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Scientology on the High Seas: Vixie, Vitamins, and Satan Worshippers

Friday mornings is when we look back at Scientology history, and we’re now winding down with our last couple of weeks of dispatches from the yacht Apollo.

From 1967 to 1975, L. Ron Hubbard ran Scientology from a small armada of ships that sailed the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Each day, he’d send out a report to his crew which were known as “Orders of the Day.” We have a mostly complete set of them from late 1968 through 1971 that we’ve been sampling, week after week since last November.

So join us as we take a look at what the Commodore was raving about during that time the week of October 21 to 27…


October 21:



GEOFF BARNES is to assign himself a suitable condition for negligence while QM resulting in the injury of VIXIE. The gangway was off its slide board showing negligence as QM, the spring lines of the vessel slack and untended showing neglect of duty and the accident was not logged by him. The surges of the ship unrestrained by lines caused the gangway which had no board under it to trip on the railroad track on upend while Vixie was coming aboard, throwing her to the deck, seriously spraining her leg.

Geoff Barnes beginning at midnight is to stand the next 24 hours of gangway duty without relief and starrate the QM pack within 10 days.

He is transferred to the deck force where, he can become more experienced.



October 21


We are tracing the money required to finance attacks on Scientology.

Apparently it comes through medical and psychiatric channels from drug firms. These drug firms are now getting into trouble. The US Justice Department is making a bid to regulate them instead of the FDA.

It has been discovered that these big drug firms are the actual wholesale pushers and that doctors and psychiatrists act as their retail pushers.

This is why the Pope suddenly opened up on medical doctors in yesterday’s news.

It is very satisfying to see the enemy getting more and more trouble from more and more people.

Medicine came into existence in the mid 1400s as Satan worshippers. And look at the number of people who have died since then!


[An example of the “Colonel Webspread” cartoon, which was apparently featured in some dispatches.]


October 24


I have found some crew members are having stomach trouble:

Do not take vitamins in transparent gelatine capsules. The capsule melts in the upper stomach and can give you what feels like a stomach ulcer — too full, burning, pain after eating.

This is because the vitamin powder is dumped by the capsule when it melts into the upper area instead of the lower intestines as it should be.

A coated tablet (brown or red) is the answer. It’s called “enteric (for intestine) coated”.

There are “enteric gelatine capsules” made which dissolve an hour after being taken. You put vitamin powder in them. Unfortunately none are available in this country. Enteric coated vitamin pills are, however. We will send for some of the enteric coated capsules.

To cure the “ulcer feeling” — pain or too full or burning — one takes 2 aluminum hydroxide tablets (one trade name is Maalox No. 2) (chewing them up) and a few swallows or a glass of milk every couple of hours and in a day or two all should be back to normal — unless of course you continue to take harsh, fast dissolving pills!


Speaking of health I am mainly trying to recover from “cures”.

Curing cures is as complicated as repairing repairs in auditing.

The item is, “there was nothing wrong in the first place.” (Joke).

Most healing is in a primitive state. We are actually far more precise and organized in Dianetic and Scientology auditing than in any of the so-called healing arts.

Almost all of our troubles come from being flanked on all sides with incompetent “sciences”. These include medicine, psychiatry, chemistry — you name it.

The world’s “sciences” are so imbalanced they are delivering an overt product — a decaying Earth.

The animal kingdom is almost gone. The rivers and seas support less and less life.

If “science” was so goo, there would be steady improvement in the planet itself. And there isn’t.

This goes directly back to Man’s failure to solve the riddle himself. This failure then opened the door to domination by destructive personalities.

If we ourselves get rid of the idea we are just drifting along with the tide and begin to demand and deliver high level performance on every post, we can get there while there’s still a planet left.

We must raise our sights as to what we expect from ourselves an each other.

Only then can we arrest and then reverse the decline.

For this reason I am following a policy of demanding high competence on post and a total intolerance of slackness.

We must be and can be a very sharp smart organization.

I am doing all I can to make it so. Help me out.



I just had a great session from Quentin. I was amazed. Best auditor I ever had. I feel much better to put it mildly. (Success take note.)


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