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Nathan Baca: Scientology’s Nevada Drug Rehab Program Is Completely Unregulated

Last night, television journalist Nathan Baca returned to Scientology reporting with a two-part report on Scientology’s drug rehab program in Nevada, a Narconon center about 150 miles north of Las Vegas in the small town of Caliente.

Baca is known for a hard-hitting 2009 series he did about Scientology’s International Base as a reporter for a Palm Springs, California station, and he didn’t let what he learned in that experience go to waste as he turned his attention to the church’s controversial and ailing drug rehab operation.

We talked to Baca last night about his special report, and about the church’s reaction when it learned he was back on the case.

First, we’re hoping soon that we can embed Baca’s two reports here at the Bunker. Baca tells us that both will be uploaded to KLAS-TV’s YouTube channel soon, and when that happens we’ll put them here.

Here they are! Part one…

And part two…

One of the highlights of Baca’s 2009 series was his interview of Scientology’s then spokesman, Tommy Davis, during which he got Davis to admit that L. Ron Hubbard’s handwritten 1968 notes about a galactic overlord populating the Earth with alien souls 75 million years ago was genuine Scientology “scripture.” This material isn’t revealed to church members until they’ve been in the organization for several years and have spent about $100,000 or more, and they then continue for several more years exorcising those alien souls from themselves in counseling that costs up to $1,000 an hour.

Baca didn’t let that journalistic coup go to waste in this new series, as he pointed out that not only are drug rehab patients at Narconon centers undergoing Scientology training, they’re also trying to levitate ashtrays with their minds.

Baca’s report comes at a time when Narconon centers are under fire around the continent. Its facility in Quebec was shut down earlier this year, and its flagship operation in Oklahoma and another center in Georgia are under state investigations following recent patient deaths.

We’ve commented in the past that reporters, however, are often squeamish about pointing out the obvious connections between Narconon and the Church of Scientology, which ultimately controls the rehab centers through its “social betterment” arm, the Association for Better Living and Education. (As we reported in a previous story, multiple witnesses tell us that ABLE’s president, Rena Weinberg, has been in Scientology’s ecclesiastical concentration camp, “The Hole,” since at least 2007.)

Baca has little patience for that kind of squeamishness. He tells us he worked hard over the past three years to develop sources at the rehab center, including people like John Anchondo, who graduated from the program and then became a salesman for it. In Baca’s report, Anchondo and others talk about the bizarre experience of being told to levitate ashtrays with their minds as part of Narconon’s weird Scientology training.

In Georgia, we reported that Narconon’s state licensing there is controversial and now is under investigation. But Baca found that in Nevada, the rehab center operates under no licensing at all.

“As it stands right now, in Nevada, there are no restrictions in having a drug rehab center as long as you don’t accept money from the state,” he told us last night. “My overall goal is to find out why unlicensed centers can continue to operate in Nevada — and about the only unlicensed drug rehab center in Nevada is Narconon.”

In the report, you can see Narconon’s reaction to his reporting — after producing a cease-and-desist letter warning him about filming the facility, they later sent KLAS-TV a packet of information that included glowing (unsigned) testimonials about the program.

Baca tells us the station also heard directly from the Church of Scientology.

“They sent an e-mail to my boss this morning. Scientology’s main public relations department sent an e-mail to my boss blasting me and my investigation from 2009, saying in effect, we’d like to quash the story,” Baca said.

Baca said he responded, asking if Scientology was officially speaking for Narconon.

“I got no response,” he said.

