyone messing with a judge would be in jail very quickly.

      If the CO$ does anything, it will be the usual legal, death by a thousand paper cuts. Behavior like the harassment of Lisa Macpherson’s medical examiner would not get off the ground in Georgia. The CO$ is far safer playing it legal this time. The dwarfinfürher will just blame his lawyers and the wog world for any judgement and go for bankruptcy.

  • I think that this is a demonstration of the evolution of our legal system, possibly brought on by Scientology itself. An evolution from protecting large, resourceful corporations to protecting the individuals who are taken advantage of by those corporations. This shown by the recent lawsuits against B of A for overdraft fees and cell phone carriers for their cancellation fees.

    I think that the attitude of America is slowly shifting from a “blame the victim” mentality to truly holding corporations accountable for their misdeeds. I am sure that Scientology has had a big hand in this.

    We could be witnessing an “irony of fate” situation.

    • WhereIsSHE

      The law has been there for individuals against large corporations for a long time.
      You can research jury verdict awards and see for yourself. Some jurisdictions are more “victim”-friendly than others. Welcome to DEMOGRAPHICS and POLITICS and PAYOLA.

      Certain courtrooms in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas (where the judges are ELECTED, and their campaigns are sometimes HEAVILY “SUPPORTED” by the plaintiff’s PERSONAL INJURY bar, also known as PaTLA, or the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers’ Association) are virtual JACKPOT MACHINES for the “injured” parties. (I use “injured” in quotes, because the level of FRAUD perpetuated AGAINST corporations via the legal system would blow your mind if you saw it first hand, as I have over the past 23 yrs.)

      There is a reason that TORT REFORM is a hot topic in legal (and business) circles, and it has NOTHING to do with scientology. (“It’s the ECONOMY, Stupid!”, to quote an old truism!)

      Corporations, mind you, are made up of people who are working hard to support themselves and their families. They pay taxes, individually, as employees of said corporations.

      This is not a black and white issue, and only here, in the scientology-rabbit-hole-world, would anyone believe -=-or suggest– that scientology has anything to do with the greater picture and/or “the evolution” of American justice and jurisprudence.

      • Philadelphia is also Davey’s hometown.

        • I bet they are so ashamed. :0

          • Guess you’ve never been to Philly ?

            • WhereIsSHE

              Where do you think David Lynch came up with all of his best ideas/themes about the ; DARK UNDERBELLY of CIVILIZATION which courses through the veins of the socially polite SURFACE;)

              Ashamed of Davey??
              99+% of Philadelphians have never heard of the guy.

            • Lol, and true!

      • tessa

        So it is not “It’s $CIENTOLOGY, stupid”?
        It could be though that the general image of $cientology as a criminal cult is more and more taking hold, especially within the world of the law. Even lawyers and judges and senators and local police-officers will get tired of the dilettantism of $cientology Inc. and realize that this monster is just a bully which can be made to shut up quite easily? Just one judge doing her job could be enough.

      • Okay thanks for the info I guess?? Scientology has had enough of an effect to maintain tax exempt status for the last 28 years, which they gained in the first place by litigating the IRS into submission. So I think you are delusional if you believe they have had no effect on the legal system at all.

        • WhereIsSHE

          You are not capable of thanking me for any unbiased and quite well-informed information, apparently.
          Just because a couple of THUGS from a CULT got to some guy in the IRS has ZERO bearing on how CASE LAW EVOLVES in the AMERICAN COURT SYSTEM.

          Trust me, Derek: I am not “delusional”.
          I am a member, in good standing, of TWO state bar associations, plus several Federal District Courts, AND the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.
          I have been a member in good standing of ALL of these courts for longer than you have been alive.

          Talk all you want about what it was like to be a member of this particular CULT, but do not jump to the conclusion that you KNOW –or “have KNOWINGNESS”– about matters which you do not.

          I happen to have decades of actual litigation experience, and I can personally tell you that no one is talking about cases involving scientology as setting precedent for the corporate world.
          No one is even talking about cases involving, just for example, the FORD MOTOR COMPANY–of which there are THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS every year–as setting precedent for all corporations.

          Try to not be delusional about the importance of scientology to almost 99% of the population, let alone the legal

          Most people do not even BEGIN to give a damn about this cult.
          Most Americans are concerned about: the ECONOMY; JOBS; ENERGY AVAILABILITY (has your distance frm the MID-ATLANTIC/NORTH-EAST East Coast made you blind, deaf and dumb to the SUFFERING that has plagued so many people who did nothing but live their lives, work, raise kids, pay taxes, etc for the last 11-12 days??) ; TAX RATES: SOCIAL SECURITY; MEDICARE; the fucking LEGALIZATION of MEDICAL MARIJUANA; REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS/HEALTHCARE; ETC, ETC, ETC.

          I know we who happen to give a rat’s ass about the CRIMES of this CULT are in a small boat, but… HELL, DUDE… let’s not PRETEND we are in an aircraft carrier when, in fact, we are in the equivalent of a large lifeboat. I want this terrible CULT to go down as much as anyone who stands for JUSTICE does, but I am not going to be DELUSIONAL about it, because that only serves to HELP the CULT. Being HONEST and PRAGMATIC and WORKING HARD is a far superior tactic than spewing unsupported hype.

