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Scientology on the High Seas: The Final Dispatches

A year ago, we were sent something really unique — a collection of daily dispatches that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote to his shipboard crew as he ran the organization while sailing the Mediterranean and Atlantic during the years 1967 to 1975 (our documents cover a period from late 1968 through 1971).

Since last November, we’ve been posting short excerpts from these fascinating documents, which give us a glimpse of what it was like as Hubbard ran Scientology from the bridge of the yacht Apollo.

Full of maddening jargon and bureacratic minutiae, on occasion an “Orders of the Day” shows us a glimpse of Hubbard’s thinking on diverse subjects. So let’s take one last look at these revealing documents, this time looking at the week of October 28 to November 3.



October 30


The Sea Org is sliding smoothly into an international management function.

It should now be obvious that the training trend is toward being an HDG, a Class VIII, an HCO ES, an E/O and an expert Yeoman (Communicator)…

As a management activity we are a proven success. When we take our hands off stats go down…

The Guardians Offices over the world are a great success handling public, PRO and the enemy. The SO has evolved into pure straightforward org management of its AOs and SHs and ships. We, having Ethics presence, can get in the needed Ethics, Tech and Admin. Our SO Missionaire technology to handle management matters, our tougher, better trained and more dedicated group mores give us success.

The people who come and go from the flagship and station ships are recruits or management people.

It is no small thing to be a successful management activity. Any big corporation would give the Earth if they had our management skill.

Because we can confrot Mest and the physical universe, the actions of Admin are simple to us.


November 1


The “reporter” turns out to be the representative of the Manchester Guardian but really the “Sunday Times” but really has just come from Biafra because he’s a freelance — WOW does that smell! Plain calling card that says LUNDIN.

Rather non-descript.

Really hotly insisting everyone on board is a Scientologist as if that were reprehensible.

This is not a hot situation but it has to be handled.

By running it back and smoothing it out we can secure this area.

These locals are getting used to intelligence capers. The KGB, CIA and other intelligence nit-wits are thick as fleas in the Med.

Ashore, casually ask if anyone has “seen a Jewish looking fellow around saying bad things about people who help their country.”

I see where the KGB or CIA have just tried to overthrow Kenya.

What’s confusing is that the MI-5 and MI-6 uses “newspaper reporter” as an agent cover and all foreign UK reporters are reported to be MI-6 men. These unfortunately get “turned” easily by the KGB and CIA whose own agents get “turned,” meaning doubly employed. The resulting pot-pouri is anybody’s guess. These services routinely work so as to blame a rival service for its actions.

Agents of these services obviously the majority of them are for sale to pressure groups. Hence you saw “Captain Lemon” of the US Navy in Greece using and spreading an enemy planted rumor as a factual report to the Greek Government. Lemon is head of the Office of Naval Intelligence in Athens. He is either a double agent or accepts and acts on false reports through incompetence. This was what was behind the old companies trouble in Greece — because it was a false report it was discredited and the Deputy Prime Minister had to apologise.

The cause of war is incompetent government. The cause of “secret intelligence wars” is incompetent intelligence services.

We have no intention of getting loused up here so be alert and handle it both as ship organization and with your own personnel PRO ashore. We are honest legitimate people. Where we go money flows in. The enemy must not be permitted to cut income off from our local friends because Jewish international bankers hate anyone who help such a country as this.



November 2


It was a lovely day yesterday. It was quite warm and sunny.

A cable, however, came in from “Sublime Headquarters,” very garbled. “YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO MOVE SOUTH NOT TO THE SOUTH SIDE OF THE ISLAND. ON THE (illegible) OF (illegible) SPREAD (blank) JELLYBEANS.”

I put this through our code machine but could make nothing of it at all.

It is very aggravating to be hit when we have already obeyed the order. Miscommunication or something. They haven’t got all the facts.

On the other hand our own intelligence agents have uncovered a conspiracy campaign put out by Nelson Killafeller, Head Vulture of Smersh to knock out all the Duck beams and disrupt the entire migration. Killafeller originated the “Vultures for World Conquest” movement. This evidently requires, according to a long, long report that came in on lines that all other birds must be stockaded and implanted to make the world safe for vultures. The political undertones of this look very bad. Both Washington and Moscow secretly have approved of the vulture program while pretending to be doves.

I don’t know but I don’t think Webspread ought to be off post at this time.



October 31


A person is responsible for his own hatting. Dept 1 is also responsible.

As lack of full hatting is the WHY of declining organization it is very important that persons be fully hatted.

The gradient is instant hatting, mini hatting and full hatting.

A person found on a post who is not fully hatted is liable to ethics action.

In analyzing the overload on my lines I find in every case it traces back to lack of hatting. Thus it seems to be the case that I am being forced to wear every hat that is not worn.

Awareness of the scene does not seem to exist in the absence of hatting. Thus unhatted persons look sort of blind.

For instance, an unhatted Dissem Div is completely unaware of no money, no students, no pcs.

It’s sort of strange. Mystery about the post seems to result in no perception of its environment. Mystery on post equals mystery of environment. You see this as a sort of frightened no confidence.

I think hatting even changes eyesight. We ought to test it out.

We already know that unhatted people get hurt more than hatted people. We know overts stem from misunderstoods. And we know running overts changes eyesight.

It then probably follows that unhatted people couldn’t see a tiger if it was biting them!

So, how to be mystified by it all and afraid — remain unhatted.

But leave that to the old Catholic Church. They wanted everyone ignorant. So they would be terrified and blind?

It figures.

So get hatted and see.


November 2


Those with me
I love ’em
God bless ’em.

But those who don’t
know where they’re at
And hit me with their
unworn hat

Find ’em!
Confound ’em!
Drown ’em!


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