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  • Awesome story! And OSA is very late to the party in the comments 🙂

  • Narconon was started by a former convicted drug prisoner, William C. Benitez. His co-founders were Henning Heldt and Arthur “Artie” Maren. I lived with Henning and his wife Mary and daughter Lettie and some other people in a big house in Los Feliz, CA in the mid-80s. Henning had run the Guardian’s Office (precursor of $cientology’s Office of Special Affairs) and was one of the convicted “Snow White” co-conspirators who went to prison for breaking into government offices to steal information about government surveillance of $cientology. Artie Maren was involved in dealing with the escape of Hubbard’s son Quentin and Quentin’s subsequent death in a Los Vegas hospital. So there you have it – all the major players involved in the creation of Narconon, and we must include Hubbard, were criminals. At the very least, their activities were the type of actions crime writers put to paper. Hubbard was continually on the run from the law. How could we expect Narconon to ever be anything but a felonious assault on society.

    • KimberlyB

      That’s a very good point. All of these individuals that were instrumental in developing Narconon were ALL criminals! I tend to forget that little golden nugget!

    • Observer

      I once saw a pic of Henning Heldt decked out in full priest regalia, sporting a huge Scientology cross and the most obnoxious look of smug superiority I have ever seen.

      • Henning’s one of the most clueless people I ever met. He’s still marching in lockstep. Dartmouth graduate, you’d think he’s a nice guy if you met him, but when it comes to doing criminal activity on behalf of $cientology, no problem!

        • Skip, You gotta write a book, or at least compile all your posts in one place. The amount of info you have is unique.

        • deElizabethan

          I saw guest speaker Artie Maren at a Flag church service lecture in full ministerial collar and cross last year. That’s before I knew much about him and he appeared very dark to me then. That dark ronbot look in his eyes were revealing especially when I talked with him briefly afterwards.

      • grundoon
    • CoolHand

      To be fair, all of the personal accounts of Benitez that I’ve heard have all been glowingly positive, and his simple original intention of helping people was usurped and perverted by the GO and the church – the real criminals here. Benitez never became a Scientologist, to my knowledge, and was more than upset that they took the creation and its simple roots away. To this day Narconon and Scientology still parade pictures and stories of Willie simply for the PR aspect to say “see, it wasn’t even started by a Scientologist”.

      • sugarplumfairy32

        Glowingly signed accounts or glowingly unsigned accounts?

      • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

        Benitez’s original program didn’t use Hubbard’s Purification Rundown dangerous quackery. For Scientology to claim that Benitez created the current version of Narconon is a lie–imagine that!

        • deElizabethan

          Yes, more lies from a lying cult!

      • To be “fair”? For The Morton Report, I wrote about Laura Hippe, an OT3 who graduated the Narconon program yet committed suicide. Was that “fair”? If you build an organization that uses $cientology, has its techniques at its core, that goes on to ruin lives and cause deaths, what the hell difference does it makes whether you declare yourself a $cientologist or not? Willie was just “helping people”? By that logic, the Nazis were just misunderstood – they were just trying to help the human race by getting rid of the Jews. I always wonder why those who “play devil’s advocate” don’t realize they’re siding with a devil.

        • CoolHand

          I’m not talking about the organization. I’m talking about Benitez as a man, that’s all. As you stated, the GO took it over. It never would have become what it did otherwise.

        • Tye Solaris

          Bravo Skip!

          I have said it over and over again… never get reasonable with Scientology or anyone who is a Scientologist… they can be the nicest people you ever met but make no mistake here…. they will throw you under the bus on a Word.

    • Claritysav

      Honesty w oneself and others is an important part of getting sober and staying that way- the fact Narconon is owned and operated by lying, cheating rabid dogs that have a penchant for killing their patients and or staff – creates an untenable environment from the start- throw in the scion Mumbo jumbo, rampant using by staff and patients plus a few bedbugs and lice and you get the reality of Narconon!

    • Stop the presses…..I thought Quentin was found dead in his car!! Or was that more lies.

  • “I got no response”… PRICELESS!!!

    • I can see that violently insane dwarf screaming, “DON’T ANSWER THAT! IT’S A TRAP!!!11”

  • koki raki

    At least here ,in Croatia – small part of LRHs Bulgravia,we menage to close one of narCONon CON place , near Pula (city)…
    Hip hooray!
    It was few years ago!
    Their state were very downs tat!