          I know, I know. I don’t know anything, because I wasn’t a fucked up cultie, myself.
          Well.. guess what? I was never a lot of things (an abused child; a wrongfully convicted man; a CEO; a doctor; a nurse; an engineer; a small business owner; an international banker; a household name AMERICAN corporations; a small, local credit union; a cleaning company; an automotive manufacturers; a medical device manufacturer; ANIMALS IN THE WILD/DOGS IN PUPPY MILLS/EGG-LAYING HENS, TRAPPED in BATTERY CAGES; a CHICKEN whose BEAK gets cut–through a very sensitive nerve–with a DULL, HOT BLADE (which fucking happens EVERY DAMNED SECOND OF EVERY DAMNED DAY, so keep on eating chicken and feeling like you have the MORAL AUTHORITY to comment about TORTURE, while COWS are having their fucking VOCAL CHORDS RIPPED OUT OF THEIR THROATS, WHILE THEY ARE STILL ALIVE, SWINGING ON METAL HOOKS, THAT ARE SLASHING AND IMBEDDED INTO THEIR BACKS AND HINDQUARTERS, AS THEY ARE MOVED, on a FUCKING CONVEYOR BELT, toward a TERRIFYING MACHINE which will only PULL THEM APART… but not (mercifully) KILL THEM….)

          TRUSTme, DEREK.
          You may know a bunch about your experiences in this CULT, but you have much to learn about this WORLD.

          • Hey dude,

            I don’t know if you meant it or not, but if you read the last sentence of your first post you sound like an arrogant prick.

            I’d rather find someone who is an expert that can provide me with information in a way that doesn’t attempt to assert their own superiority and at the same time belittle me or make me feel inadequate.

            That’s why I said, thanks I guess. You attempted to educate me in a backhanded kind of way.

            • Also if you read your last post with the, “TRUSTme, DEREK.
              You may know a bunch about your experiences in this CULT, but you have much to learn about this WORLD.”

              That is a very condescending statement as well and discounts the value of everything that I do know and all of my prior experiences. It’s insulting and arrogant.

              Continue to spit your genius all over the internets if you will, but until you can figure out how to do it humbly and get off your high horse I will ignore it.

              Thanks for trying, I guess.

            • Jorge

              Despite how much I universally love your posts, there is no way you can verbally make someone else adopt an attitude of humility. They have to get there, when they are ready, on their own 4 legs. And before that happens, good luck.

          • “I know, I know. I don’t know anything, because I wasn’t a fucked up cultie, myself.”

            Also this sentence. Fuck you asshole. Those are real people you are calling “fucked up culties”, including me.

            If that’s your attitude then you can take your misguided sympathy is shove it up your ass because its obviously not genuine.

            • Davka

              WISHE – what the heck was that about? Ok, Derek used the word “delusional”, but that didn’t warrant that kind of a tirade, really……

            • Jorge

              Dear WhereisSHE and dbloch7986:

              I hit the “thumbs up” button to both of you poster’s posts all the time. Can’t we please just get along at least for the weekend? I really like reading both of your posts, and I learn a lot from them. Come Monday, sling sway (I hope you won’t).

              You both are the best!

  • PreferToBeAnon2

    Another shocker…but this time from DC: Gen. Petreus just handed in his resignation to Obama as CIA Director because of an extra-marital affair. I think OSA might have an opening for him.

    • WhereIsSHE

      Yeah, OSA….Or the writers on Showtime’s HOMELAND.

    • Anybody that’s the head of the CIA and can’t cover up an extra marital affair is not to be trusted.

      • Sherbet

        I was thinking the same (albeit cheeky) thing. Didn’t he learn ANYTHING there?

        • And Gloria Allred has already agreed to represent his lover.

  • So the court sanctions the Scientology crime syndicate but what are the sanctions other than striking the fucking crooks’ lies? Why aren’t any of these Scientology dung heaps facing prison terms for the felonies the Judge says are obvious which the rest of us see these crooks committing literally every time they’re dragged up before a Judge?

    • WhereIsSHE

      Hey Fred-
      This is a civil (not criminal) case.
      The judge in this civil case actually imposed the harshest sanction she had available, and it is shocking to many legal watchers that she did so.
      Those who know the history of the CoS in litigation matters, and in this case in particular, are cheering her on.
      Others, who are less aquainted, are nervous about the severity of the sanction, because they fear for what she might do in other cases. (She has not been on the bench for very long, so there is understandable concern for the overwhelming majority of folks who have no interest in/no knowledge of the CoS/Narconon tactics in litigation matters.)

      Make no mistake about it: striking the Answer to the Complaint (which basically causes the defendant to ADMIT ALL of the allegations in the Complaint) is as harsh a sanction as this judge had in her quiver upon the motion filed.

