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Before Leah Remini burns it to the ground, here’s Scientology’s side of the story

  Yesterday, we posted the demands from Leah Remini’s attorney that Scientology fork over $1.5 million for trying to interfere with her upcoming A&E series. Scientology’s spokeswoman Karin Pouw has been sending letters trashing Remini’s reputation to A&E’s network executives, and Leah wants her to knock it off.

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Scientology’s websites try a little too hard to convince you that all is right in crazy town

  We have some really big stories coming down the pike for you, and we’re also waiting eagerly for the November 29 launch of Leah Remini’s series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. But while we wait for new court documents to come in and other juicy material, we do experience a little downtime. […]

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Scientology finally uses trillions of years of wisdom for something useful: The perfect burger

  A couple of our great tipsters alerted us to the amazing new brochure that Scientology has put out in the Los Angeles area, and we wanted to share some highlights from it with you. Because now, more than ever, there’s every reason to get your billion- and trillion-year traumas exhumed at Scientology’s main […]

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How Scientology plans to take over the world: By boring us to death, apparently

Rod Keller is on assignment this week, but we’re grateful that Underground Bunker contributor Jeffrey Augustine has a fun and illuminating Sunday feature for us. Thanks, Jeff, for this look at Scientology public relations…

The Church of Scientology is challenged daily by the continuing negative exposure of its egregious and ongoing human rights abuses, […]

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‘Finally, I am myself’: Scientologists talk about Scientology in a video not made for the public

  In July, we showed you some wacky screenshots from Scientology’s newest “testimonials” video, which gets shipped out each year with a new issue of International Scientology News. Well, now we have the video itself, and we think you’re going to love this new entry in this wonderful genre of Scientology filmmaking.

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Bomb diggety! It’s more Scientologists high on L. Ron Hubbard and the everloving ‘tech’

  One of our tipsters came through for us today with some hilarious screenshots from the latest testimonials video that was sent out to Scientology members. In the past, we’ve had the video itself, and we hope eventually to get this one. But for now, we’re just really happy to get these glimpses of […]

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Hey, thetan: Scientology has a few questions for you

  As our correspondent Commodore H. McCringleberry learned at an event in Houston recently, Scientology is crazy for surveys. Church members are always being asked to fill them out, even though they tend to ask the same questions over and over again in a poorly disguised attempt to sell church services.

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How Google is getting gamed in the fight both for and against the Church of Scientology

  Bryan Seely contacted us recently saying that he’d found some really interesting things about the way Google Maps was being manipulated to benefit Scientology’s drug rehab program, Narconon. Bryan is a fascinating character. He’s a “white hat” hacker, who uses his hacking abilities to help corporations understand where they’re vulnerable. And his work […]

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Here are the instructions Scientologists are getting for the May 28 media center opening!

  Another day, another leak here at the Underground Bunker from an active member of the Church of Scientology. This one, in fact, is a current staffer.

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‘Freedom’ magazine is back after a six-month absence, and it arrived with a surprise!

  We started hearing from readers in late April that a new issue of Scientology’s propaganda magazine, Freedom, had appeared. One of our readers even sent us scans of the new issue (and thank you very much!).

But for some reason, the Freedom website was unchanged, and it stayed that way — until yesterday. […]

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