    Big hello from Labs Bulgaria!

    • koki raki

      It is hard to “write” on BlackBerry…
      But most of you here know what I wanted to write…
      Their stats were very downstate…

      • sugarplumfairy32

        Hey,good work, Bulgravia! And No worries.. We knew what you meant..

    • the difference between menage & manage is that one has a lot more fun than the other 🙂 but funnily enough menage kind of fit’s with the whole FU to scientology&narconon

  • KimberlyB

    I am beyond thrilled to see Nathan Baca back on Scientology’s tail via Narconon. You know this makes DM so angry!!!

    • Probably makes him want to slap someone. 🙂

  • I was recruited into Scientology through the Narconon program and spent 27 years in that damn cult. . The lies and deceit continue and people like Tony O and Nathan Baca, David Love, Colin Henderson, AnonMary and a slew of others are stepping up and exposing this criminal organization. Massive hugs to all. You are helping so many people in so many ways.

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  • TheHoleDoesNotExist

    Just had a before coffee thought: David Love has to print and lug around 2 foot stacks of dox to media, legal and government officials. It seems all he would need is one piece of paper and one photo showing Narconon customers trying to levitate ashtrays.

    Is there anything else Any official would need to immediately shut it down?

    Huge Like to Nathan Baca, back on the scene. Hip Hip … oh wait. Where’s that coffee?

    • deselby88

      I’m not sure a photo of a person looking at an ashtray is going to get the message across.

  • I am confident that our local drug rehab is not run by Scientologists, since they don’t have any ashtrays at all. Addicts are made to smoke outside, and to use a very large bin for their cigarette butts. which is continuously overflowing. The bin is so large, even a Big Being like Tom Cruise would have trouble speaking with it, since the bin and Tom are roughly the same height.

    • sheepherder

      Ooooh, Mrs. C. Too naughty of you! I don’t even need any coffee after that one –

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  • Narconons use the church of Scientology sales commission church policies.

    Narconons use the church of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard ethics rules (conditions formulas) for controlling staff and they use the conditions formulas to control their rehab clients.

    Narconons use the exact same Hubbard educational procedures that church of Scientology churches all use.

    There’s a Hubbard worked out control response for every errant action on the part of staff or clients, and thus the staff at Narconons know what to do, and they do it. Narconon clients learn and adopt the Hubbard control system (screaming at the ash tray is one of the control factors, “intention”, that the clients and staff learn from doing the Hubbard TR drills).

    Which might explain even why they seem to be able to keep these operations together, it’s because they use the whole intertwining full Hubbard church of Scientology control system package!

    • And Scientologists are trained to think this way: “When in doubt, do what Ron says.”

      And Hubbard says the steps of the Narconon program work, so staff and clients are controlled to adopt Hubbard’s viewpoint. This absolutely mirrors the church of Scientology control system.

      It’s a group indoctrination to block out reality, and accept Hubbard’s way.

    • Sherbet

      It looks like a cos duck, swims like a scn duck, and quacks like an lrh duck, but narconon, says, nope, no church here, it’s a whole ‘nother thing. Uh-huh.

      • Sherbet

        Pssst: It’s a duck.

  • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Hopefully the management at KLAS is made of stronger stuff than the wimps at KESQ, which not only took down Nathan’s excellent 2009 videos from their site, but also fired DMCA takedowns at copies on the Internet. Perhaps Scientology pressure wasn’t behind that, but that would be the way to bet.

  • Observer

    “Baca said he responded, asking if Scientology was officially speaking for Narconon.”

    More proof that, rather than making you smarter and more intellectually able, Scientology inhibits your ability to think clearly and destroys your logic and reasoning skills.

