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Do Scientologists consider L. Ron Hubbard God? Part Two of the Aaron Smith-Levin podcast

Jeffrey Augustine continues with part two of his podcast with Aaron Smith-Levin. He sent us this synopsis…

In Part 2, Aaron Smith-Levin continues his fascinating and wide-ranging excursion into the world of Scientology from the eyes of a Sea Org member. Aaron opens by describing how he realized that the highly dysfunctional operating conditions of […]

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Hey, Star magazine, why is Tom Cruise afraid of Aussie journo Bryan Seymour?

  Back on July 2, your proprietor asked his colleagues for some help. Star magazine had announced that Tom Cruise was leaving Scientology, and we thought it was awfully convenient for the story to come out just a few weeks before the press circus around Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation starts up. Now, with […]

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Leah Remini helps us celebrate our book in Los Angeles with a gang of Scientology ‘SPs’

  We’re continuing our book tour in California, but here’s an event that we didn’t publicly advertise — a gathering at the home of Spanky Taylor with many of the folks we’ve written about over the years, as well as some people we’ve only heard about and hope become our sources for new investigations.


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Hand out L. Ron Hubbard literature and score a date with a Scientology sweetheart!

One of our tipsters forwarded to us a great discovery for the lovelorn, and we wanted to share it with you.

Are you lonely? Still looking for that special someone? Despite the fact that you’re a quadrillion-year-old immortal being who has engaged in every kind of polyamorous arrangement known in the galaxy over your […]

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As seen in the Daily Beast: ‘The Unbreakable Miss Lovely’ is on sale and ready to startle you

  ML Nestel at the Daily Beast takes a long look at our book ‘The Unbreakable Miss Lovely’ this morning, revealing some of the startling facts that we managed to dig up while working with Paulette Cooper to describe her long ordeal as Scientology’s most famous target for retaliation.

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More testimony that Scientology’s celebrities know all about Sea Org deprivations

We like to keep an eye on litigation involving the Church of Scientology, so we were interested to see the news yesterday that a woman in British Columbia has filed a lawsuit in order to get back about $86,000 that she says she’s owed by the church.

But then we got Lorna Carleton on the […]

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Leaving Scientology: ‘I think this recovery is something I’ll be doing the rest of my life’

Once again we’re featuring Chris Shelton today. He’s one of the more recent defectors from Scientology’s Sea Org, and he’s been doing a great service explaining his experience, and Scientology itself, in a series of videos.

He sent us a new video that addresses an issue we’ve also talked about with Jefferson Hawkins and Jon […]

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As Scientology crumbles, read the dreams its members are still chasing

We’re once again indebted to one of our tipsters for sending us something revealing about how things are going inside the Church of Scientology. In this case, we get a really remarkable glimpse inside the mind of a young Scientologist and his dreams for what Scientology could be.

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Want to go Clear? Has Scientology got a deal for you!

We want to thank the tipster who sent us a flier out of the Tampa org. It definitely interested us, because it featured a really stunning price for going “Clear.”

Now, first of all, if you’ve been hanging around this website for a considerable time, and you’ve seen the hundreds of Scientology ads and fliers […]

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Marc Headley reveals the embarrassing technological secrets of Scientology

We have another treat for you today. Jeffrey Augustine has Marc Headley back for his latest podcast, and it’s a good one.

Marc worked at Scientology’s secretive Int Base for 15 years, and got a rare view inside of the technical side of Scientology. He was intimately involved in the production of Scientology’s lectures and […]

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