  • D.Geiger the 1d

    This comment may not go over very well but the fact is is that the U.S.government has a history of screwing people with a limited amount of education.Indians were screwed more than the blacks,women were screwed just because they were women,the powerful white man has always ruled over everyone that they could rule over in the last 10,000 years.When it comes to money and power honest,hard working people have no rights as well as no say so in anything that involves cults,religions,pensions of government employees as well as congressmen,house members,senators,supreme court justistes as they all answer to the all mighty dollar and that dollar includes scientology .

    A much bigger fight is needed and involves a multitude massive involvement from the people just like the people that fought for womens rights,gay rights,black’s rights ect.This issue is no different than any other issue that I listed,the only difference is is that the government knows about it but the majority of the people don’t.Time to get the word out.If not for the people this country of people would have no rights at all.There is no group of people that gained their rights from the government in this country,all rights were gained by people standing up and fighting,the same fight has to be taken to the cult of scientology.

  • Tony, here’s an article on the ruling:

    What is interesting is that the sanction is so severe: the defense (ie they didn’t do it) was stricken, and the plaintiff will try this case UNCONTESTED which means the only issue will be damages. Rieser lied under oath 10 ten times, and Scientology has done this before.

    • We likes it, yes we do!
      Actually, that’s not the only case against the criminal organisation known as the “church” of $cientology that was tried uncontetested: in the appeal of the Paris criminal case (where the basic high-pressure selling was found to constitute organised fraud and the purification rundown was found to involve illegal practice of pharmacy) the clam defense constituted of a few days worth of complaining about the presence of one particular civil party and then walking out! This was their only chance to argue against the substance of the original verdict. Niiiiiice! The court found against the appeal entirely and the sentences got upheld / increased.

      I think we can agree that our overtly acting mole has been a complete success!

  • Dorothy

    It’s really too bad Debbie Cook bailed on her case. Imagine how the discovery process would have gone with that one…

  • Xenu

    I wonder if this isn’t the best possible outcome from OSA’s perspective?

    One Narconon goes belly up, but that was inevitable. The links to various Miscavige-run organizations now go unexplored, don’t they?

  • correna

    How irrespoinsible of KA to spout off on Entertainment Tonight about Dianetics being the cure all (as well as all her slut-ingness with everyone’s husbands); my heaven people are dying in Narconon; and I don’t appreciate ET not offering a disclaimer or something like the beliefs of our guests may be harmful to your health and are not representative of our views.

  • scnethics

    Ahhhh, I’m in my happy place.

    • Jorge

      Where is that quote from?

      • I don’t know. I’m just seriously in my happy place :))

      • mclovin

        Happy Gilmore 🙂

  • California

    There are several other Narconon law-suits and I think by Monday every single attorney involved with suing Narconon will have a copy of this judge’s sanction against Narconon of Georgia. If other judges had been as honest, resourceful and strong years ago we would no longer be dealing with Narconon at all, in any state.
    But on a more positive note, almost every single state with a Narconon is revising the laws, rules and regulations governing rehabilitation facilities to conform to the best practices of rehabilitation facilities and that will end Narconon in the U.S.

  • spensergirl

    Great news. But it is pretty sad when a judge doing the RIGHT thing is news. But in case of COS, it truly is.
    Sooner or later they are going to find out they do not rule the world and their secret “doctrines” make the “double secret probation” scene in “Animal House look like Mensa level in comparison. The more judges who stand up to them, the more people who stand up to them and have the guts to do so, the more people who simply spread the word and have the courage to do so and help those who are, the FASTER they will find that out the world it NOT their personal playpen.
    Tomorrow works for me. Clock is ticking. Shove that in your spaceship, COS.

  • mr_bad

    I am so happy $cientology has so many new enemies.

  • We in RTC blame the wog law firm we hired for misguiding Narconon. We will probably have to file against them for malpractice. A good firm would have never misled Mary Rieser into this sort of tangle. We in RTC quite clearly instructed OSA to have Mary give her full and complete cooperation to the authorities as is the Church’s practice in the very few legal wrinkles we’ve had over the decades.

    If we recall, the Church’s last legal problem involved having to speed up permits in Haiti so that our Volunteer Ministers could bring in tons of emergency supplies on an expedited basis. We wanted to help people cope with disaster much faster, and yet, frustratingly, bureaucratic red tape held up the Church’s delivery of 7,000,000 copies of The Way to Happiness when disaster victims needed these pamphlets the most.

    We in RTC lament the fact that there are not enough good attorneys who are also Scientologists. We do have Ken Moxon, but even he is too sleazy for we in RTC to use for anything except for a few smaller projects. Ken has that GO overt product stench about him. We in RTC have always had to keep our eye on him.

    • deElizabethan

      Of course blame the attorneys. Monster Moxen! You made him, now give him a kick in the ass like you do to all your monster loyals. You are just blaming the new blood because the old blood is probably getting old, smart or unbelieveable!

  • I’ll bet it’s getting so Wee Davey has to read this column just to keep up with everything.

  • That’s more like it! Still waiting for the clams to claim religious persecution (or maybe I’m just not paying attention?)

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