    Note to Miscavige: if you’re going to make your Narconon minions lie about being part of Scientology, it’s probably best that Scientology not speak for them. But if a lifetime of Scientology and your own arrogance hadn’t eradicated your critical thinking skills, you’d be able to see that for yourself.

    • Sherbet

      cos says: “We’re not Narconon and Narconon isn’t us, but, if we WERE Narconon, we’d want to quash the story.”

    • trustmeonthisone

      Well, in that case, don’t TELL them!

      • Observer

        Like they’d actually listen to a degraded being like me! lol

  • CoolHand

    When Narconon Newport Beach closed they invested more time and resources into Nevada, presumably because of the licensing laws. They had gotten such a headache battling neighbors and commissions on the beach that they wanted a place where they could be “untouched”. I guess that part will be ending soon per Baca’s report.

    Narconon has always tried to work around licensing laws in some aspect. Whether its finding loopholes, fudging paperwork, or just redefining terms like “residential” or “counselor”. Last I heard, the Narconon in South Texas was unlicensed as a residential facility, though it has been named Lone Star Victory Ranch and has housing on site.

    Keep an eye on the laws in Oklahoma as well with the Dept. of Mental Health and Substance Abuse there, including whether or not Sen. Ivester follows through with his promise of drafting legislation.

    As Chuck mentions above, people at Narconon are taught just like Scn churches to believe everything Hubbard wrote, and so they’re taking Scn indoctrination methods as being “the most effective treatment on the planet”, with utter lack of knowledge about other methods available. Narconon is not allowed to evolve, even if well-meaning staff wish to do so, and in the end it will be Hubbard’s policies and teachings that put them out of existence – the very thing they believe to be superior to all. How’s that for irony.

  • Jean

    From lermanet:

    In International Scientology News issue 20 page 8 is a review of a recent David Miscavige { heads Scientology ) speech in which he says “In every sector we made giant strides by establishing ‘generation plants’ for expansion. In other words, not just ‘another Narconon,’ but a Narconon Arrowhead that generates them all over the world.”

    • David Miscavige is following L. Ron Hubbard’s 1982 final top orders to his Scientology movement leaders, one all time most important order, was “Think Big”.

      Miscavige demanded solutions form the top management team strategy writers, and Arrowhead was one of the “think big” accepted “solutions.”

      Hubbard’s administratvie bureaucracy has one very important built in principle of always having some external pressure, on EACH part of the bureaucracy, to pressure them to DO their jobs, and raise their production of whatever it is, they are producing.

      Expansion, and blowing the stops off ALL sectors’ expanision strategies, is in total alignment with Hubbard’s “think Big!” final set of all time top orders.

      “Think Big”

      I later, was reading Donald Trump’s biography, back in the 1980s not sure when Trump came out with his book, but “think big” was one of Trump’s key success factors, and it’s likely Hubbard just borrowed Trump’s idea, and it’s almost a given that Trump borrowed “think big” from other human leaders in history.

      I’ve concluded all the inspirational leaders in history, seem genetically disposed to borrowing their predecessors “successful” tactics.

      Miscavige also had the advantage of being Chairman of the Board Author Services from the start of ASI in 1981 or 1982, and one of Hubbard’s orders to ASI, was use MORE hype in promotion Hubbard’s fiction properties!

      “Think big”

      “Use more hype”

      Hubbard hooks the gullible with the hype, as has been noted.

      Then the Hubbard control and ethics penalty system keeps the members trapped, once they are aboard the Hubbard show.

      And the Hubbard intelligence and dirty tricks branch and legal and PR fallout handling branch, pressure the dissenters and exiled and defectors who speak up!

      Nice church model, that is NOT going to win an religion history awards!

  • Boson Stark

    Great to see Nathan Baca releasing this investigation that he’s been preparing for 3 years. This is Scientology’s “social betterment” program–targeting people with money with their blitz and glitz of promotion to put the targets up at a bed bug motel, and of course funnel all their money back to the cult.

