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Scientology on the High Seas: The Final Dispatches

A year ago, we were sent something really unique — a collection of daily dispatches that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote to his shipboard crew as he ran the organization while sailing the Mediterranean and Atlantic during the years 1967 to 1975 (our documents cover a period from late 1968 through 1971).

Since […]

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Scientology on the High Seas: Vixie, Vitamins, and Satan Worshippers

Friday mornings is when we look back at Scientology history, and we’re now winding down with our last couple of weeks of dispatches from the yacht Apollo.

From 1967 to 1975, L. Ron Hubbard ran Scientology from a small armada of ships that sailed the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Each day, he’d send out a […]

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When L. Ron Hubbard Rocked the World: The OT 8 Release!

On Friday mornings we leave our bodies and travel back in time to stand on the bridge of the Apollo with L. Ron Hubbard, circa 1968-1971, to watch the Commodore run Scientology as he sailed the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

We have an excellent set of excerpts from Hubbard’s shipboard dispatches this week, but we ran […]

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L. Ron Hubbard Whines (Again) About His Scientology Workload

Now safely ensconced in the bunker again, we’re going to make good on yesterday’s promise and deliver our weekly helping of ‘Scientology on the High Seas’ a day later than usual.

Nearly a year ago, we started excerpting L. Ron Hubbard’s “Orders of the Day,” which he mimeographed and distributed to the crew of his […]

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