    I like how they showed a clip of the old interview with Hubbard, so people will realize the magnitude of the scam here. This is the “authority” on drugs, the same perosn who is an “authority” on body thetans and the history of Teegeeack.

    Scientology’s ability to target college dropouts and other young people has faded and this spider web of fronts is how they sustain themselves.

    The promotion of Narconon is a weird twist on the way Scientology used to recruit members years ago, which was snagging young people, and having them milk money from their parents. Now, they target the desperate parents with a son/daughter on drugs. How promising it must look to the parents.

  • “We are talking about The Hole here! The Ecclesiastical Concentration Camp of the Scientology Religion!”

    Thanks Tony. I have to work that line into my screenplay somewhere. It will be spoken by a finger-waving, Tommy Davis-like character when an interviewer like Nathan Baca fails to pay it proper respect.


    • PeggyToo


  • sugarplumfairy32

    I’m listening right now to nurses talking about a hosp in NYC who had to evacuate due to the power failure.. In one incident, the staff had to carry a tiny 8-hr old infant, while ventilating him manually with a breathing tube, down 9 flights of stairs, lined by people holding flashlights to illuminate the way.. The respect and value shown for the smallest, newest life is inspiring..

    And then I read about scientology.. and I remember gary smith from yesterday’s story and his ‘people die’ attitude..

    • PeggyToo

      That is so heartwarming, especially after reading about skeezy smith. Scientology will never, ever get it. They will never understand that acts like this are what will save the planet. Not LRH bullshit.

    • It’s like saying donating to Superpower will save the world when there are groups like Doctors without Borders and Red Cross that could use the kind of money Scientology has.

      • DWD

        Why does the world need Doctors W/O Borders and The Red Cross when it has the “touch assist” ready to be administered by young men and women with an 8th grade education?

        • Oh boy I could go on a whole rant about assists because the “touch assist” is only the beginning.

          • sugarplumfairy32

            Hehe.. Pull my finger…..thank you..

            • Okay here you go, you made me do it.

              There is an assist for a crying baby where you lay the child down and say “Lay that body in that bed.” Until the baby stops crying… No joke.

              It’s based around the idea that children cry because their thetan wants to control their body and they can’t because it’s motor functions are not fully developed. In that light you tell the thetan to do the only thing it can which is to lay down. That makes them feel like they are in control.

            • sugarplumfairy32

              Wow.. Maybe that explains my irrestible urge to smack the crap out of lrh.. must be my thetans..

              And btw, i think my thetans are addicted to ice cream.. anything for that?

              More, more, more… Pleeeeeeasse..

    • PreferToBeAnon2

      SPF, Thanks for putting it all in perspective. Good post.

  • So let me see if I’ve got this straight; in Nevada, prostitutes must be certified, but not inpatient drug rehab? Essentially an inpatient health-care facility requires less supervision than a whorehouse?


    • sugarplumfairy32

      Please don’t give co$ any ideas.. I hear they’re looking for lucrative new business opportunities..

      • PeggyToo

        Yeah, the girls that work there would have to sign a ‘Billion Schlong’ contract.

        • sugarplumfairy32

          Coworkers all staring at me.. Laughed too loud.. Better hide my phone now..

        • Nina


        • grundoon

          Patrons will be called “students” and they’ll have to address the girls as Mister and Sir.

          $25 for a LFBD

          You’ll go in session, blow charge, end off, and write a success story!

          Remember, if it isn’t fun, it isn’t Scientology!

        • grundoon

          As a courtesy to the other patrons, if you’re assigned a middle bunk, please hump quietly.

          Afterwards, relax with a soothing 30-second shower.

    • My nomination for comment of the week.

    • I second JP and also I just wanted to add that Scientology would make a hell of a pimp.

      • DWD

        I can see Davey with his big pimp hat. Now, if he still has that fabulous We Stand Tall outfit, that would coordinate nicely with the pimp hat.

        • Don’t forget the cane with a bust of Hubbard in all his hairy-chested glory on the top.

          • Sherbet

            Derek, I’m eating here. Please!

          • PreferToBeAnon2

            And extra-tall platform shoes!

  • Sherbet

    Baca focused on the loophole in NV, the referral scam, and the bizarre science fiction ashtray therapy. I would have liked to have seen him mentioning the deaths at Arrowhead to put the icing on the cake. Narconon isn’t just weird; it’s deadly, and Baca didn’t say that.

    • Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

      If he’s put three years into this, I don’t think that he’s done yet.

      • Sherbet

        Good point, and he seems to have the courage to tell the full story.

  • Great blog post, great coverage by Baca. I like his no-nonsense style.
    Scientology’s new motto: “Loopholes R Us”

    • ClamInAHalfshell

      Meet their new motto, same as their old motto.

      Good to see ya’ll again!

  • It’s interesting that the Caliente hotel that the crime syndicate is leasing is the same hotel where Christian cultists were “marrying” little children to old men for years, something that locals were afraid to talk about. Now locals are afraid to talk about the Scientology criminals in their community.

    • Yeah, it is kind of interesting isn’t it.

    • ClamInAHalfshell

      You mean the crazy Fundamentalist LDSers?

  • I have posted before about how Narconon is part of organized scientology and controlled by those at the top of organized scientology. So I will not repeat all that. I just wanted to mention that in the original “What is Scientology” book published in 1978 (of which I have one of the rare copies) Narconon was listed as one of the social services of scientology.

    Many of the ones who were acknowledged in the book for their contributions to the writing of the book, including myself, were top Guardian Office staff from their worldwide headquarters who were the ones who ultimately controlled Narconon anyway.

    It’s funny how something written in 1978 for the sole purpose of trying in make scientology look good in the aftermath of the huge FBI raids on GO headquarters in the USA in 1977 can now come back to haunt them as they try to distance themselves from Narconon.

    Organized scientology lies in any way they feel they need to get some perceived advantage. For example their “tech” IS religious when they want the protection given to religions. But that same “tech” is not religious when they try to get it into schools or businesses.

    So much about Narconon is but another obvious example of this. For fun just look at the expanded organizing board for the division VI public division for a typical scientology “church”. Right there in writing it covers how Narconon is a feeder to the “churches”. Please, this is SO obvious even if you do not know the legal history.

  • Pickanotherid

    I’m a bit disappointed NB didn’t include the bill number of that ‘close the loophole’ bill he mentioned. It would help folks with their “I support this!” ‘poons if they had the bill number.

  • Reblogged this on 31 Factors.

  • mooki

    Mexican newspaper calls Scientology a mafia

    • Great long article, thanks for the link! If I have some time later I’ll try to summarize key points and comments . . . unless someone else cares to give it a whirl? But here’s a nice quote highlighting some of the their crimes (delitos), such as human rights abuses (trata de personas), extortion, and homicide.

      “Sobre esta agrupación recaen infinidad de señalamientos en varias partes del mundo por delitos tan diversos como trata de personas, extorsión y hasta homicidio.”

      And one of the commenters highlights that it’s the celebrity angle that draws many in. Time for the Hollywood talent to step up and admit the harm they are doing.

      “muchos se meten en esa secta porque ven y quieren ser como John Travolta o Tom Cruise” [Many join the cult because they want to be like JT or TC]

      Who was it over on VV that said Scientology is like a cross between Amway and the Mafia? I loved that quote.

  • I wonder: convincing one to give commands to stand up and to seat down and than thanking
    an ashtray, while lifting it up and putting it down (an ashtray), for all the “logical” reasons,
    for hours, what does it possibly do to human mind… Could it be that after doing that, one
    will do almost anything, while being more capable to explain away things that are clearly
    irrational to the outsider? Does it have anything to do with hypnosis or brainwashing?

    • Brainwashing:

      1. Intensive, forcible indoctrination, usually political or religious, aimed at destroying a person’s basic convictions and attitudes and replacing them with an alternative set of fixed beliefs.
      2. The application of a concentrated means of persuasion, such as an advertising campaign or repeated suggestion, in order to develop a specific belief or motivation.

    • Yes.

  • “Baca tells us the station also heard directly from the Church of Scientology.”
    REALLY? That’s very interesting, considering Narconon Arrowhead CEO Gary Smith just stated in an interview that Narconon isn’t Scientology!

    Why, then, would the “Church” of Scientology be contacting Baca’s boss on behalf of Narconon? One might be tempted to suggest that indicates a connection…well, that and the fact that Narconon is listed in their corporate chart, along with other front groups “based on the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard.” A slithery way to say, “It’s Scientology, but if we said that nobody’d want it so we’re hoping you never heard of this Hubbard guy.”

  • tessa

    Narconon is nothing else than a so-called ‘front group’. A strategy borrowed from the communists (in Russia e.g.). A front group’s target is to win the hearts and minds of the people. So that they are easier to get or to win over or to donate money.

    • A front group and a dangerous scam. Narconon is in this game for the money. Of course, it’s not a game, but they’re playing with people’s lives and their employees are hard-wired to follow the tech. For this reason, Narconon will not change. Unfortunately, the bodies are piling up while state agencies look the other way, medical examiners can’t find a cause of death and police detectives are quick to chalk up another junkie’s death to an overdose.

  • Whydothespikesfacein

    I friggin’ love Nathan Baca, I think he’s the guy that destroyed Tommy Davis’ spokesperson career by getting him to admit that he was ‘familiar with the [OT 3] material. He also asked him why the spikes faced inwards at Gold Base, at which point Tommy’s voice cracked and the best he could come up with was ‘Uhhhh…that’s just how they were built’ …Flunk!! I believe there is a Sheriff Baca in Riverside County that tends to look the other way at the shenanigans at Gold Base, I wonder if Nathan is in some way related to the Sheriff and if so maybe that’s why he feels a strong responsibility to go after the “Church”

  • mooki

    is there a cultie working at People Mag? because Jada Pinkett’s parenting advice sounds a lot like CoS parenting advice,,20643472,00.html

    • ClamInAHalfshell

      Well, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith are both covert Scilons…

      • mooki

        and so are their rumored REAL bf and gf, Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell

    • Davka

      I read that article last night, and that’s all I could think – Scientology at it again!!!!

    • your link goes to 404 …. this one works,,20643472,00.html [I know it’s exactly the same but I think the mobile bit in it breaks it]

      Incidentally I’ll be doing this story on my site tomorrow UK time…. includes pic of the Smiths with Louis Farrakhan, hmmm

      • opps, that link is broken to….. if you select this,,20643472,00.html and right click open it should work

  • Dean Fox

    Good to hear Nathan is back to shine the light on the church of scientology.

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  • ronak123

    ast evening, tv writer Nathan Baca came back to Scientology confirming with a two-part review on Scientology’s alcohol and drugs detox system in The state of las vegas, nevada, a Narconon middle about 150 kilometers northern of Las Nevada in the small city of Caliente.

    Baca is known for a hard-hitting 2009 sequence he did about Scientology’s Worldwide Platform as a writer for a Hand Rises, Florida place, and he did not let what he discovered in that encounter go to spend as he converted his interest to the church’s questionable and troubled alcohol and drugs detox function.

    We discussed to Baca yesterday about his unique review, and about the church’s response when it discovered he was back on the case.

    e cig liquid refill

  • Madora Pennington

    They kick you out and don’t give your money back if you say anything bad about L. Ron Hubbard. And by kick out, I mean that literally. Dump you in a hotel with $50 or homeless shelter. No effort to get the addict safely ANYWHERE even back to their family.